LETTER: Affordable health

I have always had good health insurance, so little did I know the nightmare of not having health insurance until my only daughter be
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010

I have always had good health insurance, so little did I know the nightmare of not having health insurance until my only daughter became gravely ill in June 2009. At the age of 31, with no health insurance, my daughter died on Thanksgiving Day 2009.

The hospital put her on Medicaid, but with this we could not find a primary care doctor to treat her. The clinic on Hayes Avenue that treats those without insurance was so busy it couldn't give her an appointment until January -- too late.

So with every crisis during a six month period, she had to resort to emergency room treatment. Every time I had to go through the entire history of her medical problems with the staff. Believe me I am not in anyway belittling the fine professional people at Firelands Hospital (Sandusky), St. Vincent's and St. Ann's (Toledo). They did what they could with the information they had. However, her problems were severe, and at the time we did not know that they were life threatening.

The point of this letter is to show what is wrong with our national health insurance problems. Health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are making millions of dollars profit each quarter. Our country is engaged in an eight year plus war that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars, yet we can not afford to have good health insurance for all Americans.

Last week on the news a health insurance company in California reported over a one billion dollar profit in the last quarter, yet they were raising rates by 30%. What is this all about? GREED.

I love my daughter, and I wanted the best for her. Unfortunately, those with good health insurance get the best. The rest of Americans uninsured are not so fortunate.

Judy Bishop



brutus smith

To get legitimate healthcare reform, the Dems have to realize that Repubs have no intention of wanting any type of reform. Their one "attempt" at reform was the giveaway to the insurance companies in 2003 with Medicare Advantage. And the ironic thing is you don't see the right wingers railing against this. They only rant when it comes to helping their neighbor.

Alex Jones summed it up with his letter on March 8 about bi-partisanship. In a nutshell he said what every right winger believes, if you want to have bi-partisanship, those on the left must abandon their views and principles and move to the right. We put President Obama in office and gave the Congress and Senate a clear majority not to give in to someone whose happiness comes at your demise. So Mr. President the sooner the better.


I don’t care how WellPoint made their money. Selling a drug company doesn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy. I understand your point about the cancer patient. But, not everyone has cancer. If everyone pooled their $$ the health patients would outnumber the sick. That’s why they want a mandate, so your example doesn’t happen.


I gave you the facts, you just choose not to believe the facts.

brutus smith

A right wingnut's pipe dream doesn't prove anything goofball. When you come up with solid facts, not some right wing bloggers wet dream, then you can say you disproved it. You people against wanting to have healthcare available to everyone really must be miserable. AND AS THEY SAY MISERY LOVES COMPANY. The level of hate for fellow human beings is astonishing.

brutus smith

People are at the bottom of lists for adoption want babies, babies that will look like them. Why aren't these people adopting older children????? I can tell you why.


Brutus, didn't I tell you before that Harvard Research number was bogus. I proved that study was a tool written for the Obama administration. Where is all the compassion for the poor souls(40,000) that die from infections yearly that were caught in hospitals


Duhast, did the report say how much money was put aside for future liabilities? A scenario, a young man under Obamacare pays the penalty for not having insurance, a cheaper plan than getting health insurance. He develops cancer and promptly pays Wellpoint say 300 dollars for insurance who has to accept him despite his preexisting condition. Wellpoint is now looking at a liability of say 160,000 dollars for his cancer treatment with a payment of 300 dollars and the government gets to keep his penalty payments. It's like getting two blocks from your home and seeing it on fire and using your cell phone to get fire insurance. Risk assumption by any insurance company is a very risky business, pun intended.



" re:wetsu wrote on Mar 10, 2010 9:38 PM:

Judy Bishop made a "point".

Nebulous comments are not "points".

The point is: people die because they have
no health insurance, nebulous comments do
nothing to change that fact. "

Is this supposed to be a serious statement or deep thought? My gosh, I've seen more lucid thought in writings by meth-heads. You like yourself, jimbo, and that's fine. At least think before you write incoherant stuff like that. Honestly, perhaps there are people who have imbibed surface water off the bay who can make sense of that post, but nobody with a shred of logic would claim to.

Keep tilting at the windmills in your head.



I didn't expect you to answer a simple question. You did not disappoint.

brutus smith

Hey I, I just love when you right wingnuts whine when someone hurts your feelings. The fake outrage as 45,000 more people die each year because they don't have insurance coverage. People begging for healthcare at an ER or County Health clinic. Spare me your whining. Go cry in a corner and stay out of the way while the good people of this country try to take care of our less fortunate ones.

brutus smith

goofus, defender of billionaires, blamer of the poor for all our problems. Keep up the good work.


Duhast, does that link take into effect Wellpoints sale of Net RX for 4 billion in cash and equity? Does it give the final profit margin percentage after all liabilities have been addressed? Does it include all reserve assets? Have you ever run or been a CFO for a billion dollar company.


Here is a link to the financials of Wellpoint (Anthem) compared to their competitors.

I don’t have a problem with a company making profit on a service or commodity. If I can’t afford my cell phone or cable, then I don’t buy it. Insurance on the other hand trades in people’s lives. As you can see above, they aren’t hurting.

brutus smith

friend, we have had your kind of system for the past 30 years. IT DOESN'T WORK. Back in the 70's health insurance was non profit. I never paid anything for my coverage until 1999. I had $2.00 script co-pays and no out of pocket expenses. When insurance became a for profit industry that is when things went downhill. And since when is stating facts about people who are paid to fill people's heads with lies name calling???????????


re:Look at how much we are now paying in City, County, State, and Federal taxes and fees compared to 10, 5, or even 2 years ago.

You are posting nebulous comments, and attempting
to use this forum to promote your agenda.

So as not to hyjack the subject, but just to
give "one" example of the the propaganda

Federal taxes, did you forget the Bush tax
cuts? I don't think so, they are set to expire
this year.

My private insurance premiums went up
and my coverage went down.

I was born in 1940.
My yearly expenditures for health care,
are less than my premiums.
I use no prescription drugs.

Where does the increase go?
Is it for the uninsured that can't pay?
Or is it just plain greed?



Thanks for the response. I agree that costs have gone up and benefits have gone down. However, I don't think government involvement will help that.

The problem I have with socializing the system is that the government has a proven track record of saying something will only cost "x" amount of dollars if they run it. However, within a few short fiscal cycles, the cost has escalated to being 2 and 3 times as much. They cut benefits and keep raising prices (taxes).

Look at how much we are now paying in City, County, State, and Federal taxes and fees compared to 10, 5, or even 2 years ago. Yet, we are losing services from each yearly or the cost has gone up drastically (ie:BMV, Police/Fire, USPS). How would gov't health care differ from these other services?

My thoughts would be to phase out employer paid health care with the money still going to employees to purchase their own insurance on an open private market, similar to every other kind of insurance. When people see where there money is going and the level of plans avaialble for purchase, they tend to get more involved in what services/goods they seek. With having more competition in the market, prices for insurance will drop. That's a simple example of economics (supply/demand).

This situation of employee sponsored health care came about due to gov't mandates. Yet, that very gov't is now criticizing it. The fed gov't limited the amount of money people were allowed to get paid, so to keep or attract good employees, employers had to start offering other, non-salary or fringe, benefits.

Another benefit of people purchasing their own health insurance is that people are responsible for themselves and their own decisions. Personal accountability is key for our nation to survive. Their is so much finger pointing going on, people need to remember one thing. When you are pointing that 1 finger, there are 3 more (of your own) pointing back at you.


Isn't it interesting that D*ck Durbin announced that health insurance premiums will rise under Obamacare. Do you realize that Obamacare won't take effect until 2014 with higher taxes immediately taken from your paychecks. Companies will be penalized for part time employees. This Obamacare is going to bankrupt this country.


When I started at my job, I paid less for insurance and received 90% coverage with a $250 deductable. Every year, this cost has gone up and I now pay over $400 a month for a $3,000 deductable per person ($6,000 for me and my wife) with no co-pays and no drug coverage. To be honest, this does include some minimal dental and vision insurance as well. I’d gladly pay the $400 for my 80/20 + co-pays plan that I had last year. Or I could take that $$ and put it into a national pooled insurance. It doesn’t matter to me because in essence I could theoretically be paying $11,000 per year out of pocket.

So, for me, it’s not so much about the cost as the service received for said cost. I recognize that my employer covers part of the cost of my insurance and am appreciative of it. However the reason we were forced to change plans was that our provider decided that our employee payouts were more than they were receiving and jacked the rates so high we (as a company) could not keep them. I looked for alternative insurance plans as did my co-workers. The pre-existing clauses and prices made it highly impractical to change from my employer plan. Regulate them, create a single payer, socialize it. I’m open for anything. I do know we, as consumers, are getting raped.


If you are for health care insurance reform then please join with us on March 24 at the Brichard Library located at 423 Croghan St. in Fremont, Ohio at 6pm. Pass this information on to your family and friends who support this effort.


brutus and duhast, I have a request of you. What do you think healthcare should cost an individual. What is "fair". No name calling, no berating. A simple question that should get a simple answer.

Thank you in advance.

five star


Your post was pointless, to say the least.

Try opening your eyes to the real world! There is more to life then your little liberal/conservative online blogger battle that no one cares about! The issue is much deeper then that.

Health care is an important and should not be taken lightly. It's time for the United States to get on board with the rest of the industrialized nations, and pass the Universal Health Care bill.


Mrs. Bishop, thank goodness your letter reflected the views of our (un)friendly liberal bloggers. Had it not, duhast would have given you a stern talking-down for not being as smart as he thinks that he is. Brutus Smith would have called you names while cutting and pasting some articles he found on the Move-On and Daily Kos websites. Chung Lee would have asked why you didn't write your letter when Bush was president and then post your court records online. And jimbo would have simply dismissed your views as being nebulous(his favorite word).


I am sorry to learn of your tragic loss, Mrs. Bishop--tragic and senseless--and criminal--if not in the legal sense, certainly in an ethical sense.

I can only imagine the frustration and fear both your daughter and yourself experienced over the duration of her illness. And this is a story that undoubtedly repeats itself thousands of times each day in the "greatest nation in the world."

One day soon, let's make certain that these travesties don't happen to another individual or family.


re:wetsu wrote on Mar 10, 2010 9:38 PM:

Judy Bishop made a "point".

Nebulous comments are not "points".

The point is: people die because they have
no health insurance, nebulous comments do
nothing to change that fact.


Why is it that nobody can effectively counter Winston's points?

All it ever comes down to is "wingnuts" and "Bush."

five star

Thank you for your letter Ms. Bishop.

What is it going to take for United States citizens to have access to affordable health coverage, like the citizens of many countries around the world have. Universal healthcare that provides medical, dental, and mental health coverage would solve many of our problems. We should all have access to the same medical treatments no matter our status in society.

Who likes paying hundreds of dollars a month to insurance companies, and then turning around to pay high medical bills on top of that when you do go see a doctor? Why should our health be just another big business?

Our health care system needs reformed and now is just the time to do it.


Should have added, all those people also
lost their health insurance.

Three step process:

No job
No money
No insurance

so easy a caveman could understand it.........


re:AnAmerican wrote on Mar 10, 2010 4:26 PM:

You want facts bub,
From USA Today print version:

The North Carolina Employment Security Commission says:

"The nation has lost 707,000 textile and apparel jobs since January 2000 and nearly 263,000 since a trade pact phased out quotas on textile imports in January 2005, opening the floodgates to imports."

Who was in charge in 2005?

Textiles and garments "can be (made elsewhere and) brought in on a boat cheaper than we can make it here," says Neil Hagwood, who managed a textile plant in neighboring Elkin before it closed last year

"Textile jobs had provided opportunities to people with few skills and little education, paying them enough (up to $15 an hour) to finance a middle-class lifestyle here in the Blue Ridge Mountains near the Virginia border."

Check out the (up to $15 an hour), most were $10 an hour jobs shipped to China.

AnAmerican, "wingnut" would be a more appropriate
screen name..........

Or should we call you Beth?


Smith W and goofus: I am not as eloquent as you two but thanks for the input...we may be in the minority on some blogs but in the real world we are the majority.


brutus smith: "They listen to a convicted felon (Rush), an alcoholic (Beck), a sexual harasser (O'liely), a supporter of a Federal lawbreaker, Ollie North Iran-Contra, (Hannity), and a network headed by a foreign national bent on destroying our country (Rupert Murdock)."

and you say the tea party is the klan?

So who is the hate monger? Who is the racist?

It seems you are good at name calling and attacks but you fail at the specifics and reality.