Ohio to limit food stamps for some adults

Gov. John Kasich to set work requirement for able-bodied adults without children.
Associated Press
Sep 8, 2013

The administration of Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to limit food stamps for more than 130,000 adults in all but a few economically depressed areas starting next year.

According to The (Columbus) Dispatch, the requirement will cover able-bodied adults without children.

They will be required to spend at least 20 hours a week working, training for a job, volunteering or performing a similar type of activity unless they live in one of 16 high-unemployment counties.

The requirements begin next month but those failing to meet them would not lose benefits until Jan. 1.

More than 1.8 million Ohioans receive food stamps.

The exempt counties are Adams, Brown, Clinton, Coshocton, Highland, Huron, Jefferson, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingun, Noble, Ottawa, Perry, Pike and Scioto.

"It's important that we provide more than just a monetary benefit, that we provide job training, an additional level of support that helps put (food-stamp recipients) on a path toward a career and out of poverty," Ben Johnson, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, told the newspaper.

For years, Ohio has taken advantage of a federal waiver exempting food-stamps recipients from the work requirements that Kasich championed while U.S. House Budget Committee chairman during the mid-1990s.

"The governor believes in a work requirement," Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said Friday. "But when the economy is bad and people are hurting, the waiver can be helpful. Now, fortunately, Ohio's economy is improving."

An estimated 134,000 adults will be subject to the work requirements. They are ages 18 to 50, without children under 18, and deemed to be physically and mentally able to participate, Johnson said.

County officials who administer public assistance and advocates for the poor predict the requirement will take food stamps away from thousands of Ohioans.



Oh, if only you could see just how silly you sound.


I am sure that some have already packed their car up to move to these counties. I know someone with a mild TBI and he gets food stamps and is on disability. He lives with his mother who has a VERY good paying job. And his fiance is also employed. I can't figure the system out. I believe some need help, others just use the system. And then there are some on here who believe that no one should have to work for a living. We all know who their names are.


So you can volunteer to work for the government to keep the food stamps coming? A good part of the problem is lack of decent paying jobs. That's what needs to be corrected, not further dependence on the government.

Isn't working for a few hours to get your handout the definition of socialism?

The food stamp EBT program is designed for dependency. It will keep the poor in fear of losing the entitlement so those in charge stay in charge.

A real solution would be to revert back to food banks as the source for food for the needy. Then none of the needy would go hungry. They would again have the basics, nothing fancy, to live on while they worked to better their situation. A dollar into a food bank program goes 10 times farther than a dollar in the present food stamp program, and you know the kids are fed with food banks.
Then the problem of the government killing jobs and opportunity may be addressed, once people aren't in fear of going hungry because they voted the wrong way.


Re: "revert back to food banks as the source for food for the needy."


Push govt. down to the most local level, i.e. anarchy.


Yes, keep it public and big brother out. I have donated to food banks, rather do that than see $$ or cards handed out that control little.


This is a good idea. The country needs to break the chain of generation after generation on food stamps. The person receiving the food stamps need to do something to match the money going out.



Govt. subsidies to food producers have caused massive malinvestments and waste. Your tax dollars at work:

"USDA Sugar-Loan Risk Growing as Domestic Glut Spurs Forfeitures"


Licorice Schtick

Yep, corporate welfare, pretty outrageous. But that's what food stamps is, just a taxpayer-funded scheme to sell more unhealthy food industry products in excessive amounts that make people sick, so the medical industry loves it too.

If you want to cut the cost of food stamps, instead of feeding fewer people, provide healthier food in appropriate amounts.

sandtown born a...

They advertise for the farmers market in the town where I work they will double the value of food stamps for fruits and vegetables.


Re: "provide healthier food in appropriate amounts."

Liberal nonsense.


If you want to cut the cost of food stamps, instead of feeding fewer people, provide healthier food in appropriate amounts."

Another failed Michelle Obama program.


What about all those baby factories who keep popping out kids year after year?

Those people are the biggest culprits.

And yes, by all means start drug testing all.

Test for MORE than just cannabis.

BULLISDEEP's picture

The one's that have kids don't have to do this .

According to The (Columbus) Dispatch, the requirement will cover able-bodied adults without children.


Yes, I read it, but they still should go after the ones who keep having kids, too.



Are you 100 years old?


Probably not. But I can guarantee she is smarter than you.


@ deertracker

Nope, 48, in ten days. Don't get the age question, but whatever.

Trolling my comments, again?


hey topgun.. iac in huron is hiring for factory jobs...start is 11.50 an hr.. call flextemp and set an appointment up.. now whats your excuse...


Oh yeah well, Topgun doesn't want to work in a factory. It is hot and sweaty and they might get dirty. And that is only 11.50 an hour. And um an interview would cut into the XBOX marathon. The problem today is SOME (notice I said SOME) of the able bodied people choose NOT to work. They like living off the system. They do not WANT to work. They prefer to sit on the couch and do NOTHING. Fast food is beneath them and factory is to hot/dirty/hard work. Whatever happened to the people that worked 1, 2 or even 3 jobs to support their families?

The Big Dog's back

"Whatever happened to the people that worked 1, 2 or even 3 jobs to support their families?" You mean when you actually got decent pay and could get ahead when doing that?

swiss cheese kat

Do you always answer a question with a question? I always liked the question, “So, what's your story?


So doing the table for an average family of four, full time employment at IAC for 11.50 per hour, on an average of 40 hours per week, if you get 40 hours per week. Sometimes if it is not busy there will be "lay offs". You would still be eligible for $395 to $405 in SNAP benefits per month. This would hardly solve the problem. Just imagine if the majority of employed in IAC are all eligible for SNAP benefits or even only half being eligible that is quite a responsibility that needs to be met. IAC are benefiting by paying low wages which in turn qualifies many many employees for benefits. Who wins here?

The Big Dog's back

Shades of Nazi Germany coming right here to Ohio. You should be ecstatic pooh.

Simple Enough II

Hey windy richard, nazi's were socialist!

The Big Dog's back

Next thing kassick will be building is ovens.


Maybe they can make them in Sandusky?


Not likely. Kasich as a US representative voted for NAFTA and numerous other outsourcing deals.


Re: "Kasich as a US representative voted for NAFTA,"

Off-topic; however:

"Ohio exports to Mexico, Korea, Netherlands led 2012 increase"


NAFTA appears to be profitable for OH.


Yes your comment is off topic, but at least it supports Kasich would outsource his oven building to Mexico. Thank you.