Try not to look Mexican

Rule No. 1 in a town patrolled by U.S. Border Patrol - don't be Mexican. Or at least, don't look, act or talk like a Mexican. That's the message seven Sandusky teens took home Wednesday night when their walk downtown - a daily ritual for the teens - was cut short by two U.S. Border Patrol agents.
Shawn Foucher
Jul 22, 2010

Rule No. 1 in a town patrolled by U.S. Border Patrol — don’t be Mexican. 

Or at least, don’t look, act or talk like a Mexican. 

That’s the message seven Sandusky teens took home Wednesday night when their walk downtown — a daily ritual for the teens — was cut short by two U.S. Border Patrol agents. 

“I have no idea what I was doing,” said Juan Valles, 17. “I wasn’t doing anything.” 

A Sandusky High student and U.S. resident for 15 years — he was born in Mexico — Juan was pulled aside by the two Border Patrol agents at about 7:30 p.m. in the county’s downtown parking garage on Columbus Avenue. 

He and his six friends were walking out of the parking garage, leaving their car to hang out downtown. It’s something the group does every day, opting for the free parking in the county garage. 

Juan was street level near the county garage separated from his friends when the Border agents began questioning him. 

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The truth always hurts, doesn't it?

hancrack me up

 So I guess if you're an illegal alien, the thing to do is get some blue contacs & blonde hair dye?

I believe Sgt. stedanko & the rest of the Bored-Duh Patrol were tired of hanging out at Taco Bell/BK parking lots day in/day out & were so Bored they were just looking for something to do.

Here's an idea: Move the Bored-Duh Patrol office into the empty Knotty Pine Bar on Hancrack St. That'll give them something to do with all their passive activity time.

Sue Meredith

You all kill  me. You belittle the Sandusky Register over and over but guess where you are at ON THE SANDUSKY REGISTER WEBSITE READING THE PAPER. If you don't like it don't read it!!!!


 The thing is...In Sandusky, there is QUITE a BIT of SERIOUS crime....A group of teenage boys hanging around in a parking garage, would CERTAINLY raise suspicions of LE, or myself, for that matter!  LE has EVERY right to ask for an ID in that situation...

Heck, I have just discussed this with our 22 yr.old son...He said it was COMMON PRACTICE for LE to stop his group of friends, while walking in our small town(NOT San.) after dark, and be asked to show ID...

He and his friends had NO PROBLEM doing so....It could be to prove one is of age to be SMOKING, or allowed to be out past CURFEW, or, just to make sure they are NOT breaking into cars!!  

There are SOBRIETY CHECK POINTS all the time!!  People are "randomly" pulled over and MUST show ID and a HOST of other "paper-work",.....I don't hear the UP-ROAR over that!!  

This is just a bunch of B.S.!!  EVERYONE is asked to show ID at one time or another!!  If a person is LEGAL, in every aspect, then there is NOT a PROBLEM!  If all of the whiners want to do away with the "show ID" thing, then, do away with it for EVERYTHING!!!  THEN, we can just have the Wild-West Free-for-all from days of old!!

That way, all your kids can buy alcohol and ciggs., UNDER-AGE!  Drivers can drive, whether they have a license or not......Terrorists can come and go as they please.........You people will be the DEATH of us ALL!!  LITERALLY!!


I seem to remember other incidents in which the Border Patrol have been seen as aggressive and abrasive. Maybe that is the way they are taught to be.

To me the young men in this situation have the perfect storm. Let the national media be aware of this and let the take it where it may. The young men certainly have a right as "American citizens" to file a complaint with probably the Inspector General of the Border Patrol. This is an election year and we have Rep Kaptur running for office and they seem to be a bit more attentive to local problems in election years. Let them visit with Rep Kaptur on her next visit to Sandusky.

Given Sandusky Police were involved it is certainly within their rights to go to City Hall and pull the police officer's personnel file that is open for public inspection.

These young men can certainly turn the tables on the individuals who may have treated them a bit to aggressively and let those public servants feel some heat coming back. Maybe next time they may still stop them and that is fine if they have suspitions but they might treat whoever it is with a bit more respect knowing that they are in the public eye regardless of what age the person they are stopping is.


Non Conformist, study history.

This is not the first time America has been INVADED by illegal Mexicans. Hover and Eisenhower had to deal with it and they SUCCESSFULLY protected our boarders and sent back those who were illegal.

Only a complete FOOL would begin to think that these youths rights were violated. They were QUESTIONED, since when is it illegal for law enforcement to ask questions.

If we were being invaded by Nazi's from Germany I'm sure the German community would not mind being asked to provide proof of citizenship.

Internment like the Japanese is NOT the same as being investigative.

With non conformists views he and the liberals would outlaw police giving out discriptions. When a crime is committed and they describe the cloths of the outlaw, their color, height and other distinquishing characteristic Nonconformists political views would suggest that if the criminals are found they can't be questioned UNTIL their witnessed breaking the law!

Sorry dude, but if we have 12,ooo,ooo illegal MEXICANS and had a swarm of them in Norwalk I think and it seems most here on the forum believe the patrol is JUSTIFIED to stop anyone who FITS THE DESCRIPTION of the reported crime.

No RIGHTS were broken, the only an inconvienence.

Why not address the point that you and others should support the truth that the YOUTHS RIGHTS WERE PROTECTED JUST AS MUCH AS EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS LEGAL! 
Instead you claim they were somehow abused. If they are legal they should be HAPPY the patrol is protecting THEM as well as me and you. Ok, DUDE>



You know the old saying, "the more you stir sh#t, the more it stinks".  Well I think the SR likes to do a lot of stirring, rather than honest to goodness real journalistic type reporting. They do not even bother with spelling and grammer much anymore.

But, that's just my opinion.

Raoul Duke

How can all of these illegal Mexicans afford to live here if they have to prove that they are citizens before they can get a job? I had to prove that I was a citizen before I got my last job?

Oh, because there are employers who will hire them KNOWING that they are NOT citizens? Then who is the REAL problem?

An analogy: If you leave garbage on your back porch, raccoons will come at night and dig through it. If you want to get rid of the raccoons, get rid of the garbage.

Just Thinkin

To the Border Patrol GREAT JOB keep it up, Turn the heat up keep checking and doing your job ,Thank You ,The SR is just trying to stir up trouble so they can get some fighting going, they have no news so they make it

6079 Smith W


I enjoy all this nonsense about ‘people of color’ having solidarity.  

Have any of you worked around people who are of Hispanic decent and are from different areas of Latin American? 

I knew a woman who was Salvadoran, who was educated and a hard worker. 

She looked down upon a woman who was a complainer, uneducated and who was of Mexican decent. 

I once lived next door to a nice Puerto Rican couple; they had nothing nice to say about Mexicans or even Puerto Rico.

It all comes down to the individual, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Not every Hispanic you may meet is “Mexican.”


 6079 Smith W..     Nicely put. I am white and know some pretty low life white people. However, there may be some people who think I am trash. We can all ' pick someone apart ' and find things wrong about them.   I know people of all races and choose my friends according to their character ,not skin color or where they live.


   If a Mexican ,or anybody else, is here legaly then there is nothing to worry about. If the legals don`t like the way they are being checked,then they need to tell their other family members to get legal also, because it is making it hard on them. The Mexican people did this to themselves.  Many,many Mexicans and  people  from other countries come to the USA  legally  every day. If we as American born have to obey the laws of this country then so does everybody coming here for even a visit. When the World Trade Centers were hit I remember people asking what our Border Patrol was doing and why didn`t they do their job. Now when they do their job,this happens.

 What it all boils down to is this....if you are here legal,then you don`t have anything to worry about and you should be pleased that they are doing a good job of protecting us AMERICANS. So,if you are here and you are not legal,then you have already broken the laws of this country and you should be sent back to where ever you came from. And now that they won`t be able to get work,who do you think will have to support their families?  MOST Americans don`t have a problem with people coming here legaly because that is how most of us got to be Americans to begin with. But those who lie to get here and then live off the system are ruining it for those of us who are doing things right. Sure the Mexicans were doing the jobs nobody else wanted to do,but things are different now. WE need those jobs now. We don`t need illegals from ANY country coming here taking away jobs from people who pay taxes.

Norma J-C

Why can't we all learn to get along, share the space, help those who need it and just be thankful we're alive and breathing? Life is too short to waste so much time.

Irrelevant Truth

I work with Border Patrol agents regularly, and I know of this specific incident. Too bad they are so professional that they won't bother to respond to this apparent set-up by Shawn-- Shawn should resign.

The teenager, born in Mexico, just happened to be loitering in the key card access area of the parking garage basement in amongst Border Patrol vehicles; he was alone. When asked by an agent what he was doing hanging out in amongst the vehicles, he gave contradictory responses. When the agent asked where he was from, he said "Mexico, but I live in Sandusky." The agent did not believe him to be an illegal, so the agent told him to leave-- twice.

The teenager kept loitering within the employee gated area of the county garage without a stated purpose, alone. So, the agent, who is also a foreign-born 'Hispanic' by the way, called Sandusky PD to report the loitering.

Coincidentally, in the meantime, Shawn shows up in the garage and so does a group of 'white teenagers', all prepared to give sensational soundbites.

Too bad there aren't review boards to investigate editors for set-ups and/or falsification. Good thing that our military and law enforcement work everyday to protect Shawn's right to free and questionable speech.



Now that we have a spin of the facts, from two sides. One COULD jump to a conclusion that somewhere between the two spins, is what actually happened. My wag: Take one Mexican kid hanging around a parking garage (with border patrol vehicles). Add a couple of Agents that see an opportunity for “just doing my job”. Agents think the kid is a smart @$$. Kid is too young to know that “Yes Sir, No Sir” is the quickest way to resolve this issue. Did they push their weight around, ya, probably? That goes in the “so what” category. At one point in my life I worked with LE on a regular basis, they come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. Fact of life, live with it. Throw in a register reporter who thinks he sees a cause and a story. What you have; is situation where everyone loses.

If we can assume that Juan’s dad was quoted correctly, he appears to me to be the most sensible person in the bunch.

I don’t know the man, but I sure do like his advice to the kid.

Given that the SR opened up this can of worms.

At this point a fair question to ask?

Did you set this up Shawn, or did you just stumble on to the situation?


William Jeffers...

Profiling: The extrapolation of information about something, based on known qualities, traits or tendencies. It is a mathematical model based on simple "probability".

Profiling may be the second most important element of capitalism. It reduces waste and inefficiencies and maximizes productivity in every business model including law enforcement.  As Spock would say..."it is logical". 


  do not know ANYONE involved in this "article'", but I DO know CR@P when I read it!

I have followed the Register stories for some years now , the "Nuesse Saga", the corrupt city "Fathers", etc.. Found all to be RIVETING....

But, THIS WAS JUST AWFUL!  To try to stir up TROUBLE, where there is NONE, is UN-PROFESSIONAL at BEST, MUCK-RAKING at WORST!  

People of ALL stripes must show ID for ALL KINDS of reasons throughout their lives. (as I stated in my last comment on the article) These LE professionals put their lives at risk, EVERY TIME they approach someone! They have NO IDEA if they are "friendly" or "CRIMINAL!" The YOUTH of this country, and others, need to learn RESPECT for Authority, and ADULTS in GENERAL!!  NOT to be ENCOURAGED to DIS-RESPECT !!!

I truly believe that you should do a few "Ride-Alongs" with the different LE Agencies! THEN, write a story on your EXPERIENCE with LE!!  How about that??

In the mean time, I believe that you owe an apology to the B/P and L/E......And an article on what it means to be a law-abiding, responsible CITIZEN of the USA ......


Okay, I just seen the hard copy newspaper, and find it amazing the  camera guy was right  there to snap  THE  photo of the  Border Patrol, whilst they had  the  same kid stopped.  The photo even  Id'ed   the  boy.




Gee, SR,  how does YOUR  photographers   do it??    They must be psychic, knowing when and where to snap a photo.


Juan is a friend of my daughter.  He is a very sweet kid (he gave me a hug when I first meet him). I can't imagine him being disrespectful to a grownup, he is very polite.  I haven't meet his parents but they must be wonderful people to raise such a nice young man.  Please remember he is only 17 and a minor. Can minors be deported?

He was visiting my mother's house yesterday afternoon with my daughter and told us things that happened that evening that was not reported in the S.R.  It's not my place to repeat some of the things he told us and we have no reason to think he would lie.  But I will say I was shock at what he said the border patrol officers said and did to him.  As far as showing his ID (green card) to them, Juan said he told them it was his parent's understanding that they were to keep his card in safe keeping for him until he turned 18. The Border Patrol told him that wasn't  true. His mother left work to get his ID.  Juan said he will carry his card with him at all time now. Juan showed me his ID yesterday.  He is a legal U.S. Resident, who has lived in the U.S. since he was 2 and wants to become a citizen, he already feels like one.

After everything was cleared up, Juan said he extended his hand for handsakes and only one of the two officers offered his hand in return.

Most of the comments I've read here make me very angry for Juan.  You don't know him or what really happened that evening.


 pattyg,   I too know Juan. He is friends with my little brother. Juan greets me with hugs too. He is a very sweet kid. Very well mannered. It is not a 'front' either. Sometimes when I knew my little brother and his friends were going to a particular place  ex. the mall, skateboard park , the park to play b-ball  I would stand and watch from afar before I let them know I was there. I never saw any bad behavior from him. I never even heard him curse, unlike a couple of them. 


By the way, if 70 to 75% of illegal aliens are Hispanic, what is wrong with concentrating on Hispanics? It is not "racial profiling" because Hispanics are not a race (sans "La 'Raza"). What we lack in this country is COMMON SENSE! It is COMMON SENSE to be suspicious of Hispanics in terms of their immigration legality according to the facts! If I get stopped by the police, I have to show my drivers license, registration and proof of insurance, is that harassment? No!

However, the reason that they tore down the Berlin Wall is because Communism has spread everywhere, including the United States! Political Correctness originated in the Frankfert School in Germany and was used extensively in the former Soviet Union. Search for the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto and see how many of them have been enacted in this country. As an example, we are supposed to have "private property rights" in the USA. Try not paying your property taxes and see what happens! You don't own the land, you rent it from the government! I hope there are some real patriots out there that are waking up to the facts!

P.S. When your government claims they are broke and start laying off police and fire, ask to see their "Comprehensive Annual Financial Report". All governments are required to produce one. Check it out!


"what is wrong with concentrating on Hispanics?" you ask? The same problem we had when everyone was "concentrating" on the "negro's". It was finally determined at some point after years of loathing and unecessary violations of a human beings rights to the fullest extent, that the African-Amercian people also had the same unalienable rights that all we "inbreds" had. Are there illlegal aliens in this county, yes there are. However, there are many people from other countries here legally, of which are entitled to the same protection of the Constitution that all of us are. No matter what your "political point of view", if any of you dare to stand against the Constitution of the United States of America (if you even know what your talking about when you spew your wretched thoughts) then American you are not.



Juan doesn't have a driver's license, registration or proof of insurance. He's a Sandusky High School Student, 17 and has not graduated yet.




81% of all illegal immigrants in 2008 were Hispanic. These young men were just "hanging out" how many recent articles has this alleged newspapers had relating to vandalism, theft, the downtown area. The Border Patrol and local law enforcement should step up enforcement. I always doubt the completeness of any articles from this alleged newspaper when it can further the agenda of the management many times at the expense of the facts.


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 Border patrol should go to local establishments and question whether their hispanic employees are legal. I would start with establishments with 'greenhouses'  who offer landscaping.  I hope this comment isnt libelous or defamatory.


@ katelih and all the others: And the minute they interfere with any of your "rights" you'll be screamin'. Hippocrates....


 To nonconformist, Why would I scream Hippocrates ?  The ancient Greek physician has never taken any rights from me ! ha ha ! I think the word you are trying to use is spelled HYPOCRITE. Every time you misspell that word, which is quite often,  I giggle to myself. Thanks for calling me out , now I don't feel bad for pointing that out to you.       BTW ,  Hippocrates was a very interesting man ! If you get a chance, read about him.


Call me out for a mere misspelling? Classic... I am sure I know more than you about philosophy.

Don't hate because I brought truth to this story! Are you a f'in Doctor? Because really, if you hold a doctorate, (even if you dont') people here in Sandusky are so cultured! OMG! I wish I knew... do...please give me your views on this subject... educational only. (obviously that is what matters!) Please tell me that your degree (or lack there of) makes a difference?