Dog tags to be good for 3 years

Dog warden says change will complicate records
Andy Ouriel
Aug 29, 2013


Come December, a new state law will allow dog owners to bypass registering their pooches every year.

State officials recently approved a measure in which dog owners can still purchase tags once a year, but with options to purchase tags every three years or 10 years.  
Need a dog tag? 
Contact the Erie County Dog Pound:
•Call 419-627-7607
•Visit the office at 2900 Columbus Ave. from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10-10:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.
Previously, dog owners in Ohio could only purchase a dog tag annually. If they failed to buy the tag, they could face criminal charges. Under Erie County’s rate structure, an annual $18 dog tag would cost $54 for three years and $180 for a decade.
Erie County Dog Warden Barb Knapp said the new rate structure is likely being rolled out for those people who may forget to register their pooches each year.
But Knapp’s not a fan of the new law. “I am not in favor of the three-year or (10-year) tags,” she said. “We will lose track of dogs when people move and (we’re) not able to locate owners.”  

When dogs are registered each year, it makes it easier for the dog warden’s office to track the owner’s whereabouts, as opposed to registering every three years or 10 years, Knapp said.

“It’s hard enough to get people to buy them for one year,” Knapp said. “People don’t update their info now. Why would they in three years? The (10-year) tag would make people upset if their dog died in five years. They would use it on a new dog, which isn’t allowed, or they would want a refund. It’s not a good idea.”



Good 2 B Me

Make all of these disgusting cats get one too! I don't let my dog 'go' in the neighbors yard or landscaping. Somehow they think it is ok for their cat to 'go' in mine though. Tag 'em and make the owners responsible.


Agree with the above. Cats should have to have tags just the same as dogs.


Cats should be licenced,as they take up 1/2 the shelters and labor.Under skin ID is much less of an expense now.Some cities us a fabric tag,very small with a weatherproof id number stapled in an ear.painless, durable and inexpensive.

Personally I think the whole pet licensing dept. should be really really looked at by a citizen revue board.A whole lot of money goes thru there and where is it spent and how can it be made more efficient and not just more expensive.



But cats are different...cats are just ...cats. I would love to let my dogs roam the neighborhood, but they are BIG BABIES and do not like to be out in the dark alone and would not make it off the porch. IF they made it out of the yard, the first cat or big rodent they encountered they would come running home.

thinkagain's picture

It's about time, but then again, Ohio has always been 50 years behind the rest of the country.

Suitcase Simpson

I agree with Warden Knapp. Dog licenses would be much more manageable if left at one year standard. It would also be great if owners had to provide up-to-date shot records when obtaining licenses. That would help dogs receive proper veterinary care. But when you see the condition of some of the toddlers roaming our streets, I guess it is a fantasy to think some of these folks would actually vet their pets!

he said she said

I think yearly licenses are the best. I agree with Warden Knapp that 3 or 10 year tags are not a good idea. People already let their dogs roam with or without a tag now, it would be a big clusterf&*% with it any other way than yearly (for those non responsible dog owners who have dogs that is). I also think that those that apply for dog tags should have to show vet records to show that their dog has had their required shots. I know too many people that give their dogs their shots themselves and have healthy dogs but how do you prove something like that?

I also believe that cats should have tags also. Cats should be required by law that they be fixed. There are so many cats running around my neighborhood that there are almost more cats than people. And it doesn't help that people feel they need to feed them.


You will never make some people responsible pet owners no matter what you do. Some people that have pets should not have them. Some just want the little kitten or puppy as a toy for their kid and then they get tired of cleaning up after it and boom, out the door or onto craigslist. I don't think cats should have tags and people that let their cats out to roam don't really care about them and they'd just take the tag off. The cats roaming neighborhoods are most likely drop offs or strays that need to be captured and neutered and released again-somewhere safe or given a home. Tags for cats won't make any difference.


One more thing.What about about a 2 year plan and give 1/2 off for second year if paid in advance?This reduces paperwork,bookeeping as well as giving pet owners a break.


Stop It

Cats are really easy to trap humanely.


Make unexpired licenses transferable to a new dog, and this is a great idea.

The dog warden thinks it will complicate records? Well, then, I guess it's a good thing we have these new fangled things called computers. You can renew your license plates for two years, and drivers' licenses are good for four. Is the warden prepared to admit she can't find a way to effectively handle what the same challenges as the DMV does?