Margaretta teachers’ salary freeze ends

Agreement gives educators first raise in four years
Alissa Widman Neese
Sep 3, 2013
Margaretta Schools teachers will see pay increases this fall for the first time in four years.

Administrators and teachers union finalized their latest contract this month, a three-year agreement board members approved Thursday morning at a special meeting.

The new contract’s major changes include:

• Increasing teacher base salaries by 1.5 percent each year for the next three years.

• Eliminating pay freezes for teacher base salaries and salary steps.

• Resuming a salary step schedule, or incremental pay increases determined by a teacher’s years of service and education credentials.

• Increasing health insurance deductibles from $500 to $750.

“Negotiations are always give and take, but I really think this package was a fair, team-oriented effort,” teachers union president John Zang said. “We helped our district become financially sound again and at the same time didn’t diminish the success of our students at all. It’s nice to get a small recognition of those efforts.”

Teachers first volunteered to freeze their salaries in the 2009-10 school year as Margaretta Schools pursued an emergency operating levy to stabilize its budget, treasurer Jude Hammond said.

Margaretta Schools is now projecting a surplus each year in its most recent five-year forecast, making the newly approved contract sustainable, Hammond said. It will likely cost the district about $50,000 more per year. Its annual budget is about $13 million.

The wage increases come just a week after the Ohio Department of Education released revamped district report cards listing Margaretta Schools as one of the highest-achieving schools locally, landing six As and three Bs.

“We’re extremely proud of our teachers and the work they’ve done, and we want them to feel like they’re appreciated,” superintendent Ed Kurt said. “They worked with us at a time we struggled to get a levy passed. Now we’re in a situation where we can give them a raise and still be responsible to the taxpayers of our district.”

Margaretta Schools employs about 75 teachers.



4 years?! Yeah they deserve it. I still respect and appreciate the high school teachers that got me ready for college. I sure wouldn't teach. LOL! So good to see the teachers get a raise.

red white and blue

Good bless these teachers that understand this economy is tough they didn't complain or wine they did there job and waited to get there well desevered wage increase clyde and perkins could learn something from these teachers .


Maybe they could learn how to spell.

red white and blue

Why? Does it matter.


Sorry, I changed it.


I don't mean to be offensive but your post has grammatical errors in it that when you came to "...could learn something from these teachers ." I had to laugh. I just wondered if either you were playing around or there was no English teacher at your school.


If you criticize spelling and grammar in a blog, you have no job, no family and no life.


...and you don't know squat.


It was all for the kids, remember?

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I didn't know the spelling police were on here.I'm typing on a phone.


4sizzle is not the spelling police or anything else for that matter. Just a blowhard.


JudgeMeNot --- you're not so hot...and you don't know squat.


"I didn't know the spelling police were on here.I'm typing on a phone."
................Probably while driving.


keyboard warrior alert....keyboard warrior alert.


Margaretta was not one of the highest achieving schools locally on the recently released report card, rather they were the highest in the area. As a matter of fact, from the information I looked at there were only two other schools, out of 610 total, that performed better than Margaretta. So hats off to every employee of the District!


....and they're doing it in an old school that they're all proud of. No shiny new campus needed at Margaretta to get the job done. Much deserved!


Um don't they have a new school?


HAHA! Um, need to get informed! Old school...great results!


No need to be snide. I wasn't sure, that's why I asked. I thought they built a new school a few years ago. Sorry.


Um, not being snide. No need to apologize.


Alissa & SR...maybe you could think about doing an article about what's going on in our schools instead of repeatedly reporting salaries? And I'm not talking about sports. Maybe you could write about education for a change?


She/they did. They posted the new district grade cards.

Kottage Kat

All good things come to he who waits

red white and blue

I think it comes down to these teachers are REALLY ABOUT THE KIDS! WHAT A GREAT SCHOOL SYSTEM. Makes me want my kids there

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This school is still open enrollment isn't it? Wondering when the cut off date is


Most teachers in every school district are in it for the kids. Given the relatively low pay they earn vs. the cost of their college education and continued training, reduced benefits which now cost them more, and the lack of respect they get from nearly everyone - they wouldn't stay in their profession if it weren't for the kids.

Teachers in other area districts have accepted pay freezes over the past few years when their districts were facing cuts. The teacher's union in my district (I'm retired) even offered to take a pay freeze for that reason.

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What other districts in this area have took a pay freeze? Not one.If you have been retired I don't know for how long but things have changed .I haven't herd of any other school in the four county that has done this I was inpressed that castalia has.

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4 shizzel just so u don't feel left out you are an idiot and I won't waste my time arguing with you.


My , my , my , touchy aren't we ?
Who's arguing?
If you weren't texting while driving , or if you stayed awake in English class (if your school had one), you probably could spell better.

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Oh how witty your are I have a feeling you probably never finished high school.I've seen your comments they do nothing but make other people including myself seem smarter