Perkins police ask for help in possible attempted abduction

Incident happened in the Schiller Avenue area. Vehicle involved is an older white four-door vehicle.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 28, 2013


Perkins police took a report of an attempted abduction of a 12-year-old boy in the Schiller Avenue area. The only information available at this time is listed below:

Older white four-door vehicle, light rust on bottom of vehicle, white male, 30s to 40s, heavy build, tan, light beard, had medium sized brown dog in vehicle, wearing blue bandana.

The male attempted to lure the child to his vehicle several times by asking the boy if he wanted a puppy but never exited his vehicle. The vehicle was last seen heading east on Schiller Avenue towards Columbus Avenue.

Anyone with information on the vehicle or vehicle owner please contact Perkins police at 419-627-0824 ext.1.



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You people can't stop from making BS comments when a child could be in danger? This is a couple doors down from me. It's not a time for this. I hope the SOB is caught soon.


if a child is in danger, my comment, or lack of a comment will not change the situation. pull your panties out of your crack and lighten up..


No it won't change the situation but it makes you look like an insensitive prick. I hope you don't have children... Since you think this is funny.

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The kids can remember this?> "Older white four-door vehicle, light rust on bottom of vehicle, white male, 30s to 40s, heavy build, tan, light beard, had medium sized brown dog in vehicle, wearing blue bandana."

But not the license plate?

When it sounds more real, more people would act 'real' about it.


He's 12 for peet sakes.... and you could see rust on a white car from 300 yards away... it's hard to make out #'s and letters... your post has no validity.


This is a scary situation. Parents must talk to their children about these situations. Don't ever get into a vehicle unless you know the person.


I agree that this is a scary situation. The family that was involved walked around the neighborhood last night talking to the residents... telling them what actually happened, and not what the paper prints... this article is pretty close to the real truth told to me by the family. I have to say that it is a scary situation, and I don't even have kids in the area. I know it can happen anywhere to anyone... but this was pretty close to home (Literally)... What we need to do as a community is to protect our people. We all need to be on the lookout for an older model white 4 door vehicle that may look suspicious. The license plate number wasn't a piece of information that the boy remembered. This happened RIGHT IN FRONT OF their house... so the kid was in his own yard. Parent was home. By the time the parent went outside (after over hearing something)... the car was two speed bumps down the road and the license plate was unrecognizable. They immediately called the police. She said it 'looked' like a Pontiac -older model... maybe late 90's? But that's from a distance and obviously looking at the rear of the vehicle. School just started in Perkins this week, and kids are just a nervous wreck.

I ask that you please be sensitive to the family and not post crappy things on here and make jokes. It doesn't change the outcome, but I'm asking that you have some respect and manners. The child didn't get close to the car, but got close enough to study the man's face. He was able to give a GREAT description to the police.


I'm not real familiar with the Schiller St. area at all but isn't that near the Columbus Rd & Strub Rd intersection where all those traffic cameras are? I would think that those cameras would be helpful in this situation, if nothing more than maybe picking up a more accurate vehicle type. And ARoss is right, people do need to be more sensitive to the situation with their comments. These are children we're talking about here. Let's stop messing with their young lives and start helping.


Whatever happened to that guy a few weeks ago that tried to lure a young girl into his van? I think that was a white vehicle also. He asked her of she wanted to go help him do a job and be his girlfriend, or something like that. He turned himself in, but I never heard anymore from that.


When we had the "stranger danger" talk with our kids my husband and I told them not to get into anyone's vehicle even someone they know except for us and their older brother who can drive. Remember one of those poor girls in Cleveland had the Castro B for a bus driver. I also don't let my kids roam the neighborhood without me though.