LETTER: No to levy, again

For the fifth time in a year and a half the Margaretta School Board is trying to shove another levy down the throats of residents th
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


For the fifth time in a year and a half the Margaretta School Board is trying to shove another levy down the throats of residents that have rejected the levy 4 times and hopefully a fifth time.

Why should current residents pay for the poor planning of those who have been in charge for decades? Most companies set up a 10, 25, 50 and even longer plans so things like this don't happen and the money is there when you need it instead of trying to raise a taxes a $1 a day on $150,000 homeowners. Maybe it's time for much needed leadership.

We moved here nine years ago from Indianapolis, a huge school district, and I have three children who go to Margaretta Elementary School. We never had financial problems like this.

I do feel for the state of the system and the kids but in this down economy how can you keep going back and asking families that are and have been struggling to dip into what little savings they have and give more? Have you ever heard of "You can't get blood from a turnip"?

If this ridiculous effort keeps up, more and more families will move out of the district to avoid paying taxes they can't afford.

They throw numbers at us every time the levy comes up for a vote and try to convince us that we pay much less than other districts. In this down economy they fall on deaf ears.

Do they really think the sparkling blast of numbers will make us vote yes for the levy just because they want us to feel sorry for the kids? I say enough is enough and vote NO.

Kenneth Cooksey




Mr. Cooksey you seem to have fallen into the trap I hear so much of recently. Complain, Complain, Complain, but no action. If you and the others are so concerned about how the school system has been ran then do something about it. Get together with the rest of the NO NEW TAX group and try to get atleast one of you to run for school board. Put yourself in these positions(you have had 3 chances recently) to make decisions for OUR kids.
The people don't take these positions to harm our kids, but they have stepped up to show they care enough to take all of your criticism. It is very easy to sit back and whine about the job and decisions others make. When you are in a leadership role, as they are they have to make some very tough decisions. I agree, some have not worked out as planned, but that is when community input is best served. About the money issue. Shooting down this levy again and again is delaying the inevitable. Someone will require us to pay taxes. It might be by us voting for a levy, it might be the state putting the levy on the ballet( oh yea if you think it will be 4.9 5.8 etc. think again) more like the original 8.9 or more, or it might be to another school district if the district is split up. We ALL will still have to pay taxes, just pick your poison. The only one we as voters have a little control over is the first option.

As for your 50 year business plan--what a joke. In today's economy, the best business plan is a flexible plan. As far as I can tell, our school board has been very flexible, they have kept our school open with no new levy for 12 years. They should be commended for that. To all of the levy haters who constantly bring up the townsend closing. Keeping townsend open with the reducing number of children would of been fiscally irresponsible. The board at meetings,(if you have attended any of them) has constantly reported the savings this decision created. Unfortunately all I hear from people like you is complaints, excuses, and uneducated information. Maybe a little more about how these kids will suffer will help some of us come to our senses.

columbus avenue

It is so sad to hate children...


Mr. Cooksey,

I do feel sorry for the kids - and it will be YOUR kids affected, too.

If you feel so strongly, MOVE like you said. You will quickly learn that you will be paying more in property taxes if your kids attend any other surrounding school.

Schools have a 5 year forecast, not a 10, 20, or 50 year plan. How can you plan as you suggested when you rely on state dollars and local taxpayers? How ridiculous of a notion. You have no clue.

Considering they haven't had a new levy since 1998, I think that is being fiscally responsible. Can you cite any specifics where they haven't? They have cut close to 30 staff positions, consolidated elementaries saving $350K a year, went to a one-bus route to be more efficient, etc. I know because I am informed. Are you?

Might I suggest attending a board meeting. Or better yet since you have all the answers, running for school board.

If you own a $150,000 home and can't afford the increase, you have your priorities all wrong. I feel bad for your children.

Taxed Enough Already

especially when the leaders on the Board of Education can't seem to pay their taxes on time. They must not care about the kids either. Well said Mr. Cooksey!