Pit bulls could be muzzled in Huron

An increase in complaints about pit bulls is pushing Huron officials to consider new laws that would restrict the animals and their owners when they're in public.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Aug 13, 2010

An increase in complaints about pit bulls is pushing Huron officials to consider new laws that would restrict the animals and their owners when they’re in public.

In the past few weeks, Huron police have responded to a few complaints about pit bulls running loose, said Laura Alkire, Huron’s assistant law director.

Police Chief John Majoy said he supports any new city ordinances that place restrictions on ownership of pit bulls.

“I think proactive is much, much better than reactive on this matter,” Majoy said.

Read all about the proposed restrictions — which include muzzling the animals and obtaining insurance to keep them — in Saturday's Register.



 I have a Jack Russel that can take any Pit Bull.


 Ha Ha  , I once saved a Jack Russell terrier from a Pit Bull terrier ! Maybe it was yours. The almost attack happened on Tyler Street. 

Julie R.

 So what neighborhoods are they in?


 Not mine, put it is the nature of the breed. The vet told me that I would save her life many times while she lived. The vet was right. The dog doesn't seem to know that she weighs 20 pounds. Thank GOD she does only weigh 20 pounds. If she weighed more I would have to keep a muzzle on her. Likely put her in a straight jacket too.


It's not the breed, it's the training. Quit profiling dogs because you don't understand their behaviors.

More people perished in 2009 from from sports-related injuries (600) than dog attacks(33.) We don't hear the Chief screaming about how high school sports should be outlawed. 

Any dog can be vicious (I've been bitten by more small dogs than large dogs), so it's all in how they are raised.

I own four dogs now and have had as many as nine in the house at once, large and small. No fights, no snarling, no problem. It's all how they're raised and who they undderstand as being dominant.

"Dogs running loose" doesn't constitute vicious dog attacks.Chief Majoy, in his quest for a Police State, just wants to control any freedom he can. Huron already has a law against dogs running loose. Stick with the laws you have before making new laws to enforce.





number one claim payout for insurance companies = dogbites


I agree with HILLTOP....ANY dog can be taught to be vicious.   I feel bad for pit bulls because it seems to be the "in thing" for certain people to own a pit bulls and TEACH them to be vicious.   There needs ro be a some kind of law against those types of people.  

dorothy gale

eriemom, I have a Jack Russell mix and he sure is a feisty little thing!  He, too, does not know that he weighs only 15 pounds; he behaves like he thinks he's a Rottweiler.  I have to be in control, otherwise his dog-aggressive tendencies could get him killed!  That said, I love pit bulls, bull terriers, and bull-boxer mixes.  I have had the pleasure of knowing some wonderful pit bulls as well as wonderful owners.  As a breed, they are very loyal, goofy, lovable dogs and I DO agree that it is all in how they are trained and treated.  NO dog should be running loose; it's a safety issue, for the dogs as well as the general public.  And to hilltop: some of the most vicious dogs I've ever encountered have been tiny --- poodles, chihuahuas, terriers and cocker spaniels. 


MIKEL...alot of people look for payouts in any way they can.  I once knew a very nice, well behaved dog that did nothing but bark to protect his family...especially the kids of the family.   One day someone got too close to the kids...i guess....he just wanted to make sure they were safe....nipped....yes, I said nipped the person...didn't even break the skin and this person made such a big STINK that the family had to get rid of the dog.   Sad....don't know if he was destroyed but if he was IT WAS UNCALLED FOR...the dog was such a good dog....just because of a cry baby....THE SKIN WAS NOT EVEN BROKEN!     Looking for a quick buck at the expense of the poor dog I guess.   Whaaaa.


I agree that any dog can be raised to be violent, however, pit bulls are at a different level when they bit compared to other dogs and they have a killer instinct that seperates them from most dogs. I think pit bulls are nothing but bad news all the way around.

hussein membrane

 Which types of dogs should other municipalities ban?

For example:

Perkins Township: mutts for being mixed breeds.



I had a Pit that  we decided to have  "put down". Its was a very sad time for me, but I know we made the right decision. " Gauge" had a couple issues when we got him. The scar on his head proved it ! Gauge became my dog or should I say, I became his person. The problem with that was, he really only liked me. He didnt like other adults and the neighborhood kids were getting on his nerves with their bikes and skateboards . He would actually try to escape to get to them. Needlessly to say , he was euthanized. I think about him often, but I have good memories of him, not the memory of an aftermath attack he caused.  RIP GAUGE 


 Oh yeah, By the way, I will never have another Pit bull. No matter what sad story they come with. Not worth the headache.


There are some ignorant comments here. First of all, pit bull type dogs do not have any more of a " killer instinct" than any other dog.
Hilltop made some excellent points. Pay attention to those. Do some research before you go vilifying a type a dog. All dogs have the potential to bite or be vicious. It is truly how they are raised, socialized, and trained. Irresponsible owners are the ones to blame. They are the ones giving the breed the bad name. And speaking of irresponsible, the writer of this article chose that photo just to sensationalize. Heather, shame on you. Why not put that small little photo you have as your main photo? Come on now. Your not helping.

here in ohio

pit bulls  can turn on there own owners for NO REASON !!! and if you own a home go try to get insurance.hahahaha you will get turned down or you will have to pay BIG TIME !!!!


 here in ohio, My insurance co. has a list of dogs they wont insure on a homeowners policy. The problem with that is, I know of several rare breeds that can be VERY aggressive that are NOT on the list , because they are not common in the states. Presa Canario and Ovtcharka are a couple breeds I would hate to see aggressive. Also, Giant Schnauzers are very strong , mentally and physically, could be dangerous in the wrong hands ! I guess, any dog with teeth can bite, its just how long will it take for you to get the dog off you or a loved one. You are not just going to be able to kick a pit bull off you real quick. It will take everything you have to get it off of you and maybe a pry bar if its locked on.  Not worth the risk.

here in ohio

them dogs are bad new


Remember Petey from the Little Rascals? Petey was a Pit Bull.

yea right

it is not the breed but the training...i think if we all called the FBI maybe they will investigate HURON.including Majoy

yea right

and to the Register for puting a BAD pic of a very lovable dog...shame on you


Ok, so again on with the "terible pit bulls". Not ALL pits are bad dogs. I found that out when my daughter ran up on one that flopped to his side so she could give him attention. Yes I know, neither of us knew his temperment and I am thankful he was trained and raised so well. But yet I have been attacked by a mini poodle, a mini pintcher, so it's not always the breed. So why not do this instead, if an owner of a "bad dog(any breed) that bites, growls, chaises or anything that constitutes they have bad temperment and it is proved be punished. Jail, massive fines, owner obedience school. ANYTHING I'm sure then after "owners" are punished mayb then they will curve the way they raise and train thier dogs. I myself own a rott. she is a wonderful loving dog. She does bark at ppl she doesn't know, but through her training she knows her rules. She is a very obedient dog.


My own opinion ,,, Yes, I am glad that the dog, in this case , a pit, was still a puppy. I am assuming it was a puppy ,since most adult dogs wont expose their bellies and underside of their necks to a stranger. Your daughter was very fortunate !  My problem isnt with dogs, its with most people who breed them. I remember when pit bulls used to cost several hundred dollars. Usually if you pay that kind of money, chances are, your intentions are good about having the dog. Now you can get one for little to nothing WITH papers ! Most people with Pit bulls only like the novelty of having one. Their dog is dominating them, and they dont even know it. Walking in front of them, entering and exiting doors BEFORE them, dogs paw is resting on their owners feet, the list goes on and on. Luckily the dog thinks their superior and the owners dont know any better, so it just remains that way, until the owner needs to discipline their dog for something.  Oh yeah, can you believe some people think that a dog humping a leg is not a problem?  


No, the pitt that my daughter encountered was not a puppy, he was a full grown adult pitt bull. But as I said, he was raised and trained the right way. He knew she was a child and that he could get all the attention he could from her while being outside on his "log chain" he was a great dog,and evrey day after that she would go out and play with him, myself and his owners would watch the way he interacted with her and all the other children in the neighborhood. It was him that changed how I felt about pitt bulls. So not all are the same.  Your absolutely right about how a dog acts towards it's owner and they not know it.


Almost, and I say almost, any dog breed can  be lovingly trained in 'good manners'  reaction to other humans or  dogs, etc.  I  think that  most   dogs  are  territorial and will give a good scare  to anyone who  comes on 'their  property'.   There are some good dog  training books on the market,   A  good dog, usually has a good owner. 


Okay, as the owner of a AmStaff, I'm gonna weigh in on this, If you don't have time to watch after, raise and socialize a small child, DO NOT get a pit bull, as they require about as much of those as a child does, they are a very social dog, and do not do well when isolated, chained up, etc. They become neurotic very quickly. They have a high prey drive (chasing) which needs to be addressed (LOTS of exercise) And discipline (training). If you can provide this, you will have a good dog. And BTW, unless you are very serious about improving the breed, and know what you are doing, get them fixed, as all you are doing is destroying the breed. For more info google Diane Jessup's site www.workingpitbull.com.


 Nicely put, big_d !!!!!

Captain Gutz

Cats rule, dogs drool.


Id just kike to thank whoever decided to publish this picture with this story. Im not a pit bull owner however I have a Cane Corso Mastiff which has a growing rapp like the pit bull and  he is the biggest love bug you will ever meet. He is a rescue and has turned into the best dog Ive ever owned. When a picture like this one is published that vision of a pit bull is the first thing in everyones minds "AGGRESSION" So what are we doing here trying to make every reader scared to death of this breed or what. Why wasnt the thumbnail picture of a happy tail wagging American Terrior published and not this aggressive pit bull. That picture may have been 1 dog of 5000. Just 2 weeks ago my sons hand was bitten bad by a beagle that we were trying to get away from rt250 so lets make a law muzzle all beagles. Also My dogsgo the the best named vets in the area and Id just like to let everyone know vets are pit bull owners so what does that tell you. So in all do some homework and find out what percentages of dog bites come from pitbulls and how many come from other breads. Thank you whoever chose this picture again it helps so much. 

Kottage Kat

Captain Gutz,

Well said, lol.


 I guess I opened a can of worms with my comment, "it's the breed." I was writing about a Jack Russell terror. Over the years we have had Irish Setters, several Great Danes, Scottish Terrier, Beagle, and now this Jack Russell. I can tell you that breeds are called breeds because they have been bred to do certain jobs. Each is distinct and because they are now bred for pets instead of work each breed now has anomalies. There are Irish Setters that don't like to swim but would rather roll on dead fish.

Bottom line: Originally the Pit Bull was bread to protect. More recently they have been bred to fight--you know dog fights. So yes, they are overly aggressive AS A BREED. There will always be anomalies. The sweet pit bull and the shy Jack Russell.