Police bust underage New Year’s party

Deputies arrested 10 people for underage drinking and the adult homeowner who they found sleeping upstairs during the party early New Year's Day. Erie County Sheriff's officials received a call about several people entering a vacant trailer in the 7500 block of Wahl Road at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday.
Annie Zelm
Jan 3, 2011


Deputies arrested 10 people for underage drinking and the adult homeowner who they found sleeping upstairs during the party early New Year’s Day.

Erie County Sheriff's officials received a call about several people entering a vacant trailer in the 7500 block of Wahl Road at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

When they arrived, they saw several people running from the unoccupied trailer behind a house. One man fell and hit the side of the house. The others finally stopped running and complied with the deputies’ orders. All admitted they’d been drinking and weren’t yet 21, according to the report.

The man who fell, 20-year-old Anthony Frisbee, had visible injuries to his face and was incoherent, unable to answer any questions, according to the report. He was taken to the emergency room at Firelands Regional Medical Center and issued a summons.

The others were given portable breath tests.

After obtaining a search warrant for the house, deputies entered the house and found more people drinking., as well as a large beer pong table in the dining room.

They arrested the homeowner, Walter Neill, 42, of Vickery for criminal trespassing, obstructing official business and permitting underage consumption.

Also arrested for underage consumption were Zachariah Lewis, 19, 3700 block Ronald Drive, Castalia; Frederick Bodner, 19, 4200 block Maple Ave., Castalia; Joshua Johnson, 20, 7500 block Wahl Road, Vickery; Santana Trevino, 19, 300 block Birchwood Drive, Sandusky; Ryan Marshall, 19, 4900 block Tiffin Ave., Bryce Dix, 20, 100 block Brailey St., Castalia; and three 16-year-olds.

The 16-year-olds were later released to their guardians.

Johnson was later served with warrants for failing to pay fines and failure to appear in court on previous charges of underage consumption and disorderly conduct while intoxicated.




 Thank goodness they arrested the PARENT, also!  I know of a few instances where parents were NOT arrested(different counties)..  PARENTS!  You think it is COOL to be the "house party" parents??!!  YOU ARE NOT!!  I know from very close experience, that BAD, DEADLY, things happen when you ALLOW a bunch of teenagers to DRINK! 

It is not a good mix!!(kids+booze) Keep up the good work!! (except, what about the one in Milan?is it? or Huron? this past year.)


This incident is very unfortunate, to say the least.  What's also unfortunate is, it is as easy to "throw stones" and "judge someone" as it is to make mistakes with poor judgement, rather than the difficult and daunting task of maintaining good character with ones silence and learning from mistakes and applying them in a positive and productive way in our lives.

Raoul Duke

The world is a safer place.

Norma J-C

What the drinker's fail to realize is that they could be the next dumpster Don in twenty years or less.

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the unsilent ma...

was klepper there having a beer?


Those criminals!  Gosh I'm sure glad they're off the street.  While they're arresting drunken, almost legal kids, real criminals are going unpunished.

yea right

kids just can not handle beer like we could back in the day..after all we got drunk playing quarters..had sex and then pass out..what do kids do now adays??? hhmm i am undecided about this..

All taken

yea right says:  I sure do miss them days!


People speak about this as if they never consumed alcohol before they were 21. I'm not saying all people have, but probably most. Yes, it is against the law, but people do it. Will getting arrested for an underage keep kids from doing it again? Realistically, probably not. I agree with unassumer. People who are violent, who are actually DRIVING drunk, and people who are committing much more heinous crimes are going free because it's more important to bust a bunch of "kids" (and I say that loosely because most of them were over 18) for drinking some alcohol on New Years.


same old names, same old addresses



Well insideout, I guess you better get busy changing that law.  You can't pick and choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore.  I personally have been busted for speeding.  Most people have.  Does that mean the police should stop busting speeders?



Raoul Duke

This is why the driving age should be 18,. and the drinking age should be 16. Then you'd have two years of drinking experience before you start driving, and you'd be an adult and responsible for your own actions behind the wheel. Of course, some 40 year old guys just about drove off the causeway. But some people never learn, do they...


haha this article is so wrong and what about the 3 teens that blew zeros? none of the people listed were arrested and kimber ur a snitch u cant say that you never wanted to just have a little fun its a new year we learn from our elders and ya clepper was there which is a hypocrite move how is a police officer who was just charged with contributing to minors going to charge for underage there was no probable cause for the cops to be there no one who was drinking left! were not going to let our friends do that stupid stuff we had dds, pretty much who called the cops were just retarded and ruined a new year and its probably because they are miserable and have to make everyone around them miserable im 18 im going to live my life how i please im an adult and ill be damned if anyones going to stop me they had every cop in erie county out there to bust 10 people? i mean where were they tobe found at if some one was getting robbed? or if someone was getting shot? those are real problems if adults can go to the bars get in bar fights get slpped ruffies and go home by them selfs all messed up then y cant we have a little fun were we are all looking out for one another i mean we dont let no one drink or drive we dont let any one get in fights or do some thing stupid ya were teens but were not going to just be unresponsible just because were a little younger than you so kimber until you know the story shut ur damn mouth and his house is being remodled theres a reason there is no walls scott looks out for us would you rather have a child driving around and running the streets while under the influence or in a house where they know every one and where they cant get hurt unless they go against everyone there hasnt been a violent time at his house thank you :)


 You, Tu short, are the very REASON those under 21 should not drink.  You kids today are all about ME,ME,ME...Screw everyone else,We will do what we want...Immature! 

You all believe that there are NO consequences to drinking? Let alone UNDERAGE drinking? Grown AADULTS get into serious drunken brawls, even kill people, after drinking!  Young folks, whose hormones are raging, and immature thought processes, are MORE LIKELY to cause SERIOUS harm to someone, or themselves! (As evidenced by the kid that tackled the building face first!)  Dying in their sleep due to alcohol poisoning, or choking on your own vomit, is another LIKELY outcome!  

And DO NOT say it hasn't/can't happen at THIS house! Just b/c is hasn't happened YET, doesn't mean it WON''T!   It HAS and WILL!!!  GROW UP and THEN grow up some MORE, before you drink again! The life you save may be my Child's or Grandchild's! 



I can sleep better at night now knowing that these very dangerous criminals were arrested. Kids drink because it is illegal. But once they come of age, drinking is not fun any more. In my days as a teen, we used to take cases of beer to the drive-in movies. Once I turned 21, I stopped that nonsense. It just wasn't fun anymore. I wish the sheriff would spend more time going after the real thugs in society.


tutshortstuff, you better blame one of your big mouth little friends. If they would have kept their cool and kept their big mouths shut you could keep partying with this loser until you overdose on alcohol. The cops shut down this loser's operation before one of you got pregnant or killed.


u guys can say wat u want ur not going to get it to my head i know because im one of the 3 that blew 0s :) thank you for trying to say im an alcoholic though and unlike some people i look out for my friends i dont let them do stupid things 


maybe a wake up call.......for ALL involved?

Captain Gutz


They are already in your head, and they are eating away at your brain. You know the difference between wrong and right.


captain, theres a difference between wrong n right n theres a differance between fun n going overboard going overboard means that someone is going to get hurt having fun on the other hand is what we were doing no one was getting hurt until frizbee tripped n smacked his face none of you guys were there i was so none of them have a right to be commenting and just saying that everyone on in this article is bad scott is one of the nicest guys i no hes always willing to help us out when we dont have a place to stay or if u need some food in ur stomach hes there for u none of u guys have any right saying hes a "bad guy" 


Seems punctuation isn't part of Margaretta's curriculum


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Nor is spelling. Fire all the teachers down there. The kids have grammer as bad as my 3 year old nephew!


Many know of the "happenings" in White's Landing, not to say it isn't happening everywhere. I do know he allowed the kids to destroy his place AFTER he decided to gut his home and do some remodeling. His home is known to be a place where many gather, and I know some of the "kids" who hang out there, whose own homes are not good. Some have parents who do not provide a good, stable home for them to be in and, of course, they are going to go someplace where someone spends time with them, has fun toys (boat, 4-wheelers, pool, etc),  feeds them, and gives them a place to stay away, from their destructive parents.  No way am I condoning what happened, just stating the facts. He made an error in judgement and thankfully nothing worse happened than the law showing up. Hopefully, this will turn some lives around for the good. Including the adults who struggle with their own ways.


cocoon thank you for finally understanding wat im trying to say...were all like a big family none of us have good backgrounds and we all relate to one another 


tut, take your bad background and turn YOUR life around. don't spend it in jail, DH, or worse off.  


Hey Tut,

I know a couple of kids on that list, and they do not come from bad backgrounds as you say.  Of course the one did just get out jail.  I dont know the whole story but its the risk you take when you drink underage.  Please do not try and defend that all of you came from bad backgrounds.  By the way its great that you  blew a "0"


I'm one of the ones who recieved an underage that night. Although the only alcohol that I had was a beer at midnight for the ball drop and that was to be my last drink until september when I turn 21. Now I'm back on house arrest with violated probation for having one beer when the ball dropped. Wonderful.


mhs dad i think i know who your talking about and just because you dont see what he has doesnt mean he hasnt come from a bad home im going to defend my friends till my dying day 


OK tut, I gotta ask:

What grade are you in? If you have graduated, where from?



pete let me ask you one thing r u an english teacher? do u have a bachlors degree for english? didnt think so 


Nope. And I see you found the "?"

Now there are others, and you may want to explore using them. Is easy really, they are right there on the keyboard. Take a look, I am sure you can see them






And if you have any degree in english, I would march into the Dean's office and demand your money back!


Pete, thats great, of course its probably our money we should be demanding back.

Tut, loyalty to your friends is great but, if we do not know how bad your friend has it how come his brother turned out so well?  I'm just saying we all make choices and he knew if he violated his probation, which he admitted in and earlier post, that he would have to pay the consequences.  Ya he has it so bad that he can't abide by a simple probation.   Please tell us some more.



What gets me is when these kids fill out job applications and use "speak" like this and then they wonder why they don't get a job

"I wud like 2 come 2 work 4 u i wud work hard and show up 2day n go 2 work if u wud let me im smart n no a lot of stuff n wud b there 4 u when u need me 2 be i got good grades n school n showed up most days n study real hard r u hiring for like now or r u hiring for l8r"

Believe it or not I saw an application similar to this a couple years ago. Needless to say, he didn't get the job. And he had a diploma from a local district

It is one thing when your characters are limited in a text message, but to use that kind of grammer in a situation like this or on a job application?!?! Helps explain why companies are moving production out of this country


some have seemed to have wandered from the topic of the article............necessary?


This place?

Get off topic?


Is it necessary? Maybe not. Is it common? Oh heck yes!


This incident is very unfortunate, to say the least.  What's also very unfortunate is, the fact that it is just as easy to "throw stones" as it is to make mistakes with poor judgement, as compared to the much more difficult and daunting task of maintaining good character with ones silence and learning from ones mistakes, and then applying them in a positive and productive way in society. 


Ooops,, mistakes made/forced the issue of an "edit"


MHS Dad.

She isnt talking about me. I'm not exactly part of that whole group. I just went there to see a couple people. I dont really have a bad "Family Background". I just dont think before I do things and get caught for petty underages, which I'm now realizing is my problem & I've now quit drinking until I'm 21.

P.S. There is absolutely nothing simple about probation.


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Thought you were trying to make comparisons between my brother & I. A personal attack such as that would be a little un-called for.