Train kept a rollin' with a stop in Monroeville

Locomotive on its way from Ft. Wayne to Cuyahoga Valley.
Luke Wark
Sep 6, 2013


The Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive no. 765 made maintenance stop in Monroeville on Thursday afternoon as they make their way to Cuyahoga Valley for the Steam In The Valley event. 

Engineers serviced the moving parts of steam locomotive no. 765 during the stop.

During the two-weekend event, September 7th and 14th, no. 765 will transport visitors on a two-hour round trip through Cuyahoga Valley National Park.



On her way from Ft. Wayne to the Cuyahoga Valley. She is operated by the Ft. Wayne Railroad Historical Society.


This piece of history would be great to see in person. Do you have the schedule of when it will return to Ft. Wayne and the route for those interested in watching this machine in action?


You can track her here will get you the schedule.



Jason Werling

Thanks Steamer84, we updated the story.

Clark W. Griswald

The old Cleveland steamer!


Got tickets to ride tomorrow! Cant wait.

Kottage Kat

My great uncle and my great-grandfater were engineers on the Nickel Plate out of Bellevue. Grandpa would take us to the crossing on Benedict in Norwalk when his brother would go through, got a kick out of him blowing the whistle and leaning out to wave at us.
This is awesome, wish I could take this trip.
Grew up with railroaders and love trains
Thank you letting me share my memories



Did you ever get to ride on the engine? I did. And the caboose. My dad was a conductor , My grandpa was a brakeman did work in the years I think.. This was the same engine they used back in the early 70's ( I think ) for excursions Dad put me up on the front the "cow hitch" and got a real good photo of me when I was about 6 .. My mom had dressed me in a white dress and shoes that day( his visitation) Go figure... I didn't get too dirty.


Kottage Kat

Unfortunately no I did not. Took the train ride out of Hudson with my senior group from my church.