Burial Friday for war veteran found dead in Huron River

A funeral for a 21-year-old Iraq war veteran whose body was found in the Huron River is scheduled for Friday in Reynoldsburg.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Oct 27, 2010


A funeral for a 21-year-old Iraq war veteran whose body was found in the Huron River is scheduled for Friday in Reynoldsburg.

Nathan Dickey’s funeral will be 1 p.m. at Cotner Funeral Home, with visitation from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., according to his obituary posted at the funeral home’s website. 

Dickey’s family is from the Pickerington area, near Columbus.

Dickey was an Ohio National Guardsman who returned to the U.S. in May after serving 10 months in Iraq. 

He’d been living in Huron in recent months, and was reported missing Oct. 18 when he disappeared after a night of drinking with friends in downtown Huron. 

Authorities searched for him for more than seven days. They found his shoe floating in the Huron River and suspected he’d drowned.  

On Monday, after a citizen near the Huron Boat Basin reporting seeing a body in the water, police and firefighters arrived and retrieved Dickey’s body from the river.  

Lucas County coroner’s office is still conducting an autopsy. 

Huron officials, meanwhile, said they’ll soon be discussing the incident and related issues, such as safety features along the Huron River Boat Basin. It’s believed Dickey fell in the river and drowned Oct. 17, said Laura Alkire, the city’s law director.

Police said Dickey was highly intoxicated when his friends last saw him walking away from the bar the morning he disappeared.  

The wide concrete walkway along the river doesn’t have a safety barrier or railing.

“I know it has been discussed in the past,” Alkire said. “It will probably be discussed in the future.”

Alkire, who the city hired last year, said she wasn’t aware of past discussions regarding the steep concrete ledge along the river. The ledge drops straight down a few feet to the water.  

Huron city manager Andy White wasn’t available for comment yesterday, but discussions among city officials indicate Dickey’s fall wasn’t the first for a person walking near the river.

Police recalled a woman who walked right into the river because she wasn’t paying attention — she was using her cell phone, Alkire said.

The Register has submitted public records requests to Huron fire and police departments to gather further details on that incident and others related to people falling into the river. 



Norma J-C

To the family: May you find peace in knowing that your loved one is at home now and he lives on in the hearts of those who know and loved him, as well as in his child.


As a fellow soldier I would like to say thank you for your service to our country. May you rest in peace. Also-I hope the family finds solace in knowing that your child, friend and father is found and can now be entered into his final resting place. May God be with you all in this time of grieving.


I've always wondered about guard rails along that pier.  I can assume if it is dark and you are inebriated, it would be pretty hard to find the ladders.  Unfortunatly, nothing is ever done until someone has an accident. 

Fellow Soldier

So Sad a Man who fought for his country and comes home only to lose his life anyway.I Salute you Nathan.May GOD BE WITH YOU'RE PRECIUOS WIFE AND CHILD.ALSO WITH THOSE FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS WHOM I KNOW ARE IN GREAT SORROW NOW .May you Rest in Peace.Thank You my Fellow Soldier.