LETTER: Affordable health

I have always had good health insurance, so little did I know the nightmare of not having health insurance until my only daughter be
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010

I have always had good health insurance, so little did I know the nightmare of not having health insurance until my only daughter became gravely ill in June 2009. At the age of 31, with no health insurance, my daughter died on Thanksgiving Day 2009.

The hospital put her on Medicaid, but with this we could not find a primary care doctor to treat her. The clinic on Hayes Avenue that treats those without insurance was so busy it couldn't give her an appointment until January -- too late.

So with every crisis during a six month period, she had to resort to emergency room treatment. Every time I had to go through the entire history of her medical problems with the staff. Believe me I am not in anyway belittling the fine professional people at Firelands Hospital (Sandusky), St. Vincent's and St. Ann's (Toledo). They did what they could with the information they had. However, her problems were severe, and at the time we did not know that they were life threatening.

The point of this letter is to show what is wrong with our national health insurance problems. Health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are making millions of dollars profit each quarter. Our country is engaged in an eight year plus war that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars, yet we can not afford to have good health insurance for all Americans.

Last week on the news a health insurance company in California reported over a one billion dollar profit in the last quarter, yet they were raising rates by 30%. What is this all about? GREED.

I love my daughter, and I wanted the best for her. Unfortunately, those with good health insurance get the best. The rest of Americans uninsured are not so fortunate.

Judy Bishop




That’s 250 attending and 250,000 that Faux news photo shopped in.


Play with the numbers all you want. One death is too many…

BTW: It doesn’t look too good when Cluster Fox packs town halls with tea baggers to get their point across. I can also think of a former president that packed them with his supporters and wouldn’t take questions. Does it make it right? No. Is it hypocritical of some to complain? Yes.

brutus smith

So if we go by goofus and Faux news estimate of people against healthcare, using the formula they used for the teabagger (Klan) rally in DC, they said 2 million when in fact it was 60,000, so that works out to approx 250 attending the anti healthcare (Klan) rally.


re:Insurance in 2002 reported a number 2/3 of the Harvard Study


It's 2010.

Between 2002 and 2010, millions lost jobs,
millions lost health insurance.

In 2002 we had not yet seen the results of
our, "save money so the Chinese and Japanese
can live better".

No job = no money = no insurance, what part of
that don't you wingnuts understand?

You can make the nebulous comments, and pretend
they don't exist, but the number, of people without J M I is growing every hour.

Chung Lee

corrollated? Goofus maybe you should just stick to 4 letter words or just cut and paste!


How about a qualitative revamp of healthcare. Every year 48,000 people die from infections caught in hospitals. Source Web.md


A wise man once told me if you want to know the truth, follow the money. The vaunted(by the left) Harvard study was actually paid for by the Physicians for National Health Care and unions. No partiality there huh? I've read numerous technical and scientific articles about how their numbers were corrollated wrong. The study also assumed that if you had no insurance when you were polled 6 years before, that when you died,you were still assumed to have no insurance even though numerous people attained insurance before they passed. The Institute of Insurance in 2002 reported a number 2/3 of the Harvard Study. You don't have to be smart to go to Harvard just look at Obama.


The latest tally, Obama's health care rally in St.Louis 400 people that reporters aren't allowed to ask questions of(obama's order). The anti-Obamacare rally in St.Louis 2500 people and still counting. For every one duhast,pby&jelly,Brutus,jimbo,and chung lee, there are two to three people that realize what a sham Obamacare is.


I repeat; If you want health care insurance reform...there will be a meeting at the Britchard Library in Fremont, Ohio at 423 Croghan St. between 6pm and 8pm on the 24th. of this month.


I really should be put on the Register's payroll. I can rile up the left wing kooks faster than Barney Franks can take the doors of the showers in the senate gym. For the uneducated, faster than a felon put on house arrest by a liberal judge can cut off his ankle bracelet and escape to a few towns over. Just give me another astroturf letter

brutus smith

Now that was funny Jimbo. These wingnuts need that authoritarian to tell them how and what to think. Nothing is original. They listen to a convicted felon (Rush), an alcoholic (Beck), a sexual harasser (O'liely), a supporter of a Federal lawbreaker, Ollie North Iran-Contra, (Hannity), and a network headed by a foreign national bent on destroying our country (Rupert Murdock).

6079 Smith W

@ jimbo:

Remove the Federal tax deduction for the Cadillac union and others health care benefits plans.

That'll bring in about $131 billion annually - more than enough to create a program for the U.S. uninsured.

Also, set the taxable amount of your Soc. Security payments at 100% (instead of the current 80%) so you too can help the poor.

Simple enough for ya?


@ goofy

Never hold back a fart, it will travel
up your spine and become a sh!ttie idea.

You hold back, way too many...........


Wingnuts believe that if you pretend
a problem doesn't exist, it doesn't exist.

Simple minded wingnuts = simple minded solutions.


I'm not knocking one side of the polical ring or the other, isn;t it funny tho every republican vote against Obama?
Hillary Clinton got something like Half Million dollars to shut up about health reform back in the 90's?
Don't you just wonder how much was paid to these other senators and congress to vote against any reform?
just about 5 minutes film who got paid how much back in the 1990s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t...


If you want health care insurance reform (even if it is imperfect)....then join with us on....March 24th at 6pm at 423 Croghan St. in Fremont, Ohio at the Brichards Library. Help us help you.


I recall in the 1960's my parents talking about how the middle class was getting squeezed financially. My question to them and anyone else who is or is about to be "squeezed" would be, "Who, pray tell, is doing the squeezing.?" "Does it originate from the low income class?" "Is it coming from the middle class?" If you can answer these questions then the the final, obvious and correct answer is simple.
It is indeed time we take a stance.


If you want health care insurance reform (even if it is imperfect)....then join with us on....March 24th at 6pm at 423 Croghan St. in Fremont, Ohio at the Brichards Library.


Ms. Bishop, I've buried four loved ones in the last four years, including my father, and the uncle who took me camping when my parents couldn't. Of course, they were old; it was their time. Losing them was painful, yet I can't begin to imagine your pain. No parent should have to bury a son or daughter. I hope you find peace, and that the good memories will eclipse your grief before too long.

Having said that, I still can't support the plans that Congress is considering. I actually favor a much more complete, comprehensive approach to health care reform, and I find it hard to believe that if I could think of it, no one in gov't has. I've written to the President and to Sen. Brown with my ideas for such a plan; they responded with form letters. They seem hellbent on ramming through an incomplete, expensive, cobbled together plan that most people don't support, by a parliamentary trick if need be.

Brutus and his pals will no doubt be on my case in a moment. Nice bit of irony there, since they might like what I pitched to the Prez. Winston & his bunch would probably denounce it as Marxism. Sometimes you just can't win.


Sorry to ask for facts. I forgot you would rather argue with name calling and emotion. My bad.

Chung Lee

Yeah those elists with all that knowledge, research and school don't know as much as those college dropouts like Rush, Glen Beck, and Sean Hannity. Seems like another group that is anti knowledge is the Taliban. When will the religious right realize what they want is much like what they accuse the Taliban of having?


Oh no Chung lee. We can't believe those liberal elitists from Harvard, now can we?

Chung Lee

Well a Harvard Study said 45,000 people die a year from a lack of coverage and "Goofus" says nobody dies. Gee, who should people believe?


Nobody dies from lack of health insurance in the United States of America?????????

I don't even know how to respond to that...


I'm sorry I'm such a cynic, but I've heard it all before. The buffoon in charge told the story of a woman who died of breast cancer and had no insurance but her last wish was to be buried in an Obama t-shirt. The truth was the woman started up her own business and as a cost move had catastrophic insurance only. She stated that she couldn't afford mamograms even though within two miles of her house their were two social services giving free breast screening. There was also a family history of breast cancer. Like I've said, I'm sorry I'm a cynic, but nobody dies from lack of health insurance in the United States of America.


Nancy Pelosi stated today we have to pass the bill so we can know all the good things in it. Ms. Bishop had me untill she brought up the war. We really don't know any of her daughters medical history as we need not to know, but I believe she is an astroturfer. A seminar caller if you will.


Um, She had no health care in June of 2009 when she got sick. She died Nov, 2009. I’m pretty sure she had at least six months of a pre-existing condition.


Duhast, just keep'em posting.........



Duhast, do you personally know the income limits to attain medicaid. You really don't have to be destitute to qualify. Kumbaya.


Read it again Dubhast,I asked merely if they ever researched it. Have you ever looked in to the premiums of a catastrophic insurance. Judy Bishop made no mention of a pre-existing condition. Pull your left wing whacko fangs back.