Arkansas SWAT officers kill man, 107, during standoff

Police return fire after negotiations fail
Associated Press
Sep 8, 2013


 A 107-year-old man was killed after SWAT officers shot back at him during a standoff at a home, police in the southeastern Arkansas city of Pine Bluff said Sunday.

Police were called to the home Saturday afternoon about a disturbance and say officers arrived to find Monroe Isadore had threatened two people by pointing a weapon at them.

Officers had the pair leave the home for their own safety and approached a bedroom looking for Isadore. When the officers announced who they were, Isadore shot through the door at them but missed hitting them, said Pine Bluff Lt. David Price in a news release.

The officers retreated to a safer area, and supervisors and additional help were called, Price said. Supervisors started negotiating with Isadore and continued after SWAT officers arrived at the home about 45 miles southeast of Little Rock.

The SWAT team inserted a camera into the room and confirmed Isadore was armed with a handgun, Price said.

When it was clear the negotiations weren't working, SWAT officers released gas into the room from outside a bedroom window, Price said.

SWAT officers entered the home, made their way to the bedroom and threw a "distraction device" into the room, Price said.

He said Isadore began to fire at the officers and they fired back, killing him.

Price did not immediately return phone calls Sunday for further comment. He said in the release that the investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Pine Bluff has about 49,000 residents.



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Really? Again? Couldn't wait for nap time?


Re: "Monroe Isadore had threatened two people by pointing a weapon at them."

If they were Jehovah's Witnesses, it's 'somewhat' understandable.

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Feel bad for the old man. It could have been handled differently. I mean 107 against a bunch of teenagers. Really. I hope the family sues SWAT ..


why would the family sue SWAT? It sounds to me like they did everything they could to resolve this peacefully and he didn't want that - the man kept shooting at them and they had no choice but to return fire. Yeah maybe there was some mental issues causing him to behave that way but I don't see any reason for a lawsuit againt the SWAT team. They did what they were called in to do unfortunately.


I agree. He was shooting at them and they had no choice. His age shouldn't make any difference.


They had a choice to leave him alone in the first place. He pointed a gun at people he was unhappy were in his house, and they removed those people. That should have been the end of it.


It wasn't HIS house. Pauline Lewis allowed him to move into her house in August. Ms.Lewis wanted him out of her house and and spoke to him, along with his daughter, about moving to an apartment. He then got the gun and threatened to kill them if they didn't leave.


Glad to see all the officers went home to their families. You shoot at a cop regardless if you are 7 or 107 then it is on!!. They have no choice. Bye bye old man you had a nice long life!


He got what was coming.

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Really? How sad that the mentality of people has sunken to this. At 107 years old that man had no stamina, and probably was probably suffering from dehydration. The rambo swat team was in no danger, they probably didn't try luring him out with applesauce! They easily could have waited him out. Maybe he was angry about obamacare.....

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Another case where cops shoot first and then think later.

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Did either of you ying yangs read where he SHOT 1ST? I don't care how old you are, the GUN still fires real bullets and KILLS real people.

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Back on the porch! Did you read he was ALONE? azzhat! He would have fallen asleep if they would have waited! Moron!

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Ever think Alzheimer's. He might have thought he was in ww1 or ww2
Like i said a better way than that.. me i would sue

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It was definitely the obama care.I'm sure it threw him over the edge.


Actually, Obamacare is working quite well in states that aren't fighting its implementation (New York and California). People there are finding that it's doing exactly what it's supposed to do: provide lower medical insurance rates through increased competition, and save states millions of dollars.

If you get your news from a reliable source, you're aware that much of Obamacare won't even go into effect until 2014. If you get your "news" from Fox, you're told that Obamacare is already a "failure", which sidesteps the obvious: we won't know until at least 2015 whether it's a success or not. Republicans want to defund it because they know that if they don't, it WILL work.

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More BS from the resident cheerleader.


Re: Actually, Obamacare,"

Any "on-topic" comments?


An off topic quote from an op ed is not news, this is news

"But friends and fellow church members say that Monroe Isadore was legally blind and nearly deaf and shouldn’t have died that way."

“He couldn’t hear,” Smith said. “Somebody should’ve told the [police] he couldn’t hear.”

"Friends told KLRT that Isadore was also legally blind and believe Isadore must have been confused."


"Police were called to the home Saturday afternoon about a disturbance and say officers arrived to find Monroe Isadore had threatened two people by pointing a weapon at them."

Lots of speculation due to limited information. Who were the two people who alleged that the 107 year old man pointed a gun at them? Family, friends or maybe just a couple of thugs who wanted to rob the man? Did they tell the police that the man was blind and also deaf? This situation could have been handled differently. Since no hostages were in the house, why go in with a full assault?

There is more to the story than what SWAT is telling the news media.

This reminds me of that Ohio man shot on his own front porch when a thug called the Bellevue, Ohio police who later shot and killed the man. Check that thug's criminal record.


He threatened to kill his roommate Pauline Lewis and his daughter.

"He was very angry. He got hostile. He was gonna kill somebody," Lewis said, who invited Isadore to live with her last month. Lewis said the incident began after she and his daughter asked him about moving to a new apartment.


His age is irrelevant. You shoot at the police, you deserve to get shot.


Suicide by cops.


I wonder if the people in that home shouted the words "nursing home", it was HIS house and it was the last thing he wanted to do was go there. How many times does it happen that the elderly don't want to go from their homes to a nursing home and find that they are forced to do so by "well meaning" family members. At age 107, I wonder if his 60-80+ relatives felt it was time from him to go and he just didn't want to . That may be what started this so called disturbance. But until we know for sure it's all conjecture anyway. The SWAT teams and this poor elderly man are all allegedly wrong do-ers until proven guilty of anything. Seems odd that no one is talking just yet doesn't it? I wonder why?


It wasn't HIS house. Ms. Pauline Lewis let him move into HER home last month. She wanted him to leave and spoke to him, along with his daughter, about moving to an apartment. He then got the gun and threatened to kill them if they didn't leave. She had every right to call the police to get that man out of her home after threatening her.


He sounds like a very confused old man. Such a sad situation all around.


Have you ever been to Pine Bluff ,AR? There are security bars in the motels, you pay for your room through secure bars, the Wal- Mart has security bars at its entrance The crime in this town is pretty bad. Trash & litter all over, its a mess.


Re: "Have you ever been to Pine Bluff ,AR?"

I travel through AR quite often. I'd avoid the whole state if I could.

No one has mentioned that he was black.


I read that it's the most "dangerous little town" in the country. Their homicide rate is close to Detroit's rate. Scary.

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Red State.

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Oh well, live to be 107 and go out in a blaze of gunfire, that was one strange case. It would be interesting to know this mans past!