Huron fight results in arrests, but no sword

One of two men arrested for a Sunday-morning fight in Huron may have brandished a sword during the scuffle, but police were unable to locate the weapon.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Sep 23, 2010


One of two men arrested for a Sunday-morning fight in Huron may have brandished a sword during the scuffle, but police were unable to locate the weapon.

Sandusky residents Kaire Burchett, 23, of the 3000 block of Plumbrook Circle, and Joshua Fennell, 23, of the 1600 block of Camp St., were both charged with disorderly conduct.

A woman called police at about 2 a.m. and said the two men were fighting in a parking lot in the 300 block of Main St. One of the men, the woman said, pulled out what appeared to be a sword during the fight, according to a Huron police report.

Huron police arrived at the scene and found a number of people huddled in small groups, arguing. An officer then saw Burchett and Fennell standing "nose to nose" as they argued, the report said.

Burchett pushed Fennell and then tried hit to another man, but Burchett's fist missed its target and caused him to fall face-first on the ground. An officer then arrested Burchett, who smelled like alcohol, the report said.

Another officer tried to arrest Fennell, who resisted, but a third officer jumped in and was able to help handcuff Fennell and place him in a police cruiser. Both Burchett and Fennell denied using a sword during the incident.

A third male, Bryan Norton, 23, of the 2300 block of Huron-Avery Road in Huron, was also charged with disorderly conduct. Norton reportedly punched Fennell in the face as the two were leaving I5's Bar near the Huron Boat Basin, the report said.


Tweety Sees Eve...

Drinking AND Fighting in Huron?  OMG

What is this world coming to?

Soon, a car load of girls will be involved in a hit and run....oh wait...that already happened too.

Sounds like HPD is doing a bang up job!!  WTG!!


A sword fight?  Sounds like these two need to start hanging out at the crowbar.

Julie R.

Huron in the news AGAIN? What's going on here, anyway? And somebody from Plumbrook Circle yet! Oh my! You people are giving the little town of Huron a bad name.


there can only be one!


I shall smite thee with thy sword!

Wonder is it was like the Black Knight at the bridge? Tis only a flesh wound!

Mr. D

at least 3 people involved in criminal activity....See I been telling you Huron has gangs...


 Yes, you did and now I believe you.


This is such a lie i was there waitting to leave and the cop pulled a sword out of the peoples car.

Tweety Sees Eve...

OMG!! The Crowbar one was fantastic, Perkins 2060. 


what did they think they were at the pump with the after hours fighting


remember Highlander, there can be ONLY one


And we are talking about the Crowbar again why? Has anyone here even been to the crowbar? Its one of the cleanest bars I've ever stepped foot in. Not to mention the cheap drink prices and good music. Some people just don't know how to have a good time when you add alcohol.


Seriously, if a sword was involved, the cops should have just let this one play out.  "Tool bag loses arm in sword fight", would have made the short list for the Sandusky Register's Headline of the Year.