Former treasurer's office worker admits she stole money from county

The Erie County Treasurer's office employee has pleaded guilty to stealing money from the county.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 17, 2010


The Erie County Treasurer's office employee has pleaded guilty to stealing money from the county.

  Tamara Holeton, 41, was fired this spring after local detectives and and a state auditor's employee conducted an interview regarding the missing money.   She faces up to 10 years in prison and could be ordered to pay restitution or fines of $20,000.   Read more in Wednesday's Register.





I was just thinking that here we go again, corruption in an office led by a Democrat. But that is par for the course with D's. All are a bunch of thieves

Duped Again

You are right, Pete.    If she had been a Republican,  the amount she took would have been in the millions.



Mr. D

Wonder if anyone ever monitors how WIA funds are spent by the JFS office?



   Can't we all just get along! I can't imagine whats happening to her mind.


 Who was minding the store? Didn't she have a supervisor? Weren't there any checks and balances to prevent this? Is there any system in place in our county government for anything? How much in debt is the county? Can anyone balance the budget? 

Julie R.

Obviously, they don't mind the store in any of these public offices. The latest in Cuyahoga County-----this time the Cleveland Municipal Court.

Some guy goes to pay a fine for a noise violation ticket. The fine is $250.00 and he tells the clerk all he has on him is $200.00. The clerk then points to somebody else and tells the guy to go talk to him. The guy is then told all he has to pay is $200.00 so he does----and he then tells the police about it. The police investigate and find that the records for the guy's ticket have disappeared. The cops then charge the guy with bribing a public official-----yet they don't even know who the public official is!

In the mean time somebody made a comment on that this happened to him twice. First time he owed for two speeding tickets and a noise violation and the fines came to $595.00. He told the judge that all he had on him was $300.00 so the baliff told him to step out of the court room for a minute.  A short time later the baliff came out with paperwork that showed his fines were $0.00. He then gave the baliff the $300.00 and was told to keep quiet about it.  He said the second time he got a ticket the same thing happened and there were 10 other people that day that did the same thing. He said he isn't stupid but he isn't rich, either------he knew what they were doing with the money and everybody else did, too.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer then asked the commenter to contact them and he did.

So far the only one that has been charged with theft is the CLERK.  I can't wait to see if they investigate the baliff and the JUDGES. 

Mr. D

Again, is anyone keeping tabs on the county JFS office and how they use WIA and Recovery Funds?


 Well SandPaper,

Mr.D gave you a lead. You need to rub a few people, at the county, a little rough to find out what hides beneath the surface of smiles and promises.



You mean like the millions in bribes and kickbacks the Democrats stole from the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County for decades?

Slam the Repub's all you want, but if you are going to do that, please show me where the R's were so coorupt the people had to throw out their entire form of government and start over like C.C. has had to

Tweety Sees Eve...

Why aren't some of these people that defended the Bassetts thief here defending her? 

FIrst offense, no big deal, offered to pay it back, etc? 

Remember?  Why don't you come crashing down on this woman?

Bryan Dubois, Mime Blogging, I am talking to you.

Remember your harsh comments on the White woman?

BLOG: Former Bassett's Clerk Gets 11 Months Behind Bars | Sandusky Register

brutus smith

 I agree with duped again.

Repubs have nothing, nada, zilch.


 Besides the money that she stole is she liable for the cost to the Erie County taxpayers for the $100,000.00 cost to audit her actions? Commissioner Monaghan wants to add a full-time internal auditor to the county payroll. A little late Bill. Also, don't  you think someone outside of the county should audit the county books so their can be no conflict of interest. Just a thought.

Julie R.

It said in the paper that Kevin Baxter had no comment.......

Say what? No outrage or anything over somebody having the audacity to steal from the taxpayers? Oh my......he didn't even bother to say "I'm pleased but not surprised" that she pleaded guilty!

(Hey Sam, if you're reading this would you like to hear the super dirty, unlawful way these dirty Erie County Courts made sure a Lorain County law firm benefitted from the fraud they were allowed to commit on property?)

Julie R.

The woman from Basset's got a year for stealing $5,000.00. The Huron Key Bank employee got 2 years for stealing almost half a million. The infamous Krista Harris got 5 years for stealing (yeah, right) from her elderly aunt using a legal power of attorney.

I can't wait to see what the jokes in Erie County give this one!


Hey Buffoon, do you know why Baxter didn't take the case to the grand jury? Oh yeah, the records show that she was charged with a Bill of Information.......................go figure.

Could it be that  she was the person who helped him out with the $200, 000.00 debt he and his Rocket  buddies owed  Erie County?

In any case, it looks like the FIX is on!

Furthermore, the record indicates that Tamara was only charged with one count of theft. Oh, I get it...............Ohio Revised Code Section 2913.61(C)(1) is not applicable to people of color.

Remember, Kevin Baxter authorized the filing of 3 felony theft charges against Krista Harris at Sandusky Municipal Court in violation of O.R.C. 2913.61(C)(1).

Yeah, so that means that Baxter is just as culpable as Dean Holman is for those sham charges he instituted against Ms. Harris.

Julie R.

I'm curious about that too, Attorney Buff.  How did Harris get charged with three counts of felony theft if that is in violation of the law.......... and even better why didn't the Toledo 6th District Court of Appeals know that?  Obviously, it must have been in violation of the law because I sure don't see anybody else getting charged with more than one count. Even the Key Bank employee that stole almost half a million over a period of seven years was only charged with one count of theft!  



user profile.">Oliver Hardy says

Perhaps "Buff" may want to explain to the SR readers who lack a legal background on how Harris was found guilty of and sentenced on one count of receiving stolen property, one count of attempted theft from an elderly person, and nine counts of theft from an elderly person.

Since "Buff" is concerned about the intended audience (SR readers), it would be best to explain in simple language of what "Buff" is trying to convey to the SR readers.

I am not going to argue with an idiot who also suffers from a mental illness known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Bad enough that "Buff" is an idiot. Even worse is to be an idiot that suffers from NPD.

For the SR readers, what "Buff" mentioned is actually an Ohio law and it can be found here:

2941.25 Allied offenses of similar import - multiple counts.
(A) Where the same conduct by defendant can be construed to constitute two or more allied offenses of similar import, the indictment or information may contain counts for all such offenses, but the defendant may be convicted of only one.

(B) Where the defendant’s conduct constitutes two or more offenses of dissimilar import, or where his conduct results in two or more offenses of the same or similar kind committed separately or with a separate animus as to each, the indictment or information may contain counts for all such offenses, and the defendant may be convicted of all of them.

One person, the elderly aunt of Harris. One POA. Perhaps Mr. Baxter could write another letter to the editor to explain all of the multiple counts? Or maybe even explain the multiple counts against Harris on the Eerie County Prosecutor web site? Please Mr. Baxter, explain why so many multiple counts? Also explain why there are no documents explaining why Dean Holman was appointed as prosecutor? WHO appointed Holman?

So why does "Buff" attack others that do not agree? Simple. NPD. Shame on "Buff" for attacking others such as "retiree" and others. Ollie don't mind the attacks on myself as it comes with the territory. My so called revenge will come later and "Buff" will whine and cry and throw a tantrum like a little 3 year old in a toy store.

No need for "Buff" to explain anything to me because I am familiar with Ohio's laws. "Buff" needs to explain to the SR readers that lack a legal background. "Buff" needs to get off the high horse and explain in layman's terms or simple English to the SR readers.

It is now "Buff's" turn to inform the SR readers and in layman's terminology of why Harris was convicted on multiple counts.




The below listed article states that Michelle Norman, 38, of Elyria, was charged Dec. 18 with one count of theft for embezzling the money from Dec. 16, 2005, to Jan. 30, 2008, according to court records. So, can you explain to readers why the prosecutor didn't charge Michelle Norman with multiple counts of theft?

Moreover, do you know what statutory provision in the Ohio Revised Code MANDATES that the prosecutor aggregate the amount of the thefts into one offense, when the crime is committed by the offender in the offender's same employment, capacity, or relationship to another?

Answer: Ohio Revised Code Section 2913.61(C)(1)


ELYRIA — The former business office manager of Lake Pointe Health Center, 3364 Kolbe Road, Lorain, was sentenced to two years at the Ohio Reformatory for Women after admitting to stealing roughly $183,000 from the center during a two-year period.

Michelle Norman, 38, of Elyria, was charged Dec. 18 with one count of theft for embezzling the money from Dec. 16, 2005, to Jan. 30, 2008, according to court records. Norman took the money from Lake Pointe by rearranging funds in various accounts and taking out some for herself, according to the police report. The activity was discovered when she was on maternity leave and another employee found an error in a single account, which revealed losses in several different accounts.

Yesterday, Norman stood before Lorain County Common Pleas Court Judge Edward Zaleski and said, "I'm so sorry" and, "It's my children and husband who have suffered the most."

An official with Lake Pointe Health Center spoke before Zaleski and asked him to give Norman the strictest possible time because she betrayed the trust of more than 100 patients who relied on her. Norman's attorney Michael Doyle asked Zaleski if she could only be limited to community control sanctions or house arrest because of her health, but Zaleski declined after hearing the statement from the health center official and reviewing the case.

Roughly $169,000 has been paid back from an insurance company, Zaleski said, but she will have to pay $15,000 restitution to the health center.

Lake Pointe Health Center is a health and rehabilitation center providing intermediate and long-term care, as well as specialized care for Alzheimer's, dementia and other chronic illnesses.


@Julie: Have you noticed that ever since I exposed the fact that it appears that Buffster was involved with the destruction of a key piece of evidence in the Dewitt McDonald matter......................he's basically shut down?

Yeah, he hasn't been running that flap of his lately...........I wonder why? Have your lawyers told you to keep a lid on it, Buffy? Besides, it's too late now, son. The damage is already done!

Anyhow, I think he knows the evidence that the old nutty judge inadvertantly revealed will be his downfall.

It's just amazing how God works in mysterious ways!

Ultimately, the facts will show that it was a corrupt judge that helped to bring down this piece of trash.




Buffoon: It's obvious you lack faith in a Higher clearly there's no hope for you. You've been living a life full of sin and gloating because you have the ability to destroy innocent peoples lives.

Well, I'm here to tell you............that you've been exposed. That missing cancelled check that was issued to Krista Harris is the key piece of evidence to bring you down.

So, who's laughing now?

Remember, Karma is .....................






Both parties equally s,u,ck   and neither  will save your butt, in the end.


Yeah Buffoon,

Both parties equally suck..................and neither one of them will save your butt in the end.



Whose chicken scratch writing is that in that court paper under Agreed Recommended Sentence? I can't even read that chicken scratch. If McClung could beat all of those charges a few years ago so can this woman. Bring in the visiting judges.

Julie R.

So once again,  if it's a violation of the law to charge someone with mulitple counts of theft like they did Krista Harris then obviously Harris's goon attorneys were working in collusion with the prosecutors and the courts, which by the way is ILLEGAL------- but I know for a fact it's common practice here in corrupt Erie County. So considering that the Toledo 6th District Court of Appeals ALSO let them get away with it, I would have to say that's it's starting to look like the handwriting is on the wall with the Nuesse appeal, too. This should be interesting. 

It will also, once again, be very interesting to see how many counts of theft this deputy treasurer is charged with. 


@Julie: Thanks for keeping me updated regarding all of that corruption in Cuyahoga County.

You know it won't be long before those corrupt prosecutors in Erie County make national news with that sex scandal involving a key witness in a murder trial.

Remember, the magistrate stated that evidence exist.........................yet, the state wants to keep it  under seal. Shame on them.

And then we have the missing cancelled check that Kevin Baxter issued to Krista Harris.

Needless to say, there's obviously more dirt out there that hasn't been uncovered.




Julie R.

West: You proved with facts what was done to Krista Harris with that multiple counts of theft was in direct violation of the law yet the dirt bags got away with it. You also proved that the 6th District Court of Appeals in Toledo failed to address this criminal violation of the law...........

Now that is totally unreal but on the other hand it does not surprise me one single bit.  I think I already told my true story (in one of Bryan Dubois's blogs) about that joke 6th District Court of Appeals........which goes to show Kim Nuesse doesn't stand a chance, either.  I also believe what you say about a "missing check" because I know for a FACT they are doing this in a lot of cases here in corrupt Erie County. 

Am I right, Buffoon?


 Erie Voices


Saturday, November 25, 2006 Sumary of What Started it All.   If You’ve Found This Site From A Plane In The Sky…
Sunday, May 29, 2005, 02:02 PM

Welcome To Erie Voices!

Many of you are probably wondering, “Who is Elsebeth Baumgartner?” You’ve probably seen her name in the newspaper and probably wondered why certain public officials in Erie and Ottawa County are so determined to shut this woman up. You’ve seen newspaper articles that make her sound “crazy” or “nuts” but since as a society we’re learning not to take the media’s spin on everything – many of you are probably wondering when we’ll hear her side of the story.

Baumgartner was an Attorney, Scientist and Pharmacist before she started butting heads with the legal system in Northwest Ohio. She is the CEO of Cleveland Genomics – A DNA Analysis Company based in Cleveland. She has a background in accounting, federal grants, intellectual property law, and biotech patent transfer.

The Baumgartner family in May 2005. Joe Baumgartner was on the Benton Carroll Salem School Board for 12 years and runs The Medicine Shoppe in Pemberville. Jackie just graduated from UT.

As we’re seeing with the Tom Noe case in Toledo, Ohio is a hub of financial corruption. Federal investigators have discovered that over $12 million is missing from the coiffeurs of Prominent Toledo Republican Tom Noe, and five Ohio Supreme Court Justices have had to recuse themselves from hearing a case that involves him. While Democrats attempt to blame the Republican leadership currently in power in Ohio, what’s really happening is that both parties have a stake in the government contract steering scheme currently in place. As former Governor Tim Hagan states in his lawsuit against the State of Ohio – it’s a “pay to play” system. This crooked ideology permeates the entire government spectrum in Ohio.

While Joe Baumgartner sat on the Benton Carroll Salem School District School Board, his wife investigated financial irregularities in the BCS school system that totaled in excess of $1.4 million. BCS officials eventually corrected the problems, but in the meantime the insiders circled the wagons around the Baumgartner’s to shut them up…

12 year school board veteran Joe Baumgartner said that the theft and misuse of tax money in the BCS school system was a result of a wasteful attitude brought about large amounts of tax revenue from Davis Besse.

Without in depth journalism and media coverage in the rural counties of Ohio, the Baumgartner’s story was easier to cover by lazy journalists whose job isn't to investigate allegations but rather relate the news as it happens. The Baumgartner story ended up being related to the public from the viewpoint of the people who wanted to silence their criticism. The insiders who were benefiting from loose financial dealings kept repeating this mantra until it was believed by the public: “Elsebeth Baumgartner is nuts!”

Many of you may have wondered about the story behind the story – so here it is:

The facts of this story can be found in the “Baumgartner Chronology.”

An interview of Baumgartner, which showcases her taxpayer advocacy, can be found here. Amazingly enough, the local government was able to ward off her criticism by claiming that it took "tax dollars" to deal with her - when in fact - her criticism could've saved us millions of dollars had they listened in the first place. An easy example would be the Erie County Prosecutor's Island Express debacle...

The Public Statement That Started It All.

Click on the above link to see Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner’s statement before the Port Clinton City Council in January of 2002.

Baumgartner urged the City of Port Clinton not to enter into a public contract with Island Express Boat Lines – the company owned by public official Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter. The company is now defunct but still owes the taxpayers in Erie County over $100,000.

Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter

Baumgartner made that public statement after being contacted by two other people who were targeted by Kevin Baxter in order to silence their criticism of his office: Kevin’s brother Ejay, and Sanduskian Krista Harris.

Ejay Baxter

Ejay Baxter has been the target of legal abuse since the Baxter family went through a probate battle in the late 90’s. Kevin arranged to have Ejay prosecuted for 81 criminal charges after Ejay sent out letters asking to have his brother investigated for ORC violations of 2921.42 and federal law 18 USC 666. Ejay accused Kevin of using his office to gain things of value for himself. (Specifically a federal grant detailed here) Through collusion with Ohio Visiting Judges Kevin had gotten to know throughout his 16 years as prosecutor in Erie County, Kevin was able to intimidate and eventually run Ejay out of the State of Ohio.

Ejay moved to Florida to get away from his brother, but under the cover of the Sandusky Register’s media blackout, Ejay continues to be harassed by Kevin and “special prosecutors” supposedly assigned to Ejay’s case.

In July of 2004, Erie County officials were unsuccessful with an arrest attempt on Ejay at his home in West Palm Beach Florida. The Sandusky Register was not interested in the story even though there was plenty of evidence showing Interstate wire fraud involving the Erie County Sheriff’s office.

A “special prosecutor” recently asked for a national “bench warrant” to arrest Ejay in Florida on alleged nonviolent misdemeanor probation violations. On the telephone Cuyahoga County special prosecutor James Gutierrez called Ejay “nefarious” and said that “if Ejay has any guts tell him to come up here and fight these charges.”

Krista Harris: The “Black Monica Lewinski”

According to sworn affidavits, Krista Harris met the Erie County Prosecutor in 1994 when she served as a witness in the murder trial of Vivian Johnson. Johnson was murdered in a drive by shooting on Parrish Street in Sandusky. According to Harris’s sworn affidavits Kevin Baxter encouraged her to perjure herself in order that Baxter could obtain murder convictions on the three black males who were on the scene at the murder. According to Harris, while the murder trial was ongoing, Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter invited Krista Harris to his residence at 1630 Willow Drive on the Cedar Point Chausee.

While at Baxter’s residence Krista alleges that they drank wine while “going over her testimony.” She claims that one thing led to another and they ended up having sex. Harris claims that after a time, Baxter needed her testimony to secure another conviction on one of the suspects involved in the murder. Harris refused to perjure herself again, which resulted in the release of the admitted shooter Shawn Caston.

Caston left prison while his accomplices remained incarcerated.

According to Harris’s attorney, this likely embarrassed the prosecutor.

Harris cut Baxter off sexually after the statute of limitations ran on the perjury charges Baxter threatened her with in order to keep her in line, but while speaking with Harris’s family Baxter learned of a domestic dispute between Krista and her Aunt Mary Belle Taylor. Sandusky Police Detective Mark Voltz “investigated” Harris for “theft,” and Baxter arranged to have a special prosecutor assigned to the civil matter in order to criminally prosecute Harris. Harris ended up being railroaded on sham theft charges. She is currently in the Trumbull County Correctional Facility.

From that facility Harris filed a federal civil rights action against Erie County officials, but it was dismissed without any inquiry into the alleged activity.

Baumgartner’s Role

Baumgartner entered the picture after Krista Harris and Ejay Baxter told her about Kevin Baxter’s abuse of office.

Like a good upstanding citizen, Baumgartner used her law degree to blow the whistle at the Port Clinton City Council meeting on January 2, 2002.

Four days later she was charged with a crime.

Stunned by the outrageousness of charging an attorney at law with a crime for speaking to a public body as an attorney at law while representing her clients, Baumgartner took her concerns to Washington DC in order to get a federal probe of Erie and Ottawa County courts.

Federal officials told Baumgartner that their concern was “homeland security” because the September 11th tragedy had occurred a mere 5 months before.

Read the rest of the story here… Posted by Julia at 11:27 AM





Harris claims that after a time, Baxter needed her testimony to secure another conviction on one of the suspects involved in the murder. Harris refused to perjure herself again, which resulted in the release of the admitted shooter Shawn Caston.

Okay, I get it now. So, this is the reason why the admitted shooter got away with murder. The killer gets a slap on the wrist because the court was aware of the relationship between the prosecutor and the witness.


Hey Mr.




A lot




OH Buffoon,

Not only did those nutty judges at the Sixth District Court of Appeals knowingly fail to address the Plain Error in Krista Harris' appeal  regarding the State of Ohio violating O.R.C. 2913.61(C)(1), they also failed to address the the issue of O.R.C. 2941.25. Moreover, that's another plain error.

Oh, I have nothing to


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained lengthy or off-topic excerpts from other websites. Discussion Guidelines



Are you  hiding from me?


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained lengthy or off-topic excerpts from other websites. Discussion Guidelines


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