Huron Schools hopes bus cameras catch stop-sign scofflaws

Typically, a bus driver's observational skill has been the best way to catch motorists who pass stopped school buses. Now, however, Huron Schools bus drivers have an extra set of digital eyes backing them up. The district recently installed external cameras on 14 buses, including the 10 it uses for daily routes.
Susan McMillan
Sep 19, 2010


Typically, a bus driver's observational skill has been the best way to catch motorists who pass stopped school buses.

Now, however, Huron Schools bus drivers have an extra set of digital eyes backing them up.

The district recently installed external cameras on 14 buses, including the 10 it uses for daily routes.

The cameras have two purposes: identify drivers who pass stopped school buses, and shut down the other drivers' arguments before the cases go to trial.

"They would go into court, and they were like, 'It wasn't me driving,'" said Jim Blodgett, the district's director of transportation. In some cases, a car's driver would argue that a bus wasn't fully stopped when they drove past.

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I noticed that some buses do not come to a full stop before putting on the red stop lights. I have stopped for buses going the other direction only to have them roll pass me. Is there a rule of how long the yellow caution light is on before the driver turns on the red stop light? Shouldn't the red light be activated only when the bus comes to a full stop?

yea right

300 ft before the stop turn on 4 ways (yellow). WHEN the bus STOPS door is opened and the red comes on..(door activates the red lights)..therefore if the red lights are on the DRIVER opened the door before the bus stopped and that is againts bussing rules..

Norma J-C

If I see a school bus approaching me, I prepare to stop, regardless of the lights. I KNOW that it will be stopping at some point. If the bus continues to its stop past where I am, then I proceed.

It you think it's easy to write down a plate number while stopping a bus, try stopping someplace that requires your door to be in exact alignment with said object.


 Watched a teenage go through a 20 MPH school zone at about 40 miles per hour on Friday. To bad for him a state patrol was sitting on the other side with his radar gun out.  About a $250  fine and about 4 points on your driving record. Oh, forgot the best part. His parents insurace premiums will increase about a grand till he turns 25 yrs. old. To be young and stupid.



Watched most of your video link, will resume tonight.  Very thought provoking, thanks for posting it.


I can not believe they did that, and NOT put the Cameras inside the BUS to catch the fights, the mis-behave children, etc. QUESTION, how much does the SCHOOLS get in CASH and Rewards for every violation?


Stop-sign scofflaws?  That's the best writing you got?  I mean, yes, technically that means those that do not obey the law but it sounds off, strange.  How many readers even know what that word means?  And it's not stop signs they are disobeying, it's stopped school bus laws. I suppose the interpretation is dependent on the reader, but I don't like the headline at all.


Unassumer,    I  never heard  the word scofflaws until now. Luckily, I only look at  the pictures. :)


Just proves the point that people need to GET OFF THE INTERNET, QUIT WATCHING REALITY T.V. ,  and READ SOME BOOKS!!  I learned the term "scofflaw" way back in the 70's......I KNOW it is ANCIENT history to many of you, but, it SHOULDN'T be! It is truly sad that our English language is disappearing into a "mish-mash" of Eubonics  and Spanish  and whatever the "new slang" is at present...

PLEASE! If you all that get together to "preserve the Union" are serious...How about you start with, "Preserve the proper English language"??  


 iamrevolutionary,,,,,,,,, I read your post and realized, I am one of the people you are referring to. I have to admit, I have no idea what " Eubonics" is !!!!!!!!!  Never even heard of it !!!!!! Sad, but true .  Good thing I never claimed to be smart.




first of duh month

 The snobs of Huron are too good for such petty things as school bus laws. There are much more important things to worry about like hair, nail & tanning appointments.

Yellow Snow

The cameras should be pointed toward the riders, thus when paren't say "Not my child" they can bring on the video.  Living in the township, I witnessed an empty bus do a rollng stop, and keep going.  I drive these roads several times a day, as well as the hunreds of BGSU students. 


Man4451 and tellow snow, the school busses already have cameras/video of the students they transport.  They have had this for years now, courtesy of money from the Eagles club I believe.

swiss family

I think that any students that are going to ride the bus, should be required to take a short class on bus etiquette... both on the bus, and getting off the bus. I think it is overkill to have the bus stop at every third house, to drop most kids off right at their  front door.. I do not understand why the bus can't just stop once for each block???

  sadly, by giving the kids all of the attention, and driving them to their doors, too many of them think that "it is all about them" and I have seen far too many of them  slowly take their time getting off he bus, talking to their friends, and standing in the road, holding up all the traffic, while they text, or talk on their phones, or whatever they think ids right to do..for everyone's safety, and as a courtesy to everyone, they need to know that they should exit the bus at their stop.. (hopefully the whole blocks worth") and then they need to get on the sidewalk, on whichever side of the street that they live, as quickly and  carefully as possible, and let the "normal" traffic that they are holding up, proceed...

  and one more thing... how is it possible to have school children being dropped off at their babysitters homes, and they are being transported in buses that are marked.. "services for the aging?"

Yellow Snow


Yes, busses should stop at set locations when well lit, not each house, at least for drop-off service.  How many are required to walk the full distance to school regardles of weather or neighborhood.  A savings in time and  fuel.  Less frusteration and time savings for motorists.

Captain Gutz

If you all that get together?????????


I think the money would have been better spent funding an additional route so that children don"t have to cross Cleveland Rd. between Rye Beach and  Camp rd.. This is one of the highest accident areas in Erie county. The state recognized that a few years ago , when they permitted the speed limit reduced to 45 mph.. Mr Blodgett sounds way too interested in convicting those err, (and getting the money) than reducing the number of occurences. The cameras are free now, but what of the maintenance and replacements? Would fake cameras serve just as well? How about a mechanical arm that reaches across the entire opposing lane?

One last observation. The busses stop where no child is present , put on their flashers, wait for a child to show up. And sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't  I know this reduces complaints from parents, but does not responsibly address traffic considerations..



Norma J-C

If the bus drivers are doing as you say and waiting for their passengers to come out of the house, the driver is at fault. The children are supposssed to be ready and waiting, not given door to door treatment.

Does anyone know if the bus routes are done with the children having equal riding time? By this I mean if they are the last ones picked up in the morning, are they the last ones off in the afternoon? If not the parents need to complain and maybe they won't have to cross Cleveland Road.


A 10 foot mechanical arm that blocks the other lane would be an excellent idea to prevent vehicles from passing a stopped school bus. The arm would be activated once the bus comes to s full stop. This makes more sense than that dinky little stop sign that swings out on the bus. The drivers of the vehicles passing stopped school buses would damage their cars. But then you have to protect the stupid drivers from getting hurt or worse if they decide to drive and crash through the mechanical arm. Maybe a mechanical punching arm?  Or maybe a device that shoots out a stream of bright paint at passing cars passing stopped buses? Why don't people also learn that on a 4 lane highway that you do not have to stop if one is going the other direction past a stopped bus? I once had a person slam on the brakes ahead of me on a 4 lane road because of a stopped school bus headed the other way. Now I am no legal expert but the stopping for a school bus law seems a little vague to me.  OY BUFF!!!! Can you explain this law? What does "highway" mean? What about a 4 lane road in the city? And what does "an automatically extended stop warning sign of a type approved by the state board of education, which shall be actuated by the driver of the bus whenever but only whenever the bus is stopped or STOPPING on the roadway" mean? Is this why I have experienced buses roll past me after I have stopped?  Why is the word stopping used? We have a bunch of dummies in Columbus that cannot write common sense laws.

Norma J-C

 Stopping means in the process of coming to a complete stop which then is not moving. A highway is a main public road and usually connects cities and towns to each other. Surface streets are those within the municipality. When I drove a school bus, we had to start the overhead red lights flashing to let other drivers know we were stopping, thereby getting ready to come to a complete stop to discharge the student. If a bus is completely stopped, the vehicles should be also. There is no excuse for passing a stopped school bus.

Part of the problem also lies in the driver's inability to make a complete stop at stop signs. They think beause they slow down and look that they have made a stop which is not the case. For all you expert drivers out there, check yourself the next time you stop at a stop sign. Unless the body travels forward and back, the vehicle has not stopped and you have just made an incomplete stop, not a rolling stop, get it? Stop means stop.