Ohio to limit food stamps for some adults

Gov. John Kasich to set work requirement for able-bodied adults without children.
Associated Press
Sep 8, 2013

The administration of Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to limit food stamps for more than 130,000 adults in all but a few economically depressed areas starting next year.

According to The (Columbus) Dispatch, the requirement will cover able-bodied adults without children.

They will be required to spend at least 20 hours a week working, training for a job, volunteering or performing a similar type of activity unless they live in one of 16 high-unemployment counties.

The requirements begin next month but those failing to meet them would not lose benefits until Jan. 1.

More than 1.8 million Ohioans receive food stamps.

The exempt counties are Adams, Brown, Clinton, Coshocton, Highland, Huron, Jefferson, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingun, Noble, Ottawa, Perry, Pike and Scioto.

"It's important that we provide more than just a monetary benefit, that we provide job training, an additional level of support that helps put (food-stamp recipients) on a path toward a career and out of poverty," Ben Johnson, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, told the newspaper.

For years, Ohio has taken advantage of a federal waiver exempting food-stamps recipients from the work requirements that Kasich championed while U.S. House Budget Committee chairman during the mid-1990s.

"The governor believes in a work requirement," Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said Friday. "But when the economy is bad and people are hurting, the waiver can be helpful. Now, fortunately, Ohio's economy is improving."

An estimated 134,000 adults will be subject to the work requirements. They are ages 18 to 50, without children under 18, and deemed to be physically and mentally able to participate, Johnson said.

County officials who administer public assistance and advocates for the poor predict the requirement will take food stamps away from thousands of Ohioans.



It's about time! I work for a paycheck; YOU work for a paycheck. Why shouldn't anyone able to work do so? I'd frankly go even further, though, and make the requirement the same whether you've got kids or not.

One question, though: While I understand that in certain counties the requirement to actually get a PAYING job is being waived — at least for now — why can't those people still work to fulfill their work requirement? If the new rules say that volunteering is accepted as a job, and job training is accepted as a job, why should any able-bodied adult anywhere need to be exempt?

Now if only we could institute the drug testing requirement... Again, if I have to be drug tested for a job, and YOU have to be drug tested for a job, how is it that the people you and I effectively give a paycheck are exempt?


What, and I would lose 1,815,695 dependents to claim on my income taxes : )






So you are ok with an able bodied 32 year old man, who CAN work but chooses to sit on his butt and collect FOOD STAMPS? Why can this 32 year old man not work 3 of your said part time jobs to support himself? I worked 3 jobs when I was out of school. QUIT BEING LAZY! QUIT WHINING about it!

swiss cheese kat

I hate when b!tches act like they too good to do sh1t. Who got food stamps for sale?


I forgive you for being an assshat for all caps.




There are jobs out there if people are willing to take them. And yeah I mean Wendys, Burger King and Walmart! No they're not the best job in the world but as my mom used to tell me, $.50 an hour is better than $.00 an hour! And if you're looking at having your food stamps cut off isn't even that little bit coming in better than nothing at all?? I know that Olive Garden offers benefits starting the first day you're employed - at least that's what they put on their little sign at the edge of the road when they start looking for new employees - and Walmart (I believe) also offers benefits but I'm not positive about that. Most places are going to be looking for new employees since kids have gone back to school (high school and/or college) and most of them will offer benefits and heck even the hospital offers benefits to their employees - I know that one for fact since I'm a former employee. You may have to give up a few things (like smoking for example if you want to work at the hospital) but if you don't have a job and the state is paying for your food thru food stamps, how are you paying for cigarettes? I think this is a really good thing and I don't know why it's being limited to certain counties in Ohio but TopGun you seem like you've got an awful lot of excuses that don't really hold a lot of water in my opinion.


There is no shame in working in the fast food industry. A part time job at BK or Wendy's is better than no job at all.

Simple Enough II

Sure some folks are down on their luck no fault of their own, but how many milk the system or brought their current situation upon themselves? My response would be to damn man are at fault.


I agree, it's way past time to start enacting these rule. But why stop at age 50? People have to work way past 50 to get SS benefits!


I agree, Im 51 and I have two jobs. Both required schooling which I paid for, Not the government, or my parents.


TOPGUN is afraid of getting dirty apparently. I think it's time to put on some big boy pants and find a job. Not everyone starts at the top. See, I baled hay when I was 15 and it taught me about hard work for pennies. Then I did the fast food thing and learned that it DOES have a future but just wasn't for me. Now, I used all that knowledge and landed a job with medical insurance, vacation time and totally decent money. I support a family and help the economy. I pay taxes to the government, not steal from it for being a lazy slob. PS: no need to scream. See that little button to the left of the keyboard that says 'caps lock'? Push it!!


Great comment.


"baled hay when I was 15"

And I ran a chopper gun laying up fiberglass boats at 14. Unfortunately big brother is stepping in to protect us all some more, and our youth that want to work can't do this kind of work until they are 18, they can't even cook at a food place until they are 16 I believe. I tried to get a 15 year old a job in a welding shop, because he can weld, but no way 18 min! So go play with you I phone till your 18, steal some $$ for fun, hang out on the streets, you will be much safer. Oops! we won't though.

The Big Dog's back

Did you walk 5 miles to school uphill, in blizzard conditions too?


Actually kindergarten to sixth grade I walked 1/2 a mile, we went back to where I grew up and measured it, both summer and winter, rain, snow or shine with books under arm, lunch bag in hand and on gym days, a gym bag in the other hand too. No tennis shoes or jeans and shorts, we had a dress code so it was hard shoes, dress slacks and button down down shirts. We had two crossing guards at intersections and there were no busses, it was a good size city and you walked because they had like 10 grade schools for one high school. There were never any mothers lined up dropping and picking up kids, they were home doing house work or at their jobs.


"Cry me a river"******Justin Timberlake


Nothing to cry about dt, it was life as it was and all was fine, when we came home we threw our books down, ran outside to play dodge ball in the street, I played back yard football with a broken arm, the other kids got out of the way when I came at them with that cast in their face : )

swiss cheese kat

deer slacker got dem food stamps for sale fifty cent for every two dollars.




It is hard to explain what a school is to big dog, He never went. When it comes to walking anywhere he believe walking up the 23 steps from his mothers basement is too far to walk for anything let alone someone trying to teach you something.


At least he's not lazy and got off his couch puppy! How about you?

Licorice Schtick

So... The solution to our problems is to allow 14-year-olds to run chopper guns, or do other hazardous work in heavy industry?


Re: "The exempt counties are Adams, Brown, Clinton, Coshocton, Highland, Huron, Jefferson, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingun, Noble, Ottawa, Perry, Pike and Scioto."

What's to prevent the migration of recipients to the exempt counties?

Licorice Schtick

The cost of moving.


Re: "The cost of moving."

Murphy's Law: If it can be done, it will.


There goes the neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

swiss cheese kat

Yep, the suspooks seeking and exemption will be moving.