Norwalk police short on officers

Norwalk police say they have 10 fewer officers in their department than the FBI recommends for a city of its size.
Annie Zelm
Dec 5, 2010


Norwalk police say they have 10 fewer officers in their department than the FBI recommends for a city of its size.

The city's police force, in fact, may also be small compared to police departments in similar Ohio cities, officers said.

The department may endure further cuts next year as the Norwalk's planners scramble to approve a balanced budget in yet another year of reduced revenues.

While most private and public workplaces are doing more with fewer employees, union officials say Norwalk police department has been hit particularly hard.

The city's charter allows the department to employ a chief, three captains, five sergeants and up to 16 patrolmen.

Because of attrition and two officers serving overseas, the force is down to 20 employees, including the chief and ranking officers. That's the same level of staffing Norwalk had in 1988, said Seth Fry, union director at Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.

While the population in area cities dwindled, Norwalk's population has grown by 14 percent in the past few decades. It had 14,731 residents in 1990, and an estimated 16,855 in 2009, according to U.S. Census data.

Layoffs haven't been announced yet and aren't likely to occur until early next year, though Mayor Sue Lesch and police Chief Dave Light met recently to discuss the issue.

Read the full story in Sunday's Register.



 I don't care what the FBI says if you don't have the money to pay for the service cut some of this service. With 80% of the city's budget allocated to wages and benefits for the police and fire departments other reductions are meaningless.  Sorry, safety service departments, but when you don't have the finances to cover these expenditures cuts have to be made. 


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Mime Bloggling

 Somehow I'm sure the City of Norwalk will sleep better knowing that the Sandusky Register has shared this little bit of information with all the crooks in town. 


Keep a loaded gun at home to protect your family. Hang a sign on your front door. "IF I FIND YOU HERE AT NIGHT, THEY WILL FIND YOU HERE DEAD IN THE MORNING".


No matter how many cops Norwalk (or any other city) has, they can't be everywhere all the time. Public safety has less to do with a specific number of cops, and more to do with a pro-active citizenry.

44846GWP may have been posting somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but s/he's right: YOU need to take some responsibility for YOURSELF instead of waiting for somebody else to rescue you! For heaven's sake, you carry jumper cables in your car. You probably visit the doctor. Why on earth would you NOT be prepared to protect the very lives of yourself and your loved ones?

I don't for a moment suggest we get rid of the police all together. They genuinely do protect and serve (well, most of them do, anyway). But that doesn't excuse any of the rest of us from failing to have some responsibility ourselves FOR ourselves!

Besides, outsider said it first and spoke nothing but the truth: If the money isn't there, you have two options. You can do without. Or you can go broke before you do without. Pick one.

Kottage Kat

Yet the Mayor turned down a grant that would have saved one job, it may not seem like much to some, it would have been one job saved for 3 years. The stings attached are covered by the grant, training uniforms and some equipment.  Why did she not say something before the grant was applied for.

I was at council the night she praised Deb Lake-Wagner highly for the work she did on the grant, and then said they werew going to turn it down, they have not turned any grants down for the Park and Rec Dept, and I am sure not only are there strings attached, some require matching funds from the city, where as the COPS grant does not. Questions need to be asked and straight answers given.


So WHAT is the alternative?  Come on liberals, let's all hear it in unison.  "Raise my taxes so we get more!  When do we want it?  We want it NOW!"  (Liberals and UNION employees, Springfield, IL)  Don't forget you liberal spending freaks, we are still in a falling economy.  Don't forget, 0bama "deemed" the recession was over back in June, 2009.  Oops, forget about that little gem of a LIE?  Ha! Ha!  And WHAT is the REPORTED unemployment?  How about this?  15 MILLION officially (reported) unemployed and 26 MILLION Americans ACTUALLY unemployed.  How are those for numbers?  Check it out for yourselves if you are capable.  ( )  So let's just RAISE taxes on everyone.  Yeah, that will work.  We have plenty of money.  A few of you wizards of smart need to stay in your liberal hole. 

Kottage Kat

First and foremost I am not a Liberal,  Unless you live in Norwalk you have no idea of the money wasted. The Mayor is not being fiscally prudent, if this had been a grant for something she wanted it would have been snapped up in a minute, and if matching funds were needed they woukld have been gotten, this is just a control issue for the Mayor.  Please read the articles in the NR.  Thank you.


Kat, you are right. Mayor Lesch seems to have plenty of money for things such as parks, and the overpaying of secretaries at city hall but not enough to protect the citizens she is supposed to serve.


KOTTAGE CAT is correct. The Mayor of Norwalk is the grant queen, with many many grants put to use for everything from sidewalks to parks. This is her way of showing the police department that she is boss.