Dirty dancing debacle discussed at Bellevue school board meeting

The Bellevue Schools superintendent issued a statement at Thursday night's school board meeting about the dirty dancing situation and media attention.
Annie Zelm
Oct 22, 2010

The Bellevue Schools superintendent issued a statement at Thursday night's school board meeting about the dirty dancing situation and media attention.

Read the statement by clicking on the PDF document below this story:

The definition of “dirty dancing” may vary among generations, but one thing is clear: School officials know it when they see it.

After homecoming photos surfaced showing high school girls in low-cut dresses grinding against boys, Bellevue Schools superintendent Kim Schubert took a firm stance. 

She suspended future dances until the district sets clear expectations for students.

Many parents agreed something needs to be done, but students say it’s going to be tough to change the way their peers dance when it’s been accepted for so long.

Schubert said the students’ sexually suggestive dancing is inappropriate and won’t be tolerated.

“I feel that it is our obligation as an educational organization to teach our students ethical values, self respect and the respect of others,” Schubert said in a statement. She plans to collaborate with staff, students and parents to devise a reasonable policy.

Many area schools don’t have a specific policy governing behavior at dances, though there are student codes of conduct that dictate what’s expected at school events. Students who don’t comply with the code are usually warned first, then asked to leave the event if the behavior continues.


Q: What do you think of the dancing that takes place in schools today? Should schools take steps to regulate it?

“It would bother me — I think it’s inappropriate. I never saw anything like that when I was in high school.”

Bob Rhoads, 44, Sandusky  


“It’s hard to go backwards after you’ve allowed students to do those types of things. I think they need to involve students in what’s appropriate.”

Lorene Gregory, 65, Perkins 

“It has gotten out of hand, but the school should have stopped it before, rather than trying to go back and do something now.”

Tom Stovall, 66, Sandusky

“It’s always been happening. I don’t know why they’re just now bringing it to people’s attention.”

Kati Ehrman, 16, Bellevue 

“I think it’s wrong. They need to crack down more on it.”

Jay Adkins, 17, Bellevue  



wow, imagine this..  the register starts a new day with the exact same story..   publish it once and move on, publish a followup when you have something new, ...  

common sense guy

"Schubert said the students’ sexually suggestive dancing is inappropriate and won’t be tolerated.".  Gee Kim, that is sure going to stop kids from "dirty dancing" or having sex!  talk about taking a leak in the ocean!  This ban won't do anything except save the school money from not holding dances.  it won't change behaviors.  that has to come from the home, and sadly today, most kids don't have evening meals with their parents, one parent is always working, or the parents are divorced, parents aren't taking an active roll in their children's life....and so on.  statistics clearly show this.  although i agree, this is not proper behavior at ANY dance (let alone high school), i think your solution isn't going to do much to solve the real problem here - and that is the sexualizing of our youth.


I graduated 4 years ago and I remember my freshmen year we "dirty danced" like that. Its not going to change once you let it happen for so long and "approved" of it then. They're kids, how often do they get out and have fun with some dancing and singing. We already have a problem with teens drinking and having sex, I think canceling school dances is just going to make it worse because your holding something against them that keeps them out of trouble. I think they need to look a little deeper into the situation.


so by letting them DIRTY DANCE is not going to get them all HORNY and take it out to the car or behind a bush or some where to relieve it??? WOW

Breaking News

Q: What do you think of the dancing that takes place in schools today?

Well,  it was happening 15 years ago when I was in high school and probably prior to that as well. There are more important issues in America to worry about than this.

William Jeffers...

Nobody talks to Baby that way! 


common sense guy is right:

This is a non-issue. Our young people are out having fun dancing and enjoying themselves. Good for them. 

Our country  is in the worst possible way and the Register and the Gazette have this as front page news. You are a disgrace.

More than 20% of our people are unemployed. There are no jobs being created. The FED, banks and Wall Street are stealing our standard of living. The government is entirely corrupt. Our country is being bankrupted  in a phony war on terror which is enriching the defense and oil industries by trillions. Our young people are decimated by alcohol and drug addiction. More than 40 million households are on foodstamps.

Stop trashing the good young people in Bellevue. They aren't doing anything wrong.



How very sad to realize that the only way these kids apparently know how to be attracted and excepted by other kids is by dressing and acting like sluts and hoods. They're like a bunch of clones.

If a girl wears a short dress or tight pants, the next girl has to wear shorter and tighter. If a guy's pants are hanging off his hips, the next guy's has to hang lower. How droll.

yea right

lmbo..i like what Bob Rhodes."I never saw anything like that when I was in high school.”  OMG..lair lair liar liar liar..anybody and i mean anybody whos says that crap is a lair..i am 47 and i seen it..my dad is 80 and he seen it..these people need to take their rose colored glasses off..


The schools need to set standards and then follow them.  If the kids do not like the rules, then don't come.  Who is in charge anyway?  If we let them do it, they will.  If we don't, they will complain but they will stop.  End of discussion.

6079 Smith W

Such conduct by youth and the subsequent disdainful reaction by adults has been occurring since time immemorial. It ain’t gonna change.

“Our youth now loves luxury! They have bad manners, contempt for authority, disrespect for older people…they contradict their parents…and tyrannize their teachers…” – Socrates, 329 BCE


Just because it is happening elsewhere does not mean it should be permitted or allowed to happen at a school sponsored event.  I give the Schubert credit for expecting good behavior from these kids.  



Raoul Duke

I'm still having just as much of a problem with the kid in the strap t-shirt...


Not that I agree with this kind of 'dancing' but honestly, what's to stop a group of parents from renting a banquet hall and having a non-school sponsered dance or party of some kind, which I'm sure will be next?

MOST high school students look forward to school dances, whether it is homecoming, winter formal, prom, etc BUT NOT ALL high school students act inappropiately at such dances.  If the superintendent has an issue with the behavior at these dances, they maybe she should take that up with the teachers / administration chaperones that are supposed to be policing the dances.  Once students are removed for behaving incorrectly, other students will shape up or get tossed as well. 

BUT to eliminate school dances because a few students are conforming ????


two things..  first, she is worried about stopping it in school..  bar none, that's it.  If it goes on outside of school, then that's not on her agenda.  She's worrying about a rep that the school system has had for a while, and changing it.


second..  seriously, what if parents rent a hall and let them dance like that there?  well that's on them, and if so, so be it.  But as an adult, I think i would have a lot more questions about a setting like that then the school.  And there would be no way i'd let my children go to a dance in that setup.  that's just a rediculous arguement.

disgusted mother

 The problem is not our teenagers.   Its the school system that has allowed this behavior go on for years and years.....instead of chaperoning a dance , they took pictures of kids dancing inappropriately.  Did the guy with the camera tell them to stop??? I highly doubt it.   But, lets punish the kids..makes sense.  Just some more backwards bellevue thinking. 

As for the dresses, thats for the parents to deal with.  The cheerleaders and volleyball players wear much shorter dresses, shorts.  Give me a break!  Although you may not like it, its not your choice how the kids dress unless you make a dress code and ACTUALLY ENFORCE IT.  I can see it now, the cheerleaders in ankle skirts. 


 i graduated last year and honestly it went on all 4 years of high school its not going to change i think doing something about it now would be pointless why dont you enforce other thing like drugs in schools or the dress code when girls come to school wearing short skirts and a thong thats trashy but yea its not going to change

Just Thinkin

The problem is with the way our kids are brought up ,first this PC crap has to go! Second stop making the kids think if they do not act like or dress like Rappers ,Gangsta;s or must date a Black or Latino they are missing out, White kids have forgotten thier roots and are lookihg for some .And when they find them white people get upset LOL come one being proud of ones history is OK. We need not slam them day in and out with YOU MUST BE or ACT LIKE Raise your kids with pride and values be it white,black yellow tan gold ,JUST teach them values and self worth period!


Come on parents and grandparents did you all forget that you danced too.  I remember alot of crazy dances ,alot were sexual moves, I'm going on sixty and my older brother is going on seventy.  And the ones who can't dance, or to ugly to have one to dance with quit complaining.  We forget we were young at one time and yes it was fun to dance.

Truth or Dare

I have to giggle about this, only because if  students knew half the crap their parents, heck their  teachers and adm.  did when they were teenagers, it would blow a few minds I'm sure!     

I remember the miniskirts we wore to school,  although I don't ever remember wearing hot-pants, but we did wear them.  That was weekend wear, along w/halter tops, ooooh, we went braless, and there were one's w/o straps called tube tops.  If  ya weren't careful  they had a way of working themselves south!  Ooooops!  Out of curiosity, anyone out there in Redmen country, young, old/older  ever watch American Bandstand or Soooooooooooooooul Train,  or maybe today you watch Dancing With the Stars and the bumping (anyone remember the Bump?)  and grinding going on there (gosh how we loved good ole Mr. John Travolta, the way he moved his hips doing the Hustle, the Disco era), or notice the rather risque costumes worn by the women?  Oh, that's right, it's called ballroom dancing and entertainment, right?   By the way, Crystal Palin needs to just head home.  She's too restricted.  In other words, isn't willing/able to lose her inhibitions to perform some of the dances as they should be done, sultry, seductive, etc.. Too bad, as she has pretty decent form for such a shy gal.     

 Someone made a great point about the dresscode.  I've seen cheerleading uniforms worn by local schools' cheerleaders'  that they may as well of just have allowed their spankies to be the bottoms.  Here is what slays me, those uniforms are more than likely picked out unanimously by the Cheerleaders,   Cheer Advisor(s)  and ok'd by the Athletic Directors, who I would guarnatee the majority  are  men!  I could be wrong on that one, but don't think so.  

Eddie O is sooooo right!  I'm hoping the kids in the photos aren't getting too much flack at home, at least regarding the apparel.  My guess would be the parents had no problem w/these girls dresses, as I'm sure they were proudly taking pics of them and their dates, their friends, here and there before the festivities began?  Intentions for those pics were to record a good time,  quite different than whoever took or submitted this photo.  I would have to wonder who took it, or at least who submitted it for use to MAKE  a story that also made the A.M. news channels!    Did the parents of these kids sign that lil form they send home about your kids pic being taken at school and it being publicly published?   Don't they do that anymore, or does that only apply to those in extracurricular activites?   


Ok, first, why did the register feel it's neccessary to publish this story twice?  Second, I am appalled at the fact that so many people are trying to crucify these kids. I understand that we are a country founded by puritans, with conservative ideals so tight and closed minded that they were basically thrown out of their countries, but I did not know that so many people still practiced those views.  I would hope that the school officials would be more open minded and knowledgeable about the world.  Europe has a much more open view on sex and sexuality especially with their children.  I have seen comments stating that are children are over sexualized in the media... are you kidding, our kids are sheltered compared to other countries.  European t.v. has commercials with women who are topless, run of the mill magazines with women topless, and what we would consider soft-core porn on normal cable channels.  Oddly enough with being so open, Europe has the lowest rate of teen mothers in the industrialized world.

If anyone has not noticed, kids will normally do the exact opposite of what authorities tell them to do.  It has been that way for hundreds of years, and anyone on here that says they did not defy their parents or teachers is lying.  If you take away legitimate sources of entertainment for these kids, then what do they do?  They go to the friends house that the parents are never home and do the things that they are told not to!  If you are open and honest and teach these kids early about sex and sexuality, as well as morals and self-esteem we would have to worry about these problems.

If anyone still has a problem with society progressing, you may want to go a little further south here in Ohio and move in with the Amish and adopt their way of life!


Open minded to what?  These are still kids.  Kids whom for the most part, can't make a logical decision about their own futures.  And you want school officials to be open minded?  Believe me, school officials are more up to date on the current events of the children, then most parents.  They deal with them everyday.  Yes!  Our children are exposed to more sex than they need to be.  Not just television programming, but commercials too.  But the real demon is picture/text messaging and amateur video "you tube".  Kids live for the next stimulation to arouse them, because the art of conversation, and the act of being a family has been pushed aside for personal wants and needs.  Our kids are growing up in a society full of self serving, violent, sexual, and pervasive media outlets.  Kids don't talk to each other on their phones.  They don't want anyone to hear what their saying, or the language their using.  They have no holds barred.  I'm not blaming the school.  How can we blame the parents?  Most of them don't go to their teenager's dances.  If you don't think the media has anything to do with the behavior our kids are "learning", then you must be a very sheltered and uninformed individual.  MTV is your kid's babysitter, when they're not at school, or not hiding out in their bedrooms texting, sexting, or whatever else you want to call it.  Once just one of these kids learns something new....it spreads like a virus.  From classroom to classroom, school to school, state to state, and finally everybody's doing it.  Does that make it acceptable?   These are still kids.  They don't pay bills to support themselves.  Most of them would probably threaten to commit suicide if their parents took away the computer, or cell phones.  Think I'm kidding?  They don't have the rationalization ability to see past their own selfishness.  It's all about "me".  Poor me, my parents won't buy me a car.  Poor me, my boyfriend is sexting my best friend.  Poor me, my mom took my sears card away.  Keep educating them to all the BS in our adult society, and then complain when someone takes a stand against it.  If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem.  I blame us all.  As I look back on my teenage years, I remember pushing limits, being selfish, and immature.  But there was that line.  That line we didn't cross.  Today, there are none.  Now we have a bunch of baby mommas, and baby daddy's playing house until the rent doesn't get paid, no money for diapers and formula, don't wanna work, thieving, drug addict, welfare, bump and grind, wanna be gangsters.  But you all keep giving the teenagers more, and more, and more of the junk they don't need, instead of a guide in the right direction in life?  I don't get it!???  Is this the future my grandchildren will grow up in?  God help us all!  I know, it's just dirty dancing right?  What's next?  Sex in the bathrooms during lunch?  Without the rules and laws we have in our society, their is chaos.  You bleeding heart Liberal parents, need to start encouraging better behavior, instead of enabling dangerous behavior.  Because the media is not going to stop.  You're money, in their pockets. 

disgusted mother

I hope that the administration reads this blog


We're talkin about dancin right?  Dancin?  Dancin?  We're talking about dancin?  We aren't talking about sex, we're talkin about dancin?  Dancin?  We're talkin about dancin?   Dancin?  signed Allen Iverson

Talk about blowing things out of proportion. All a chaperone has to do is say, “Hey , that dancing is not appropriate. If I have to warn you again, you are going home.” That’s it. No media, no on-line bashing. Just a simply policy change and let it go.    I did that kind of dancing in H.S. Was it appropriate? No. Did I care in the slightest at the time? No.
sandtown alum

If the behavior was so bad, why didn't the adults at the dance ask them to stop????  Isn't that why they are there?  I don't think you should take away the dances!  Same old story, punish everyone for the bad choices of a few! 

Woody Hayes

If you are ok with some hepped up 17 year old grinding up a storm on your 16 year old daughter's rump, so be it. Kudos to Kim Shubert to say not at my house, take it somewhere else but not at my school. 


I came from a smaller high school in the firelands conference.  Never in the four years that I attended any dance, on any occasion did ANYONE dance like this.  I graduated in the early 80's.  I guess us farm hicks were behind the times.  Now as I understand it, they too dance like this at my high school.  Reality television shows like those on Mtv are the motivation for the children today.  Spring breaks from all over the U.S. and Mexico are broadcast showing teenage foolishness such as beer bongs, and other drinking games.  Also these shows are extremely sexually oriented.  I've seen bits and pieces from time to time.  And yes, the bump and grind is explicitly sexual.  Does it suggest sexual movements in their dancing?  Absolutely.  Are you Liberal thinking parents concerned at all with what happens outside the dance floor the other days of the week, when your kids have the opportunity to dance like this a handful of times during a school year?  If you think their just dancing, think again!  These kids are more in tune to activities then we ever were.  With MTV as I mentioned before, you have internet chat rooms, and the big one...text messaging.  Viral videos shot by teens in all types of activities...Fights, dangerous stunts, beat downs, binge drinking, etc...  Both my kids are grown, but they know I'm not an idiot.  I run off more dick swinging commandos, and drugged out punks then I can remember.  You think your kids are responsible acting teenagers?  Think again!  Most, but not all of them lie and sneak to do what they want to.  Being the father of a former teenage girl, I worry about her reputation, her future sexual health, and her ability to not put her self in situations where she could be raped, or murdered.  Although I have taught her not to make her self a victim; she too follows in what her peers do to a certain extent.  And while I have to let her make mistakes in life to learn from them, I'm not willing to compromise her reputation, safety, and sexual wellbeing.  The teenage years are confusing and sometimes a torment for these kids.  Why not teach them some self control when dancing?  Is it really too much to ask?  Is it pleasant to watch?  Some teenage boy grinding his private area up some girl's behind?  Is that really fun to see?  Do you really care if everybody's doing it?  To all you fathers there in Bellevue, you apparently missed the show.  Your daughter's were backing up their behinds to some teenage boy's junk.  Would you allow that in your house?  Could you sit there and watch it?  How about you mother's?  Would you want your son disrespecting themselves and a girl on a dance floor for everyone to see?   

looking around

After looking at the picture, I must ask........May I cut in?