LETTER: We pay, politicians party

Are political parties effective any more? It seems to me the only thing Democrats and Republicans do is disagree with
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


Are political parties effective any more?

It seems to me the only thing Democrats and Republicans do is disagree with one another. While in high school I was taught politicians work hard to make lives better for everyone all over America, however now I believe all they do now is lobby for party policies.

I, like all American citizens, would like to believe that politicians always have the people in mind but this simply is not true. We pay these "voices of the people" to converse with one another about hard-hitting issues, not the differences between the colors blue and red.

If I spent my time at work doing this I would be fired. Why should we treat our employees any different? Politicians, get your acts together because I expect more from people I pay to fix problems.

Bryan Wood



Mr Independent ...


I don't know if that is entirely true. While there are rotten politicians there are also good ones. The problem is that the good ones are blocked by the others, keeping them for creating any real resolve. I do agree to some extent, though. After a while politicians become disconnected from the public and I think they forget what life is really like for the middle and lower classes. I'm really not a big fan of the two party system.

~Bryan Wood


Your biggest mistake is expecting a politician to fix a problem ... they can only create them.


Do we get to do away with union influence too.


Man of the Republic-

What role does the money play in the polarization? While you may well be correct that the politicos need to move toward the center it seems that the money goes a long way toward steering them to one side of the spectrum or the other.

That being said, good luck getting the corporations and lobbyists out of the equation.


It's coming, remember O'Bama's promise. We are doing away with the lobbyist in Washington. Oh wait, who can he blame for this?

Man of the Republic

In the late Roman Republic, the only thing the Senate could accomplish was blocking legislation. It wasn't much longer before men like Julius Caesar began to rule as emperors.

Lets look at today's situation. Our key problem is that the past two Presidents have been farther out from the middle. America, no matter what politicians say, is a middle right country. So when there are politicians that stray away from the middle, everything becomes polarized to balance the other side out. Lobbyist or no lobbyist, until politics shifts back to the middle, the balance won't be right and nothing is going to get done except one party blocking the other.


brutus is dead on.


re. Brutus smith...

I ditto your remarks!

brutus smith

The amount we the taxpayer pay these politicians is a pittance compared to what Big business and lobbyists pay them. Get business and lobbyists out of our politics.