One dead, more hurt in Texas school stabbing

Houston-area high school placed on lockdown after a series of stabbings Wednesday that left one teenager dead.
Associated Press
Sep 5, 2013


A fight inside a Houston-area high school escalated into a series of stabbings Wednesday that left a 17-year-old student dead and three others wounded, sheriff's officials said.

The stabbings happened during a fight between several students in a school corridor. The Harris County Sheriff's Office said 17-year-old student Luis Alonzo Alfaro pulled a knife during the fight and fatally stabbed one student and wounded three others.

Alfaro admitted to the stabbing under questioning by sheriff's homicide detectives and was charged with murder, the Sheriff's Office said in a statement released Wednesday evening.

Sheriff's spokesman Alan Bernstein referred queries about whether Alfaro had an attorney to the district clerk's website, which had not been updated as of Wednesday night. Alfaro also was not yet listed in the jail's booking system.

Authorities provided few details on what may have led to the fight, and no other information was available on the teenager who was killed.

"We believe a confrontation of some sort occurred ... that ultimately led into a physical confrontation that produced weapons," Sheriff Adrian Garcia said. "There has been some information that this may have been gang related."

School district officials canceled classes at the high school for the rest of the week.

Some parents said the fight was the continuation of a disturbance that broke out Tuesday. Officials at the school, which has about 3,500 students, would not confirm their comments.

"Every parent sends their child to school believing school should be one of those safe haven places," Spring Independent School District Superintendent Ralph Draper said. "This is what we spend our nights and days working toward and what I lose sleep over.

"In my nearly 30-year career, this is the one thing you pray never to experience."

Parent Tara Campbell said she received text messages from her daughter about the fight and that her daughter said students who witnessed the episode snapped cellphone photos of the victims as they lay on the ground.

Campbell said she intended to have her daughter home-schooled, saying she's grown tired of fights at the school.

"Last year there were gang fights consistently," she said. "This is ridiculous. This is an ongoing situation."

Lakesia Brent said her son, a sophomore at the school, sent her multiple text messages asking her to come pick him up.

"He's just afraid," she said, adding that fights at the school were a problem in the last academic year.

The school was placed on lockdown following the stabbings, which occurred about 7 a.m., and students were released to the care of their parents later Wednesday.

Many parents were upset that the school district did not provide them information in a timely manner.

Draper defended the district's actions, saying they focused on two goals — securing the school and making sure no action was taken to compromise the investigation — before communicating information to parents about what had happened. He said students were not immediately released because some of them were potential witnesses who needed to be interviewed by investigators.

"When street violence pours into the school, it compromises the safety of all our students," Draper said.



You mean this punk used a knife as a weapon and killed someone? I thought only guns were used to kill people! (Sarcasm) welp looks like it's time to make rules and laws about fighting in school and students carrying weapons....Oh wait we already have those. Maybe we just need parent to actually be parents!


It takes a village to raise a kid... or so we are told. Maybe we should fine the village for failing the kid, or maybe jail each adult in the village, for the pi$$ poor job they are doing for the village idiot. It can't be the village idiots fault, nor the parents fault. It takes a village to raise an idiot... and a family to raise a kid.

From the Grave

Have you ever been to Houston? The village concept was gone about 2 million people ago...


We can hope that the rabid anti-gunners will take note that you don't need a firearm to kill or assault anybody. We can hope that those so fearful of firearms will take note that laws against assault, murder, or weapons in schools (or on school grounds) don't deter anybody determined to cause a problem regardless of their weapon of choice. We can hope...but there's nobody more immune to reason than those who've already made up their minds and don't wish to be confused by the facts.


Why the heck are these kids at school so early that a fight broke out and someone was killed at 7:00 am?! And had this been a gun, multiple people would probably have been killed instead of one. Regardless, violent kids have no place in regular school. All of this inclusion crap is ridiculous! If this school has a history of problems with fights and gangs, then there should be cops patrolling the halls.


I would think a school that big to hold 3500 students would atleast have metal detectors at the entries.. We read about smaller schools having them n this place is alot bigger than most schools. Still after reading all the comments above I find it rather odd all those comments never spoke one word of the victims or of the tragedy the school has received. My prayers go out to all the families involved and I hope the community can pick up the pieces and slowly start the healing process.


Guns don't kill! The bullets you put in the guns do!


When will Congress DO SOMETHING to curb knife violence?


No kidding! Somebody really ought to make a law that says it's illegal to stab people. THAT'D make illegal knifings stop!


Seriously, Sam, after the UK made their gun control even more draconian the next cry was to end knife violence, especially in Scotland. They enacted knife control, and now the average person can't even easily buy a traditional chef's knife because it has a pointed tip. Now they want to outlaw the pint glass in pubs, because it can be used as a weapon. It's only a matter of time before they order lobotomies for anyone with martial arts training.

The Big Dog's back

Amazing, all the right wingnuts cheering a knife murder.


Really? Those must be the postings using white text on a white background. Nobody's cheering a murder or an assault. The only people who dance in blood are "never let a crisis go to waste" Democrats.

Me? I'm just taking the opportunity to make a valid point: Dead is dead. Murder is murder. The weapon is immaterial. Maybe if those same dancing Dems would stop tap dancing around the real problem they'd help to find a real solution for a change!


Big Dog would never understand that statement, Sam, it is full of facts instead the usual liberal drivel.


The real problem....oh you mean those mental health services that Repubs always cut?


What's the "REAL problem" , Sham?


Dog demonstrates the lack of literacy produced by our public schools.


Dog displays intelligence that clowns like you can't refute (which drives you crazier) thus the "ad hominum" attacks.


There's no ad hominem involved - it's a direct address to WHAT HE SAID, which, in the context of the comments to which he's responding, demonstrate a complete failure of reading comprehension.

However, in general, Dog doesn't display much intelligence. His comments are limited to parroting one line, often irrelevant to the topic at hand sound bites from Air America. If he ever posted a substantive basis for anything he said, or a meaningful rebuttal of something someone else said that he didn't like, most people here would be shocked.


Let me translate it for you.

"Dog demonstrates the lack of literacy produced by our public schools." = Dog is illiterate/stupid because school teachers are illiterate/stupid.

No ad hominem?


No, none. Let me try and help you out with YOUR reading comprehension.

"Dog [in responding to non-existent comments, i.e. "cheering for a murder"] has demonstrated the lack of literacy [as manifested by a failure of reading comprehension, a key component of literacy] produced by our public schools."


Dog has posted a non sequitur comment in response to non-existent statements as evidence of a gross failure of reading comprehension, which is typical of the poor literacy training of public schools.

There was no statement about Dog's or any teacher's intelligence, nor was anything said about the literacy of any teachers. It could be inferred that Dog's failure to read for comprehension in this instance is indicative of a pattern of similar failures on Dog's part, but that is up to the reader.

Now it seems YOU are also having a problem with reading comprehension. Is that intentional as a show of solidarity with your buddy?

The Big Dog's back

Good luck 4shizzle trying to penetrate that skull.


Fine, Dog, then perhaps you'd care to cite where anyone cheered for a murder. Of course that might require you to string together more than one sentence in a coherent manner, which is new for you.


You are having a problem realizing what you've said.


Not at all. I very carefully spelled it out for you. Now you are demonstrating the same failure of reading comprehension. The only rational rebuttal is to cite the "cheering" of which Dog spoke, and you're both dancing furiously around your failure to do so.


"Not at all" ?

How about: "between the lines"?

Right Dog, I'll take your advice.


Keep only underscores my comment.

This might help you. The verb I used was 'demonstrate' not 'is'
I can demonstrate a limp without actually being injured.
I can demonstrate intoxicated behavior without ever taking a drink.

I understand how you or Dog might be confused - you both tend to comment by parroting sound bites from Air America, and never manage to string together more than two coherent sentences. However, some of us prefer to use the written word with a little more precision.


La dee da and Bill O'Reilly is one of your Faux News heros -from whom you are "parroting" sound bites.


Funny since I've never watched Fox News and I don't even know what O'Reilly looks like. Another swing and a strike from the dream team of Dog and Shizzle. Keep dancing.....


La dee da



"Funny since I've never watched Fox News and I don't even know what O'Reilly looks like."

................Funny, for some reason, I don't believe you --- oh well.


1 child's death in a school is tragic. 26 children killed with a gun is lunacy.


Why is one child's life worse less than 26? The manner in which they lost their lives? That is lunacy. Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people, and injured more than 600, using fertilizer as a bomb. The 9-11 terrorists killed over 3000 using boxcutters to overtake airplanes. According to your logic, that isn't as tragic, because those crimes didn't occur with a firearm. Whether you like it or not, guns don't kill people, people kill people. This act of lunacy in Texas is proof of that fact.

2cents's picture

This is not new! 1969 the hall of my school, a kid that had been bullied and spit on while riding the school bus numerous times by a number of jockey type boys had enough. He singled out the leader and snuck a sawed off ax handle into school, while walking down the hall he pulled it out and spilt the scull open of the guy, blood everywhere! Guess who got expelled?


The butler?

The Big Dog's back

Was it you no sense?

2cents's picture

Oh4 too silly. Of course the kid that did the hitting, the school did not want to loose the ball player. The kid was relocated to another school for the rest of his high school years.

No BD, I am not a violent person!


Obama and the liberals would have went crazy had more lives been taken. Crazy people will always exist and the loss of one life is always a tragedy, but not enough to illicit a response from say Obie, Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or the knee jerk liberal left. No, they only like to crazy when the body count is higher. Truth.