Pay-to-play fees due Nov. 6

Perkins Schools fees, to be fully paid day after November levy election, range from $730 per high school sport to $100 per club
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 19, 2013


Fall athletes at Perkins Schools must pay all their participation fees by Nov. 6, according to guidelines the district released this week.
Click the link below to view a chart of data illustrating how Perkins Schools calculated the pay-to-participate fees.
The one-page outline details the specifics of the recently hiked fees, which were officially implemented after a majority of voters rejected the district’s 10-year, 6.73-mill emergency operating levy proposal Aug. 6.
The fees, according to the guidelines:
•$730 per high school sport.
•$220 per high school music participation (band or choir).
•$185 per middle school sport.
•$100 per high school or middle school club, although the amount approved on the Perkins school board meeting agenda in June was $150.
Pay-to-participate fees for athletes will cover transportation fees and coach and adviser salaries, according to the guidelines. They will also cover the athletic director Mike Strohl’s salary and benefits, about $109,000, and athletic secretary Linda Bixler’s salary and benefits, about $27,000.
Perkins Schools calculated the cost of pay-to-participate fees by adding the total cost of each sport and dividing by 622, the total number of athletes participating in district sport in the past school year, according to data the Register obtained from treasurer Lisa Crescimano.
The calculation means all athletes will pay the same fee, even if one sport is costlier than another.
The costliest sport per player is girls basketball, at $1,240, while the cheapest sport per player is cheerleading, at $373, according to the data. Sports cost the district $454,000 total this past school year.
If a majority of voters approve the November levy — identical to the levy they rejected in May — all fees paid up to that point will be refunded, according to the guidelines. Pay-to-participate fees will return to $35 for high school sports and $25 for middle school sports. Students participating in band and and choir will no longer pay fees.
Perkins Schools administrators will release more information regarding pay-to-participate fees Tuesday. Pick up Wednesday’s Register for details.



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