Gay Ohio couple wins legal battle

A recently deceased gay Ohio man must be listed on his death certificate as married and his husband must be listed as his spouse despite Ohio’s gay marriage ban, a federal judge ordered Tuesday.
Associated Press
Sep 4, 2013


Judge Timothy Black’s order came just hours after attorneys asked him to rule quickly so that William Herbert Ives, 54, is listed as married on his death certificate before being cremated on Wednesday.

“On this record, there is insufficient evidence of a legitimate state interest to justify this singling out of same-sex married couples given the severe and irreparable harm it imposes on David Michener,” Black wrote, pointing out that the request was made “to bring closure to the family in a manner that respects their marriage.”

Michener and William Herbert Ives, 54, had been together for 18 years and have three adopted children. They married in Delaware on July 22, but Ives died unexpectedly a week ago.



2nd posting of this story this morning. Pushing the gay marriage thing a little too much?

red white and blue

They have been doing this a lot lately


You will see much more of this now that the polls in Ohio are increasingly showing that a gay marriage ballot initiative most likely won't pass next year.

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Yet another example of the left’s hypocrisy when they cry for tolerance…


"..but Ives died unexpectedly a week ago."

Judgement day came for him a little early!


But you're not the judge.


@TK, Thank you for coming here and try to tell how people should think and believe.


Actually, it's everyone who posted prior to TK who seems to be passing judgement as to how others should live. Sorry, but I gotta side with TK, the one person who isn't advocating discrimination.


Agreed. I'm with TK.

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Christian business owners receiving messages threatening to kill their family and hoping their children will die, doesn’t count as passing of judgment on how others should live?


"Christian groups sending messages threatening to kill their family and hoping their children will die doesn't count as passing of judgment on how others should live?"

Goes both ways, and you CANNOT tell me that some christian groups have not advocated hard and mean towards gay communities before.

We are not all perfect and you certainly cannot use the excuse that because some of the people went to far the entire group is a terrorist organization like you are so quick to do. If anything Organized Religion is the terrorist group from their past histories.


You are right about that. But, the one that does judge made his opinion known about same sex marriage by taking this person to soon (according to some people).


Not sure that I understand the "unexpectedly" part. Isn't this the couple who flew to Delaware to get married because he was dying and they wanted him buried in the family cemetery?


They married in Delaware July 22.


This is a different couple. The couple who flew to get married is this one: