43 charged with OVI over Labor Day

Every so often, folks in the law enforcement and transportation sectors roll out a slew of ads on billboards, in newspapers and television commercials, reminding folks about the inherent dangers of drunken driving. Inevitably, no matter how often they hear it, some folks simply never seem to get the message.
Shawn Foucher
Sep 5, 2013


In the Register’s coverage area, there are at least 43 people such people. They were all charged with operating a vehicle under the influence over Labor Day weekend, roughly the period from early Friday to late Monday.

Troopers at the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Norwalk, Fremont and Sandusky posts led the enforcement efforts, meting out OVI charges to at least 32 people, including 14 on Put-in-Bay during the tall ships events.

Locally, Sandusky police nabbed four people for suspected drunken driving over the weekend, while the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and Perkins Police Department nabbed three apiece, according to data from those agencies. Huron police arrested one.

The Highway Patrol has long maintained Labor Day weekend is, historically, one of the most dangerous times of the year for motorists in Ohio.

Statewide, troopers arrested 763 drivers for operating vehicles under the influence, a 9 percent increase from last year’s activity. Troopers also made 263 drug arrests, an increase of more than 32 percent compared to last year’s Labor Day period, according to data the Highway Patrol released Tuesday.

There were 13 fatal crashes in Ohio during Labor Day weekend, including a double-fatal crash Monday in Ottawa County.



I'll drink to that!

sandtown born a...

Publish the names of the accused. Embarrassment is a start


Your use of the word accused should tell you what's wrong with your suggestion.

sandtown born a...

I don't remember jerking your chain or waiting for your opinion


I don't recall asking your permission to comment on your ridiculous idea.

Simple Enough II

Maybe we could do the same for all the baby daddys who don't support their little skippers and same for all the baby momma's who are drawing public assistance, because they could be raising the next little thug?


maybe you could all stop making generalizations and assumptions and just myob.

Capt. Ford

2/3 rds of the available OHSP troopers in a 3 district area spent Fri. and Sat. nights @ PIB patrolling from last ferry to first ferry in the AM and only 14 OVI.....come next Christmas in July.


Qualifications for OSP must be blind or capable of looking the other way. Good job men.


Matt Westerhold......If not mistaken, didn't the State of Ohio at one time list the top 10 "dead beat" dad's in the paper but the AG say it was unconstitutional for them to do that? For some reason they stopped listing them. I am probably wrong, but they stopped doing it. I imagine they cannot list those busted for drinking for the same reason. Until indicted, they are considered "allegedly" drunk, right? Just curious as to why this practice was stopped?


Until CONVICTED. It's amazing how few people grasp the most basic elements of our justice system. This is what kills democracies.


thanks for the correction...you are absolutely right...until CONVICTED., not indicted, that is true. I stand corrected. However, can YOU explain why the practice of listing "dead beat" dads was stopped as they were already in violation of court orders and in contempt of court?


Could be any number of reasons, but you're comparing apples to oranges, since those are civil cases rather than criminal.

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