You put your weed in it and they take it out

Erie County’s annual hunt for marijuana left local law enforcement officers jonesing for more on Tuesday.
Courtney Astolfi
Aug 28, 2013


Erie County deputies joined officers from area police departments Tuesday afternoon to case the county for pot plants. In the end, they pulled 75 plants from a handful of cornfields — just a quarter the size of last year’s haul.

“We would’ve liked to get more, but it’s something,” Erie County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dennis Papineau said. “It’s always a good day to get it off the street.”

Weather and timing were the likely culprits in this year’s meager harvest.    “There’s been a lot of rain and cold spells this season, and right around now is when they start harvesting,” Papineau said. Three deputies, two Sandusky officers and one Huron officer embarked on the mission shortly after noon, following a brief rain delay.

“It’s a countywide problem when it comes to drugs,” Papineau said. “We like to get agencies to work together.”

The crews began the hunt in Margaretta Township, steadily working south and east as a helicopter hummed overhead.

In the helicopter was an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation agent, tasked with spotting the growing plants from above and letting deputies know where to put their machetes to work.

“Further, further, now 25 rows in,” the agent directed.

The first stop yielded five stalks of marijuana. “We got about enough for one bowl,” one deputy joked, obstructed behind a maze of corn.

At Potter and Bragg roads they found another 29 plants, growing in large plastic tubs in the middle of a field. On Billings Road they scored another 38 plants. Each plant is worth about $1,000 after it’s dried, prepared and sold.

The vast majority of plants pulled Tuesday were rather small, with few or no buds, the part of the plant that’s commonly smoked.

The largest budding plants deputies found were indeed surrounded by corn, but in this case they were in a Boos Road resident’s backyard garden. “We have to dry it and get it weighed to determine if it’s a felony or misdemeanor amount,” Papineau said. Either way, the cultivators will likely face charges.

Normally deputies soak the plants in fuel and burn them when they’ve completed the search. But with so few plants pulled this time around, deputies instead chose to dry it out and secure it in the evidence locker.

All told, deputies destroyed $75,000 worth of marijuana Tuesday.

“To me, it was a good day,” Papineau said.


getit right be4...

What a wast of tax dollars.


It's a great use of tax dollars

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Just like busting heroin users and then letting them go.


Who do they think they are They are having one _ell of a giant Pot party!!!! (The one guy is checking with his buddy to see if the "fruit" is ripe enough to ingest.)(The other dude is asking, "Did you get your official-looking sweat shirt from Pntbutterandjelly?)

sandtown born a...

Is that a evidence locker or their locker? LOL, Farmers I personally know now use round up ready crops so they can spray for weeds so what happens to the weed/pot? it dies, Im sure it didn't take the planters of pot to long to figure that out even if they are high.


You put the seed in
You take the weed out
you take the smokie-smokie
and you pass it all about
you grow the smokie-smokie
and you pass it all around
thats what its all about.

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Don't bogart that joint my friend, Pass it over to me.


I have often wondered, "Is that where Bogart Road got its name??? (just curious)

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Remember Reefer Ave in Huron, it ran all along the south and west side of Huron High School? Ironic, they changed it to Jim Campbell Blvd in the 80's I believe.


I would think the officers time should be spent trying to find who is breaking into homes in the county.No,take the easy bust of some weed sucker.

Stop It

It's not even budding yet. There is no usable product.

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It is very expensive to make these field raids and a complete waste of money. Or is this volunteer work?


we have people overdosing on heroin every day and they are out looking for pot think they could use there time better

red white and blue

Ya don't stop the pill problem they have doc. All around the area giving them out like candy yet we would rather chase down some weed plants so we can bust some guy with a dime bag and a bowl wow talk about bending over a dollar to pick up a dime

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The closest I have ever seen marijuana come to harming anyone was during an air drop. In the 1980's we brought in 1500 pounds from Jamaica and dropped it in a bean field in central Ohio. The pilot dropped the bales from a small plane at about 100 feet up. One of the bales, about 80 pounds, missed my partner by only a few feet.


Ummm...maybe the pilot wasn't "high" enough(?) Was your partner trying to cop a really heavy oral buzz or is he a little slow? {100 feet x 80 pounds would roughly equal 8,000 foot pounds of pressure. That's a lot of pressure to bear man! SMUUUSH!}

I can see where Cedar Point may want to get this thing going. Yeah, they could call it, "Dive Bomber". People would mount a 300 foot high giant swing-like device. When released they would then try to drop nickel bags of a "hemp-like" substance into the open mouths of their friends. Those on the ground who are successful would reap a giant "happy face" for the duration of the day!

Or...C.P. could do a spin-off of the old-time apple dunking game. Here contestants would be blind folded before attempting to bob for Twinkies covered in a sugary-coated/pot laden covering. The winners would cop a buzz AND fulfill their muchies too!

Are `ya listening Cedar Point?

* So much time and so many ideas. What's a person to do?!?


I agree: What an unbelievable waste of time and resources. Marijuana should have been decriminalized years ago, but just because it hasn't been (yet) doesn't mean it's any more harmful!

The comments here are right: Go after REAL drugs. Go after whoever is committing that rash of robberies. Go after those committing assault or abusing children.

The very next time I hear of a local law enforcement agency crying that it can't afford this, that, or the other thing, I'm going to remind them of the helicopter and man hours they chose to waste today!

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Amen Sam.


Technically, Ohio has decriminalized possession laws. It just hasn't passed legislation of any kind to legalize it.

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Wouldn't the money have been spent better going into Mc Arther Park and closing down the crack houses and heroin dens in there???


Night stroller this isn't the 1990's the park hasn't been like that for along time now... yea there are individuals that live there that still sell drugs, but it is far from the drug haven it once don't see dealers lined up on the corners like during the pre cell phone era. 75 immature plants that they said were small and then they try and justify the waste of money by saying its worth 75,000$ ..... yea right. Who do you guys have fighting this war on drugs? Barney .... don't try and lie to your community to make it sound like your mission was a success was a complete lie and waste of our money when we are in the misdst of a heroin and pill epidemic. I want here about the bust of ounces and kilo of dope, not we got five plants here and 13 here....u r a total joke and our community is at the Burt of it... get it together

red white and blue

Really nightroller they could start with the one with the bmw suv or maybe sit there and watch how many of them that live there with there girlfriend on gov. Assitance walk across the street to go to work theres a crime I work 50 hours a week have a house and I can't afford a brand new bmw of course I'm not living rent free with food stamps

red white and blue

It even said in the story he joked they had enough for a bowl.


A shameful waste of taxpayers dollars, I would like to know, as a taxpayer how much this wasteful hunt cost....


Meanwhile in Michigan where it has been legal to grow....


Make it legal and FORGET ABOUT IT.

Stop It

I'm surprised they didn't send in a S.W.A.T. team or a U.S. Army Airborne division.

Look! They have gloves on so they don't get high while touching the EVIL WEED.


I have some of those same sweatshirts. They work really well when I need some free weed and want to keep everybody else away while I'm reaping what "my brother sews". Isn't life grand?!?

Ps. You too can own your very own "Erie County Sheriff" t-shirt by ordering from me for ONLY....$32.99 with absolutely no tax and free shipping (you do, however, need to make a small, one-time "donation" of the first pound of "product". (No questions asked!)


"High. How are you?" re-translated becomes, "How. High are you?".


From the Grave

A waste of tax dollars? You mean like the billions we are spending in the Middle East?


You're not going to get an argument on that point from ME! However, this is local which means we have the potential to have a material and quick effect just because we're that much closer to the source. One wasteful government boondoggle at a time. :-)

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I see the dopers are out in force on this article.

Any time you need a drug to feel good or get through the day, there’s something missing in your life.

Only the truth can give you what you want.


Do you have an occasional drink, perhaps a glass of wine with dinner, a beer watching a football game. That,personally, is my drug of choice. No difference. It is ridiculous that they spent one dime for that... worse than prohibition...


Drove thru the park today and I didn't see not one bmw or Benz or any other super high dollar vehicles. A handfull of ten yr old caddilacs, but I did not at all see what a few of you were saying it was like.......maybe it was a off day lol.....or maybe you are just a raciest, that is suffering from his own transgretions and lack of character that it makes you feel better to bash everyone on fed assistance... most do work, and don't drive 50,000$ cars....your heartless shame is a perfect example on the work that still needs to be done in this country on economic equality for all that strive and put forth the effort and dedication needed for success, but that's just not happening

sandtown born a...

A lot of effort to call someone a racist, I personally know they are pretty accurate with a man laying up with a woman on assistance and he has a job not reported of course it's the new way to get what some feel they have coming to them oh and these people I speak of are both black and white. So much for the racial aspect of people screwing the very system that was put in place as A HELPING HAND NOT A WAY OF LIFE

red white and blue

May be you are the one in the suv funny I drive by everyday and its far as being raciest do u know my color if u did ur comments would look pretty dum any more exscuses for the people on welfare more than they work? Didn't think so

red white and blue

Sandtown your right on target sad the welfare office is four blocks away yet can't seem to know that people ARE DRIVING NEWER CARS AND TRUCKS AND WORK A FULL TIME JOB WHILE THERE OTHER HALF COLLECTS! Sad that suv I speak of is right behind a house up front right were u turn in to the park its there everyday has been for about 6 months


JudgeMeNot: 1500 pounds? REALLY!!!!