Try not to look Mexican

Rule No. 1 in a town patrolled by U.S. Border Patrol - don't be Mexican. Or at least, don't look, act or talk like a Mexican. That's the message seven Sandusky teens took home Wednesday night when their walk downtown - a daily ritual for the teens - was cut short by two U.S. Border Patrol agents.
Shawn Foucher
Jul 22, 2010

Rule No. 1 in a town patrolled by U.S. Border Patrol — don’t be Mexican. 

Or at least, don’t look, act or talk like a Mexican. 

That’s the message seven Sandusky teens took home Wednesday night when their walk downtown — a daily ritual for the teens — was cut short by two U.S. Border Patrol agents. 

“I have no idea what I was doing,” said Juan Valles, 17. “I wasn’t doing anything.” 

A Sandusky High student and U.S. resident for 15 years — he was born in Mexico — Juan was pulled aside by the two Border Patrol agents at about 7:30 p.m. in the county’s downtown parking garage on Columbus Avenue. 

He and his six friends were walking out of the parking garage, leaving their car to hang out downtown. It’s something the group does every day, opting for the free parking in the county garage. 

Juan was street level near the county garage separated from his friends when the Border agents began questioning him. 

For the whole story, go to the Register's e*Paper or pick up a copy of Thursday's Register at a newsstand near you. 




Maybe these illegals should be sent to Lady 1978 and Julie R's house so they can take care of them. That would be more taxpayer money free for something else.


 Hey ragtop66, Do you think I would qualify for food stamps and free lunches for my kid ,if I take on an illegal one?  Oops, there went that extra taxpayer money.  Oh well, I think they would be happier with Lady 1978 or Julie R. .Those women seem to be nicer than me. ( not being sarcastic, please dont delete me SR)


I  don't care if the children go back- they will be with  their parents, cash cows, though they are.  Besides,  that will be that much less WE will have to pay for.  It 's  high time  Mexico step up to the plate and  take care of their OWN  people. 

How  much more  can this country  effectively take care of????    U.S.  is too deep in debt to  Communist China as it is.


 Like I stated earlier..We have to show our IDs ANY time we are asked, for MANY different reasons!  Where are all you complaining when you are asked to show ID /papers for:

---Buying smokes....

---Buying beer/liquor...

---Entering certain establishments...

---Stopped at a "Random" DUI roadblock ( just driving along, minding your own business, show ID, proof of Ins., car searched,ETC...)

---Walking along the sidewalk at nite....

MANY other instances I have probably  forgotten....OH!!  How about buying ALERGY meds.!!!!


IF, American CITIZENS must consent to these indignities, WHY NOT the ILLEGALS?!


 iamrevolutionary says ,  " IF, American CITIZENS must consent to these indignities, WHY NOT the ILLEGALS?!"             I say .......  ,      " If ILLEGALS don't have to consent to these indignities, why should  American CITIZENS?!


Law enforcement cannot DEMAND your identification for no reason.  They need reasonable articulable suspicion that a crime is happening.  Further, these guys are FEDERAL agents.  They have no authority to enforce LOCAL and STATE laws.  This is a classic case of racial profiling. 

I, for one, am glad that the register printed this.  This is not Nazi Germany.  Our constitutional rights are slowly being washed away and most people don't even know it.  As Ben Franklin said "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. "


 You are right. Most of us don't realize we are losing our rights. I think we are programmed to just " go with the flow"  I wonder if there will be anyone left to even take to the concentration camps for NOT complying. I think, there will be a time when we will be micro chipped or ELSE.  Sorry, I got off topic. 


It's REALLY high time to take the emotions and religion OUT of this issue.


Look at it from  the   FINANCIAL    fallout,--  that alone should scare the crap out of you.   The collapse of hospitals, social services,  ....  if  you  all   don't think there are any...


Think again!!    In case YOU haven't noticed-- the United States is on the verge of economic collapse. 


If this boy had been a white    illegal   kid from Canada,  the Register would have NEVER covered it.   Amazing how they manipulated this story and photo op.


If this kid had been a white kid from Canada, this incident would never have happened!  He wouldn't have "looked illegal" and would never have been singled out, that is unless he was doing something wrong. 


napnap - You are correct, they ARE federal agents and have no authority to enforce local and state laws - but you are ALSO wrong! Immigration is FEDERAL law. Hmmm. Also, I was under the impression that everyone (obviously not babies and toddlers) were required to carry an ID with them of some sort. Isn't this one reason why we created the ID card for those who don't have drivers licenses? The "green card" this kid should have had on him, would have been his ID. You don't have to be suspected of a crime to be asked for your ID either. The Border Patrol is effectively enforcing immigration laws and have every right to ask someone doing nothing for an ID, just like the cops do while performing DUI roadblocks and many other things. Although noone here ever suggested that those kids were involved in any of the shootings in this city recently (and some have attempted to twist what was said to sound like there were), the fact that there ARE those shootings, I believe that the police, no matter what department they work for, has the right to check out people "hanging out" around town at any location, public garage or otherwise. When I was a kid, we used to "buzz" the avenue downtown (long long time ago) and routinely the cops would show up and tell us to get lost. We weren't doing anything wrong, but they were still allowed to do this. I think you can call it crowd control or something, I suppose. A small group of kids hanging out would be cause to check them out. Since it was Border Patrol and not the local police, I'm sure they were only interested in the one they actually had the legal power to question. I think it makes sense, and they need to continue to do the job they are getting paid for, because they aren't paid to fight crime in the cities, they are paid for basically one job only, protect our borders and be sure anyone here is legally allowed to be here. This they did, as I understand it. It has nothing to do with if this kid was a good kid or not, they don't know that, and they really don't care about that.


No one is required to carry an ID.  You need one to drive, buy alcohol, and some other things that an individual chooses to do, but there is no requirement that you carry one.

This kid didn't have or need a "green card", he is an American citizen. 

Federal agents do not have any more right to detain and question people without probable cause than local law enforcement do.


 HEAR... HEAR!!!!   STEVE!!!  Just what I have been trying to say!!  

Try walking around the block at the Cleve. Clinic sometime, around 1-2 am....Clearing your head about your wife/husbands'  health situation.....Have TWO cop cars pull up, cops get out, GUNS DRAWN, and DEMAND you ID yourself!!  THEN, they call up to the nurses' station on your spouses floor, to MAKE SURE you have a person there!!! WHILE you sit in a cop car HANDCUFFED!!!  

Then, when all checks out, you are told that you can ONLY stand in front of the hospital doors!!  

A WHITE, blonde hair, blue eyed person.....

EVERY ONE goes through some sort of PROFILING!!  You show your ID, and be on your way!!  DON'T LIKE it, but it is the way of the world now...( BTW..This event took place in 1997!!)


You can accept living in a police state if you wish.  I for one, will not.  If you settle for this atrocity, you're part of the problem.


i think we need a Brewer in this area.


We need something.

     We,  as a whole society  haven't done  ourselves,  any favors by letting this problem get out of control, nor the gangs,  or any of the  criminal activity, for that matter.

Have we?


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 Just 6 or 7 ? Better than fiftysum!


Good one,   katelih!! 


WOW I can not believe The Sandusky Register would even print a story like this, the title is even wrong and will only throw fule on the fire. The reporter only saying what "HE" say not what happened. I feel the officer did his job by checking a ID .Some of you people need to get a life. Again I can not believe this news paper would make a story about this with out knowing the full story. I will never pick up another Sandusky Register paper ever again knowing now how there reporters are. You should be ashamed.