Man sets house on fire, sits on porch while it burns

He fired off weapon as Seneca County deputies talked him down
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 5, 2013

A Seneca County man set his house on fire early this afternoon, and then sat on his porch as the home burned, firing off shots from a handgun, Seneca County deputies said,   

Lloyd Hick, 72, of Flat Rock, was taken into custody about 30 minutes after deputies arrived, after they urged him to surrender the weapon and step away from the burning home. He was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center for observation, deputies said. 

Hicks had fought with his wife earlier today, and set the home on fire after she left, deputies said. Nobody was injured. 

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@OS 2007

Gee, maybe I should clarify... I DID NOT mean THEIR house ( I seen the photos and on NEWS - it is a nice property) ... I said " out around the whole area" . Meaning "in general" have you ever drove those roads before?

For example: down the side roads out there.

I never said anything about the wife ( bank worker. right? )

There better, now?


Who gives you the right to judge?! You should be banned period! You are such a basher, you suck! Apparently you live in a glass home to be able to cast so many stones. God is the only one to judge. Hope you know what you guys are doing to this family and that when its done and karma hits you, you won't be able to get back up. You ppl who continue to talk crap make us all sick!!


Did you actually understand what you read? Apparently not, No one has the right to throw old furniture down the side of the roads it's all over out there. Take a few of those roads between 269 and 18 mouthy. Go take a drive out there you moron. and take your god thumping and choke on it. And pull your head out your arse. twat.


Twat? Really! Flat Rock is less than a mile long and runs from CR 34 to Twp Rd. 178. It is Main St. only with a few alleys. All the country roadside you are talking about is not Flat Rock. The county line down by those quarries where a ton of old furniture and trash is dumped is Bellevue. And all the trash thrown along any of those roads is horrible where ever it is.


YOu just repeated my whole entire point , idiot. I did not specify the junk was in Flat Rock I said that whole area, meaning country , back roads. Whatever. The result is the same all that junk out along those roads is horrible. MY God do you people have reading comprehension issues instead of splitting hairs like that. Idiotic moronic twit twat whatever. It's like Ohio state said I meant right in the vicinity of the house. YOu people are toking way too much herbal.


you suck more. jagoff


I think freak is the operative term there. It's not immaculate any more. Sorry if you want to take it so personally but it sounds like somebody's little red choo choo went chug,chug,chugging around the bend and off the rails. People are gonna talk about it, and if you let it get your knickers in a knot you're in for at least a week of misery.


He was under medical care, guess you have never had to deal with anyone so sick that it altered their mind. His wife was there for him. It is personal, she was one of my first bosses as a teenager and I've known the family for a long time and all these demeaning comments are so hurtful to them as they are trying to recover from such a horrific incendent. I guess I just wish everyone would think a little, cause some day, it could be them. They need support, not hatred. And you can't judge them by their last name, because that is all wrong too!


Sad..actually looked like a nice yard from the pics and a burnt up car to boot..


THIS WAS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE...neat as a pin!!


Yeah, Channel 13 showed a nice picnic table shelter built.


i would say his wife realy pissed him off.


His wife did nothing wrong...she is a wonderful lady!!!


Right or wrong, she sure put a burr under his saddle. Chill out - it takes two to tango.


I hope whatever he's got ain't contagious! Me thinks it's called "Republicanism". Webster's Dictionary says, "Republicanism is a viral and vile virus that is caught by those who are either too gullible or too rich or too greedy or just plain too ignorant and short-sighted or any combination of the aforementioned. It is only cured when ample doses of rationalism is administered daily via thought-stimulation which is precluded by having genuine emotions for which they too must seek professional help. The entire regime is an extensive, intensive and lengthy process and quite often those afflicted are not ready, willing or able to seek the aid they so desperately require". "Republicanism"

*This message was brought to you by the "Freedom of Intelligent Thought Committee for the Betterment of America". (For your free membership...please open a book and read.)


Was that a typo? Did you mean Liberalism?

He was probably tired of seeing some bozos give away his country, bow to dictators, just in general watching it go to he-- !


Interesting how the mindless partisans try to make everything about their narrow minded fetish for interparty bickering. Sort of like Julie R. making everything about her lost inheritance. That's might fine company you're keeping pb&j!

Everyone is fam...

I have no clue who these people are but the man is 72. At that age he could be suffering from dementia or something along those lines. Clearly he's lost his marbles.


Apparently, He lost 'em years ago. His age has nothing to do with this. Plus, I believe he's a drinker and IF - IF** he burns weed, then hey, that may not help.

** Some people weed makes them nasty not mellow.


shouldn't this all say he "allegedly set fire to....and shot" after all, he's innocent until proven guilty no matter what county this sits in. Right, Matt?????


"shouldn't this all say he "allegedly set fire to....and shot" after all, he's innocent until proven guilty no matter what county this sits in."

You go girl! What is good for the goose is good for the gander. (grin)

he said she said

who pissed in his cheerios??


Apparently this man has had issues before. And has made threats before according to article I read. Not in the SR.

There did I clarify enough?


About the man or about the quality of the Register's reporting?


give it a rest.


Hate filled old man. I'll shoot!


The title of this article sums up the George W.Bush presidency quite well, I think...


To all you haters and judgers: There is way to much left out that you are assuming on. You need to be supporting this family, not bashing them. I've known them for a very very long time, and Mrs. was one of the hardest workers I know, and I worked for her as a teen. I watched their relationship bloom and become. They had a beautiful home very well maintained, and it was located in Bellevue, not Flat Rock. Who knew a mental disease would destroy everything?! Really, everyone that made a negative comment about them or their surrounding town should be ashamed of themselves. Not everyone has money, not everyone is trashy, stop classifying because that makes you "trashy". I feel sorry for you, apparently you need more help than anyone!


I am right there with you, I know them as well. You are very correct!!!