River search ends for missing Huron man

(UPDATED: SAFETY SERVICE PERSONNEL IN A WAITING PATTERN) A 21-year-old Iraq war veteran is missing, and police fear he drowned in the Huron River.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Oct 21, 2010


(UPDATED: SAFETY SERVICE PERSONNEL IN A WAITING PATTERN)  A 21-year-old Iraq war veteran is missing, and police fear he drowned in the Huron River.

Friends last saw Nathan Dickey, a Huron resident, at about 2 a.m. Sunday walking away from a downtown bar. 

Later, his shoe washed up along the banks of the Huron River, next to the Brass Pelican.  

Police are now scouring the city — and the river — for any answers about Dickey’s disappearance.

Dickey’s friends, however, hope the answer doesn’t come in the form of a body.  

This much, police know:

At about 2 a.m. Sunday, Dickey got upset at some friends he’d been drinking with at a downtown Huron bar. He walked off into the early morning darkness drunk and angry, headed toward the Huron Boat Basin, a Huron police report said.

That’s the last time anyone can say for certain they saw him.

“He’s a good guy,” a young man said Monday at the Canton Avenue home where Dickey lives. “We’re just trying to keep the faith that he’s OK.” 

The man, declining to give his name, said he and Dickey served in the Army together in Iraq. 

A Columbus native who in May returned from overseas, Dickey had been living at a Canton Avenue home with Meredith Gallegos, an employee in the Erie County prosecutor’s victim assistance unit.

He was with Gallegos and a group of other friends late Saturday, drinking at i5’s Bar and Grill on Main Street when he got upset, a police report said.

“Mr. Dickey became angry with the group and advised he would be walking home,” the report said. “He left prior to the rest of the group after yelling at others leaving the bar area.” 

Sunday evening, Gallegos and her friends grew worried after they “exhausted every avenue of finding Mr. Dickey,” the report said.

They called his cell phone, but it was turned off.  They checked the county jail and the hospital, and called every person they could think of who knows Dickey. They posted messages on Facebook, and recalled, too, that Dickey threatened to return to the Columbus area. So they called his grandfather, father and the mother of his child. 

No one knew of his whereabouts.

Sunday evening, Huron police began searching the city for leads. Employees at i5’s and Rivers Edge Inn saw nothing. 

A family by the last name of Dickey had, in fact, checked into the Rivers Edge Inn over the weekend, but it was a dead end — they were unrelated to Nathan Dickey, police said. 

Even Huron police officers who patrolled the city Sunday morning didn’t recall seeing Dickey in the area. Taxi drivers hadn’t seen him, either.

“We are confident this is a missing persons case,” Huron police Chief John Majoy said. “This is not someone who just took off.” 

Dickey has dropped off the radar. 

His truck is still at the Canton Avenue home. His cell phone is shut off and there has been zero activity on his bank account and credit cards since early Sunday. He has posted no messages on Facebook and has not contacted anyone, Majoy said.  

And then, police found the shoe floating in the Huron River near the Brass Pelican. It’s a black-and-white, size 10 Nike — the same type Dickey wore. 

On Tuesday, someone told police a man had been sprawled on the ground in the 300 block of Williams St. early Sunday morning. The unidentified tipster said the man looked like he was passed out drunk, Majoy said.

Police searched the tree lawns along Williams Street and located a puddle of vomit. 

Tuesday evening, a specially trained search dog and its handler from Crawford County were called to the scene. The bloodhound searched Williams Street, but nothing turned up. 

Huron police and firefighters, meanwhile, used the city’s emergency boat to patrol the Huron River. That, too, turned up nothing. 

Majoy said there are no signs of foul play, but police have ruled nothing out. 

“We are looking at every possible avenue,” Majoy said.

Dragging the river with equipment to turn up any body would be a futile effort, since the river bottom is littered with logs and other debris that would complicate efforts. The task would be tantamount to “dragging the lake,” Majoy said.

The river’s deepest parts reach 25 feet, and the water temperature is a little lower than 60 degrees, Majoy said. 

A drowning victim is likely to float to the surface faster in warmer water, while cooler water prolongs the period a body remains submerged, police said. 

Even so, it’s speculation that Dickey drowned.

Police contacted Dickey’s family members, none of whom have seen him.   

Officers distributed flyers to area businesses Tuesday, providing a description: Dickey is a white male with short brown hair, 5-feet-8-inches, 180 pounds and green eyes. He was last wearing a black T-shirt with a gray skull on it, blue jeans and black-and-white Nike shoes.

Gallegos, meanwhile, has created a Facebook page: “HELP FIND NATHAN DICKEY.”

She declined to speak about the circumstances surrounding Dickey’s disappearance, but expressed love and concern for him.

Other residents outside Gallegos’ Canton Avenue home on Monday said Dickey is a “good guy,” and they’re just hoping he’s found.     

UPDATE 10/20: After spending several hours combing the floor of the Huron River this morning, dive teams decided to wrap it up, at least for now.

Sandusky and Huron Fire Departments participated in the search for the body of Nathan Dickey as watercraft from police and fire agencies canvassed the area on each side of the dive effort.

Dickey was last seen Sunday morning after leaving a Huron bar with friends.

A sample of vomit collected along the shoreline of the river is being analyzed to ascertain whether it was left there by Dickey, according to police.

 UPDATE 10/21: The mystery of Nathan Dickey's disappearance continues.

Safety service personnel aren't committed to an active search today for Nathan Dickey, according to the Huron Fire Department.

Fire personnel are ready to "react" in case someone spots Dickey's body, but are standing by in a waiting pattern at this point, Fire Chief Steve Osterling said.







Azure Ray

God Bless him!!  I hope that everything is ok.  My prayers are with him and I am hoping for the best.

Norma J-C

forgive me for asking. Where is the brass pelican along the Huron River?

Azure Ray

They just opened a new Brass Pelican.  It is where Spreaders used to be across from the bowling ally.

Norma J-C

Thank you Azure Ray. My prayers  to his family.


There should be more publicity to this case, just like any other missing persons adult case. There is never enough publicity! This needs to get out to the local news stations, etc.


I hope the find him!!!  God bless his family and roommate!


 He went missing on early Sunday morning - and they bring out the police dog on Tuesday?  Do they have to wait 24 hours or did someone not report him missing until today?  And nothing on the news until today either?  Sounds like things are a bit slow for something that is important.  I sincerely hope they find him and my thoughts go with the family and friends.


He was reported missing the min the 24 hours was up. stupid hpd just didnt do anythin or release it for some reason. hopefully they find him, he is a great person n very loved. the hpd just doesnt know what they are doin, very sad to call them my town cops. i mean you cant release anything about it till 3 days later, come on. its not like they have anything else going on.


 Sure do hope they find this kid fast. Such ashame for him to serve his Country and it end in that fashion. My prayers go out to him and his Family. Please HPD get on top of this.


He is a relative of my wifes....appreciate all the prayers.  It's a sad event for their family.   I agree, it should have been more public before this.


if this is how long it take to get the police too look for a missing vet id hate to see how long it would take to start looking for an ordnary citizen way too much time had passed this 24 hr wait is crazy if its not normal for someone to not be somewhere and people cant find you then the police should be looking its not like they have anything better to do its not like huron is a major city with crazy crime levels and not enough cops  its a good thing this didnt happen in bellevue because we still would know he was missing and they would say its not their job

Kottage Kat

Prayers to the family and friends of this young man.


It is not just HPD that does not handle missing adult cases well. It is a NATIONWIDE problem that no one addresses until it happens to you. This was the case with my mother... I did not receive proper treatment for the case by the police.

YOU HAVE TO RIDE the police. STAY ON THEM about it! ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS and PUSH them to do things. I have been working in missing persons advocacy for more than two years now and unfortunately we see this kind of case treatment all the time. I am offering local MP advocate support to the family. I will do whatever I can to help push this case!

Azure Ray

 @ yourallpetty I agree!  I feel like this lag-time on getting a search together was a little unnecessary.  Not all missing persons reports are the same - this young man was near the water, by himself, and a shoe was found in the water.  Don't you think that given the circumstances a search could have been performed earlier?  I'm not trying to point fingers at the HPD - it is Standard Operating Procedure anywhere you go.  I think this needs to be changed in certain situations.  I hope to God that a miracle happens and this  young man is safe somewhere....


Also I would like to add...  The Register statement says it all "Man Might Have Fallen in River"...

This is probably what the police have told the Sandusky Register. HPD thinks that the man was DRUNK and fell into the river and it is just another tragic accident. Because they believe that this is what happened, they will not make a lot of other effort. That is where the focus will remain. What if he didn't fall in the river at all? what if he was mugged or picked up by some psycho? Why do they focus on only one possibility and close their minds off... this is where they make mistakes!


The HPD was at the Brass Pelican Monday afternoon. So they were on the case. Rumor has it the young man was with a group going to the Brass Pelican and I 5's. Everyone else went home and he stayed out and never made it home. So timeline wise they might not have noticed him missing till the next day. (sun) I know I'd probably make a lot of phone calls before thinking something terrible might have happened.   It doesn't seem like it looks good. Prayers to his family and friends.


I heard more about this on facebook then in the paper!! Good job HPD!! Seriously his friends have probably done more in helping finding him than you!! Prayers are with him and his family for a safe return!!!

first of duh month

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Times like this call for a community to band together. Bashing the local law enforcement who protect and serve our community accomplishes nothing. Instead of anonymously spewing vitriol for the HPD on a website, try passing out the missing person flier.


Its sad for this man's family this had to happen after I am sure a long time worrying about him in Iraq. You hope thta he is found and is ok but things at this point do not look good. I guess I am going to be in the minority from the comments but I really don't think HPD goes out to botch a case or purposely not do the job they are trained to do. From what I have observed for a smaller town force they are professional and held to high standards. I know the friends and family would like all the stops etc. pulled out and massive efforts done to look for this gentleman and I am sure if I was in their situation I would be the same. Yet, I think reality prevails and you follow a set of standard operating procedures in a situation like this.

I pray that for this family the outcome is positive this vet is found safe,



first of duh month



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I am an out of state relative of Nathan's and instead of bashing the HPD lets try to work with them. Unfortunately there are policies in place (which I have to belive are baseed on case histories) we don't necessarily agree with them, but I must say they have been very instrumetnal on keeping our family updated.  Let's try to take that frustration many of you are feeling and try to help them find this young man. My heart goes out to my immediate family as they (we) need some type of closure. Hopefully a happy ending.

My best.

Cathy Bell

Norma J-C

Why not have people who own boats get them in the water and do a grid search and drag the river? Everyone came out in droves to look for the lost child and this might help to find some kind of answer.

Criminal Justic...

I personally love how everyone is bashing the Huron police department because they aren't working fast enough for all of you to find out answers, did you ever consider that his friends are partly to blame for the slow starting investigation? Judging by the information I have read, I would gather the same thoughts and agree that he probably fell into the river. Yes, I do realize this is a horrible thing to say, but no other information is leading my opinion in a different direction. The police try to work by a certain deadline, and the 'first 48 hours' are critical in finding someone. Here are a few things I would like to point out.

1) When he got in an argument with his friends, and told them that he was going to leave, if he left then why wouldn't they have followed and tried to calm him down. Regardless of the fact that he was intoxicated, doesn't mean that he should have just been left to leave and walk on his own, ESPECIALLY near water. His friends could have been intoxicated too, but typically getting in a fight with someone would make you sober up to a certain degree. Being the same age as these people, and personally knowing these people to a certain extent, all I can say is that I can still think logically when intoxicated, and doesn't let my friends doing things that are unsafe when they're intoxicated and I surely do NOT let them walk away during a fight, no matter the circumstances.

2) I don't feel that it was weird that the police didn't start the investigation until Monday because it seems that his friends waited a whole day to see if he would return or talk to anybody. Since they waited it out, it would obviously push back the time they could start the investigation. You also have to take into account that they had to get statements and enough information about the events leading up to when he left his friends, and any other clues to help them better learn what happened. This would also explain why the "tipster" could not give the police any information, because he would have no reason to find the passed out man as suspicious, although, he should have still reported him to the police regardless. It says that he was found on the 300 block of Williams street, which is only located a block from the police station. Considering that it was around 2 o'clock in the morning, you would think that they police would be patrolling, especially near a bar. Huron is a very small town and the cops, no matter what town, usually hangout around bars to catch drunk drivers or to distribute public intox. If he would have been walking on the streets, police would have caught him, and patrolling they would have seen a man passed out on the lawn. Police could have collected the vomit, and possibly done DNA test to see if it was Dickey's vomit.

3) His shoe being found in the river makes it hard to determine what could have happened. I would say it would be slightly weird for him to randomly take off a shoe and throw it in the river, unless he was trying to fact his death so he could start all over again. If that was the case though, I think that you would have seen dramatic changes in his bank account. His friends calmed that his phone was off when they called him. I would want to know if they tried to contact him after he left in any way shape or form. I understand that he could have been heated and upset after the fight, but maybe giving him like an hour to recuperate, then trying to contact him would have been smart. Back to his phone being off though, his phone would have been off if he fell into the river because the water would have fried his phone. If he didn't fall into the river, his phone would have just been dead from not going home to charge it. I find it every unlikely that he would have been kidnapped, especially in Huron of all places, not saying that possibly someone from Huron has been kidnapped. I find it to be a little more logically that he fell into the river because I-5's is next to the boat basin, and being drunk he could have stumbled in, obviously at a location where people at 1-5's would have not seen him fall in.

I would just like to point out that I do hope that he is found and he is safe, for his family’s sake. I just believe that people need to honestly think about think about things and remember that you can't know the answers to everything in five minutes. This isn't just some television show where they collect and figure everything out in an hour and everyone has closure. Investigations take time, and the police are doing the best that they can given the resources and information that they have. If they have any other leads, they would consider them too, they wouldn't just push them out of their mind and stick with what they believe. A few of you also complained of this not being on the news because it is important since it's a missing person's case. For the record, 2,300 people go missing every single day, and if they reported on every single one of those people on television nothing else would be on television and you would have to have different missing people on multiple channels just to fit them all in. That would also included previous missing people for the past couple days because you would have to recap. Not one person should be important for a missing person's case than the next, but that's just how things work, you should feel lucky that they even got him on the television in the first case.

Lastly, I just find it to be a little suspicious of his friends. I'm not saying that one of them injured him, I'm just saying that they could have made better judgment calls, especially after hearing him threat to return to Columbus. His friends who seem to be overly caring now, should have been overly caring the night that all of this originally happened.

Dear Dickey family,

I pray that you find out what happened to your son, because there is nothing worse than having to go day by day without knowing. I know that waiting is painful, but you have to know that the police really do have you in their heart and they want to make sure that you know what happens. I would say it would be to give you closure, but in the end, closure will be something you will never have. I'm a criminal justice major, and closure doesn't come to anyone unless unharmed or found. If it's anything else, you will never be content and cheerful like you would typically be.


i agree the first 48 hours are the most important and that is why there should be no 24 hours waiting peorid waiting 24 hours leaves half that first 48 hours gone and the first 24 hours is the most important time in that frame. im not bashing the huron police im bashing the rules that law enforcement sets up to respond to missing persons. and 2300 people go missing every day yes but thats world wide it wouldnt be all you see on tv in your area of the world. odds are pretty good noone in your area went missing that day even if it did happen everyday thats not all youd see. the news dosnt cover anything news worthy they show something at noon then you see it at 5 the agian on another network at 6 then agian at 10 or 11 they give you the same thing over and over nothing new so somewhere in there they have plenty of time to cover missing persons they just choose not too

old dog

REF: Criminal Justice's comments. I do hope that all of these bloggers read his comments, stop and think, before they make all of there idiot comments. There is a certain protocall that must be followed with any law agency. If it was not followed, there would be so much of " the dog chasing the tail" that  nothing would get done. The article stated that dragging the river would be difficult because of the sunkin logs and such. It is clear that people do not read, but just want to run ther mouths. Huron Police Department, along with other with agencies in our area do an excellant job, providing a much needed service to our area. You never hear of the good, just all of the negatives. Be gratefull that we have the dedication of all of these officers "TO PROTECT AND SERVE".

My heart goes out to the family and hope things work out for the best.



 Maybe its time for guard rails and ladders from the water to the  walkway in the Boat Basin. If anyone were to fall in, it would be hard even in daylight and being sober to get out..Just a thought.


I sure hope that there will be a happy ending to this story. According to the story "At about 2 a.m. Sunday, Dickey got upset at some friends he’d been drinking with at a downtown Huron bar. He walked off into the early morning darkness drunk and angry, headed toward the Huron Boat Basin, a Huron police report said."   “Mr. Dickey became angry with the group and advised he would be walking home,” the report said. “He left prior to the rest of the group after yelling at others leaving the bar area.” "Sunday evening, Gallegos and her friends grew worried after they “exhausted every avenue of finding Mr. Dickey,” the report said."

From what I get from this story, the Huron PD was notified Sunday evening about Nathan being missing and Huron PD began looking for him Sunday evening. Why bash the Huron police if they began looking for leads once Nathan was reported missing? Is it speculation or fact that the found shoe belonged to Nathan? Too bad a map is not published to show the location of the bar and the home of Gallegos. I am curious why Nathan got angry at the group he was with. It could shed some light on the story. Also I am concerned about Nathan "yelling at others leaving the bar area".  Could one of these "others" followed Nathan? Why did Gallegos decline to speak about the circumstances surrounding Dickey’s disappearance? It could shed light on the story and provide additional leads to what happened to Nathan. Has anyone checked again to see if Nathan's cell phone been active or turned on?


@ Criminal Justice -- You say "For the record, 2,300 people go missing every single day, and if they reported on every single one of those people on television nothing else would be on television and you would have to have different missing people on multiple channels just to fit them all in. That would also included previous missing people for the past couple days because you would have to recap. Not one person should be important for a missing person's case than the next, but that's just how things work, you should feel lucky that they even got him on the television in the first case."

I believe that the NEWS stations should run excerpts at the end of the segment that scrolls through missing persons files. If there were more attention paid by the people in general, there would be more leads and closure on missing persons cases. Why is it that we, the human race, do not value human lives enough to highlight someone's missing mother, brother, sister, son, etc... for five minutes. Just show their faces at least on the end of the news! I understand there are lots of missing persons, but MISSING ADULTS in particular are pushed aside way too often!


While I'm choosing not to respond to many of these comments and keep my thoughts to myself... one thing I wanted to share was that Nate is a great guy who is obviously loved by many many people. I would call him more of a friend than an accaintance and I've been praying for his safe return since I've heard about this.

My prayers are also going out to his friends, family and little girl.


I find it so frusterating to read these comments. Its very easy for any of us to give a snap judgement on who to blame if you dont know ANY of the circumstances. First, the police cant just start scouring the town everytime someone doesnt show up home the next am, you have to wait a certain amount of time and his friends it clearly seems called in as ssoon as they could.

Second, to even think to blame his friends is almost hysterical, because I cannot think that ONE of you posters have not gotten into an argument with friends while drinking and just let someone cool off....When a big guys doesnt wanna cool off and ride home with you.. you would let him walk.. so to blame this  on his friends outrageous when they seem to be the main factor on why anyone is looking for him now.. It sounds like they called the police as soon as they were allowed to report him missing.

Just know when you report this posts, friends and family of this missing man read this and i assume its not easy for them to hear your stupid and thoughtless comments.


Salvatore...I think you have something there. Maybe a little more investigation into it is needed.

My thoughts and prayers to the family and friend of Nathan. So sad.

If he did fall into the water, his body could be anywhere. A current could have taken the body down the river. Dragging would be useless and,as stated, too much debris under water. Hope this turns out on the good side.


Very well said Huron Gal...people are idiots!


I hope that this American Hero is found ... it is such a scary thought to have somebody just vanish. Positive thoughts and vibes sent to his loved onces.

Azure Ray

 I agree - there is no need to bash his friends.  This could have happened to anyone at anytime who goes out the bars and drinks a little too much.  My thought is that almost anyone has been there.  I'm sure his friends are upset enough about this, and judging by the majority of this people in this community, I'm sure they feel pretty guilty as it is right now.  We don't live amongst sociopaths, so you posters need to step off of his friends.  Pointing a finger will not help the cause.  Who knows what could have happened.  I am hoping for the best possible outcome and praying for a miracle.  He seems like he is a good guy (I don't know him), and it would be tragic to lose someone that honorable and young. 


Totally agreed!

Criminal Justic...

Considering that "HuronGal102" is probably one of his friends, and if you are, I most likely know you, and I have a feeling that you would of gone after him no matter what the circumstances are you wouldn't have just let him go home. I could care less if anyone is for or against my comment and the fact that I'm very open about my thoughts, that comes with the Criminal Justice field and you have to consider everything. So anyone who finds my comment offensive I'm sorry, but there is no taking back what is said and done. While those of you who claim that other peoples comments are "stupid or idiotic" whether you agree with mine or not, did you ever consider that maybe YOU look like the idiot, just because someone doesn't agree with logical thinking doesn't mean that they don't care about the guys family and friends. Yes i do realize that his family and friends have to read this, but maybe his friends who were with him could actually read what i said and learn to answer some of my questions, because the more information known, the better. It would also make my opinion slightly different. I've lost family and friends to way worse than this, and I can still see the positives and negatives to every case. So how about you people stop thinking that all of your answers are coming from god and they you are the only person that's right on this chat. I think it's funny that half of you are probably over 30 and I'm in my 20's, and I can still make better points then you can.



Lets take your need for a guardrail and ladders another couple steps farther. How about we fill in the river so no one can drown. Maybe we should fill in the lake. Accidents happen. Accidents happen more often when alcohol is involved. An angry, drunk young man is a disaster waiting to happen.


I think some of the comments are not pointing at friends,but possibly other people. Maybe he got into an argument with a stranger. Just a thought.

Azure Ray

 Criminal Justice - please quit referring back to your degree.  No one cares.  Common sense it what we need to look at here.  You sound like you are still in college, as you think you know everything about anything law related.  Most of us are smart enough to understand Criminal Justice 101.

hear my cries

I'm a family member and very upset with what I'm reading.  We might want to read the Discussion Guidelines...some of our comments are getting close to Personal Attacts.  I hope we all want the same thing and that is to find Nathan!


Im upset with what im reading as well. I would like to start off by saying that my prayer's go out to your family I did'nt really know Nathan i talked to him a couple of times. Im friends with his wife Kaley and reading these comment's are upsetting because people are on here saying this could have happened no this could have happened and want to blame it on this person and that person. There's only one goal here and that's to get nathan found and back to his daughter,family and friends.

we all love nathan

 I am a family member of  Nate's.  This young man is deeply missed and all of our thoughts and prayers are with him. We are sure he will be returned to us. We are all praying he will be returned unharmed very soon. I have been reading the articles online , watched a news report on television. Read the comments blaming friends.. yes .. they should take some responsibility.. a friend is drunk, upset.. and they let him walk away.. no one followed... However, Nate is an adult, responsible enough to have served in the Military overseas, adult enough to be the father and husband.  He has a Mother, Fathers, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.. neices and nephews, brothers and sisters.  We have read comments from friends.. wishing wel.. we have read remarks from strangers wishing well.. The main concern and proper thing to do is to send well wishes.. not beat up .. who is to blame.. it is not the bars fault.. it is not the police depts fault for not finding him as of yet.. we are sure they will bring him home to us.. of that we are certain.  There is no other alternative HE will come home.. HE will be a father to his child.. HE will live a longer and happy life.  BUT he would be upset with some of the posts I have read on here.. Lets be adults.. lets pray for his safe return.




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Also in my opinion, if he did in fact fall into the Huron River on property of I 5s the family should in fact file a lawsuit. You served a gentleman too much alcohol which caused a death on your property. Why are there not people from the business outside monitoring people leaving? Why isnt there signs stating to stay away from the water (or is there)?  I belive I 5s is to blame for this situation, not the friends and certainly not the police.



It always has to be some else's fault. People need to be sued. Did someone force this young man to drink to excess? Each person needs to take personal responsibility for themselves. Stop the blame game.



What about the person who did the actual drinking and walking? Why is it that every time some one gets injured (or worse) the first thing they do is pawn the blame for it off on another person or company? When are we responsible for OURSELVES?

It is one thing if it is a 5 yr old at a school, but totally another when an adult of proper age. We are to look out for ourselves.

Please note: This is in no way a reflection on this gentleman. Just irritates me when people automatically want to lay blame


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So should they have to post centuries all along a person's route too? There are trees and power poles and ditches etc all over the place. Or put them in a padded wagon so they cannot injure themselves and drive each patron home?

And what does cable tv have to do with this?


For some reason my comment was deleted which is unusual. But yes I believe that a business should post signs, fencing, or lighting to show that there is water on their property when you have customers after dark and especially when you have drinkers on your property. Do you not agree? This business was located on the water which is a reason that people go there. Its an attraction. for this attraction the company should have to pay extra insurance money for incidences like these. Therefor their insurance should owe the family money because this could have been prevented by the business putting up safety measures. We are aloud to disagree my friend, relax!


This kid served in the war for your freedom and you are stating to me that he fairly has passed away? you think Iraq is some vacationland? This kid has just got out of  a tough part of his life. Maybe he was stressed emotionaly about things and it started an argument with friends. I doubt anything said was meant. Then he goes down to the water to cool off and think about his life and the things hes done like his time overseas. At this point he looks down in to the water, loses his balance and falls into the lake. Why were there not any safegaurds or are there? Why wasnt there any signs warning that water is on the property or are there? Why are there not lights along the water or are there? Those are my questions because I havent been to I 5s since  a couple fourth of julys ago.


I am hoping for the best in this.! I pray he is found safe!

But.......I maybe wrong about my thoughts, I have read the sandusky article and a couple other ones that I seen on facebook. The others state that he is married, but this one says that he is living in huron with another lady? Could there be some problems at home and he is just laying low for a while?

A few years ago a man from bellevue did that, took off one day and was missing for some time. He just needed a break from people.

This is just a thought!


That could very well be what the situation is although.. His cell would be with him....Unless he got pissed and threw his cell phone into the water. Shouldnt there be a way to look into the records of the last recorded location of  his cell phone? i think the police are holding back some info... Which they should.


A common theme in these comments seems to be the bashing of either the huron police department of the friends of Nathan, which is not going to speed-up this investigation process or make the coping of fthe loss of a friend any easier. So, rather than place unjustified blame on these people or attempt to add your "criminal justice" background in an attempt to help the authorities, why not send your thoughts and condolences to the family and friends, and pray for answers or for Nathan's safe return. And before making any judgement, realize that you do not know the entire story or the events leading up to Nathan's disappearnce.

Criminal Justice, I feel as though I have to address your comments because they are so insensitive and inappropriate at this time. If you feel as though your "insightful" comments will lead police in a direction previously unthought of, I hate to be the one to let you know, they do not refer to the comments on the sandusky register website for investigation ideas. And to place any blame on the friends of Nathan is deplorable and extremely offensive. While you may supposedly be perfect, I believe they acted as most people would in the same situation. It may be a poor assumption to make, but most people that grew up in Huron would never expect such a tragic thing to happen. So your comments at a time like this are both inconsiderate and presumptuous.

I5’s do not own the property along the river. He would have to cross city and/or private property to reach the river. We always look for someone to blame when inexplicable tragedy happens. That’s why it’s called a tragedy. No meaning or reason. Assuming the worst, this kid was responsible for his own actions. Nobody held a gun to his head and forced him to drink to excess. My condolences to the family.   BTW: Patron’s park across the street in a public lot. The lot has an exit on Williams St.  Assuming that’s his “deposit” on Williams, he probably walked from the parking lot, north on Williams. Instead of turning down Cleveland Rd., toward his house, he probably cut back over toward the river.   

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Denksero.... stop with the personal attack. It's petty and uncalled for.

we all love nathan


the woman he is with..if you read the article is not either an alcholic or a teen... check out the facts before you post


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Its so sad to read and hear about this young man. You just wish someone would have watched out for him that evening. Hindsight is 20-20 always. Just seems so ironic to have been all that time in harms way in Iraq to come home and have this happen. I hope his family knows lots of people have his return in their prayers. The entire community is saddened by this incident.


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I dont know Nathan or his family..but i just recently went through a horrible tragedy that was in the headlines. I read all the articles and blogs. some of u bloggers need to relize that families read them to. and when going what u go through during a tragedy it is hard and upsetting to read what some people say. Bloggers DONT know everything like they think they do. i understand freedom of speech and you have the right to say what you want. but sometimes you need to sit back and think about what you say.....to the family of nathan, my thoughts and prayers are with you. remember you know the facts and the truth so dont let what you read upset you. believe me i know its not easy. i found out reguardless how much you try to defend yourself and family there are always going to be people that have nothing better to do than blog and say horrible things. i hope nathan is found and returns home safe. he fought for our freedom and i thank him for that. 



I agree I apologize. I am also saddened deeply by his dissapearance and im praying for a positive outcome but please remember everyone that if he has passed away that he will indeed be in a better place. Death is not a bad thing. This is an honorable man who served for our country and he will be repayed for what he has done by God.


Ok, so I am completely confused.  Is he married to Kaley or is he with the Meredith girl?  He is in both their pics on Faceb00k, so excuse me if I am confused here.


This is what can happen when you don't know when to stop drinking! I hope he turns up ok.


The grey hound dog lead the police officer to within 500 feet of the river. Therefor did not lead the dog to the river. Interesting. Hopefully he is in fact still alive!


Keeping this dear  young man and his loved ones and friends in our thoughts and prayers for a good ending!!!!  Hold those you love close to your hearts tonight!!!!and always.

Azure Ray

 This changed headline is kind of misleading.....when I first saw that it was changed, I thought the worst.  I think that it would be beneficial for the Register to instill a little hope - at least in a headline.  Prayers are still going strong for the young man.  I hope the family is doing ok, too....they need to make sure they are eating and sleeping to some extent!

we all love nathan

It is hard to think about anything except what is happening to Nate.. and what is going on in the search.. eating and sleeping take the back seat to all of this. We need to know Nate is okay.. We want to know.. we need to know the outcome as time goes by only makes us think bleak thoughts.. It is getting cooler out.. the night are cold.. clothes and shoes .. coats and hats..they were all left at home.. no vehicle to get around in.. no activity on his bank or credit cards... Please if anyone has seen him or thinks they may have seen him  Sunday in the wee hours let us know.. let the investigators know...The divers and boats this am.. and the headlines made everyones heart jump... thinking the worst... Please Dear Heavenly Father , Blessed Virgin  Keep our Boy Safe....  Everyone needs him to return to us.. mother. brother, sister, father,wife and daughter, aunts and unlces,grandparents,  neices and nephews.. all extended family and friends.. .Come back to us Nate.. we  have so much left to do in our lives


Who cares what girl he is or was with!! That is their business and none of ours!! Like someone said this man fought for our freedom and we are bashing him and his friends for doing what most 21 year old's do on the weekends!! For heavens sake, pray for him and his family and leave the investigation work to the trained professionals on this case....this investigation is not going to be like the scripted tv shows!! O and might I add to the person who said something about this is what happens when some drinks too much...GROW UP!! He could have been sober and slipped and hit his head and fell into the lake. Its ridiculous that soooo many people are throwing out assumptions!!!

Praying for you Nathan and your family!!!



Nothing good happens after midnight.


This entire situation is so disheartening. It's so sad that people have to say so many negative things about him and his friends. The truth is, nobody knows what happened. You can't put yourself in their shoes. I'm sure his friends are going through enough turmoil in their own heads without having to hear other people's comments about what they could/should have done.

Meredith is his friend/roomate. I wish the Sandusky register could have written that instead of calling her "the woman that he lived with", after mentioning his estranged wife. They make it seem like there is another situation there when there isn't.

I hope everyone can ban together and focus on the REAL issue here, which is finding Nathan and praying for him and supporting all his family, friends, and loved ones. Not bringing them down anymore then they are already doing to themselves.


Everyone who wants to talk about his Estranged wife don't know the true story. I am one of her friends and she lives in columbus ohio. She has been in Hurron with the police trying to find her husband so for all of you who wanna make comments keep them to your self because you dont know the whole story.

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Truly heartbreaking!


I tried to find that HELP FIND NATHAN DICKEY Facebook page to shed more light on this story but was unable to. Does anyone have a link for it?


Almost exactly a year ago, my cousin went missing in Tiffin on a Sunday night...same age, same circumstances. Seeing what his mom was going through during that time that he was missing, I can't even imagine what this family is feeling. My prayers and support go out to him and his family for his safe return.

I also wanted to say that even though my cousin was with his friends, out drinking the night he disappeared, his family never once blamed his friends for his disappearance or for anything that happened after he left the bar. I don't really understand why anyone would blame the friends of this man, they didn't do anything wrong. His friends and family are looking for him, and reported him missing. They are worried and probably frantic. The last thing they need is for someone who doesn't know them, or the circumstances, to attack their character or their actions.

All I can say to those who have attacked the family or friends, or made any remarks that were anything less than supportive... I hope this never happens to you, and if it does, I hope that people are more supportive of you and your loved ones than you were of theirs.


If they can form a search party for younger children why not form one for this man instead of just waiting, he could be hurt laying somewere.  I know Huron isn't to big, but i'm sure there are plenty of places he could have fallen out of sight, and maybe he has lost his phone.


I agree with you. It seems like they should be doing more for this young man. After all, he risked his life for our freedom. We at least owe him a search party.

Azure Ray

 Times like this where perhaps the community needs to band together and start their own search party?  I'm sure there is a good reason not too - I highly doubt that those who are trained would just stop searching because they would rather be watching reruns of Rosanne at home.  




@ salvatore says, here is the link www.facebook.com/#!/event.php .  My family is the also the family of Nathan, we all pray he is returned home safely. It has been extreamily devistating to the family. reporters do nothing but call and harrass my family, this needs to end, these people have no respect for my family. Have some decency  people, and as for the comment of his wife being estranged.... far from the truth. She is just as worried if not more than the rest of us. I want to thank you all personally for all your prayers and thoughts. We need as much help as we can to find Nathan. Please if you have any information please contact the police.


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ill pray 4 u


Ok, so "Azure Ray" did you read the update? This is what it says

UPDATE 10/21: The mystery of Nathan Dickey's disappearance continues.

Safety service personnel aren't committed to an active search today for Nathan Dickey, according to the Huron Fire Department.

Fire personnel are ready to "react" in case someone spots Dickey's body, but are standing by in a waiting pattern at this point, Fire Chief Steve Osterling said

So I take this as they are not watching Rosanne, but they are just waiting now for a body, when what I said was that if there was a search party then maybe we as private citizens could find him, and maybe when we do if (and I pray that he is) still alive get him medical attention before it is to late. They have simply stopped searching for him, (still thinking he fell into the river) and I know there are many places in Huron that he could have fallen, gotten hurt, lost his phone and could possibly need help. They searched the river, what about the rocks, woods, creavaces? I would def. show up to help search. I would want the same done for me or my own. Now is not the time for us to be selfish and think of only ourselves. I'm just saying tho, and for the family and friends, I pray that he is found, and alive. God grant all of you the strength during this trying time.


Everyone please, the police are doing everything they can.  They have been in constant contact with Nate's family and friends.  Please everyone, band together and pray for Nathans safe return. 

As I mentioned before, in the short time Nate has been in the Huron area he has met many friends who love him very much. 

Family and Friends - Please keep the faith, everyone is behind you.

Azure Ray

 Calm down, myownopinion.  I wasn't attacking anything you said, or the HPD or the divers.  It was more of a hopeful post, wishing that there was more we could do.  Sheesh.  In fact, I didn't even read what you had written....I was basing it all on the update.

Sue Meredith

My thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and loved ones on Nathans. Hopefully this will have a happy ending.


I AM a CLOSE relative a Nathans. I know what Nathan has said about his relationships,about his time in Iraq, and so on. Those things are not important right now. Fighting with each other on a comment page does not help Nathan. Pray for him and don't give up searching. These are the ways to bring Nathan home to us. Nathan is LOVED by many people. I know personally many people have not slept in days, myself included because of this awful experiance. I have not given up hope that someone will find him alive. My prayers are for Nathan to come home. So should your prays be!!

Please keep in mind Nathan has hazel eyes not green, as stated in missing persons report. This small detail could help in finding him.

Help Nathan by not fighting help get the word out he is missing. post him being missing everywhere, tell everyone. Nathan has blood relatives (close family) ALL over the U.S. From PA to CA. Let us hope he is makeing his way to one of them!


Thank you rosemary for the facebook link. I went there but it looks like I have to join up and have an account to see the infomation posted. Couldn't somebody copy and paste some of the facebook information here for all to see? It seems that facebook is limited because one has to join to see about Nathan. I am still hoping for some good news. If Nathan's truck is still in the driveway, is it because he can't drive it because of a suspended license? I am hoping that this veteran is somewhere thinking out his problems. Wars cause many veterans to come home with problems. I am hoping for a very happy ending to this story.