Pay-to-play fees due Nov. 6

Perkins Schools fees, to be fully paid day after November levy election, range from $730 per high school sport to $100 per club
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 19, 2013
Fall athletes at Perkins Schools must pay all their participation fees by Nov. 6, according to guidelines the district released this week.
Click the link below to view a chart of data illustrating how Perkins Schools calculated the pay-to-participate fees.
The one-page outline details the specifics of the recently hiked fees, which were officially implemented after a majority of voters rejected the district’s 10-year, 6.73-mill emergency operating levy proposal Aug. 6.
The fees, according to the guidelines:
•$730 per high school sport.
•$220 per high school music participation (band or choir).
•$185 per middle school sport.
•$100 per high school or middle school club, although the amount approved on the Perkins school board meeting agenda in June was $150.
Pay-to-participate fees for athletes will cover transportation fees and coach and adviser salaries, according to the guidelines. They will also cover the athletic director Mike Strohl’s salary and benefits, about $109,000, and athletic secretary Linda Bixler’s salary and benefits, about $27,000.
Perkins Schools calculated the cost of pay-to-participate fees by adding the total cost of each sport and dividing by 622, the total number of athletes participating in district sport in the past school year, according to data the Register obtained from treasurer Lisa Crescimano.
The calculation means all athletes will pay the same fee, even if one sport is costlier than another.
The costliest sport per player is girls basketball, at $1,240, while the cheapest sport per player is cheerleading, at $373, according to the data. Sports cost the district $454,000 total this past school year.
If a majority of voters approve the November levy — identical to the levy they rejected in May — all fees paid up to that point will be refunded, according to the guidelines. Pay-to-participate fees will return to $35 for high school sports and $25 for middle school sports. Students participating in band and and choir will no longer pay fees.
Perkins Schools administrators will release more information regarding pay-to-participate fees Tuesday. Pick up Wednesday’s Register for details.



If you actually read the article it states that his salary and benefits make up $109000. So in actuality his salary is no where near 109000 per year. The benefits which I’m sure include medical coverage, vision, and dental probably account for 60%-70% of that number.


Base pay - approximately $80,000
14% school contribution to retirement (taxpayer) - $11,200
Subtotal - $91,200
That leaves $17,800 for medical, etc.

And all this for an employee who has been heard to say that some classified staff members make way too much money.


Do you really believe this nonsense? No star athletes have left. No team will crumble. Matter of fact anyone want to bet Perkins will still win the all-sports award once again this year?


Exactly. Parents magically found the money for their kids to play, someone donated the fees for the football team, and cut teachers are being brought back in, which is why we should vote no again in November.

I'm Done

A donation paid for the football team only...word has it....hhmmmmmm

Tool Box

Get these costs under control and get rid of Gunner! There is no clear reason for pay to play and it WILL be challenged along with the amounts. I wouldn't want to be the one who has to explain these to the nickel! But it will be happening SOON!


Agree Tool Box. $220 per Choir student x roughly 100 kids or more. This is an accredited class in the classroom. Approx. $22,000 is generated in fees for what? They don't go anywhere to need buses. No equipment needs. They buy their own music and robes through the music boosters. Where is this money going???


The article says: "If a majority of voters approve the November levy — identical to the levy they rejected in May — all fees paid up to that point will be refunded..."

that says it all right there!

☼When someone with power seeks payment in exchange for certain actions, that person is said to be peddling influence. Regardless of who initiates the deal, either party to an act of bribery can be found guilty of the crime independently of the other.

Your school board is PEDDLING INFLUENCE!



☼extortion ☼Unlawful exaction of money or property through intimidation or undue exercise of authority. It may include threats of physical harm, criminal prosecution, or public exposure. Some forms of threat, especially those made in writing, are occasionally singled out for separate statutory treatment as blackmail. See also bribery.


Julie R.


red white and blue

I'm allmost a 100 percent sure this levy will pass in parent is going to not have there kids play sports and they sure can't afford the fees the board knows the voters will break down and pass this levy


No way it passes! Vote NO!


Didn't Gunner already try the threats of the pay to play?

People know he will just keep pushing back or eliminating the fees.

And how sad, to think all of this for Gunner's new building.


The best chance Perkins had to pass their levy was in August, with the cuts and pay-to-play threats staring everyone in the face. Now we're seeing most of the threats were lies and scare tactics. There's no way this levy passes for a while without some major changes/concessions by the BOE.

red white and blue

Voteno the only way and I mean the only way is to have parents not let there kids play refuse to pay the fee there's no way the school will let that stadium sit but I real don't think people will band together


Is anyone able to state how the district has been "dismantled" as Gunner told us would happen if the buildings levy failed.


Nothing dismantled yet but extracurricular activity fees for sports and clubs. Still trying to figure out why the required classes of band and choir are assessed fees. As far as I know, the schools are open for business on Monday. Everyone has their classes scheduled. Sports are all scheduled and in progress. Band is back from camp. Schools look clean and shiny. Buses washed and fueled up. A few teachers hired back. Sadly, a few lost. Enrollment is up, though. Kids have new shoes and backpacks. 1-1 laptops fired up. Sounds like they're ready to go and business is as usual, Citizen. Not sure what the levy and fuss was for.


Yea, I'm not sure either.

Gunner told us all repeatedly he would be forced to "dismantle" the school district if the levy failed.

Students still have their own, personal Apple laptop when school starts Monday... yep, sure sounds as if the school is being dismantled.


Holy cow on the new test scores, Perkins. Gunner was right. The district is being dismantled.


The following comments were presented during the public comment portion of the Perkins Board of Education at their Aug. 7th meeting at 7am and was not included in the board report in the Register:
1. Resolve immediately to change the inside millage back to operating millage effective Jan 1, 2014. This would provide approximately $2.2 million in operating funds per year. This inside millage for the Perkins Schools, approximately 5.2 mills, is the foundation of a district’s operating funds, increases with increases in property values, and was fully intended by the state constitution to be used for general operation of the schools and not permanent improvements(new building construction).
2. This would generate $1.1 million January 1 for operating use January-June and $2.2 million per school year each year thereafter.
3. Resolve immediately to rehire most of the teaching and classified staff recently reduced and to reset the exorbitant activity fees to the 2012-13 levels.
4. Reassess the district’s financial status regarding operating funds with the return of the 5.2 mils of inside operating funds in 2014 and determine what additional operating millage is needed to stabilize the general fund budget. An additional 2 mills or so to be voted upon in May 2014 may be needed. If passed, it would be collected beginning in 2015. This along with the return of the 5.2 mills would approximate the 6.7 mills being requested to stabilize the general fund at the previous two elections.
5. Cancel the November levy. The community has spoken three times.
6. Next spring, look at building needs with a “comprehensive district wide building assessment committee” to come up with a new plan, and go forward from there with a building/facilities update plan.
7. The board did not appear receptive to the comments and after dialogue, the board responded that it would still be possible to reverse the inside millage in November if they should so choose. They could cancel the November ballot issue if they wished, but they could not put up a different(smaller) millage in November as no new dollar amount could be certified by the Erie County Auditor in time. This was in reference to an idea for smaller millage to supplement the 5.2 inside mills should they decide to reverse it back to operating funds.


This school district in Michigan actually charges $300 for our "free" laptop program!


Parent in North Carolina

"There's a school in NC that they're trumpeting as a success story with 1-1 computing. It laid off a bunch of teachers, saying they can handle larger class sizes, because of the laptops. So you see where this is going. This is another mechanism for transferring education dollars away from teachers and to private companies without good evidence that it will improve education or that it will improve it enough to be worth the exorbitant cost. Or force every parent to buy a Chromebook. Actually in our school system they were going to rent the devices for over $200 a year so I hope that $300 was a one-time cost to the parent."


Other Ohio schools pay to play policies. Huber Heights lowers fees.


Springfield, OH schools suspend pay to play for three years.


it sounds as if most of you are resigned to paying these fees, but what about the families who cannot pay these? It is going to be hard for them to tell their kids they cannot play because they cant afford this. Truthfully this cant be easy. What most parents should be concerned about is the low ratings your students got on the testing rating just above SHS. Stadiums and new schools and pay for sports isn't going to help that. I am sure the Perkins parents are fair more worried about that then they are these petty problems

perk up

Gunner and BOE you ask the voters to help the students, then you turn around and punish them, if voters don't say yes, by using large fees to the athletes. Do you really care about the students?

Mr. D

ptbarnum. . . You are a bit off with your timeline for Title IX. It was in its infancy in 1972, around 41 years ago. Title IX has been around quite a while!


Get your Boosters Club members out there asking for donations to defray the cost of pay to play! Isn't that what they are there for? I'm not sure if Perkins has a boosters club, but if they do, this is what their job should be!