How much does your school's superintendent make?

Every area superintendent's contract posted here, as well as up-to-date salaries; pick up the Register today for full story, including interesting contract highlights
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 26, 2013

When most area districts kick off their school years this week, a majority of their superintendents are poised to earn above-average salaries, according to a Register analysis of Ohio Department of Education data.

Among 16 local superintendents, salaries range from $77,000 to $158,000, according to the data.

A PDF of each area superintendent's contract is posted below.

The region’s top earner is Eugene Sanders, superintendent of Sandusky Schools, the area’s second-largest district. His five-year contract, finalized earlier this year, will land him about $900,000 in salaries, bonuses and benefits if he remains in the district through its completion.

The area’s lowest-paid superintendent is Steve Poe, of Put-in-Bay School, the area’s smallest district with just 72 students.

But when considering some of Poe’s unique contract benefits — such as the South Bass Island home the district provides his family during the school year, as well as work-related travel and lodging reimbursement on the mainland — it’s clear comparing superintendent compensation isn’t always clear-cut.

The second-lowest area superintendent salary is Gregg Elchert, a one-year hire at Monroeville Schools, at $85,000. The third-lowest is Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools superintendent Guy Parmigian, at $95,000.

All other superintendent salaries exceed $100,000, excluding other benefits, for an overall region average of about $112,300.

Statewide, the average superintendent salary is about $101,500, when accounting for all districts, community schools and educational service centers, according to the Ohio Department of Education’s most recent data.

Despite the ranging pay rates, many critics across Ohio claim district administrators — specifically their top-earning superintendents — simply receive too much. The scrutinizers take note of the faltering economy and budget cuts not just to public education, but all levels of government.

Those who support the wages, however, call attention to a superintendent’s vital, challenging role — working long hours, managing multimillion-dollar budgets, and representing hundreds of employees and students in the public eye.

Still others declare an appropriate superintendent salary is situational, depending on what a district and its taxpayers can afford.

To kick off the “back to school” season, the Register compiled a list of the area’s 16 superintendents, including their salaries from the past school year, contract highlights and characteristics of their districts.



NAME: Kim Schubert

SALARY: $100,485 

YEARS: Aug. 2012-July 2018


DISTRICT BUDGET: $21 million 



NAME: Guy Parmigian

SALARY: $95,000

YEARS: Aug. 2012-July 2014


DISTRICT BUDGET: $19 million



NAME: David Stubblebine

SALARY: $103,500

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2016


DISTRICT BUDGET: $21 million



NAME: Dan Parent


YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2015


DISTRICT BUDGET: $10 million



NAME: Tom Roth

SALARY: $111,485

YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2014


DISTRICT BUDGET: $14 million



NAME: Sharon Mastroianni

SALARY: $119,332

YEARS: July 2012-June 2015


DISTRICT BUDGET: $13 million 



NAME: Traci McCaudy

SALARY: $146,595

YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2016


BUDGET: $39 million 



NAME: Dennis Muratori

SALARY: $124,989

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2016


DISTRICT BUDGET: $16 million 



NAME: Ed Kurt

SALARY: $113,771

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2016


DISTRICT BUDGET: $14 million



NAME: Gregg Elchert

SALARY: $85,000

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2014


DISTRICT BUDGET: $7 million 



NAME: Dennis Doughty

SALARY: $110,259

YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2015


DISTRICT BUDGET: $24 million 



NAME: Jim Gunner

SALARY: $117,200

YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2015


DISTRICT BUDGET: $22 million 



NAME: Patrick Adkins

SALARY: $104,578

YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2016


DISTRICT BUDGET: $21 million 



NAME: Steve Poe

SALARY: $77,000

YEARS: Jan. 2012-July 2014


DISTRICT BUDGET: $3 million 



NAME: Eugene Sanders

SALARY: $158,000

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2018


DISTRICT BUDGET: $44 million 



NAME: Phil Pempin

SALARY: $122,522

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2016


DISTRICT BUDGET: $24 million 


Pick up a copy of today's Register for a full listing of contract highlights of area superintendents.



Gene is well worth any cost. He is a dynamic leader and educator. Sandusky is very lucky he offered to come here.


No one is questioning his leadership or his ability as an educator. Based on your comment, I suspect you are yearning for social credits from the superintendant and understand that. If leadership and education are the justification you use, then you should consider that most three star generals in the Army don't make the same pay as our superintendant and have global responsiblity with tens of thousands of people under them. I'm also curious about true metrics that justify this absurd pay. Has he made any notable improvements that are more than just feel good observations, meaning justifiable by numbers (graduate rates, GPAs, etc...)? If so, we would have heard all about them, but I suspect that is not the case. By the way, I'm educated and a good leader, maybe I should get paid $180,000.


I guess not


@ Browndog- ask the property owners that pay the tax that pays his salary that know the kids aren't making the grade, what they think. I hope it gets better, what was his record in Toledo?


68% of the property owners have rentals, they seem fine


They should have regional superintendents. This is nuts.


That's ridiculous on its face. There are multiple independent districts. You can't have them all being run by one person, who answers to all the different boards.


Margaretta need not ask me for another levy AGAIN!!!


Interesting data when you break it down and sort it out. I know that Perkins is the target of alot of scrutiny, however look a bit closer. Perhaps they are doing the best they can with what they have. Based on Register stats provided, sort by cost per pupil:

Norwalk 8492
Edison 9259
Perkins 9623
Fremont 9747
Clyde 10233
Bellevue 10479
Huron 11299
Monroeville 11667
Vermillion 12532
Margareta 12556
Oak Harbor 12599
Port Clinton 12971
Sandusky 14286
Danbury 18116
Ehove 18131

Props to Norwalk. They are doing a great job. Not sure if Edison is an updated number with their recently passed levy. If so, impressive. look at the disparity between Perkins and Sandusky for all those who support a merger. What's most alarming to me is Ehove and Danbury! Wow: $18K/kid! ...and Ehove passes levies by a landslide everytime. Makes no sense to me.

Now sort the super's salaries by cost per pupil:

Fremont 37
Norwalk 39
Bellevue 50
Clyde 50
Perkins 51
Sandusky 51
Oak Harbor 63
Vermillion 64
Port Clinton 65
Edison 73
Huron 88
Margareta 102
Monroeville 142
Ehove 166
Danbury 192

interesting trends on what supers are really paid. Again, Ehove and Danbury- Wow!

For as much grief as the bloggers give Perkins I think they are doing well with what they have. Stats don't lie.


You can't compare EHOVE to the rest of the districts in terms of money spent per pupil. They have equipment and specialized training that the other schools do not have. Other schools do not have an auto shop, a diesel shop, and robotics,etc. Students come out of there with industry certifications.


Ehove is not what it used to be. Most of their programs now are targeted after college prep- not vocational. Teaching, nursing, engineering, etc. competing with local schools for the best kids not serving the local schools needs as they were designed to do. Not fair to give them a pass.


That is simply not true. They have just expanded their offerings to include those who will go on to college, not eliminated those for students who won't. They have many vocational programs. Auto repair, auto shop, diesel repair, industrial tech, carpentry tech, electrical tech, culinary, cosmetology, fire-fighter/emt for kids who want vocational training and aren't going to college. Then they offer things like computer network, visual media, exercise science, health tech, and the teacher academy for students who plan on attending college. They serve all types of students. I still give them a pass because they need equipment that the other schools do not need.


You make my case for me. My post is about the funding. Ehove has evolved and changed, I get that. The funding has not. The partner schools signed up for Ehove to serve their vocational needs, not recruit their college bound students.

It’s hypocritical of the Perkins community to support twice the level of funding for the vocational school compared to the home school. It makes no sense.


Individual districts pay a very small amount to support EHOVE. And sorry, but the districts, including Perkins, do not have the types of programs that EHOVE does, so what difference does it make if college-bound students go to EHOVE when Perkins isn't offering them hands-on experience in Exercise Science or Health Care fields, for example? Their vocational needs are still being met, so I don't get what your complaint is. It's nice that students of all aptitudes have choices that will help them in their future.


I agree, MP which is why they shouldn't need any more tax dollars right now plus a new school, etc... Get it done with what you've got and check back later if and when the economy improves.


Not sure I agree 15. Look a bit closer at the cost per pupil…

Norwalk 8492… new school
Edison 9259
Perkins 9623
Fremont 9747…new school
Clyde 10233…new school
Bellevue 10479…new school
Huron 11299… talking about new schools
Monroeville 11667
Vermillion 12532…new school
Margareta 12556
Oak Harbor 12599
Port Clinton 12971…new school
Sandusky 14286
Danbury 18116
Ehove 18131…new school

Perkins has been making it work with what it has for 13 years. I think its time. The recession hit in 2008. They got us through that.


Where are you getting that Huron is talking about new schools? That's news to me!


they bought new land, right? I should have said it that way


What new land? I haven't heard that.


What do you mean they bought new land? Where, MP?


Has anyone noticed Gunner's most recently quoted misstatement of the facts (exaggeration/lie?) in the Register when he claims the District terminated ALL extracurriculars in the 80's? That never happened! For a short time the lowest level of sports, such as middle school football or track, was terminated for fiscal reasons, but at no time were all extracurriculars terminated. Gunner speaks with "forked tongue" again!


Middle School sports was only cut for one year. That was it. Effected the Class of '89 when they were in junior high only and they were pretty good at the high school level. No other programs were cut. He's grasping again!

perk up

A very important issue to be voted on This November election is election of board members for Perkins Schools. This is in addition to the request for new taxes. The election of new board members may be the most important of the two. I would like to know where the candidates stand on current board decisions. We know where Mr. Chapman stands but where do the following candidates stand?
Mr. Michael Ahner
Mr. Jason Bennett
Mr. J. Franklin
Mr. Richard Uher
I would be willing to campaign for any who oppose current policies.


I think your best bet would be Ahner and Franklin.

perk up

Really like more info on these two.


As far as the facilities of the Perkins Local School district are concerned, how much farther does anyone think we can "kick that can down the road?" It was being kicked years before Jim Gunner arrived.

It is not the pure age of the facilities I am referring too.


Bherrle,your question: "how much farther does anyone think we can "kick that can down the road?"

When crap like this stops happening in Ohio! KBI, Janesville, Bank of America, etc.....



So do we play the victim to these things, or do we figure out how to overcome them? How are other communities able to build despite what you reference. Why does it only affect Perkins?


This isn't about building, remember? Also, those areas that have built have some industry left or at least did, like Norwalk for example. We do not have any jobs left, Bherrle and no leadership in the federal, state and local levels to attract new to the area. They're all leaving if you haven't noticed. You moved to a "shiny new turd" of a community that provided you with just a promise. That's it. Who is Perkins Township's best and strongest employer and not based solely on the number of employees? Name them!


Well, let's see, SMCC has managed to go OVER A CENTURY without replacing their facility and it doesn't seem to have hurt their academic performance.