Huron police round up six underage drinkers

Police rooted out a half-dozen underage drinkers hiding in a Huron residence after one led them on a foot chase. On Aug. 8, soon after midnight, police were called to investigate a loud party at a residence in the 300 block of Berlin Road, according to a Huron Police report.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Aug 13, 2010


Police rooted out a half-dozen underage drinkers hiding in a Huron residence after one led them on a foot chase.

On Aug. 8, soon after midnight, police were called to investigate a loud party at a residence in the 300 block of Berlin Road, according to a Huron Police report.

Police saw several people standing outside and heard loud music coming from a garage. When the officer started walking up to confront the group, one of the male suspects, Benjamin Souter, 19, 800 block Bogart Road, Huron, ran off on foot. 

A group of between five to 10 others took off towards Marconi’s Restaurant.

The chase ended abruptly when Souter attempted to jump a fence near the 400 block of Berlin Road, but couldn’t get over it. After Souter fell to the ground, the officer told him to surrender or he would be tasered. Souter complied with the officer’s request and threw a baggie out of his pocket.

The baggie contained what officers suspect was marijuana.

Souter admitted to police he consumed alcohol. He was charged with drug abuse, possession of liquor and obstructing a criminal investigation, stated the report.

After Souter was arrested, officers found another suspect, Justin Wilson, 19, hiding in a corner of a storage shed. Wilson, 4000 block Ohio 601, Norwalk, was charged for possession of liquor.

Police found dozens of beer cans in the garage, which were confiscated as evidence.

They executed a search warrant on property and found four suspects hiding in the residence. Three 16-year-old girls and Royce Lemar, 19, who lives at the house, were hiding in a stone crawl space, the report stated.

Lemar, who reportedly lied to officers about one of the teen girl’s whereabouts, is facing charges of allowing underage consumption, underage consumption, obstruction of justice and keeper of place, stated the report.

Four other teens were found in a bedroom of the residence, but they weren’t hiding, nor had they consumed any alcohol, the report stated.

All suspects were released after police concluded the investigation.

Photographs taken of the suspects were not available from the police department Thursday, said a dispatcher.



And Perkins Police arrested six illegals shortly after midnight Wednesday.  Great job!


Aug 8th? HELLO!!! Rooted? Stop using big words SR! You might hurt yourself!

Julie R.

In Sandusky they have nightly shootings------in Huron they have underage drinkers. Way to go, Huron!


 Julie R., You are so right, but drinking leads to other things. I hope this issue gets addressed properly with education about alcohol. If not, we have room in Sandusky for them ! ha ha 


Hiding and running?   Ha!    Drunken cowards.   wonder what the other ones were doing in the bedroom. If they weren't drinking ...


Is fannie mae selling junk real estate? I think so.


NO more money to FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC. I got a letter from washington, saying they have no money.

Matt Damon

glad the streets of huron are safe now


Sure are safe, can't text while driving there either! Sneezed in Huron the other day.  Had a booger on my upper lip for half an hour while I paged through the ordinance book to see if it was legal to use Kleenex.




Seems to me too many people are making stupid remarks, instead of realizing there's a crime committed and the police were called and they responded.  What do you suggest they do.......?  If you do a crime and get caught you are the one who broke the law... the officers were doing their job... exactly what they are suppose to do.  Booze, underage drinking, drugs, running from the police.... what do you think these idiots should get.... a reward for breaking the law... ?


Americaonly said: "Seems to me too many people are making stupid remarks"

Seems to me that stupid is failing to see the humor in it!

Urine, Ohio. The place where they criminalize texting while driving! Do you have any idea how stupid that is, how absolutely idiotic to have laws that criminalize something that not only would be difficult to enforce but that can be handled by existing law? Something so trivial that their own police officers do it everyday!

Reward someone for breaking the law? Naw, I think the death penalty is appropriate. Think about about it, a city with no crime and no residents, just cops, eating donuts and shooting anybody who spits on the sidewalk.


I also thought in the past that it was foolish to pass a law specifically adressing say texting or cell phone use unless via bluetooth or hands free, but what law would you use in lue of them? Reckless operation? 4511.20 Operation in willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property? Here is how I look at it, If I end up in an accident caused by someone else and I suspect it was because they were on their cell phone, or texting, I will request, that account to be checked to see if they were as your operating a 2500lb+ object and if your nobb dicken around and cause an accident that injures me or mine, you can bet your sweet butt I'm gonna be made and rightfully so.  So back to the original point, how do you enforce a law that was written long before the electronic age of mobile communications? How do you fairly enforce it, unless you write a new law to cover specificaly the problem? Yes many times laws are ridiculous, but that is because we have foolish people & their behavior which cause them to come about. 


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There is a time and place for loud music but after midnight in a residential neighborhood is neither the time nor the place.  Somebody complained. 

There is a reason for making underage drinking a criminal act.  Neither their bodies nor their brains are ready to handle it yet.

As for possession of drugs, well you answer that one.

Huron--A Great Place to Live


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hancrack me up

 Lighten up, Americanonly-maybe try a Fleet Enema. It was probably one of the cheerleader coach cougar moms of Urine that THREW the party. Huron cops practice Barney Fife-ism worse than Norwalk cops. Huron cops will pull over letter & newspaper carriers for no seatbelt-that is, after they get done pulling over their own mother for a dim license plate light in broad daylight. 

Mr. D

Hey, Sarah...You are so many stupid laws.....too many do gudrs....Underage drinking, while not legal, is nothing has always been around and will contine to happen...did it myself a time or two in my younger days....I'll bet most of the comment contributors did most of the cops did it when they were young...most didn't get caught....Is it wrong?  According to the law it is.....Is this the start of a "new wave of anti social, criminal behavior" that will spell the end to life on Earth as we know it.  Nope....Just young people being young people....Back in the old days, when I worked in law enforcement, we'd maked the kids dump their beer and send them on their way...If they were juvies, we'd make em call mom and dad to explain the situation and come get em...Now their is too much money to be taken in by the court for a crime this "serious"

I'll bet the Judge who will hear this case even did the underage unimaginable...Huron is much safer now. 

Mr. D

Speaking of texting and driving....Do Huron police cars have those new fangled in car computers so the officer can type reports, email and chat while on patrol?


Mr. D, If you want to ask one about the computer, you could just swing out River Road. Seems everyday I go to ICI I pass one on my way there. I guess since its on the "other side of the tracks" there must be some serious criminal activity out there by that water plant. 

Seriously though, Huron is a good town to live in and I am thankful that our police do not have much more to concern themselves with than harassing local motorist.  I do not like drive-by shootings, I do not like gangboy wanna be's, I do not like run down, un-kept neighborhoods, nor do I like people who promise to "serve and protect" using their position to to "harass and intimidate". If I have to deal with my "I do not likes" at least I can live with the later.


hancrack me up

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To all those who are degrading Huron now, remember there are no "gangs" in Huron, there are no nightly shootings in Huron why do you think that is???  These kids were drinking and one was smoking weed....should they be given a free pass??  Not at all, but alot of us did things when we were kids that were stupid....I will take a couple of drunk teenagers over "Wanna-be Thugs" ANY DAY!!!! I am guesssing a lot of the residents of Sandusky feel the same way!!!

Yellow Snow

Stupid is having to legislate law to make $$ off dumb-***** who pay more attention to a phone than safety.  Your STUPID phone can cause anothers LIFE.  Huron has it's problems, but I'd take it over a mess of other mixed-breed towns.

hancrack me up

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So, three 19-year olds are hanging around 16-year old girls (college sophomore age with high school sophomores).  That should be the first clue to what losers these guys are.  And then they are giving the 16-year old girls drugs and alcohol.  That goes beyond just kids being is adults taking advantage of kids.  Anyone willing to just laugh this off, I hope someday you have a 16-year old daughter being given drugs and alcohol by 19-year old men.  Plus, wasn't the Souter kid recently arrested for DUI?  Sounds like one of Huron's finest!


I agree that is is insane for these 19 year old adults to be providing alcohol and drugs and a hangout to 16 year old high school kids. I wonder who owns the home that they were found partying in and if they will face charges. "parents who host, lose the most"  are the psa commercials i see on TV.  I feel even if the home owner was not present, they are also responsible for what happens on their property just as if you are driving someone else's car, you are responsible for the contents in the vehicle.

Mr. D

Huron has no gangs?  Better read the definition..."A gang is a group of three or more people who, through the organization, formation, and establishment of an assemblage, share a common identity."

No one ever said this occurance was right or funny....Now where in the article did it say drugs were provided to the 16 yr old ladies.  Nothing in the article even said the 16 yr olds were drinking, maybe they were, but the article never said they were charged...Stick to the facts, please; don't assume to know what you don't.

I'll say it again, a very high percentage of us participated in this type of behavior when we were young.  Was it right...NO...but this type of behavior has been occurring for generations and will continue to .  Bet you even have a skeleton or two in your closet...

And if I had a 16 yr old daughter, I would make every effort possible to know where she was and who she was with.   I wonder if the parents og the young ladies even try to find out what their daughters are doing.


Just Saying

I heard two of the 16 year olds are Perkins Cheerleaders -- hmm, kicked off the squad?? I'll bet not. The Perkins zero tolerance doesn't seem to apply to everybody.