Janesville Acoustics closing its doors

The factory will be phased out and close by the end of 2014.
Melissa Topey
Aug 28, 2013

Janesville Acoustics announced Wednesday it is closing its Norwalk facility.

Are you a Janesville Acoustics employee? Please call reporter Melissa Topey at 419-609-5884

There are close to 270 hourly and 26 salaried personnel at the Industrial Parkway location.

Janesville Acoustics has been in Norwalk since the 1950's but will now close to allow the company to move closer to their business partners.

"The company intends to select a new plant in Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska before the close of 2013, a location within reach of the assembly plants of many current Janesville Acoustics Customers," the company said in a prepared statement.



Another lead for our development team. At this pace we will need a branch out here.


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red white and blue

Trust me there not moving because there union they make less then most non union shops ohio ( because of our current leaders) has become a sink hole of dispare sad they wait till they run this state in to the ground then decide to vote in casinos.hmmm I remeber a certain gov. That decide to tax evrything more in this state sure looks like it worked NOT! GRUMMPY I hate to say it I really do your right soon there will be no middle class

red white and blue

And STOPIT its the phone Im sticking to my story! Never know when I might run for office can't leave any bad ;&$# behind


KBI is next in a few years. How much more can we sustain before it breaks?


That's it Urine County! Try like you did in the 80's to get the highest unemployment in the State! Aren't you # 5 presently?


As one poster wrote on the NR site:

"We are in a depression people"

Agreed. AND it is specific to a state and/or region.

Columbus is doin' well and other states like TX, ND and others are booming.

On a national basis, one need only look at the number of people on govt. assistance and the FACT that the Federal Reserve has been buying govt. debt to the tune of over $1T annually for several yrs.

The road to an economic resurgence of Huron Co. and surrounding areas leads through Columbus, but specifically DC.

Suitcase Simpson

Actually, Michigan became a 'right to work' state last year. So, yes, they are relocating in the hope of controlling outrageous union costs.

looking around

Outrageous union costs? Do you consider 14 - 18 dollar per hour with minimum benefits and no pension program outrageous? Seriously what is your idea of a wage that would sustain a family, pay taxes and allow for a savings to support yourself in your elder years when you become to old or are unable to work? You sound like a typical Republican puke to me!