Officials: Ga. school suspect had assault rifle

Gunman entered building behind someone who was authorized to be there
Associated Press
Aug 20, 2013


A police chief said the suspect in a Georgia elementary school shooting fired from inside the school and officers returned fire.

DeKalb County Police Chief Cedric L. Alexander said at a news conference that the gunman who had an assault rifle was able to get into Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur Tuesday by following behind someone who was authorized to be there.

Alexander says the 19-year-old suspect is being questioned.

The chief also said officers believed the suspect had explosives in the trunk of his car so they cut a hole in a fence to man sure students running from the building could get even farther away.

DeKalb County Schools Superintendent Michael Thurmond praised faculty and authorities who got the young students to safety, saying it is a "blessed day, all our children are safe."




inStead of NEW gun laws, give the police the tools to frisk of known or suspect crimals that may have a gun.

Raoul Duke

Why a school? Go into Microsoft or Exxon.

The Answer Person

He probably wanted to teach them something don't you think?


how many more times does this have to happen before we get the guns out of the hands of dumb idiots who insist on harming children?


It will never happen, because the politicians in Washington only care about passing easy, "feel" good legislation that does nothing to stop these incidents from happening. The last legislation they put forward, increased background checks, and assault weapons ban would have done zilch to stop events like this. I don't know how many experts have to say these laws are useless before they will address the real issue. Background checks and assault weapons bans only regulate law abiding citizens who are not the ones committing these crimes. Most of these shootings of children involve deranged people who have stolen guns from someone else or are the result of gangs.

Therein lies the problem. Congress doesn't want to take the tough road of addressing the dismal mental health system in the country nor will it address the culture of violence in the urban setting. The mental health system could be fixed, however, I'm not sure about the culture of violence in the inner city. How do you fix something that leaders in the community either refuse to accept is a problem, or consistently blame the problem on someone else?


Yeah, that's the problem, mass shootings of kids in the inner city! How dumb! SMDH!


Re: "It will never happen,"

Children are being murdered in U.S. major cities “in mass.”

When 20 are killed in a single event like at Sandy Hook, it’s big news and the politicos yell for new gun laws.

When 20 are killed in multiple events, the total is the same and hardly anyone outside the family notices or remembers.


So you equate Sandy Hook to everyday urban crime? Only you pooh!!!!!


Re: "everyday urban crime"

No big deal eh?

So you'd spew your indifference to the parents of the children slain by the gangbangers?

Only you Suzie Q.

Licorice Schtick

Contango changed the subject, and you took the bait. It was a valid point, but not responsive to the comment to which it replied.


Contango: Seriously? You think that when 20 are killed in multiple events it is the same as 20 kindergartners killed in one event?


Of course he does with that marinated brain of his!


Re: "You think..."

And you don't? Dead is dead.

One hundred eight youths and children were murdered in Chicago in 2012.

Tell me that the numbers don't matter.

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Crickets chirping again Con. Dont waste your time with dem idiots.


@gramafun unfortunately that is an impossible task no matter what laws are passed on firearms. That isthe reason these people are criminals because they do not care what they do or who they hurt to get what they want. Criminals will always get guns because they commit crimes like burglary and steal firearms or buy stolen firearms off the street. The only solution to gun violence is for law abiding trained citizens to own and carry a defensive firearm every where they go without location restrictions like schools imposed by a liberal government. Until that happens we will continue to see these shooting and gun deaths of innocent people. If everyone was trained with a defensive firearm and carried it everywhere criminals would take notice very quicklyand would be more than "persuaded " to think twice about robbing people or walk in some place and start shooting. If teachers and faculty in every school were trained and armed you cannot with logical and reasonable though believe that anyone would walk into a school or church or mall and start killing without prejudice? I think nit!


Sandy Hook SCHOOL mass murder, was caused by, BAD MOTHER and BAD DOCTORS. Not by bad guns.


Man, a mass shooting cannot happen without a gun.

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And some idiot to pull the trigger.

Eph 2 8-10

Quote of the day.......

"We are told NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics." BUT... "We are encouraged TO judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics."


But it's NOT just a few lunatics who shoot up our public places. There are many, many shootings and killings every day, all across our country. There were 6 separate shootings in Toledo in just one day this past weekend.

I'm not apologizing for anyone who uses religion as an excuse for murder, but face it: way more people are killed in America by Americans with guns than are killed in America by all the extremists from all religions combined.


Hardly a fair comparison. Move 1 million Americans into Syria and watch and see how many Americans are killed within one year. It would be catastrophic.


You will never stop crime or killings. There are to many low life's in this country that nobody knows about until they go on some killing rampage. Sad but true.

The answer....more guns in schools in the hands of trained personnel or officers.


But where would funding come from for your idea? Schools would have to pay a salary to any trained security personnel/officers, and funding for Education (in Ohio and many other states) has been cut by Republican governors/legislatures. Each guard you pay means one less teacher the district can afford.

Also, if we put a guard w/gun in the school, how can we be assured that some guard won't flip out and shoot the school up? You can't, and when that happens (and it eventually will, if we put an armed guard in each of our country's 28,000 schools), you've now invited an armed idiot into your school for Sandy Hook #2. The answer to a gun problem is not more guns.


you can play the "what if game all you want". How many incidents have happened where a trained officer or guard has went Columbine on the kids they were protecting?

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You're talking about a bunch more people being hired into a new circumstance.

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To much of a price tag for a kids safety?

The Big Dog's back

I don't think they will be any safer. The only thing I see is a bigger body count.


Larger body count? How's that. With a trainer officer in a school system, not only is it a deterrent, but also its a force that could stop or halt further damage. I see it as a serious solution and so do many schools that are going that route.


Look another law abiding white person in a school shootout. Why is this not a surprise.

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The average, law-abiding gun owner is tired of the endless assault on one of America’s first freedoms. I think we should waterboard anyone who still seriously thinks taking guns will reduce crime. I hope they send the same bedwetting gun haters to get my guns. God Bless all those who will not go peacefully into the night.

Darwin's choice

Deertracker, Coasterfan, and Big Dog....glad to hear from you. After your complete silence, and lack of posting on the Detroit story, thought maybe you'd left......but then again, you really had no defense for the complete failure of the democrat "leadership" there for the last several decades. Figures you'd jump right on this story.


This guy could of been knuckleheads or ladydyes son.