Janesville Acoustics closing its doors

The factory will be phased out and close by the end of 2014.
Melissa Topey
Aug 28, 2013


Janesville Acoustics announced Wednesday it is closing its Norwalk facility.

Are you a Janesville Acoustics employee? Please call reporter Melissa Topey at 419-609-5884

There are close to 270 hourly and 26 salaried personnel at the Industrial Parkway location.

Janesville Acoustics has been in Norwalk since the 1950's but will now close to allow the company to move closer to their business partners.

"The company intends to select a new plant in Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska before the close of 2013, a location within reach of the assembly plants of many current Janesville Acoustics Customers," the company said in a prepared statement.



Nice! Add this to the list of lost industry in the area....but, hey....look at their new school!

Licorice Schtick

Let the union-blaming begin.

Businesses seek to minimize their labor costs, and it's a race to the bottom.

""The company intends to select a new plant in Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska..." Unless some other state re-institutes slavery soon. Then they'll got there.

The truth is that demand for labor pursues it wherever it is most powerless and desperate, and thus cheapest. We need to level the playing field. A minimum wage that's a living wage would be a start.




What on earth does Union have anything to do with moving to be closer to their business partners?

More than likely business partners and Janesville wanted to reduce shipping costs with higher fuel rates.




Are they Union? I had a friend that worked there, I'll have to ask him.


Businesses are in business to make money, and for most (Starbucks is a notable recent exception), that is a much higher priority than treating their workers fairly and providing a safe working environment.

That's why unions came into being in the first place - without being forced to do so, businesses wouldn't provide those things. If they are leaving for reason #1 above (to save on high shipping costs), the move is understandable. If they're leaving for reason #2 (to abolish their union), that's unconscionable, and also proof of the reason unions are needed.


You are exactly right. The only trouble is, if they are union, they never use this as an excuse to close the doors. It's always for another reason. Unions started to protect the employees, and it looks like they need to start up again. It's just that now, people are running scared, and they should be. I remember years ago in the 80's when plants started closing and it was a shame, but not very many worried because it didn't affect them. Now it does, but it's almost to late to do anything about it.




Yes it makes economic sense to spend tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to move equipment, and leave property worth the same if not more, have to buy, lease, remodel a different plant if not build one. Have to either pay to move management or hire and teach management your way of doing things, hire and instruct new labor to do the jobs, just to get away from a union. That is the logical way to see it, all that and more just to get away from the union. No other reason is needed to move. Common sense has left the building.

There are many reasons for a company to leave as has been mentioned above, below, and more.


I want to agree with you, but please say it in another way...I have no idea what you are saying.


either way, we will never know probably. I highly doubt that it being Union (if it is) is the only reason that they are looking to move. Higher Fuel costs for shipping, plus I bet they will get tax incentives to move into their new area to reduce their overhead are all factors. I don't think entire factory's uproot just because they are Union or not. Especially ones that have made money consistently and not been put out of business.


Ugh, this is horrible news

red white and blue

They are union and they have a pant in Mexico. Its Been there for 20 years problem is they have had nothing but problems in mexico they have also been sued numerouse times over the years as far as there wage top guy there is 14 an hour

whatever you say

My spouse works there. He makes just under $18 an hour. He has been there for 20 years. While heartbreaking and a little frightening, it is not unexpected. I just thank the powers that be that our children are adults and we are in a position for him to be under less pressure to provide for us.
Janesville has been good to us. I am sad they chose this way to end our relationship, but I do wish them well.

red white and blue

I find it sad for some yhat work there others there will have a tough time finding work now that they have no one to suck up to its also sad for the city of norwalk losing ipc a couple years back now this they currently own 3 plants there


Hope and Change, Bitchesssssssszzzz!


Didn't we just have a story about how companies are having trouble finding workers in the manufacturing field? I work in the manufacturing field, and the trouble is, job security! I understand no job is 100% certain but it seems like that is all you hear of anymore. Place x is closing, this place MIGHT close. Why would a parent encourage their children to go into a field with such instability?

red white and blue

Sheperd ur right its bad remember norwalk furniture closed then opened with a quarter of there old work force ipc closed now this that yown will be a ghost town soon

red white and blue

Sorry shepherd hard to type onThis phone I don't know who spells worse me or this phone lol

Stop It

Yeah, blame the phone.


I blame my phone all the time! LOL!

Stop It

That's not gonna fly, sister.


LET meunderstand, THE governments sign papers like NAFTA send our jobs over seas or to other countries, and have LAWS that the tax payer has to pay for shipping over sea products to here so the prices are competitive. So our companies have to close the doors. THEN when there is NO other work, this same PEOPLE want you to do illegal things to feed your family, SO these same people can put you in PRISON to collect more TAXES to support THERE habit of work. WHAT the HECK is going on here?

Good 2 B Me

Your poor grammar skills?


I know, should I say, my teachers REALLY cared that I learned? Or should I say, I think you love me and care for me?


Ow....Good one!

red white and blue

That's what happens when u get people voting that don't do there research.and have a park bench as there home address.untill this country stands up for what we beleave in and say enough is enough it will continue

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I heard they were moving to a new plant and consolidating some operations together.



Gee Janesville choose to expand in a union state. Hard to believe that from a company that wants to run from unions. I guess there ARE reasons other than not wanting to deal with unions for companies to move or expand. Just as some have pointed out. If it was true that companies only move or expand because of not wanting to deal with unions, BP in Oregon would not have remodeled and continue to upgrade, Jeep would not have built and expanded in Toledo, same with the GM transmission plant there. But that doesn't fit the far left wingers preconceptions of business. All the 1% wants to do is kill the middle class. But then who would they sell the products to from their businesses? The poor don't spend anywhere near what the middle class does... but that doesn't fit the 20% leftwing wacco's preconceptions either.

Neither sides wingers and wacco's have the common sense to use their brains. Or what little of them they still use, instead of blindly following their parties dictates and BS statements.


Another lead for our development team. At this pace we will need a branch out here.


Replied to wrong post.

red white and blue

Trust me there not moving because there union they make less then most non union shops ohio ( because of our current leaders) has become a sink hole of dispare sad they wait till they run this state in to the ground then decide to vote in casinos.hmmm I remeber a certain gov. That decide to tax evrything more in this state sure looks like it worked NOT! GRUMMPY I hate to say it I really do your right soon there will be no middle class

red white and blue

And STOPIT its the phone Im sticking to my story! Never know when I might run for office can't leave any bad ;&$# behind


KBI is next in a few years. How much more can we sustain before it breaks?


That's it Urine County! Try like you did in the 80's to get the highest unemployment in the State! Aren't you # 5 presently?


As one poster wrote on the NR site:

"We are in a depression people"

Agreed. AND it is specific to a state and/or region.

Columbus is doin' well and other states like TX, ND and others are booming.

On a national basis, one need only look at the number of people on govt. assistance and the FACT that the Federal Reserve has been buying govt. debt to the tune of over $1T annually for several yrs.

The road to an economic resurgence of Huron Co. and surrounding areas leads through Columbus, but specifically DC.

Suitcase Simpson

Actually, Michigan became a 'right to work' state last year. So, yes, they are relocating in the hope of controlling outrageous union costs.

looking around

Outrageous union costs? Do you consider 14 - 18 dollar per hour with minimum benefits and no pension program outrageous? Seriously what is your idea of a wage that would sustain a family, pay taxes and allow for a savings to support yourself in your elder years when you become to old or are unable to work? You sound like a typical Republican puke to me!