Workers ask for help

New Departure, Delphi retirees band together
Melissa Topey
Aug 17, 2013

The automotive bearings plant that's been a major employer in the region for more than 60 years will close if it can't get contracts for new work. 

That's the fear for a group of retired workers and current employees at Kyklos Bearing International (KBI), the factory at Perkins and Hayes avenues formerly known as New Departure and Delphi. 

The group hopes to spread a call to action, starting with a letter to local governments seeking support to save the plant. 

"We are asking you to please become involved in trying to keep this facility viable," states the letter, which was hand-delivered to Erie County commissioners, Sandusky city commission and the Perkins Township trustee board. "Should the plant close it would be devastating to the community. These are high-paying jobs that could not be replaced. The lost revenue and added social cost to the county should motivate us all to do everything possible to keep the plant a strong and growing business.”

The group wants local governments to approve resolutions asking General Motors and other potential customers to bring new business to the plant. The group also asked local officials to contact state and federal legislators for help in saving the plant. 

Sam Artino, a Huron city commissioner and a retiree from the plant when it was known as Delphi, said the letter was also delivered to the Sandusky and Perkins school boards. More letters will be sent to lawmakers, including U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown and others.

“KBI is the same plight as every other plant. It is the plight of the middle class in manufacturing,” Artino said.

KBI has about 500 hourly and 80 salaried employees, far fewer than in the plant's heyday.

Employees have fought to save the plant for years, even offering at times to take pay cuts, said Chris SimsUAW shop chairman. 

That effort comes up against unfair marketing practices, he said. One competing bearings manufacturer offered to sell GM finished product at a cost lower than it is just to buy the raw materials needed to manufacture the bearings. 

"Even if everyone worked for free, the quote would be impossible to beat," Sims said.

That company is based overseas but has a plant in South Carolina, he said.

Pricing a product below what it would cost to produce is known as dumping, he said, and it is done to unfairly undermine a competitor. 

Artino said the letter already has gotten some attention. The group has been invited to the Aug. 26 Sandusky city commission meeting. 

“Keeping these jobs is a No. 1 priority for the county, the city, the township," Sandusky city commissioner Wes Poole said. "All governments should be working together doing whatever is possible.” 


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They are conjoined twins.


"Look at all of the comments in here that would rather see KBI go under because it's a union shop."

I love exaggerations!!!

I saw many posts predicting KBI would go under since it is becoming a union shop. Didn't see all those saying they would RATHER see KBI go under because it is a "union shop". Care to point out which ones they were or quote them in full? But then what would be the point of exaggerating?

The Big Dog's back

Learn how to read and do your own research.


Piddle puppy, I have already read the comments here, some several times, there are no comment that want KBI to go under, many that predict them to do so, they are NOT the same thing. But then you just want to mouth inanities, troll.

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Re: "13.7%"

That's current.

In June, 2011, the U.S. Treasury reduced its ownership from 61% to 33%.

Pop quiz: OK, how much of GM does the UAW own?

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So what.


Mouthing more inanities.


Hey grump !

Get help!

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grumps is a troll.


United Auto Workers Retiree Medical Benefits Trust owns about 10% of guberment motors. I cant wait for GM to die.


I'm sure they hope the same for you.


NO in NOvember!


You get what you voted for and Odumba is more concerned with appologizing to the world and die to his total lack of business experience this is what you end up with!


Another ignorant comment


Okay, I'll bite: Please advise what business experience Obama has. Either the previous comment was ignorant, or you are. And since you won't advise of any business experience held by our illustrious President (because you can't — he HAS none!), I'm going to go with the latter...


"You get what you voted for and Odumba is more concerned with appologizing to the world and die."
............................The above is my main contention. A comment like that is a lie and utterly stupid.

What does "business experience" have to do with running a country?
George Bush had "business experience" and you can see how well that worked out --( if you open your eyes ).

Here's something else you can quibble with :

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sam, what business experience did ronnie raygun have?


4shizzle and Big Dog: I ask for Obama's business experience. The response: A slam of George W. Bush, and a demand to know what business experience Ronald Reagan has.

That would be fine if we were discussing the pluses or minuses of either Bush or Reagan. We're not. I asked about OBAMA. If that's your only answer, I think I rest my case...


Sam, I read one time that he had one year practicing in a private law firm after college. Of course he had all the jobs young people had, at least most of us. Otherwise his career has been predominantly in the public sector. I am not cutting the man down, I think he means well but I think he is using the wrong tools to do what he thinks should be done in this country. He differs just like we differ here, only difference is he controls our destiny and we not his!

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We controlled his destiny last November.


Re: "Sam,"

I once heard a story about an audience of CEOs who were asked the question:

How many of you would have Bill Clinton as the president of your co.?

Not a single hand went up.

Can imagine that the results would not be dissimilar with Dear Leader.



Did Bill Clinton "stand you up" ?

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4shizzle answered it for you.

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sam, I'll put the question to you, what's his business experience and why does it matter?


Re: "why does it matter?"

One should consider the source of the question:

“I've said you don't have to own a business to know how one works.”

(brutus smith, Oct. 2010)

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Government is not a business nor should it be run like one.


Re: "Government is not a business nor should it be run like one."


Which is why it is tens of trillions of dollars in debt, has hundreds of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities, loses hundreds of billions of dollars annually in waste, fraud and abuse and is up to it's *ss in bureaucratic incompetence.

Not for profit ALSO means not for loss.

Eventually the creditors will call and then BANKRUPTCY!

Like individuals, govts. CAN and DO go BANKRUPT!

It's happened time and time again throughout History.

Only a downright MORON would say: It can’t happen here, putz.


Contango -Government is not a business.

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The Hero Zone

I ask you this as an honest question. Given that it is not a business why are we even bothering to track debt and spending? If it actually doesn't matter, if we will never actually pay it back, then why bother at all?

Let's all just vote in November to say we don't owe anything and through a mutually-created reality just birth a consent into our culture. We can even dress it up as a business move and say "we will no longer manufacture nor support the dollar any more, those will expire in one year" and use the "rallod" instead and slap a New & Improved label on the wrapped bundles.