Man sets house on fire, sits on porch while it burns

He fired off weapon as Seneca County deputies talked him down
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 5, 2013

A Seneca County man set his house on fire early this afternoon, and then sat on his porch as the home burned, firing off shots from a handgun, Seneca County deputies said,   

Lloyd Hick, 72, of Flat Rock, was taken into custody about 30 minutes after deputies arrived, after they urged him to surrender the weapon and step away from the burning home. He was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center for observation, deputies said. 

Hicks had fought with his wife earlier today, and set the home on fire after she left, deputies said. Nobody was injured. 

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That good ol' boy ain't right ! He's lucky his residence wasn't in Ottawa County ! The authorities there would have thrown a flash grenade at him and blasted away !

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That was Sandusky County.


Flat Rock is in Seneca County.

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! The authorities there would have thrown a flash grenade at him and blasted away ,that incident was in Sandusky county.


I lived in Flatrock growing up it is indeed Seneca County


WTH? The Jones case has nothing to do with this.

The Seneca County SO responded Hicks' house is in Flat Rock which is IN Seneca county. I've got relatives out that same road.

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READ THIS ,starryeyes83


Thu, 09/05/2013 - 3:55pm

That good ol' boy ain't right ! He's lucky his residence wasn't in Ottawa County ! The authorities there would have thrown a flash grenade at him and blasted away !


Okay, NOW I get it, it would have helped if you clarified your reply better. I thought you meant the house fire ... Sorry, BULL

I didn't make the connection with the flash grenade comment.


It's called context - an essential element of reading comprehension.


If you have the time , fine, I skim a lot. As I stated I didn't make the connection.

Excuse the hell outta me.

Feel better ,now?

From the Grave

Boy, it's quite a piece of dialogue when you intellectual masterminds get together! I should be writing this down.


Thank you ... we TRY! :)

We just got into a mini- cycle of " Wabbit Season - Duck Season" shtick, that's all. No biggie . Chalk it up to MIS- translation.



Eph 2 8-10

We need to upgrade and fix our mental health system.


Absolutely!! This country's mental health system is sorely lacking, mainly because people do not want to pay taxes to help fund services for people who genuinely need assistance. Yet, they are the first ones to complain when someone with mental health issues cannot sustain employment, or commit a crime because they cannot afford their medications. It's a vicious cycle and God help anybody afflicted with such a disease.


Not exactly. People don't want to pay more taxes because people pay too many taxes already. And it's not because they don't want to help those who "genuinely need assistance," but rather that they're already going broke watching government spend money on people and things that AREN'T in real need!

I would think that progressive liberals would be just as interested in reforming and shrinking government since doing so would ensure that those who truly needed help got it, while those who DIDN'T would no longer be permitted to effectively steal for a living. Unfortunately, "reform" isn't in the vocabulary of most of that type.

Everybody wants to live at the expense of the government. They forget that the government lives at the expense of everybody. (Bestiat)


The only word that I can think of as a reply is "AMEN!!"


Not exactly. Not "everybody wants to live at the expense of the government". There are some mentally ill patients that would love to get off assistance and WORK a job that pays more than minimum wage so they could own a home, raise a family, you know- be 'normal'. They would give up their assistance for normalcy any day. But hey, thanks for responding.


I agree. I'm sure there are many who "work the system" but there are many more who may just need a little more of a jump start to become productive and self-sufficient. Poverty wages aren't going to make anyone self-sufficient, and neither will the profit-driven medical industry who dope them up and send them on their way.






Lloyd Hick. That pretty much says it all. I suppose his wife was out working also while he sat at home being pissed off and burning down their home that she cleaned and took care of. He don't need no gun neither.

The Answer Person

I am sure the fellow had just cause. He burned it down "just cause". His place, he can do what he wants to with it. I just got back from the Flatrock area to check out something for a customer. Don't be so quick to think that those places are like some movie set on the MGM lot. Cat piss, mud, bugs, dog dumps, fleas, sooty woodburners, stinky beds and clothes and rotting floors. All part of country livin'! I don't make this stuff up!

Señor Clown

A quick check shows that the single-story ranch house was built in 1998, sat on nearly 2 acres, and at ~1500 square feet and with 3 bed / 2 bath, would be an ideal place to retire. Pre-loss photos show it to be very well maintained, with nice landscaping and a manicured lawn.


Impeccably maintained!


This was not country livin as you state. This was an immaculate and Impeccably maintained home!!!

Everyone is fam...

That's not part of country living. That's part of lazy, trashy living. Both of which you will find in the city as well.


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Ya forgot to mention all the trash and old junked up furniture that lines the roads out around there. It's disgusting!


I know this family, THIS WAS AN IMMACULATE and BEAUTIFUL RANCH home....don't let the neighbors house fool you. This place was the nicest house in that area!!!!! They Are NEAT FREAKS!!! The wife is a wonderful woman, who had no control over what happened! She did NOTHING WRONG!!! TRUST ME I KNOW!!!