Dustup in bathroom leads to charges

Fligor, of Norwalk, arrested after admitting to drug use
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 17, 2013


A Norwalk woman allegedly huffing duster in a superstore bathroom was arrested Thursday, according to a police report.

Police later arrested Miranda Fligor, 28, on two bench warrants for abusing harmful intoxicants, after prosecutors decided to charge her for the Aug. 9 incident, Norwalk police Capt. Dave Smith said. A Walmart employee called police after hearing the sound of compressed air being released in a bathroom stall at about 8 p.m. The employee also saw a can of duster fall to the floor, Smith said.

When Norwalk police arrived, Fligor was still in the bathroom. An officer forced open the stall door to see a fully clothed Fligor sitting on the toilet with a can of duster in her hand, a Norwalk police report said.

She simply stared at the officer with a “dumbfounded look and put her head in her hands,” the report said.

When officers spoke to Fligor, she also admitted to huffing duster in the bathroom at Rite Aid before going to Walmart that day, the report said.

She had several cans of duster in her possession, but it was unclear if she had purchased the items before going into the restroom. Fligor was taken to Fisher Titus Medical Center for treatment that evening.

After reviewing the case, the law director decided to charge her with two counts of abusing harmful intoxicants, triggering the warrants that led to her arrest Thursday.



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The Hero Zone

Yuck...I dread blowing out the computers for even a bit of the bitterant getting in my nose or mouth. Huffing is a serious problem, though, and is very damaging to the body. I hope this woman gets help in overcoming this.


she just got busted in may in norwallk at a mickymart for shooting up heroin.

Stop It

She is screaming for help. Can't anyone see?

She is doing these things in public places instead of setting herself on fire in a secluded area.


She might be screaming for help, but she has to do it herself. Unless she is high all the time, she must have some lucid moments. THAT'S when she needs to seek help. Never having started taking drugs or "huffing" I really don't know how it works, but if you take it the first time, knowing the problems it causes, then how can I feel sorry for you?

Colonel Angus

Amen! I feel the same way about domestic violence, motorcycle accidents and AIDS. Glad to see someone else advocates for personal responsibility. You get what you deserve. Am I right?


I agree too. At one time, you make a CHOICE to start smoking weed, heroin, huffing, whatever, it is a CHOICE. You do it to yourself. You can also CHOOSE TO STOP. I have no sympathy for you when you get caught. She was huffing in a bathroom. That is pretty much rock bottom, not looking for help, just rock bottom. Low class if you ask me. Not only was she sitting on the porcelain god huffing, she probably didn't pay for it either. So she is a shoplifter too. No sympathy here. It is a CHOICE people. Just say NO.


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Great poem, well said!

J. Hartman

Sweet Lips, would you mind if I shared your words on the Sandusky Crime Prevention Council's facebook page?


@Stop it, really it was necessary to bring that up? You realize some people are not able to be helped, you think no one has tried to help these people! You have absolutely no right to say anything concerning that woman! And if you are so concerned why don't you try to help.


I don't know what will help that family. The last name is well know to PD.