Ex-EHOVE teacher being investigated for misconduct with students

Erie County Sheriff's deputies are investigating allegations that an EHOVE instructor had an inappropriate relationship with one or more high school students. Sheriff's Detective Jared Oliver wouldn't release more information about the ongoing investigation, including the suspect's name.
Susan McMillan
Dec 15, 2010


Erie County Sheriff's deputies are investigating allegations that an EHOVE instructor had an inappropriate relationship with one or more high school students.

Sheriff's Detective Jared Oliver wouldn't release more information about the ongoing investigation, including the suspect's name.

EHOVE records, however, indicate Ned McElfresh resigned as firefighter and EMT instructor last week while under investigation by the sheriff's office for "possible misconduct with female EHOVE JVS students."

Deputies began the investigation after receiving information from multiple people, Oliver said.

They have conducted interviews and are still trying to pin down some key facts, including whether more than one student was involved.

EHOVE administrators received a request from investigators on Dec. 2 to review McElfresh's personnel file, superintendent Sharon Mastroianni said. Following school policy, they notified McElfresh of the request.

McElfresh called in sick the following day, a Friday.

On Monday, Dec. 6, he cleaned out his office and submitted his resignation, which the school board accepted at a regular meeting two days later.

EHOVE never started its own investigation because events unfolded so quickly, school officials said.

"As soon as we found out there were allegations, Mr. McElfresh did not step back into the classroom," Mastroianni said.

McElfresh began working for EHOVE in 2004 as a paramedic instructor, before the program was combined with the firefighter program. He previously worked for fire departments in Cleveland and Huron, according to his personnel file, and has several years of active and reserve military service.

McElfresh, of Clyde, referred comments to his attorney, Troy Wisehart, who could not be reached after business hours Tuesday.

A certified substitute instructor is now teaching EHOVE's firefighter/EMT class, Mastroianni said, and the school will soon post a job for a new instructor.


Horse and Pony Show

 EHOVE never started its own investigation because events unfolded so quickly, school officials said.

"As soon as we found out there were allegations, Mr. McElfresh did not step back into the classroom," Mastroianni said.


Really.........I'd dig a little deeper if I were the reporter for this story.


He had been on Huron Fire and has allegedly had inapproprate contact with students ... shocking


Or some little brat was rejected and got all her friends to say he did inappropriate things.


@ Horse and Pony are you saying Ehove didnt do anything when it was reported?

@ unammuser Really??

My questions would be as this reporter how long has this been going on? There has to be more to this story.. As for as this so called teacher.. WHy would he up and QUIT if he did Nothing wrong?? If it was a mad student? Looks pretty guilty to me!


Interesting picture........how appropriate SR.    Ha ha ha ha ha ha


Here we go again !!! As Pink Floyd says, HEY, TEACHER!!! LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE....

my oh my

Imagine that a former Huron FF with inappropriate contact of younger people. What is the deal with Erie County FF EMS people??????


My oh my, 

What do you mean by "what is the deal with Erie County FF EMS people"? Are you going to let one FF/Paramedic ruin the reputation of all of the FF/EMS Professionals in Erie County?


I agree with MedicRyan.  An allegation of wrongdoing against a member of a particular profession should not reflect badly on other members of that profession.

That would be like saying since one blogger is accused of being an idiot, all bloggers are idiots.

And we know that's not true, right?


Are there any teachers left in the profession? ... Did I say profession?!


Pepenik99..... Yes, there are alot of very good, and highly trained teachers left in this profession, I obtained both of my certifications threw EHOVE adult ed.  And yes this is a profession, We put our lives on the line to save lives of people we have never known, This is my career because I love to help people, And I do not want the general public losing faith in the Public Safety field just because of an allegation.


I can't help but wonder if  Supt. Mastroianni knew about this before the November election,  but nothing was made public for fear of a levy defeat.  Stranger things have happened.   I agree with Horse  and Pony and Mama C- .I'd dig a little deeper if I were the reporter for this story.


Yes, really.  He up and quit because that was his choice over being fired.  You're right though-there probably is alot more to this story.  Why does everyone assume someone is guilty because they've been accused?  Yes, many times they are but until all facts are in, you should not pass judgment.  Some people lie or have you not experienced that in your lifetime?  I've had people make false accusations against me.  Thankfully they did not involve a court of law or job loss but still.  It happens more often than you think.  The problem that I have is that people read a story, make assumptions and convict a person before they have even had a chance to defend themselves. 


No one resigns if they are not guilty.  He had union protection but obviously chose not to use it.  I wonder why.  Think about it.


 This article is like the Daily Log.  You assume someone is guilty because it's in print.   He's being investigated.  Why not print just convictions.  You (Sandusky Register) do not know if someone is guilty until the facts are  proven. 


This article is like the Daily Log.  You (we) assume someone is guilty because it's in print.   He's being investigated.  Why not print just convictions.  You (Sandusky Register) do not know if someone is guilty until the facts are  proven. 


unassumer , your last comment would have held more weight if you had not shined an accusing light on the female that made the allegations. These are just comments and hold no weight legally . That is for a court to decide . We are just the peanut gallery.


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Just because one does something wrong doesnt mean all are in the wrong doing. Firefighting EMT is I believe one of the most respectful and worksome career out there. I have learned so through my education at EHOVE. Mac was my teacher until last week when he "resigned". Allegations are more than likely true but this doesnt mean the program should be frowned upon. He didnt make the academy, we have many more instructors that we there and taught us more than he ever did through our cirriculum of EMT. Fingers dont need to be pointed at all just him, he should have known better especially with being in the military but apparently not. Even so the academy is becoming stronger and better without him there. Brotherhood is what were all about and were sticking to it. Mac was just a needle in a hay stack that needed to be taken out.


See you have one Current Student making a commet that it more then  likly happened! Good for you! I am Not saying that the program is bad. This "teacher" is the one that is Bad! No professial should ever cross that line with any student! I don't care if they are 18 or 14! High school is a place to learn! I am sure the program out at ehove is a great program. Sorry you all have to go through something like this! To you I say keep your chin up! Continue your education with pride!

This teacher could of fought the charges or allegations But,, he chose to leave! Why? There have been other teachers wrongly accused and stayed and fought! His name is ruin not by this article But for HIS own actions! If I were a parent of any of these children I would want answers Now! ANd someones butts would be on the line at that school for not handling it right! But, I say there is a lot more to this story and people need to come forward so nobody else gets harmed. This is very serious situation to be letting it fly by.


There's simply nothing good about this situation.  If it's true, then lives will be shattered.  If it's a lie, then lives will be shattered as well. 

And we can only hope that whatever took place - IF ANYTHING TOOK PLACE - it was only "inappropriate" and not illegal, meaning that whomever she (or they) are that were involved were at least 18.  Now, I'm not saying it's right, IN ANY WAY, for him, a teacher and authority figure, to be involved in ANY way with a student, but for the sake of all involved, if said student(s) is underage that'll be devastating for all!

I just hope and pray the TRUTH comes out...and in the end that the truth is that this whole thing is...well...NOT TRUE!  :(

By the way, I think it's utterly ridiculous to group an entire profession, or professions, into one lump "good" or "bad" category.  I mean, seriously.  One "bad" teacher should NEVER take away from all of the WONDERFUL teachers out there.  Nor one "bad" paramedic, fire-fighter, military man!  That's plain ignorant!!!  EHOVE is a great school and has benefited MANY individuals, as has the Public Safety program, the EMT/Firefighting program, and so forth.  There are FANTASTIC teachers who devote themselves to their work and their students there and they should NEVER get a bad wrap because ONE individual MAY HAVE done wrong.  Period!  Get your heads out your tookis's people and wise up!  IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS!  Not in this situation...not in ANY situation! 

y o l o 22

haha i love how they're only pin-pointing him for what he does wrong? have you even looked at that entire campus lately? the whole school is messed up. starting with the principle, assistant principle, building advisors and what not. that school is all about favortism, and unfairness. i've heard numerous stories about kids getting punished for doing the same thing the kid next to them did, but did that other student get punished? no of course not. i think officials need to take a look closer at whose running the school rather then Mac. i went to ehove, and im accounted for a lot of these events of unfairness. its rediculous that kids can create the same crime but recieve different punishments , or any if at all. Mac was an understanding teacher, thats all. get your facts straight. ehove is full of drama, just like any highschool. and to be honest, its full of a lot of girls thriving for attention. in my opinion, thats exactly what it is - a girl had interest in Mac, and she took it the wrong way by him being nice, and when she realized nothing was ever gonna happen between them ttwo, she freaked and made up this bogus story. typical teenage girl.


everyones innocent until proven guilty last time i checked? so dear reporter, get your facts straight before you go making assumptions..and look at the real story here: the people who run this school.


He was my teacher, and one of my heros. And still is. I do NOT believe this is true. 1 he always told me and my class he LOVED his job! He left for the middle east halfway through my senior year. OUR WHOLE CLASS CRIED. He was a great techer, A great leader & an awsome role model. He loves his family, we all heard about them all the time. This man is a war hero, not a sex offender!


Maybe some of you guys should should not have any comments until you know the true facts... mcelfreshh was my fire instructor last year and never once touched any of us inappropraitly, hes a good teacher and all you guys that think this is true are crazy! sad when rumors go around especially around the holidays.



Raoul Duke

Seems like they need some new English teachers at EHOVE too...


Honestly, I think that this entire thing is a rumor blown way out of proportion. In fact, i know that this was just a rumor. I am a current student at EHOVE for fire and i kno that mac would never do anything like this. i knew him from coming to EHOVE last year. HE is the reason i came into the program in the first place. He is, and always will be one of the greatest teachers at EHOVE. he is a great role model, and overall an amazing man. i am proud to call him my teacher and always will be. i mean seriously this man has served in every branch of the military. he has a family. and kids, that he loves. to me this doesnt sound anything like a sex offender. period. my guess is that someone got mad at the fact that he was supposed to deploy after christmas break, by choice, to serve his, yours, and my country and they decided to blow this way out of proportion. yeah, the academy is still a great opportunity and it is still a great program, but to me it is nothing without mac.

think about it, this investigation is ruining this mans life, disrupting his family. he does NOT deserve that over something that is just a rumor. even if some act of kindness was taken in the wrong way, everyone makes mistakes. EVERYONE. and i believe that everyone deserves a second chance.


Mac was a well respected instructor. He has helped many students including myself. The facts to me dont add up. I'm in the same building everyday and spent most of this year having him as a teacher and this just doesnt make sense. He even talked about his family and how he loved his kids. Also, he, along with the other two instructors teach the core values and everything else so well because they live them out. For me, it just doesnt make sense.

Lastly, EHOVE is a great school. Yeah, it used to have a bad rep. but not anymore. This is my first year attending and i love it there. I liked my home school as well, but, EHOVE gives a student a jump start on their career and more opportunities for a highschool student. So i dont know why people are even posting on here that ehove is a bad school and what not. It has nothing to do with this article.



i agree 100% he is a great instructor and im startin to not like the program without him


Some of the female students commenting sound like they might have had a bit of a crush on the man.


um kelly, seriously, he is an amazing teacher and i think that and dont have a crush on him. people just need to get their facts straight


In this job its all about the fish bowl theory. Everyone around you is always looking to see if you are doing the right or wrong thing. When someone in the firefighting, emt, or police career messes up its going to end up on the front page instead of page 12. I've been told that almost everyday since my jr year, and oh boy that is that true! I believe that what happened is true and the fact it is being taken out on the entire fire and ems jobs is awful! people should step back and realize he wasnt just a firefighter or ems guy, he was in the military, and a teacher but i dont see anyone saying anything about that! The teachers at ehove are AMAZING teachers and one teacher messing up should not change the way people think about this program, just like one firefighter/emt messing up should not change the way we think about all the firefighters/emt's! no one just up and quits a good job like this for no reason at all and the fact he didnt even give a reason only makes him look guilty. He wouldnt even give ehove the chance to investigate, sorry but even he knew there was no way to prove he was innocent.


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mamaC: your so right@@!

---hey sharon, looks like your glass house is getting ready to shatter!  Maybe you should quit believing that YOUR campus is so perfect and listen to people and what they have to say.  It seems from other classmates that this type of thing has long been pushed aside with this teacher.  I hope things get looked into better by the police because these girls might have been protected if you would've handled your inhouse issues instead of worrying about how u look on the outside.  Shame on you that you have a pedophile working at your school preying on young girls.  To worried about that levy huh!  I would like to believe its all rumors but doubt the police would waste there time on a goose chase... our jackass chase for that matter.


My thoughts exactly!  If he was ugly would this even be a issue?  He is a dedicated man 1st to his family and 2nd to our country and 3rd to his students!! 


It is too bad so many people have turned this into bashing EHOVE.  I have 2 children, one who has graduated from EHOVE, the fire/EMT program, and is now in college, and another who is currently an EHOVE student.  I was one of those parents who didn't want my kids going to EHOVE.  I have since learned that EHOVE has great teachers, opportunities, and experiences.  It is not the place where kids go as a last chance at graduating.  It is a place that these kids can look into careers that they may be interested in, get experience in those careers, certify in those careers, and not spend a bunch of money going to college and then deciding that that career isn't for them.  I have nothing but good to say about what EHOVE has done for my children.  Maybe more people should look into it before they run their mouths about what a bad school it is.


First let me say that i have nothing but respect for firefighters, police officers and those serving in the military. But, this man is a creep. He was my nieces instructor and was way too friendly with her friend. As a matter of fact, while she was still in school, he recruited the young lady an she did join the military,  so they could spend time together, which according to my niece they did.

I met him just a few times at school functions, and he was horribly cocky and obviously thought alot of himself.  Furthermore, he was in the navy, then the army when I met him. today I was told he is now national guard? i cannot  say if that is reliable info. but if it is, maybe someone should see if there is a reason for all the changes in service brances. That is really uncommon, unless he was passed along to be someone elses problem.



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okay mac is cocky, ill give you that. but he is still a great teacher. and maybe he didnt resign because he is guilty, maybe he resigned because i was looked at like a sex offender on that campus. like i kno that i wouldnt just sit around while people were saying that i had sex with students. think what you want, but to me this man is innocent and unless youve actually had class with him at EHOVE, then youre not going to know what he is actually like.


People seem to be forgetting these are only alleged allegations. They arnt proven fact. Just because he resigned does not mean he is guilty. Anyone in his position would most likely either get fired or resign regardless. either way having a claim like this being made against you guilty or not pretty much ruins you. its entirely possible some girl just made this up but we dont know yet and i think its unfair to automatically assume he is guilty because a story was printed front page in the paper.

agent orange

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I know there was another teacher "accused" out there (years ago) and stayed and fought. He was even put on Paid leave pending out come! So, someone just doesn't resign if they are not gulity. He had union protection,paid leave and most important, his name to be cleared! As far as calling girls names or making stories up, I would say maybe one would and could But others have came forward.

Regardless he might have been a good teacher. But, he messed up by having any outside relations or contact with students. I have had 2 children go to EHove. And not one time has their teachers ever acted like this one has! Teachers do a wonderful job. Emt's,firefighters,milatary they all don't need to get a bad wrap because of this guy! But there are a few bad apples out there and I am glad they (cops) busted this one!

The police department just doesnt get involed for no reason at all. First the school is suppose to handle it and then report it to the police. But from what I understand Ehove did nothing. They kept it a secert for fear the levy wouldn't pass if news broke. Also I agree with that there is a lot more going on with this story. There is more to this then what has been reported on. But, if I was a parent with a child out there in that program or has been. O my.. I would be wanting answers asap! from janators to princple to good old Sharon herself ! There would be no stone unturned after I was done.

To the students that are writting on here about him being a great teacher. He might have been. Him serving our country doesn't make him innocent either.There are sick people in all professions. And so maybe you weren't bothered by him but that doesnt mean he didnt do it. He resigned. He didnt think enough of himself,family,or students to stay and fight to clear his name.. WHy? Because if someone accussed me of something like that.. I would of fought until I was dead to prove I didnt do it! But he took the easy way out by quiting!

Captain Gutz

"People seem to be forgetting these are only alleged allegations." Alleged allegations?


In the immortal words of Rev Jesse Jackson. "I deny the allegations, and I deny the alligator."

Innocent until ...

As a teacher for over 20 years, I have seen it all.  I have witnessed people get their lives turned upside down, simply because someone makes an accusation.  Most of the time the accusations are NOT true. 

Not one of you know the truth.  Nor do I, but I am willing to wait for the legal process to sort things out.   

Let's let the truth come out before we condemn this man into poverty.  It seems as if the Sandusky Register (by the way the article was written) has already determined that the man is guilty.  Judging by most of the comments on this page most of you have condemned him as well. 

If the alligations are proven to be true, then let the law do it's justice.  If he is proven innocent...then the Sandusky Register, Erie County Sheriff's Dept, EHOVE and those of you that so quickly condemned him owe him, his wife, his children and family a personal apology.

My hope is that none of you have to face an untrue "accusation" that costs you everything.  I am sure you would have a different perspective. 

Until the investigation is over....he is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.


I agree with you..he is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.   I know "Mac" and he has been in the Navy as a Corpsman working with the Marines.  He then switched to the Army and was a Doc there but then switched to Civil Affairs and thats when he went to Africa to help them out.  Like one of the comments said once the allegations are made the Teacher has to removed for the School no matter whether he is innocent or not.  I don't know if he did it or not, but let the law do its job and let them find out.  We don't need everyone's comments who does not know the real truth and only he does and the students who supposedly were in involved.  This makes my stomach churn.  I am out here to help with the fight to preserve our freedom and everyone is condeming  a Man whom they don't know.  Let the man have some peace with his Family.  LET THE LAW DO ITS JOB!!!!!!!


The Tax Man

To centerstreetmilan :

Who would be the older guy that is worse that this guy? I have an idea of who it may be and I would agree with you, he is just as bad (if not worse) from what I hear and should be investigated as well, that is if we are talking about the same guy.


quietobserver - "pedophile" - really?!?  You DO NOT know the facts, so to call this man such a thing is wrong, a hundred times over!  I'd be on the lookout for court papers...and good luck (NOT!) with that slander lawsuit you'll be the defendant for. 

mamaC - are you kidding me?!  Again, you don't know the truth so to go on and on about this "bad" man is just ridiculous!  You don't know him, you don't know the facts, you don't know the situation - so just shut it already.  Didn't your mother teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all?  Yeah - good advice - so hush already!  Defiling a man's name without a single shred of evidence is irresponsible and ignorant beyond belief!  As a mother, you should know better than to jump on the "hate" bandwagon before all the facts are in.  What are you teaching your children with all this nonsense you're spewing?!

centerstreemilan - I have one word for ya - IGNORANT!  Wait, I have another - IRRESPONSIBLE!  "He chose to leave because he is GUILTY" - yeah?  Really?  He TOLD you that?!  I didn't think so! 

The Tax Man - oh my gosh, why are you even commenting?!?  "From what I hear" - really?!  Oh my goodness...ridiculous!  From what you hear - ha - because everything we "hear" from 3rd parties is ALWAYS true, right?!  NOT!  If you don't KNOW what's going on, then keep your hurtful, hateful, irresponsible comments to yourself.  When the facts come out, THEN you can speak!

Innocent Until... - I couldn't have said it better myself!  INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!  

Accusations do NOT the truth make.  PERIOD!  Please understand that people!!  Many of you are condemning a man for something that hasn't even come close to being proven yet.  How on earth would you feel if your world was turned upside down and you lost everything that mattered to you because one person made a false accusation?!?  I can't even fathom the thought!  The pain inflicted on you and those that love you would be immense and you'd be hard-pressed to EVER recover from it.  It's just plain wrong to attack someone when you don't have the facts.  And please realize that your words and actions impact the lives of others, so when you go on and on about something you don't have the facts about and you defile a person based on "what you heard" or what you "think" you are quite possibly ruining another person's entire life. 

BULLYING!  That's exactly what this is!  When you attack and tarnish a person without the truth/facts there are consequences.  To all you mothers out there hating on this teacher - spewing forth your nasty words about him, without knowing the TRUTH - how on earth would you feel if this sort of situation was taking place with your CHILD - in that, ONE PERSON made a FALSE ACCUSATIONS about your child, and the entire school - the entire community - ganged up on him/her and just went on and on about "what they heard" and they just know it's true - when in reality it wasn't - not even in the least bit.  And what if all that hate and all those comments and all the damage that was done just felt like it was too much to ever get past and your child took his/her life - because the hate bandwagon was too much to fight?!  How on earth would you feel?!  Seriously?  THINK PEOPLE - THINK BEFORE YOU PUT HATEFUL COMMENTS AND IGNORANT COMMENTARY OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE!  Please...please.

Julie R.

Considering how this guy has already got an attorney when he hasn't even been charged with anything yet, I'm afraid there just might be more to this than accusations. 


Before spewing your hate bandwagon Ohioraised on others it's called freedom of speech. All I was saying and making the point to is this. If one does Nothing Wrong why would the police be included in this "rumor" The school would of handle it their own way if that was all it was!?? High school is all about  rumors. I am sure Ehove deals with them daily if not hourly. Second I am saying NOT all is bad in this situation. I am saying Nobody that harms children are right in their heads! I am saying if there was nothing to this story why is it in the paper? why did he quit? why are the police involed? why do these children have to go through this? WHY? Since you have so information and facts why havent you cleared it up for everyone involed?? Why in this econmy did a teacher just up an quit his job over rumors? WHo cares what people think or say anyways?I for one would of fought if I was "not gulity"  I am sure he would of been put on paid leave pending outcome right?  Your right on one thing I don't know the "Facts" I NEVER Claim to know them either! I am commeting on what others have asked or questioned or stated.  And  FYI I do believe actions speak louder then words. Didn't your mama teach you that? I do think there is a h*ll of alot more to this story.FAct! ANd I do teach my children to express themselves and how they feel. They were raised with a voice. I have not said he is gulity! I have stated His ACTIONS Make him look GUilty. I am expressing what the actions are showing by running away from a problem instead of facing it.And I also know there is his side, their side and then the truth. It is up to the police to figure that out! And a jury to find him guilty if he is. I do feel sad for everyone involed in this. So I guess before you spew anymore hate you just need to shut it!


honesty you talk about other people spweing hat when you cant even write a calm adult comment in reply to some one elses... i think you should just read about it and when you comment think about how your saying things

The Tax Man

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Ned McElfresh, is an amazing teacher, a dedicated father, a loving husband, a soldier, and a hero! We dont believe in anything the news paper has to say or any one who THINKS they know him. We believe he's an innocent man & we would put our lives on it.  He's our hero & a father figure to us,he showed us right from wrong, respect, disipline and the passion for saving lives, he also helped many of us through difficult times in our lives.. I personally would not be the Firefighter/Paramedic that I am today without this man! We have saved hundreds of lives thanks to the training and the mentoring he gave all of us!  He's the greatest teacher we have ever had & we ALL stand strong beside him,deffending his innocense! He's our hero & forever will be! NO MATTER WHAT!  We pray that you all realize that when you call 911 for yourself or a loved one you have a HUGE chance of getting a student taught and trained by McElfresh....We have asked that everyone who supports McElfresh do so LOUDLY.... "We support McElfresh" is written on my vehicle and the vehicles of all who feel the same as I do. McElfresh fights along side my husband in the military for every single one of you to exaust your freedom of speech, he fights so you can point fingers, but THIS is the thanks society gives him.... In the words of Ned McElfresh "Do your job, Do it well....SO OTHERS MAY LIVE!!!"

                               PROUDLY signed by graduating EMS/FIRE ACADEMY STUDENTS OF 2007 & 2008


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained obscenity. Discussion Guidelines


Okay, Im going to be very much blunt about this entire thing. Most of you who dont know Mac, cant say jack because you have nothing to base your opinions off of besides this article. I am a junior Fire/EMT student and I AM a girl. And by the way I dont have a crush on him. I think its sad that grown adults are slinging mud worse than anyone here, everyone has a valid point but I am a firm beleiver in the innocent until proven guilty clause.

Mac was my teacher until roughly one and a half to two weeks ago, and I can honestly say I had alot of respect for the guy not only as an instructor but as a person.He was a father figure to many of us, and gave us something to aspire to be. Personnally I never observed anything innappropriate going on between him and any of the students. Im not saying the allegations against him are false, because for all anybody knows, they could be true. But that doesnt mean that he IS guilty. Because for all we know he could be innocent as well. I guess we will find out when we find out.

I do however see a problem with people throwing hateful things around towards somebody they have never even met, all over an incredibly vague newspaper article.

The Tax Man

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In what way am I not being calm?

I was simply voicing my opinion, and It is after all my right to say what I think. Im not defending his actions either, Im of the mind that if he did something he did something, and if he didnt he didnt. I in no way flipped out or directly pointed a person out and started an argument. I gave a fair amount of thought to what I said and I agree with what I said, I dont see why people are throwing hateful things around at a man,whom nobody has solid proof, did anything wrong. I can understand why people are concerned, but mud slinging isnt a way to voice that concern.


im sorry voiceofmany.... i wasnt responding to you i was responding to MamaC


oh,then i apologize


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained libelous or defamatory statements. Discussion Guidelines


If there is any allegation, the teacher must be removed from the campus and the police called. There cannot then be any contact between that teacher and any student or staff.


ohiobornandraised- im not sure if your looking for people to take your advice but i believe that the best way to get someone to listen to your opinions IS NOT telling the people you disagree with to "shut it" and telling people when they can and can not speak. Sorry but i dont think you know all the facts your self, no one does because if ANYONE knew all the facts then this whole debate wouldnt be going on.

P.S. mamaC- you tell em! you know whats up!


One more thing. weather these allegations are true or not i feel for the alledged girl/girls it happened with. The teacher up and left, he doesnt have to deal with the rumers floating around but the girl(s) has to go to school and face it everyday. like i said no one knows what is true and what is not true but girls involved have to face the whispers everytime they walk into a class


 of course i do not know if this man is innocent or guilty. only a couple people do at this point in time. i understand people getting upset about commenters basically assuming he is guilty when that has yet to be seen. however, a few commenters have defended him saying they know he did not do this. it has even been mentioned  his job was everything to him, etc. the question that comes to my mind is if that is so then why would he resign. if he did nothing wrong, surely he is smart enough to fight this. it may be a tough and embarrassing road but if there is nothing to come out in the end, there is no risk. so while i believe he loved his job, etc., i am also leaning towards thinking that the only thing that would make him resign and not fight this is the fact that he knows he can't. any other ideas why he would resign and not prove his innocence. again, if there is no facts to prove (letters, picture, messages, concrete evidence, etc.) why would he do this? i understand it would not be fun but if there is nothing but rumors than that would come out at the end and he would be just fine!


honestly, no ones going to know if he is innocent or guilty untill the investigation is over. but our academy is based on honesty and a thing we call brotherhood. it would be hard to get something like this passed everyone. to me, in the past two years that i have known him, he has always been a fatherly figure to all of us. he is a good man who dedicates his entire life to helping and saving others. and for me, iv got his back untill this whole thing is figured out. he is an amazing teacher and and amazing person and to me he isnt a sex offender. i trust what he has to say for he hasnt lied to us yet and i know he wouldnt jeapordize the academy's reputation for something like this. his students and his family mean the world to him. it is an honor for me to say that i look up to him.


"Mac" (sorry but shouldnt teachers be adressed as mr. or mrs.?) has been through three branches of the military in the past seven years, that is a huge red flag for misconduct.

He also lied to his students saying he hurt his back and was just taking some time off medically. I would think he would at least speak to these beloved students about the situation to defend his honor, but he tucked his tail and ran. I think that action says it all!

I dont think he thought he would ever be caught, he seems like the kinda guy who just talks his way out of everything. We all know some pompus jerk who feels the rules are for everyone but themselves, the guy who knows every loop hole and technicality so they can circumnavigate the system. Well this time "Mac" it seems you finally got caught.


to bottom.line, we always call the instructors by names like that. we call one our instructors "stache" because he has a mustache. its more of a family relationship in that class. just because we shortened the name to mac doesnt mean he did anything with students. thats nothing to go on


 Its about appropriate boundries and professionalism. Obvisiously not something that is being taught in this department. They are supposed to be preparing you for a career and I can promise you that  by not commanding respect and by sacrificing professionalism they are teaching you the opposite of what you need to be sucessful.

Beyond that, he is known for being a chronic flirt. He is always way too famliar with his female students and even if he never completely crossed the line while they will still his student, he surely blurred the lines. 


For once I have to defend the Sandusky Register and the article.

Read it line by line. Each and every one is a point of fact (or at least verifyable as such).

The only thing they presented that was "leading" was that rather inappropriate picture.

Come on SR - give us a break - guilty or innocent you could have chosen a more appropriate photo.

Tru Grit

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Blue Streak

I was in Public Safety and I know they told us what happened in Public Safety, stayed in Public Safetly. Mac  learned his ways from another teacher and just thought certain things were ok.  Looking back it was a waste of time.


As a Graduate from that same academy, I noticed some "odd" things take place myself. I was just the person that kinda sat back and watch it happen. Mac tended to favor "FEMALE" students. Maybe because he was pushing them to get in the career feild, maybe not. The only one that truly knows the truth in the situation in all the is HIM.

All that im saying is that THE WHOLE SITUATION IS B*LLSHYT. Why would the so called "Allogations" Be made if there wasnt doubt.


What I dont understand is why HE LEFT, If they wernt true, would he just stick it out, why leave?? That just makes him look more guilty.


honestly,, no one is going to know for sure if he is guilty or innocent unless they were directly involved. all i am stating is my opinions, not telling you that you are right are wrong. please dont take the wrong way. i was in no way trying to tell you that you are wrong, simply stating what i thought. in my opinion he is innocent, but honestly i dont know for sure. so please do NOT take it that i was involved, i was only trying to get you to see both sides of the story.

Truth or Dare

Did ya's ever stop to think that he was given a choice, resign or be fired?  Wouldn't be the first school to offer that, passing the individual onto another unsuspecting school system!    They do it quite often for teachers or Adm. that are acting in certain manners, ususally NOT conducive to them keeping their job., making it possible for them to find work elsewhere.   Chances are he also needed to protect his military record/career?

Hoping this doesn't affect the grad. class of 2011 the way his departure to Darfur did for the class of 08.  They were so far behind in curriculum they didn't get to test for their EMT Certification, graduating w/o it.  Then the Adm. told the students (cause they certainly didn't make any personal phone calls to the parents) they could take the Adult course, AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE!    Didn't matter the training program was already paid for by their parents..   Wanna be a firefighter?   I could be wrong, but  in the State of Ohio you must be a cert. EMT as well to be hired.   As far as I'm concerned, Adm. allowed the ball to be dropped,  affecting several of their graduates and the program in general   How many years this been going on? 

By the way, all you students who want to think of this as a 'FAMILY",  a "BROTHER/SISTERHOOD".  Please keep in mind why you're going into the fields of Firefighter, Criminology.  Too SERVE THE PUBLIC, cause that's who'll you'll be serving,  who will be paying you,  who should be just as much FAMILY as the individual you work side by side with!  Take notice students to whats going on around you regarding local  Fire Dept.s, Law Enforcement agencies and as well, your very own local Educators!    How will you choose to serve your future employer, the PUBLIC TAXPAYER!


 look people listen and listen good. Ned did not have relationships with his students!!!!!! just because some little high school girl likes him she starts rumors. Ned was my teacher. he was strict but he  made sure we knew what we had to and knew it well. he joked around and mad us feel like we were family which is exactly what we are. Ned would never do this and i would stand by him 100% anytime anywhere. Ned McElfresh,is a teacher,father,husband, a soldier ,and a hero!I dont believe in anythin the news paper has to say.I believe hes an innocent man and id put my life on it.Hes my hero n a father figure to me, he showed me right n wrong, and helped me through life.He's the greatest teacher ive ever had and I stand strong beside him,deffendin his innocense!

To all of  you who dont know him who are leaving negative comment accusing him, take a look at yourself. you are pathetic. he who has no sin cast the first stone! get a life and let the truth show itself.


The Tax Man

Re:whititn says

Trust me, this dude is guilty. I know. You know what they say: 16 will get ya 20! LOL! This pathetic moron has lied his entire life! He's never worked for a Fire department his entire life. Call Cleveland Fire and Huron Fire and they have no record of him ever working at either!

Innocent until ...

How many of you are prepared to offer him your personal apology if he is found innocent? 

Like a shark to a feeding, most of you are convicting this man before his day in court.  I don't know the facts...neither do you.  I don't know what he is guilty of...all I know is that he is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

Let the legal system work.   

Until then, shut up and let his family have some peace during the holidays.  There are children and a wife involved here...they are truly innocent and do not need to pay the price for the frenzy that is going on here.  Regardless what he may or may not have done.

If you have any compassion at all for the children and his wife during this Christmas season, then let the trial and conviction on this page stop. 



 Innocent until,

His wife and kids are reading these blogs? Aren't you making a similar assumption? Why would you read these blogs or the paper if you were in the same circumstance? 


 No one knows the truth EXCEPT for those who are involved directly. You people who are pointing fingers make me sick. Before pointing out the splinter in someone elses eye, perhaps you should remove the block of wood from your own eye first.

Some of you people are so pathetic. Bottom.line, does it really matter that he has served in multiple branches of the military? Seriously, what does THAT even have to do with anything? If he had been doing something wrong in one branch, the would not let him enlist in another. I know plenty of people who have served in multiple branches of the military. Just because you don't have the ambition or dedication to serve, does not mean that you should sit there and point fingers at someone who does. Next time you feel the urge to spew bullcrap from your mouth, maybe you should think before you say something that will make you sound like an idiot.

And what does it matter if he resigned? Because he resigned, that means he is guilty? I'm pretty sure that no matter what the situation is or who is involved, people are innocent until proven guilty. But hey, maybe some things have changed that I just don't know about.

For those of you saying "The police department doesn't get involved for no reason..." Well yeah, that is a given. Reguardless of who it is or what it is, when something is brought to the attention of the Police, they HAVE to take action and investigate. I was pretty sure that was what police officers were suposed to do. But, correct me if I am wrong. Just because the Police are involved does not mean anything HAPPENED.

Tax Man, do you know him personally? If not, I don't think you have any right to call him a liar or a moron.

WHO CARES if he is cocky? A lot of you people sound a lot more cocky than he does. You come on here and pull all this BS from no where like you KNOW what is going on. Were you there, sitting in class with he and his students? My guess is no, most of you did not..unless you were/are a student.

Blue Streak, I also graduated from the Public Safety Program and I am wondering WHO told you "What happens in Public Safety, stays in Public Safety". I have never heard anyone say that and no one kept anything like this on the "down low". When you say he learned it from another instructor, it sounds to me you're trying to blame it all on someone else.

And one last thing, everyone wants to point fingers at him..and I can be empathetic and see multiple sides. But this is high school. The girl/girls who are involved in all this crap are 18 or close to it. They know right from wrong and I am sorry but if it ends up being true, I think they are just as guilty. I think what it all boils down to is that he is a good looking man, girls drool and go coo coo over him and because he declined them or turned them down, they had to go start something. Bottom.line, again with the military stuff. Does it matter if your niece's friend who whoever she is, enlisted in the military? NEWSFLASH, Lots of students who have been in Public Safety have enlisted into the Military. That is the reason many of them even go into that program. And, if she enlisted just to be with him.....all I have to say is shame on her. That was her own stupidity shining bright, right there.


I commend the person who finally brought up the fact that kids and spouses will read these posts. Whatever has happened was not their fault or their doing, so it's important that we consider what long term effect our posts will have on them. This teacher is their husband and father whom it's safe to assume they love unconditionally. Whether Ned has done something wrong or not will be determined by the investigators and the victims, given there are any. If victims refuse to testify or give investigators false information is a critical factor in a prosecution. Prosecution should not be the only thing we think about though. It seems that the first and foremost concern should be the students of that academy, past and present. I know that some of those students come into the academy looking for the guidance and support they don't get at home. NOT ALL of them, but some of them have very challenging family situations. ALL of them are looking for career guidance and leadership. The academy fills in lots of gaps these kids experience, and if a teacher has taken advantage of those kids, the school administration and public safety supervisors should come up kicking and searching for what went wrong before this ever became public, and should have fixed it a long, long time ago. It seems to me if this situation blindsided the superintendent (which it sure seems like she said it did) and supervisors, she must not know what's going on in her halls. That situation needs to be fixed now because it puts every child and teacher at risk. I remember a couple years ago a teacher was accused by a student and it ended up being fabricated. The pain and suffering he and his family went through will never be erased. Maybe it's high time we start asking some questions about the administration at EHOVE and how effective they really are. Do they know their students by more than the dollars each brings in? Instead of giving them landslide votes for their levies, maybe we as voters need to educate ourselves a lot more about what we're doing.


 I condemn the person who worries about the spouse or children that "might" read these blogs. Are these relatives being forced to read these blogs? Why are you reading these blogs if this is bothering you?


 Ok lets review the facts, sadly i knew someday he would manage to screw up so bad that it would make me go wow.

Mr. McElfresh, or is this truly his real name. I have had the not so great honor or working along side this true work of art. His background is not so great, a lot of public safety people make errors in judgement, i have I admit it but not to this extent.  I think alot of you that think hes a great guy have fallen into his charm that you dont see the real truth in front of you.

While working with this stud, he managed to lie, steal (yes i have said it), cover up, and change the truths about his whole life, example which branch did you serve was it ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, OR THE MARINES, or COAST GUARD?  He managed to mess that up on more than one occasion, while working along side of me, but the sad fact is, Im a LEO by trade, and i hate liars.  So i looked into Mc Elfresh's past, and so should have EHOVE for a position of such power over young minds.

Ask yourself, how can one man accomplish so much in so little time? Well needless to say he has been fired from a few departments, and walked away from others when his you know whats were in a vice. As far as a fireman, im not gonna say it but check the ink on his cards, i bet he might have printed out that section on his own.

As to one writer has stated " Dont you have to be a fireman as well as a emt?", the answer is NO.

Although some paid departments like it, or require it, its not a state mandate, in fact most departments paid or volunteer, once hired or accepted, most agencies will send you to the state fire academy in Renyoldsburg or to their own EMT course station to take the class there

As a lady killer, this man takes the cake. i truly think a family man as you students claim, might be a cover up for what his has been known for, a womanizer, and now that he decided to take it to an extreme level, my god man, this kids are more than half you age, place the shoe on the other foot sir and see what you would do if a guy like you did this to your daughter?  NO SO NICE OF A PICTURE NOW EH?

In public safety it takes one truly bad apple to tear down a department and for a school a program, and it will take many years to rebuild, under PROPER leadership. Example, Terra Community College,  it was found out by a police academy class that one of its instructors was never legally allowed to teach any of the OPOTC courses, and when questions the college had no choice to cover the costs of some 20 students, room and board, meals, fuel, and school costs. Did that make a difference yes, the commander was removed later that year, the instructor banished from the campus, not to mention a lot of disappointed students, not to mention the police and sheriff department heads that looked at Terra as a higher level training facility.  Now i think that EHOVE should have refunded the parents of those students in 2008's class or allowed them to have another chance to test registry....sad fact one man can screw it up for many.

Now EHOVE will have to rebuilt itself from the bottom up, once again. Take a great deal time in reviewing backgrounds of their instructors, both in the high school and adult ed programs. A simple background is not enough anymore, if they would have taken their time and conducted it properly, they would have discovered his spotty background, and employment history.  Parents, would you want someone with such a high volume of jobs under their belts to come in and teach your son or daughter proper respect, ethics,moral standards, and brotherhood when truly his isnt the best?

I can say that if i was teaching, i would put everyones education needs first. I honestly can say in the 13 years as a cop i have never been brought up on any departmental charges, yeah a few complaints but what cop hasnt, you abide by the law dont make your own. As a 16 years in Emergency medicine (EMS), yes i could have done more for patients but one man or woman in the back of a ambulance 90% of the time can only do so much, as a 9 year firefighter, could we have used a few extra hands and hoses on a call yes. and finally as an instructor i have given 110% to my students, as a matter of principle i video tape every class that way if a student is ill they have an opportunity to review my style of instruction, and to see what their fellow students have learned while participating in that class, so there is no means of singling out any student(s), and to better myself as a educator, something i think EHOVE should do on a regular basis.

So NED, my final comment is this, KARMA HAS A REALLY FUNNY WAY OF COMING AROUND, DOESNT IT?  It is just sad you had to take a profession down with you.


EHOVE adult ed graduate, and as a current FF/EMT/LEO, and a State Certified OPOTC instructor, and a FORMER CO-WORKER OF NED McELFRESH.


thank you!!. finally someone has the audacity to bring up all these facts because as students no one believes us.


"His background is not so great, but neither is mine.."



 you dont seem to get it.... mine reputation is fine.  Oh yes, I edited mine comment to make you understand better


FfemtLEO123 - I hope you are giving the information you have to law enforcement and children's services.  Several things in your post sound to me like you have done your homework.  You and I well know that following procedure in cases like this is very important.  When victims are groomed well, it's hard to get them to admit, testify, and share information. You probably are gleening from posts just like I am.  Testimony or information from an unaffected educated party often cracks the case.  One thing you can be sure of  (in my opinion) - the school admin is not going to share anything they know and any history he has there.  (In my opinion) They have a big carpet thingslike this get swept under and conflict is never dealt with directly; he has had them snowed for years, ever since he gave them that flag. 


Firegirl, many of the instructors have been fighting for you kids for several years now in many ways, and no one will believe us either.  It's not really audacity to bring it up, it takes courage.  There is more courage out there than you know.  For the life of me,I don't understand why it is so impossible to get the administration to act like they listen to us.  We have all had the displeasure of working with a FEW public safety people, like this guy, who betray trust, use constant bad judgment, and make life difficult for all of us by ruining our credibility with the public whom we serve. Every discipline has their share of bad apples.  I don't know if these particular allegations are true, but investigators need to take them seriously because school administration does not seem to.   In my opinion, investigators need to look at his relationships with you kids and other students and parents, but also look for the missing equipment as well as look at the quality of instruction in the high school program,  documentation, safety, discipline and on and on and on.  Do deployment absences match deployment orders?   Does he follow school procedures?  Program procedures? What really is his name?  Would be interesting to check it out.  He lasted two years in the adult education part, and then ran to the high school like they found a diamond in the rough.  They didn't ask any of us if he was doing a good job, he must have just charmed them and they hired him without asking us.  This is a closet with lots of skeletons and the sad thing is that kids paid the price for each one of them.  We're tying Firegirl, we're trying!  We need any victims out there to come forward and talk to children's services or law enforcement; without them, we can't do it.  We've all got to follow the procedures so this is accurate, fair, and complete.  Always remember, the truth will prevail.


I am a public safety student at ehove. You dont have to have a relationship with someone to call them by a different name every single one of us in public safety are like family we all call each other by last names or nick names that we come up with for eachother. We happen to call him Mac that doesnt mean anything is going on. Even the guys call him mac so what we call him has nothing to do with this case.


as a member of the 2008 class i dont blame  Mr. McElfresh (and yes that is his real name). that blame so be put on the Adm. and them only.


i 100% believe he is not guilty.

if he had his full year to teach us he would of got the job done. THATS it no further questions.

it kills me that the ppl i am defending are so ruthless to someone who hasnt even gone to trial yet. you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

i could go on and on about each individual but i have a job to do here and frankly you arent worth my time. (or should i say your time)



PFC Brumbaugh (currently deployed)


My name is Andrea and im a former student of MCs. Many of you dont know this man, and for those who do well most of you know what a great man and teacher he is, For the ppl who dont think so ... well thats your own opinion. MC is a passionate, caring, patient teacher who pushed each and every student to be the best they could be. He was there for all students as an Adult, a teacher and As A FRIEND!! See As a jr i watched this man create a relationship and bond with each of his students, all in different ways but never in a inapropriate way. He tried his best to help each one and direct them down the path they wanted to go down. At the end of the yr, there was a Sr. dinner held for them and I watched these men and woman give a gift to MC, a man who they respected and loved. His eyes filled up with tears of Sadness, for he knew they would all be going in different paths, Joy for he was soo happy with the time he spent with them, Pride that he had helped each one the best that he could to reach this goal and Hope that they may all become the best that they can be (and that they would keep in touch lol). MC taught us all to leave our Foot Prints where ever we may go and he has done exactly that to all us in some way! This class was the best thing that ever happend to me! See this Class, and these teachers are more than that, they become family!! So please know weither or not MC did this or not He was and is a great man, teacher, Husband, friend!!  Everyone makes mistakes! If he did it Well MC was wrong but that doesnt mean he was an awful man, he just made the wrong choice but havent we all made wrong choices in our lives! I hope he didnt do this, and if proven innocent well i hope whoever said such things appologizes to him and everyone else they effected in this!


Oh and If i know MC He left Becasue he is a respectful man! He knew this would be a rough trail and Ehove would be under a magnifying glass!! He wouldnt want all this, Im sure its hard enough all this to deal with!!



so if we say protest it cant be posted


 Once ill try to make the SR moderator make light of this issue.






Our stories are the same because thats how they are, why would we comment ans say these things that arent true. I mean if someone did this to you what would you do. He knew they would have to suspend him and it would have just cased more problems for his poor family!!  Do you have kids? how would you feel if people talked about you the way your talking about him... and than for your wife and children to see such comments!! it would kill me!! i would have done the same thing and resectfully left!! i would have been hurt and lost at the thought of anyone even saying such things!!


Yet if he did do such a thing he will be punish and his career will be nothing, why keep running your mouth just wait and see what happends!!  Famale or Male. Doesnt matter we dont know only MC and whoever said this does...


 Are you serious? When the leader of the pack is in trouble the wolves come running to his aid. Well fligor put the shoe on the other foot, what if it was your child that this wonderful instructor (not teacher, a teacher requires a education degree and a federal background check and would have found out the truth on him) did those things with?  Change of heart there eh?


Oh if you learned anything in school and resisted his charm, its called Constitutionial rights, 1st admendment to be exact.



I know what you are sayin! i do have children! i have two, My daughter is 2 and my son is 8mnths. I would not only be upset with MC but i would be upset with my child as well! Because i am the one raising my child. I am the one who will teach my daughter right from wrong and if either of them did such an act well i would hold them as much resopnsible as myself.... But If its is rape that is different story!! And If Mc did do such a thing as everyones says well HES WRONG!! And so is whoever did such things with him, Because she knew he was her INSTRUCTOR , He is a married man with children!! I will say this... I do not see MC doing this. But A wise man told me All that glitters is not gold. I hope that you all realize that the things you say do not only effect MC but his family and friends! Like someone else said let them be!



"When the leader of the pack is in trouble the wolves come running to his aid"

Why are you comparing us to a bunch of wild animals when we are human beings?

is it not human nature to defend one self from destruction?

you tell me if you was in the situation where reports are hounding you, the police are always calling, ppl calling to threaten you and your family. you wouldn't run to save you and your family? cause im pretty sure 99% of the ppl in here would do the exact same thing as he did. (now im sure everyone is going to say they wouldnt but that is complete BS, its human nature and you cant deny human nature)


Military or not , it doesnt matter.




 Only a animal would do this that this man is accused of doing, correct.  

You can all sit here and defend him, but DO YOU REALLY KNOW?  YOU DONT!


You all sit there and defend him, and when the truth comes out, you all are going to sit there with egg on your face. CHARM CHARM CHARM, hes go you all taken in.


If he didnt get his you know what caught in a ringer, he would never have to go through this, CORRECT?







So what if you gave the man a gift, seems like hes taken enough gifts already.


Like I mentioned before, Let the Law do its job, none of you are doing this investigation so let the man and his Family have peace and stop with the comments.  Not a great way to start a new year by bantering another Mans life.  By the way I do know him.


 All I have to say is.... The storage room off the boys restroom.  Ned did more activity in that room then he did in his actual classroom!  But I'm sure all of you defending him know that right?


 See there you go defenders of the Ned, looks like the world is coming out to prove Nut i mean Ned wrong. I bet theres a divorce and massive child support, sexual crimes listing, and imprisonment coming up....More to come, i bet.


Yes since that was proof that he did something. The only way they can know if he did anything is if they were there, which I doubt. Just let the truth come out, and I know none of you know it. Also, leave his Family out of this, they have enough to worry about without you people ruining their lives more then it already is. BE QUIET AND LET THE LAW DO ITS JOB!!!!!


 This must be the season for morons and idiots in public safety, this smuck, sandusky pd, erie county SO, and now marblehead, wow THESES FORMER EHOVE STUDENTS MUST BE PROUD!   MAYBE THEY NEED TO TEACH ETHICS AND MORALS......Oh thats right the "teachers" are just as bad ahahaha.


Thank you.  Thats all I wanted for everyone to understand.  His Family has nothing to do with this whole mess.  Just let the Law do its job.  Everything will come out in the open if it ends up being true. 

Innocent until ...

I am waiting for the apologies to start.  If there were charges to be made... they would have been filed by now.  How many of you that shot your mouth off is ready to offer your apology?  My guess is... not any of you.

Blue Streak

Just heard another reason Mac wasn't the only one to worry about in Public Safety. A friend (a student now)  told me last week they play extreme hide and seek where they hide in vehicles and sleep during lab. Haha.....bet that is fun!


Whatever the case, Mcelfresh or Mac, my former instructor should not be attacked for serving in multiple branches of the service. (Navy, Army, and the Air Force). In the case of misconduct in any military branch, one would find it very hard just to stay in one let alone three. So that rules that out to the house wife super teacher that ran her suck about that.To educate those on that , he was Corpsman(medic) in the Navy attached to  Marine Combat Unit, in the Army he was in Special Operations and served in Africa, and Crash Fire Rescue in the Air Force.  Also lets listen to MarineSGT., lets leave this to the law and let this work its self out, he is man trying take care of a family and im sure people that dont even know him taking pop shots at him dosent help the situation. People forget how young dumb high school girls are and things theyll do for attention. But not to get into that, Mac is someone who the majority of this lazy country should stand up off their a** and say thank you, than talk bad about him when they dont know him. If its true or not I would follow Mac into any Combat Situation or Fire Ground Operation anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances. Semper Fi.


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