Repo man struck while on the job

An Upper Sandusky woman faces an assault charge after allegedly hitting a repo man with her car.
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 23, 2013


Repo workers tracked down Nina Ghist, 56, at Wolf Creek Park on Wednesday morning on South Ohio 53 in Fremont, where they tried to take her parked vehicle from a camp site, chief park ranger Andrew Brown said.

“She, in her attempt to leave, ran into one of the repo guys,” Brown said. “She left the area, and we were able to track her by GPS.”


Police stopped Ghist shortly after the 8 a.m. call in Hancock County, where she was arrested and taken to the Sandusky County jail. She appeared in Fremont Municipal Court Wednesday and her bond was set at $2,500.

The victim refused treatment at the scene, although he later sought treatment at the hospital, Brown said. It’s unclear if police impounded Ghist’s vehicle when she was arrested, or if the repossession company took the vehicle.


She is scheduled to appear in court again Sept. 11.



poor lady. Allegedly hitting the repo man, allegedly down on her luck and will probably be in more trouble after this man gets done with her for alledgedly hitting him. How sad.


Yes, this is sad because maybe she was living in it so now she has no home and has to go to court for assault. She may be unemployed and not yet able to collect social security retirement because she's only 56. Unfortunately, she hasn't many options.


Stupid hag. Another reason America is in trouble.


Wow everyone feels bad for the lady who HIT a man doing his JOB????? Would you all feel the same if it had been a 23 year old man hitting a repo person? Unassumer, you say she maybe was living in it? You do know that is a CAMPGROUND? She has to PAY to live in the car at the park. If she is camping she should be paying her car payments, instead.


I agree if she was camping instead of paying a car payment she doesn't deserve sympathy either but the story doesn't say either or. I don't feel sorry for her if she did hit this guy. If she didn't then he doesn't deserve any sympathy at all. Did anyone see him get hit? Just asking. What did that hospital report say? I can't help but wonder if this camping place was were she was living and the car was where she was staying. Just a thought. Who knows for sure. But truth be told none of us knows for sure.


Wow y'all and your speculations...


She is unemployed, no no she lives in her car, no shes down on her luck, she s enjoying bird watching while camping, no damn it when can I collect my social security guys are off your rockers, get a clue


and u are assuming otherwise? right?


. The article also states they tried to take her car from a "camp site". It is a campground in Sandusky County I am not speculating.