Ohio GOP leader questions previous state treasurer's honesty

Timeline released by current treasurer Josh Mandel calls into question Kevin Boyce's surprise at former deputy's indictment
Associated Press
Aug 27, 2013


Then-Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce learned just after losing the 2010 election that a top aide was under federal investigation yet proceeded to recommend the man for a job with the city of Chicago, public documents show.

The timeline was revealed in an Ohio Treasurer's Office memo released by the administration of current Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel.

Boyce's former deputy treasurer, Amer Ahmad, was charged last week with conspiracy and wire fraud in an alleged kickback scheme along with Mohammed Noure Alo, a Columbus attorney and bank lobbyist. Ahmad also was charged with money laundering, conspiracy to launder money, bribery and making false statements.

Both men have pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Boyce, a Columbus Democrat now serving as a representative in the Ohio House, described himself last week as "shocked and forever stunned" by details of the indictment of Ahmad.

But Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges said Monday that new revelations regarding the timeline of the investigation raise questions about Boyce's surprised reaction.

"For three years he has been silent, he's been lying by omission on this particular issue, and then last week when asked to give a comment on it, it was a lie of commission and now he's just being dishonest," Borges said.

Ahmad was under investigation five months before Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel hired him as the city's comptroller in April 2011, The Chicago Tribune reported Saturday. Boyce had recommended Ahmad for the job.

The treasurer's office memo indicates Boyce became aware the FBI was investigating Ahmad around Nov. 16, 2010, though in relation to a state contract with State Street Bank that did not make its way into last week's indictment. Boyce learned of the probe days after he lost the election to Mandel.

In a new statement Monday, Boyce said he was shocked "at the depth and seriousness" of the indictments.

"This issue will not be, and cannot be, resolved in the normal political exchange of he-said, she-said politics," Boyce said. "The criminal justice process will answer all questions."

The memo from Boyce's general counsel at the time, Theresa L. Carter, said a "very comprehensive" subpoena was delivered about two months later, on Jan. 4, 2011.

As Ahmad sought the Chicago comptroller job, Boyce provided a positive review, according to information from Emanuel's office.

Emanuel, then mayor-elect, was praised by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce in April 2011 for his new financial team. Among endorsements was one from Boyce.

"Amer Ahmad will be a tremendous addition to the Emanuel administration," he was quoted as saying. "As deputy treasurer and chief financial officer within my administration, he oversaw the state's $10 billion-dollar fixed income portfolio and $150 billion-dollar pension fund custodial agreements. His financial skills are unmatched and his dedication to public service unrivaled. I am certain that the City of Chicago will enhanced by the tenure of his service."

Ahmad quit his job as comptroller ahead of last week's indictments, saying he was pursuing an opportunity in the private sector.




MY bet is, every truck coming from erie blac top is over gross, and traveling down Fox rd, So with these permits, who will pay for the Damage these heavy trucks are causing??????


I, for one, am glad that Mandel is finally showing up for work. Perhaps he will help us look into campaign contributions made to Gov. Kasich by members of the Ohio Ethics Commission, along with the underperforming JobsOhio program.

Six of nine JobsOhio directors appointed by Kasich are financially tied to companies receiving public funds. Unfortunately, there is literally no oversight over JobsOhio (which Kasich privatized). The Ethics Commission has a duty to at least investigate Kasich's possible self-dealing, but they aren't. Neither the Ethics Commission or Kasich pass the smell test...


Don't you have some work to do Mr. Redfern? How many witch hunts against Kasich have turned up anything? Just because a Dem alleges something, doesn't make it true. Give it up, the guy you are running against him (Fitzgerald) hasn't go a chance to win. Now you and your forehead can go back to work doing something productive.


I see coaster cannot stay on topic again. Always the bait and switch.


While we are on the subject of jobs, there is this




Little weenie Joshy Mandel. As if his hands are as clean as a whistle. You are spot on with your comments coasterfan!!


Ah the sounds of jealousy from the left!!!!!!

The Big Dog's back

Nowhere near your jealousy of President Obama.


Coaster, why don't you ask POTUS why he selected Jack Lew to replace Bernake. After all Jack Lew is one the people that are supposedly ruining the middle class as he has mega investments in the Cayman Islands. Once again, as this article illustrates, the dems are the biggest hypocrites of all political parties.


Kevin Boyce is "shocked and forever stunned"

Really? "Shocked and stunned" because the crook was indicted? That was not supposed to happen in corrupt Ohio.

D or R. It doesn't matter. Both have their share of crooks.

"Ahmad and his lobbyist friend Mohammed Noure Alo entered not guilty pleas in federal court in Columbus, Ohio, to charges that they and two others conspired to direct state investing work to one of them in exchange for kickbacks between 2009 and 2011. The charges are not related to the 2010 banking contract.

The two others charged in the alleged conspiracy, Douglas Hampton and Joseph Chiavaroli, have pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with federal investigators, according to their plea deals obtained Monday.

The indictment alleges Ahmad directed Ohio state investment work to Hampton. In exchange, Hampton funneled more than $500,000 to a landscaping company owned by Ahmad and Chiavaroli and to Alo, a lawyer and lobbyist who was a "close personal friend and business associate" of Ahmad's."

New slogan for Ohio is needed.

Maybe bring back "Imperium in Imperio" which means empire within an empire or state within the state.

The Democrat party in Ohio is the most corrupt in the nation. It is worse than Chicago. Voting fraud is rampant in Ohio. It is very easy to vote more than once.

"Richardson, in fact, admitted to voting at least twice (by absentee ballot and at the polls) in a local TV news interview, and also cast absentee ballots on behalf of several other people; she was one of 19 people investigated by the local county board of elections for suspected voter fraud. Robinson previously said she would fight the charges to defend Obama’s “right to sit as president of the United States.”


Next on MSNBC.....Josh Mandel is racist for questioning a black official.


Centauri is right: There are plenty examples of corruption in BOTH parties! But what's worse than that is the selective handling of those corrupt officials who are caught. I don't care WHO you are. I don't care who your FRIENDS are. Illegal is illegal; unethical is unethical.

I WILL say that Democrats appear far more likely to EXCUSE bad behavior than Republicans (the mayor of San Diego only left office as part of a "deal;" Anthony Wiener is actually running for ANOTHER political office; and Ohio's former Treasurer RECOMMENDED a criminal for another job, albeit one with a criminal administration in a city that's a virtual cesspool of Democrat corruption).

I still don't care. Prosecute 'em ALL. And as voters, stop pretending that "everybody makes mistakes." Sure, everybody DOES. But not all of us actively betray the public trust, or hurt numerous others, when we make those mistakes! Some things may be eventually forgiven, but forgetting them is part and parcel of how so many get away with so much for so long!

Julie R.


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The Hero Zone

I agree, Sam. While the timeline can be seen as suspicious, the former treasurer's response was well said in leaving it to the justice system to sort it out. But this is another danger of political parties (or selective headline writing). While this is a very real concern I read the headline, rolled my eyes, and was ready to pass it up as more "waaaah, waaah" grandstanding that ultimately proves nothing and doesn't convince people of anything different. Instead of being for the good of the populace it comes across as only benefiting the party which by its own existence excludes about half of the population on a first-blush basis. I'm tired of feeling like a kid whose parents can do nothing but fight with each other, won't explain things to me because I am "too young", and never actually work to make things better.

Pastor Ron

Sam Adams ever hear of Mark Sanford or David Vitter? Clearly you didn't put much thought into your comment.


Of course I have! But if I delved into anything but the most recent scandals on either or both sides, there wouldn't be room in the comment section.

Pterocarya frax...

Your assertion that democrats "are far more likely to EXCUSE bad behavior than Republicans" is utterly ludicrous. For every democrat you can name, I can name (at least) one Republican.

Come on Hero, where are you to say "I don't even what is" to ridiculous comments by SamAdams? Instead you agreed with her.

The Big Dog's back

hero is right that he is not a Dem or Repub, he belongs to the the same party as sam, the paranoid right wingnut party.

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The Hero Zone

If a stereotype of excuse exists it is probably slanted that way and Sam went on to illustrate cases to back up her opinion (as well as use "appear"). But again, I feel as if it is a stereotype. It is also why I would love to see more independent people. That way instead of "Democrat Mayor..." or "GOP Senator..." it is "First Last, Mayor of City, found to be...". I won't presume whether or not you are a devout Democrat, that's none of my business. But when someone in the party slips, it shames and discredits everyone involved. Heck, ask the Republicans!

When the answer to a question asked last election cycle of, "Hey did you hear about that one rape Republican", was "which one?" there is a BIG problem! Parties are distractions and for those who rage against organized religion I wish I would see more independent thought regarding this group of sacred animal mascots.

Parties have a place, just not one of prominence where they are the dictators of policy, votes, etc. Otherwise they are just talking points, distractions, and a source of endless drama with NO END. It's fatiguing, especially in a modern age of communication and research. I would hope it isn't too big a dream to imagine people running for the content of their policy and not the letter after their name. But how many of us have done it? I certainly have before I started becoming more aware! Do you know how dirty I felt voting in the last presidential election?

Plus, if you decide to run, what then? Many would probably see they would have to conform, selling out all or part of their beliefs, to a party just to dance for coins to make signs and bumper stickers. I've had to think about it. While City Commission is a smaller-scale, non-partisan ballot what if I want to run for State Rep/Senator? Would I end up being a RINO/DINO for the money and just vote my conscience when put into office? If so, what kind of skeletons would that put in my closet? How many meetings of "we put you in that seat, you better step up for us" would be asked of me? And if I refuse? Would they support a loyal wunderkind against me?

When I speak on a topic would my political party affiliation trump what I have to say? After all I glazed over this one at first thinking it was just going to be a p*ss-and-moan between the parties holding up societal progress to slug it out in an unnecessary war that will NEVER end. I would be responsible for EVERYONE in my district, not just the Ds or Rs. But when you see "Hero Zone (D) speaks tonight at town hall on X-Topic" how compelled are you as a Republican to come and watch me stroke my political genius in front of a crowd who will almost invariably agree with anything I tell them...AND THEN GO BACK TO MY OFFICE TO SAY "SEE, THIS IS WHAT ==EVERYONE== WANTS!"?

I get Senator Brown's emails, do you? Not calling you out, just curious because if not he has featured surveys in them. At first I thought "ok that's neat, he wants to reach out!" Then in the next letter you get the results that say (as an example) "because more people think the environment is what matters most, I will be pursuing Y Bill" and the survey had nothing to do with the bill, its language, or anything else!

I know I have written a wall of text, but it is to express my dismay and call into question what can be done to break this vicious political cycle? What are your thoughts, Pter?

That aside (and I honestly appreciate you wanting me to chime in) perhaps then I should have been more specific as to what I was agreeing with:

1. Both parties have corruption
2. Illegal/unethical = illegal/unethical
3. Prosecute those who break the law
4. Parties can foster an easier environment for cronyism and act as cartels

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What is this I don't even

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The Hero Zone

I certainly had the feels while writing, so if a TL;DR is necessary hmu. Otherwise your bazinga is well-received.


This from today's Fremont News Messenger:

COLUMBUS — Republican Josh Mandel has kept two traffic accidents quiet since becoming Ohio treasurer in 2011 — including one that raises a potential violation of federal campaign finance law.

As treasurer, Mandel has opted not to use state-owned transportation for official business on the premise that it saves taxpayers money. The practice, while legal, allows him to leave virtually no paper trail at his state office of his travel activity.

There is more to the article but I think you all get the jist of just how much this little weasel is on the up-and-up. Seems to me that people who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones eh?


Yes it is always best to give part of the story and ask others to take your word for the rest. We understand the gist of your opinion.


Well excuse me all to hades and back there grumpus! Here is a link you can go to to find the story. Now, scroll down until you find it and read it in it's entirety for yourself.



Since when is a public official obligated to give info regarding a traffic violation? Do you want him to tell you when he poops as well?

Pterocarya frax...

When you are doing official state business, you are required to report all traffic offenses, whether in a publicly or privately owned vehicle.

Also many of these public officials are using personal phones and email addresses to conduct business, so as to avoid public records requests that may turn up suspicious activity and contacts.


Ahh the Dem way....don't worry about saving tax payers money....just spend spend spend and try not to set a good example by driving your own car.


Corrupt Ohio.

Corrupt Ohio judges get out of prison early.



Corrupt Democrats at work getting their corrupt judges out of prison early.


Dirty is a dirty does. Josh too isn't much different. Little boy who acted like he was in combat. Both sides here stink.


Heard you've done the same thing. You act like you are some hardened vet, but really aren't.


Like you know Corbin. Go play ball little boy.


His opinion is as valid as yours ... or anybody else's. Both are backed with lack of proof.


Your stupidity never stops old man. Contact Matt & ask. He was refused an interview regarding war. GOTCHA AGAIN! pdb