Ohio reports year's first case of West Nile virus

Woman, 72, hospitalized in Cuyahoga County
Associated Press
Aug 20, 2013


Health officials say a woman in northeast Ohio has been hospitalized with the state's first case of the West Nile virus in 2013.

The Ohio Department of Health says the case is close to a month later than Ohio's first reported case last year. Ohio recorded 121 cases of West Nile, with seven deaths in 2012.

Most people infected with the virus experience fever, headache, fatigue and body aches. More serious cases develop into diseases like encephalitis and meningitis, with symptoms including high fever, convulsions and paralysis.

The health department said Tuesday that the 72-year-old woman hospitalized in Cuyahoga County has meningitis.

The agency is urging Ohioans to use mosquito repellant and avoid the outdoors at dusk and dawn.




You'd think Erie will be filled with the pests carring Disease, well except for the special treatment of Milan Road state route 250. The rest of the county is flooding and the county commissioners cares less about the rest of the county, and all the potental West Nile death could be waiting.


They spray streets in Bellevue once a week , still mosquitos are all over the place. All that rain = lots of skeeter bites. I secretly think they love mosquito repellant, or they are getting resistant to it.


Did ANYONE figure the reasons why other Counties are all backed up FLOODING is because Erie county is Doing the BLOCKING ?