Mulder and Scully not needed in Fremont, yet

Possible X-file includes possible UFO, radio interference
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 28, 2013


A concerned caller sent Fremont police on a UFO hunt last weekend in the 1200 block of North River Road. “The caller advised dispatch he was serious and this wasn’t a joke,” a police report stated.
Officers headed to the area at about 12:30 a.m. Aug. 18 but found nothing. When Officer Lester Daniels called the man who reported the sighting, the man said he was surprised they hadn’t spotted the object. He redirected Daniels to a radio tower between Granville and Stone streets, but the officers found nothing.
Like every good mystery, however, there remained a curious notation. “It should be noted that our car radios were having interference while this call was being investigated,” Daniels stated in his report.

The following day, another caller reported seeing a UFO near Napoleon and Granville Boulevard, but police again found nothing.



If you keep reading a few days later, the Fremont paper states in a follow-up story that it was a remote controlled helicopter. The picture shown was not actually a helicopter but a remote controlled device none the less. Great sensationalizing there!


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