Sandusky shoot-out sends woman to hospital

FULL STORY Police are investigating a shooting that sent a 19-year-old woman to the hospital with a leg wound early Sunday morning.
Susan McMillan
Nov 2, 2010

FULL STORY  Police are investigating a shooting that sent a 19-year-old woman to the hospital with a leg wound early Sunday morning.

Several people called 911 at about 4 a.m. to report several shots fired at Clay and Filmore streets. Officers arrived to find multiple vehicles leaving the area, though several people were still milling around.

Officers located 14 shell casings of two different types: 9 mm Luger and .45-caliber automatic. 

Police spoke with several people in the area, all of whom said they’d seen nothing and didn’t know what happened. 

The victim, Ashley Campbell, has also not been cooperative, Sandusky interim police Chief Jim Lang said.

“We think she knows who did it, but she’s not saying anything,” Lang said.

Residents said people gather in the area at night nearly every weekend, attending parties at 1613 Filmore St., a large, partially boarded-up gray house at the corner.

“It’s generally late at night that you hear a lot of noise down there,” said Clinton Bennett, one resident in that area. “I hear people hollering and talking down there.”

Neighbors said there is noise and occasional fighting, but nothing as serious as what happened Sunday. 

Jasmine Redding, one of the neighbors who called 911, said there were two altercations Sunday morning. 

At about midnight, it appeared a woman was trying to pick a fight with a group of people, but the others just left. Then shortly before 4 a.m., Redding heard at least 10 shots. 

She didn’t see anything, but said two men were firing weapons.

Redding said she went to the window and saw a group of people in her neighbor’s yard, gathered around a woman dressed in a flapper costume. Campbell’s friends took her to the hospital. 

Bobby Prophet, 21, of Columbus, said he was visiting family at 1613 Filmore St., where several relatives had gathered for “family time.”

The people involved in the fight and shooting had nothing to do with his family, Prophet said, adding that his family turned down the music and ended their get-together when the police arrived.

“We had to shut it down because it was too much,” he said. “We were like man, forget that, we don’t want the police coming, asking us no questions.”

Prophet said no one hosts parties at the home, and only family attended the gathering this weekend. 




Then put her in jail until she cooperates, she knows something.


If you done did dat, who would collect the welfare checks?

Another case of the Sgt Schultz syndrome! 
first of duh month

 Hmmm, let's see: If you get shot & die you lose, if you shot & get wounded you lose, & if you tell the police  who did it you're a "snitch" & they'll come after you again. Guess there's no winning.

Erie County Resident

"People in the area said they didn't see or know anything about the shooting, and the victim has been uncooperative"     Well isn't that convenient.

Come hep me PoPo de done shoted me....
Next time don't bother calling them and wasting tax dollars.

You don't want to help clean this city up then don't bother the cops until they don't miss.

Then they can come by and clean up the mess and forget about it.
You don't care so why should they???




Do they have ANY sense AT ALL?


I guess the housing market in sandusky should be great right now!!!

we dont need to put her in jail, so my tax dollars can feed & house her, put her back to the streets, and let the street justice do its thing!!!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE !!!    I can't wait till the Thanksgiving Day shoot-out . Good times eh .

sandusky neighb...

What is going on in Sandusky!!!!


Let me guess just another mis understood wannabe gang banger whose decendents came over from the dark continent?  What the hell has happened to Sandusky?


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Come on now; we all know what the problem is. It these parents that are not teaching their children anything or care what they are doing for that matter. These kids that were born in the late 80's are about a joke, and their parents aint no better! If you cannot teach your children right from wrong then give them to someone who will. It is sad that I cannot even let my children play outside or at the local parks because of the way these kids are now-a-days!



It is about time that someone besides myself knows exactly where the problems began and where they end, It is called jails,  I have to believe that most of the parents have no idea what is going on while they are parenting a child,  One day they wake up a and hear a shot or they fine drugs, or committing another crime the only way to stop this type of situation is for the parents to do what parents are supposed to do. 




Charles Bronson or Dirty Harry could clean up this town for good. All of the thugs would be running away on all fours wearing dirty Depends.


Good point, Sal.  Problem is, spd can't handle what's going on in that city, and they know it.  Regarding the 4th street shooting, we were told that spd following up on potential leads wasn't a priority of theirs.  Are you kidding me?  Not a priority when someone is found shot to death and others have information that could lead to arrests.  It's a complete joke....bring in the heavy hitters to clean that cesspool up.


There are NO "wannabe gang bangers" when a gang member makes the choice to get an illegal firearm, gets ammunition, loads the gun and goes out and begins shooting.  The city has a SERIOUS gang problem.  Don't believe me?  Check out ALL the shooting stories in the Register since the beginning of the year.  Or, you people living in the city can keep your heads in the sand, refuse to do anything about it, BLAME the police department for all YOUR problems and stay in denial about any gang problems.  Everyone of these criminals came from a family.  I wonder what kind of family structure teaches to be a gang member?  I wonder why it is perfectly acceptable for their OWN children to develop into pillars of society and then BLAME the police and the city commissioners?  You know.  "WHY aren't you doing anything?? Our children are getting murdered!  We DEMAND the city DO SOMETHING!"  Here is a tip for you residents.  If YOU refuse to get involved in cleaning up your own garbage, the city or police can NOT babysit for you or solve all YOUR problems.  NO ONE CAN!  Typical people always love to BLAME.  The residents MUST work together with LE in order to take back the city.  The ONLY way to solve this problem is an intermutual and concerted joint commitment between residents and LE.  LE must be aggressive in enforcement and respond to residents at community watch meetings to instill trust.  It is up to LE to eliminate the fear of reprisal for residents.  It will take a lot of work, locking people up and a lot of change, but it can be done.  It is up to the PEOPLE and the city.  The choice is yours.      


RE: Taxpayer:

So you think the citizens "in the City" should get involved?

1. Where do you live?

2. Where were you at 4 a.m.? Would you have been able to "get involved" from your bed?

3. If your in the City, then what do you think we should do?

Though I appreciate what you have said, it really does ZERO to help in any way shape or form.

These morons are blasting away at their own. It's not like they were targetting every citizen of Sandusky. NOW when they start that you can bet there are probably 1,000 or more legally armed Citizens that if asked will help clean the mess up.


Sooner or later one of these morons will point in the direction of a legally carrying citizen (and there are more than you think) who actually practice for self defense and the game of shootem' up will end.


and we have nothing said about shots being fired on the corner of west washington and lawerence at about the same time,   circle k parkinglot.


I agree with the comment that if she wasn't going to cooperate than why bother wasting  tax dollars to get the police involved. 

Bada Bing

Dirty Harry would clean up this town,and no one would be walking away.  His aim is better then a leg wound.  Really aleg wound after 10 shots?


lol @ bada bing, really what did everybody do shoot at the ground


If the "large, partially boarded up house" on Fillmore Street is the site of frequent late night gatherings, perhaps the city building and fire inspectors need to pay a visit.


I agree with READER,

Any other house in any other neighborhood with boarded up windows would be frowned upon.

It's time to step up inspections in these neighborhoods, and it's not racist to do so. Laws are not created based on race, so lets see some of these bad areas eradicated using what powers are available.

I figure it this way. As a responsible adult or those of responsible age should know better than to raise h$ll in a house that is partially boarded up.

It's almost a reverse discrimation thing or just a complete lack of respect for self, community, or LE.


If a property owner or occupant creates a situation that disturbs the peace of their neighborhood and becomes a nuisance, the full weight of city inspection and code enforcement should be brought to bear,  along with increased police presence in front of their house during their parties.

DEEPsix's picture

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Defintiely gang related.


If he had thrown in a couple "HA!HA!'s"  i woulda swore it was a TP rant!


I can'r read Toilet Paper's ( I mean TaxPayers) rants anymore. Just when I think I can stomach it and give it a chance, I prove myself wrong. I am tired of being called a LIBERAL too ...HA HA!


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