Workers ask for help

New Departure, Delphi retirees band together
Melissa Topey
Aug 17, 2013

The automotive bearings plant that's been a major employer in the region for more than 60 years will close if it can't get contracts for new work. 

That's the fear for a group of retired workers and current employees at Kyklos Bearing International (KBI), the factory at Perkins and Hayes avenues formerly known as New Departure and Delphi. 

The group hopes to spread a call to action, starting with a letter to local governments seeking support to save the plant. 

"We are asking you to please become involved in trying to keep this facility viable," states the letter, which was hand-delivered to Erie County commissioners, Sandusky city commission and the Perkins Township trustee board. "Should the plant close it would be devastating to the community. These are high-paying jobs that could not be replaced. The lost revenue and added social cost to the county should motivate us all to do everything possible to keep the plant a strong and growing business.”

The group wants local governments to approve resolutions asking General Motors and other potential customers to bring new business to the plant. The group also asked local officials to contact state and federal legislators for help in saving the plant. 

Sam Artino, a Huron city commissioner and a retiree from the plant when it was known as Delphi, said the letter was also delivered to the Sandusky and Perkins school boards. More letters will be sent to lawmakers, including U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown and others.

“KBI is the same plight as every other plant. It is the plight of the middle class in manufacturing,” Artino said.

KBI has about 500 hourly and 80 salaried employees, far fewer than in the plant's heyday.

Employees have fought to save the plant for years, even offering at times to take pay cuts, said Chris SimsUAW shop chairman. 

That effort comes up against unfair marketing practices, he said. One competing bearings manufacturer offered to sell GM finished product at a cost lower than it is just to buy the raw materials needed to manufacture the bearings. 

"Even if everyone worked for free, the quote would be impossible to beat," Sims said.

That company is based overseas but has a plant in South Carolina, he said.

Pricing a product below what it would cost to produce is known as dumping, he said, and it is done to unfairly undermine a competitor. 

Artino said the letter already has gotten some attention. The group has been invited to the Aug. 26 Sandusky city commission meeting. 

“Keeping these jobs is a No. 1 priority for the county, the city, the township," Sandusky city commissioner Wes Poole said. "All governments should be working together doing whatever is possible.” 


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Ahhh yes, those darn regulations. Let's not have any regulations or laws, let's become Haiti.


Ahhh yes let's exaggerate what was being said. That is how the left winguts try to state it, all or none. According to them there is nothing in between. That is the wingnut way of looking at what they don't like when it is brought up. Thanks for being an example.

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So what regulations should companies have?


You want specifics? tell me what company and give me all the particulars on safety and practices of the company, what polution and controls they have, and anything else that is relevant and we can have a discussion.

I am betting you will not hold up your end and gather that information. It goes along with the wingnutters deflection and generalities you seem to spout. You want specifics, yet won't give out specifics. Try it once.

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You're the one beeching about regulations all the time, so the burden of proof is on you.


Nope I am am reacting to your question with a request for specifics. Rationally Speaking mentioned regulations. You are now deflecting so you can not even have a serious discussion about the topic. You want to run and hide instead. I expected as much. You just want to mouth inanities.

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I expected you to weasel out of it. Put your cards on the table now or move on. Right now!


What company and what is their record? C'mon troll do something other than mouth inanities on every post.


Remember these famous words, grumpy? :


Wed, 08/14/2013 - 1:21pm

I love it when they fall to name calling."


Lets not dwell on the reasons and try and focus on how to save this plant , not only that but an tradition in sandusky as well as all of Erie County
Now that G.M has come back from there legal wows , maybe they will take the plant back over and live up to what they told the union way back when they were new departure . and that was that they would not sell the sandusky plant as long as it was profitable , and at one time is was , when it was owned and run by G.M .I f you all recall the ford plant was taken back over and then resold and now they are facing the same thing , CLOSING THE DOORS
We need good paying jobs in Erie County. And everyone needs to step up to the plant and do what is needed to save what jobs that are still here but are in trouble

You can point at this and that all you like , but its not going to do anything but close the plant and lose what jobs we have .
Contact your goverment bodies as well as G.M and get them to take the responsablity back of the plant where it should be .The ownership and controll of that plant had its ups and downs when G.M had controll of it , and it came back to life and showed profits and still can if if G.M takes it back. That in my opionon is the only way to save this plant.
From the city , county, state > and federal levels need to stop playing chicken with peoples lively hood Wheres President Obama now that we need to not only make jobs , but perserve the ones that we have and are in danger of losing .Obama bailed out G.M ,NOW HE NEEDS TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE . And work with G.M to take that plant back over and run it , Its a proven fact that a plant that is sold off is in trouble and selling it only adds to the problem , it does not solve the problem . When G.M was in trouble the tax dollars was there to help them out of there trouble , now its time to return the favor and take back what should have never been sold off to begin with .And If G.M and the Union would pull together they could come up with a plan of action not only to safe that plant but also make it profitable once again and have it here for many more Generations to come .
I have a strong opionon of this plant and have has many of my family threw the years that worked and spent a good chunk of there lives in that plant . I hope that we can do whatever it takes to save this plant as well as the Old Ford Plant

Yellow Snow

When is the last time Marcy Kaptur was involved in saving a factory from closing? We knew about a year before we were closed. Many of us called and wrote Marcy. None of us got a response, not even an acknowledgment or one of those stupid form letters.


"When is the last time Marcy Kaptur was involved in saving a factory from closing?"

She would not even return my email or phone calls!


You expect the elite to deal with the rabble? She has been in DC for 30 years. Why would she respond to peons? She is an elected politician in a "safe" district. She doesn't need you. You can't do anything for her. She is just another typical politician.


Well I actually could talk to Rep. Paul Gillmor and he would return a letter. I was sad when they realigned the districts.

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He died fool.


Yea Dah! Not before the districts were realigned and we lost him in Erie County silly man!


Congressman Gillmore answered letters, returned phone calls, and even made time for meetings with constituents. I know, because he did all of those things for ME! I, too, was sad when re-districting occurred, but Democrat or Republican, I figured I could at least put in my two cents and get some kind of acknowledgment if not agreement.

Turns out that I can't. Several letters remain unanswered after many, many months. Phone calls are handled by Marcy's minions who basically say nothing more than, "Okay. Thank you." And that's assuming they're having a good day. (I got into a VERY enteraining argument with one of those minions a few years ago which ended when he actually said that no, Representative Kaptur DOESN'T believe in free speech. Too bad I didn't have THAT on tape!)

As it happens, know who makes sure Congresswoman Kaptur is in a "safe" district? It's UNIONS. Yup. You reap what you sow, boys and girls...


To all the "Low Information" commenters and voters who want to believe everything the main stream media is shoveling at them.

In 1955 the top 4 employers in the US were:
1. General Motors
2. US Steel
3. GE
4. Chrysler
Today the top 4 US employers are:
1. Wal-Mart
2. Kelly Temps
3. McDonalds
4. Taco Bell

I am not necessarily a "fan" of the Unions however, the facts don't lie...politicians and the media does. WAKE UP and look around you.
Only the people can turn things around or choose to keep them on the same path as the government wants. And as long as you stick your head in the sand and listen to other "Low Information" people and politicians then...your path is doomed along with the path of your children grand children and mine


Good post.


I sat next to a Chinese guy on a plane headed to San Fran about 2001. He was so excited telling me how he had just moved so many millions $$ in GE production from Nela Park, in Cleveland to China. We were at the back of the plane and if it had a back door I wanted to pitch him out it! This shirt is not new kids, has been coming for a long time and some of us in business started seeing it in the 80's.

Yellow Snow

Better post.


Re: "some of us in business started seeing it in the 80's."

I equate the beginning of the loss of heavy industry in the U.S. with the closing of Youngstown Sheet & Tube, Campbell Works on Sept. 19, 1977.

5,000 workers were laid off.

I told my spouse: Here it comes!

Japanese competition was blamed.

Also, you can make a direct correlation to the loss of heavy mfg. in the U.S. to the creation of the EPA in 1970.

Lastly, we have become a nation of consumers.

Approx. 70% of U.S. GDP is based on somebody buying something.

We are a nation of SPENDERS!

China and others are nations of SAVERS.

Without capital formation (savers and investors) our country will eventually drown in an ocean of debt.


"Japanese competition was blamed."

My dad was a sales engineer for Farrel Birmingham, the plants he called on would let the Japanese come in and photograph all their machinery and plant layouts not knowing what would happen. He then went to work for a Japanese owned company in Cleveland for double the salary, they sucked his brain out and let him go in two years. Now the Japanese people have a better standard of living and their mfg. cost rose and guess where it went, China, Hong Kong now off to Vietnam as well. Remember the Japanese recession? Everyone saved and they created an entire generation of people that did not spend, they still have the problem I believe.

As for the EPA, they did a great job and now need to be more supervisorial, their power now is to keep employed and drive the US out of business, somehow they need to spend more time working globally and promote other countries to be more environmentally conscious, after all we all breath and drink the same global environment!


Re: "Remember the Japanese recession? Everyone saved,"

The govt. restricted individual investments outside the country while giving savers a lousy rate of return.


Went with my spouse to see "Elysium" yesterday.

Kind of a dumb movie (IMO), but the metaphor of the U.S. "Haves" and the developing world "Have Nots" could be made.

People who b*tch about the quality of life in the U.S. should go to some sh*thole country and live for a while.


Well I'm off to a Syrian picnic in Cleveland. I will have a good incite what is happening over there by dinner time. Many of these people have brothers with boots on the ground. (Christian Syrian) : )


Two things I want to share today:

This week employee of mine was complaining about people, her husband works at a local plant that is hiring. A guy see the sign out front, goes in and asks what does it pay, he is told it starts at $10.00 but you can move up fast if you are a good worker. The man says well I need to make $17.00 an hour to go back to work! Yea, he says that if he goes back to work he will lose the benefits he gets from the government for various things and he rattled them out to the guy.

Then yesterday I took a kid back to OSU and was driving back, I was on a not so nice street with boarded up homes and one with the porch ceiling basically laying half way down to the floor, various businesses were closed all around, this was near the fair grounds. Then on one corner at a closed gas station was this bright yellow and white tent set up with a guy and his nice car sitting there with a huge sign that said “FREE CELL PHONES” now go figure, I keep hearing about the free cell phone program abuse and how we all pay that $2.50 tax every month so our government can hand out free cell phones, but I did see it first hand and there was a line of people. WTF!

The Big Dog's back

What and where is your business.


Manufacturing & the other of course would not make me a private poster, now if we all came forward with our names, addressees and other I too would share. Hell I am sure the NSA knows all this anyway LOL : )

Lets just say I am in the automotive components related business.

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The Hero Zone

Hey, some of us are forward with it! But that is said in fun, not calling you out. I'll tell you though, it is a whole new world when you aren't behind a moniker. It's always interesting, though, when people pull you aside while out and about going "Hey, are you so-and-so? I'm this-and-that on the forums. I totally dis/agree with X topic. Oh, did you know that y-poster is actually-or-believed-to-be Name?"

Hahaha! It's like a secret society and I'm certainly just as much a biddy about it as anyone else. Now I just need to invent the secret handshake...


The NSA may know, but the rest of us don't necessarily need any personally identifying information from you. Either a poster makes sense or he doesn't. Facts are easy enough to verify for those who are REALLY into double- and triple-checking.

Meanwhile, given the attitude of some on these boards, I can only imagine they'd boycott your business or bad mouth it if they disagreed with you on something, or make nasty comments to your family members, or...well, you get the idea.

I don't go by Sam Adams on the boards because I'm shy or because I won't express my opinion to you face-to-face. I do it because a) the Internet is filled with scary idiots, some of whom doubtless reside locally, and b) scary idiots can't tell the difference between MY viewpoint and the viewpoint my business, my friends, or my family might have.