Freudenberg-NOK plant in Milan votes to unionize

Results unofficial, UAW challenging some votes.
Melissa Topey
Aug 16, 2013
Freudenberg-NOK, an autoparts plant in Milan, unofficially became unionized Thursday by a close vote of 103 to 97. Cheers went up when the vote total was announced.

“We did it. We came together as a team and we did it,” said Melanie Jett, an hourly employee at the plant, as she hugged fellow workers.  

But one obstacle remains.

The UAW, the organizing union, is challenging 10 votes, arguing they were cast either by salaried or temporary employees who are prohibited from voting. A UAW organizer reassured pro-union employees gathered outside the plant Thursday that those votes will be kept out. Freudenberg-NOK plans to make sure those 10 votes are counted.

“Today’s vote proved to be inconclusive due to the ballots challenged by the UAW,” said Lisa Gentile, spokeswoman for the company. “Freudenberg-NOK believes all eligible associates should have a voice in the outcome of the election and will continue to follow its standard policy of honoring and defending all legal protections afforded to our associates under the National Labor Relations Act.” A hearing will be held within the next couple of days at the National Labor Relations Board office in Cleveland, union organizers said.  

Freudenberg employees were hopeful even before the vote began, saying they thought they had the votes. Employees held a rally starting at 6 a.m., standing at the employee parking entrance holding Union yes signs. There ranks were added to by union officials from other UAW chapters, some from places as far away as Detroit and Kokomo, Ind. Other employees honked horns as they drove into the parking lot to go to work.

The employees said they were not against the company or their work. They wanted a fair and balanced workplace where there was more of a partnership with management.

Thursday they got it, unofficially.



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What is the source of capital for job creation and the economy?

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Sad that personal financial planning and economic illiteracy is rampant in the U.S.


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Gold is a 'lousy' investment. It pays no div'ds or interest.

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Where the Ford, Crysler and Gm plants are now?

The Big Dog's back

Are you proud that they shipped their jobs overseas?


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Good 2 B Me

This company is already owned from Germany. It is in the USA. Stop complaining!




Having worked in both union and non-union shops, I have to say that if you have good management, you don't need a union. These days, most management people have never worked in an hourly job. Most come from college where they learn from the book. The only trouble is the book was written by people who have also never worked in a factory. When I was a union steward, our job was to protect the workers from harm or unlawful termination. It was to negotiate an adequate wage and other benefits. Our plant closed after many years of business. We did a great job, but couldn't compete with Mexico's wages. The non-union plant I worked in is still here. They started out with good wages, but sadly has gone downhill. Best of luck to everyone involved.


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What is so wrong with letting the working man work? What is wrong with not wanting to be treated like you are not human? Why are all of these haters here when it comes to unions? I bet most of the haters are no longer in the workforce getting treated BADLY. I bet they are sitting at home collecting their pensions while others are suffering~just barely eating while they go to work everyday. Or maybe they are one of those in management who live their life just to make the workers suffer. Why are these haters the first to complain when someone collects food stamps because they lost their job due to management wanting to make cuts? What is the WORKING MAN supposed to do? Tell me~their only hope is for a union to help them get through each miserable day at work since unions have phased out and management treat their workers even worse. What are the workers EVERYWHERE supposed to do? They go to work every day and still go to bed hungry. Don't you think it is time to cut back on the loads of upper management for a change? Don't you think that EVERY place is top heavy and making more money than an average middle class workers will EVER see? Instead of complaining about the working man who is just trying to put food on the table~why don't you spend more time coming up with a solution? A solution that will take us back to the day when there were jobs~people went to work everyday and were treated like human beings~the day when the middle class did not go to bed hungry after WORKING all day! People need to work~unless you want us all to live off of the government (even though they want to take all of that away too) and the taxes that the rich don't have to pay. TELL ME~how is the middle class worker going to make it?


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A myth of a Golden Age that NEVER was.

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I remember being treated better than now~you must not be in the workforce right now??


I remember being treated better than now~you must not be in the workforce right now??


I remember being treated better than now~you must not be in the workforce right now??


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Great comment!


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The smiles will be short lived. The begining of the end. Does anyone want to predict the time frame.


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I REALLY don't wish them ill.

A brief story:

Over the summer and while in college, I worked at a unionized plant.

I was about ready to go back to school when the membership called for a strike vote.

I went to my fellow "lifers" and said:

My vote is YOUR vote, what do you want me to do?

To a man, they said vote "strike." So I did.

The union had little money in the strike fund and so the mgmt. broke the back of the strike within about 60 days.

The co. no longer exists in the area.

Good 2 B Me

I would give real money if you would shut up.

dorothy gale

I hope unionization doesn't cause these people to lose their jobs.