U.S. 6 to close temporarily

This “west side story” will likely frustrate most motorists traveling on Venice Road in Sandusky.
Andy Ouriel
Aug 19, 2013


State transportation officials approved closing a portion of Venice Road, or U.S. 6, by George Street for 30 days so construction workers can complete the west end overpass.

The 500-foot construction zone — forcing all non-emergency traffic to follow detours around the area — should shut down by Aug. 26. It would then re-open in late September.

Motorists can still access homes, neighborhoods and businesses in this area during the construction period.

By Aug. 26, Tiffin Avenue (Ohio 101) should re-open. It has been closed for several weeks because of the construction.

The detour forces traffic traveling:
• East to take Ohio 2 and get off at the Ohio 101 exit to access Fremont Avenue (U.S. 6)
• West to take Ohio 101 and access Ohio 2 to get back onto Venice Road (U.S. 6).

While the 16,000 vehicles trekking the Venice Road corridor each day include a handful of fire trucks and police cruisers, state officials are allowing emergency vehicles to travel the area.

“Fire and EMS apparatus will be able to navigate through the construction zone,” Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci said. “Even though some areas may not be accessible by the general public, (the state transportation department and the on-site construction company) have always worked with us to maintain emergency routes.” Said Sandusky police Chief John Orzech: “We will be able to get through the area if an emergency situation arises. This is the final leg of a great improvement for vehicular traffic on the west end.”

The $11.4 million overpass project should streamline traffic on Sandusky’s west side by allowing motorists to bypass railroad crossings and avoid lengthy delays. The overpass will connect Tiffin Avenue and George Street, running parallel to Venice Road.City taxpayers will pay about $575,000 of the project’s total cost, with Norfolk Southern railroad matching that amount. State funds will cover the remainder.

The project is slated for completion by July 2014.


My Opinion is...

I would really like to know why they're closing a portion of Venice Road starting on the very first day of school. Even better, I love the sentence, "By Aug. 26, Tiffin Avenue (Ohio 101) should re-open." SHOULD being the operative word. Transporting kids to Venice Heights Elementary School should be fun for anyone who doesn't live west of Toft's or, in reverse, transporting kids to the Middle School or High School if they do live west of Toft's!

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Don't they have a bus? Leave it to the school to get them there on schedule.


I wish someone would explain why it's going to take until July 2014 to complete this project. It looks like it is almost done.

Rationally Speaking

Who decided that the time to close the road comes at the beginning of the school year and just a week before a busy holiday? Must be the same one that closed down most of the SR53 & SR163 intersection on a busy holiday a couple of years ago. Not to mention the summer with the Edison Bridge barely passable.

If they had worked around the clock with these projects, wouldn't they have completed them in less time and inconvenience?

Oh well, roads need to be improved?


Wow. People are mad about a temporary 500' section of road to be closed. It appears that they are ahead of schedule and everybody is still complaining that they should have been "working around the clock with these projects". Lets pay everyone overtime to get a project already moving quickly even faster so it is "completed in less time and inconvenience". When is there ever a better time?

More than likely this can be bypassed easily enough by taking edgewater to W Monroe and W Monroe back to Tiffin. Calm down people. ODOT always puts "offical" detours on major routes, you don't have to follow them.

It is barely 10% of a mile that will be closed.

As somebody who works in the area, I am glad for all of these closures. It means my Work commute will be better in the long run and I am more than capable of leaving a few minutes early to get to where I need to go on time.


Official detours by ODOT pertain to commercial traffic. If you're a "local" and know a shorter route, use it.

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Great comment : )

The people wanted the bypass, it is getting done and there will be road closures to make it happen.

Tool Box

I love how the same people who complain about the train traffic also complain about the bypass. Some people are just not worth trying to please!