Try not to look Mexican

Rule No. 1 in a town patrolled by U.S. Border Patrol - don't be Mexican. Or at least, don't look, act or talk like a Mexican. That's the message seven Sandusky teens took home Wednesday night when their walk downtown - a daily ritual for the teens - was cut short by two U.S. Border Patrol agents.
Shawn Foucher
Jul 22, 2010

Rule No. 1 in a town patrolled by U.S. Border Patrol — don’t be Mexican. 

Or at least, don’t look, act or talk like a Mexican. 

That’s the message seven Sandusky teens took home Wednesday night when their walk downtown — a daily ritual for the teens — was cut short by two U.S. Border Patrol agents. 

“I have no idea what I was doing,” said Juan Valles, 17. “I wasn’t doing anything.” 

A Sandusky High student and U.S. resident for 15 years — he was born in Mexico — Juan was pulled aside by the two Border Patrol agents at about 7:30 p.m. in the county’s downtown parking garage on Columbus Avenue. 

He and his six friends were walking out of the parking garage, leaving their car to hang out downtown. It’s something the group does every day, opting for the free parking in the county garage. 

Juan was street level near the county garage separated from his friends when the Border agents began questioning him. 

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columbus avenue

Hmmm...look like a Mexican or look like a Schwangerite?  


Hmmm...Mexican please!


These kids may as well get used to it.    I have to show my ID and prove who I am.   Why shouldn't the?.  Last time I knew,  Mexicans are from Mexico that's why they look like...well...  Mexicans.     He would have to do the same thing in Mexico, wouldn't he?


Well, is he  LEGAL???


  I don't think  it's even about color anymore--this isn't even about God. 

It's about   peoples'   financial security for their families.  When that's threatened- everyone   is fair game.    It's about enabling the people who are breaking the law every day.   Mexico's  border laws are some of the strictest in  world, especially their own southern border.  


It's more like - The rest of us are getting fed up with paying for the free ride  illegal people, no matter if they're black or brown or pasty white- like me.   Aren't you getting tired of paying for them?    I am.  

As far as the jobs Americans won't do:  threaten to cut off  ALL  assistance they receive, whether it be WIC, food stamps  Medicaid etc.   If they are physically able to work.  Make them.  Simple.


No more free $$$$   just because they continue to pop out kids they cannot afford.   This country simply   cannot continue to  sustain these social programs  many more years.  Eventually they will dry up. Some of them are, already.

hancrack me up

 The teens probably disturbed the "Bored-Duh" Patrol's nap- since downtown is more dead than roadkill on the Autobahn. 


Well said, Starry!

If anyone who was Mexican and is now an American citizen would like to complain to someone about 'racial profiling', they first need to go and slap all the illegal Mexicans who are NOT American citizens.  They are the ones that have done this to you, the law enforcement officers are only trying to enforce the law.


It is totally wrong how they treat people. I do know this child and his family. It is wrong how they are just getting at people because they are mexican. Not to long ago my fiance and a couple of his family members were arrested just for being mexican & yes I can say thats why. They were just chilling outside of a bar waitin for me to pick them up when an officer pulled in and started yelling at them, remind you a bar is private property. and to make it worse he told one of them he was being arrested just cause he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If they are here illegaly yeah that may be wrong but if not leave them be and let them live their lifes in peace. & no I am not Mexican so you cant say I'm just defendin my race. & you people who say its just an officer doing his job how come the other children weren't talked to who was with him.


What a load of garbage.  So tell us Sandusky register, you arrogant all knowing wannabe of a newspaper, is this clown in the country legally or not?  You simply tell us he is a "resident".  A legal resident with a visa?  Otherwise?  Legally?  Please let's not bother with the details, right?

Back when we had control of this country, these punks would be thrown to the ground, pistol whipped, and taught a lesson. 

I just cannot wait until the wannabe newspaper tells us if he is a legal resident or not.  The border patrol was doing its job.

Stop lying and report the facts.


Shawn Foucher

 The 17-year-old boy is a legal resident. That's why Border Patrol let him go. 

William Jeffers...

Shawn, you embarrassed your family and friends by writing this. 


William Jeffers is correct.  Shawn Foucher should be ashamed of himself. 


I have news for all of you. You take a middle eastern and dress him in mexicon cloths and you can't tell them apart. I get checked for I.D. all the time if I write a check no big deal but if you are illegal it is a big deal. At one time they caught 207 illegals coming across the border and 157 were OTMs witch is other then mexican and 54 were mexican. watch fox news and you may under stand what they go thru there just to protect us up here. Its a shame that some of these comments are from people who don't know what there talking about


Sorry SFULTZ86
You could never in a million years convince me that an officer just decided to pull up and "yell" at your fiance as he sat outside of a bar just "chillin".....never.


Don't try to look Mexican?


Okay, my advice to Mexicans is do like Gene Wilder did in the movie Silver Streak.


Gene Wilder goes incognito


Juan, listen to your Dad, don't cause any more problems.

SR listen to his dad, quit causing the family more problems than they already have.

Like Kermit said: "It ain't easy being green".



These kinds of stories cause more problems than they solve.

If you pay attention to what his father said, you would see that.



WOW, a paper that has the socialist Sanders writing articles actually found a way to dig a little deeper into the the trash just so they can print a story. 


Westerhold is trying to be a Randolf Hearst , another liberal that used the press to stir up people over things that have no truth in them or bearing of the facts, with his press we made war against Spain while in truth Spain NEVER had anything to do with blowing up our ship in Cuba! 

Be careful what the modern liberal press feeds you, you might end up like Sanders.

Opps, this will be deleted! "They message has been removed due to personal attacks, WE the Register do it every day as a NEWS STORY but your opinon SUCKS, we are the all powerful" 

Signed, Rosebud.


The days of the public buying everything they read without thinking are over.

They aren't buying this race baiting article.

Back to the drawing board.

Maury Brauschwitz

Nice job Shawn, put the alleged fact of his supposed legal residency in the comments.  Thats why you are at the SR and not in Cleveland or Chicago or something.

Do you care now to report on his citizenship status.  Of course not.  You and your editor have a race baiting game going on.  Never remind reporting the facts on the probable cause that these highly trained professionals might have had relative to this apparent punk.

All the SR is doing is pumping up controversy, where there is none, to drive online advertising on the comments board, only telling half of the story to suit the agenda.



If you all had read the actual article you would know that yes, he was born in Mexico, but he is a legal U.S. resident. And no, the "Border Patrol" was not just doing their job. They do not have the authority to merely stop individuals to ask them for their immigration status. (They do IF they are stationed at an actual check point near the border; last time I checked we are located on Lake Erie which is no where near Mexico or the actual Canadian border) Border Patrol agents are held to the same standard as any other officer of the law. They must have a reasonable suspicion that someone is in this country illegally. Unfortunately, being of Mexican decent is not "reasonable suspicion." Border patrol is and has been for a while "Racial Profiling" which is illegal.

If agents near the borders are at a legal checkpoint that regularly checks for illegal aliens then have the authority to ask anyone their status who is attempting to ENTER INTO THE COUNTRY. And for the guy who said he would give his ID to any officer who asked; you are obviously unaware that it's your right not to. If an officer or border patrol even attempted to stop me in my regular course of business while walking anywhere, I would laugh at them; we all have the right to walk away and say nothing. Unless an officer, or border patrol for that matter, has probable cause to believe that you are committing a crime, you don't even have to speak to them let alone provide any sort of ID.

I find it hilarious that many of you scream you are American, yet many of you don't even know the first thing about your rights or the Constitution. Actually, I wouldn't be suprised if the Mexican's knew more than you...



This is Bold.

:- (



to Non Conformist

ah, you said it would be acceptable if they stopped them at at an actual check point near the border.

Well, just two blocks away is a CHECK POINT and there is another at the Sandusky Airport.



Dude (or dudette) doesn't matter! Do your research, I've done mine.


Hey Bailey, find the statute in United States Code, read it, then come talk to me.


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heres a stellar thought.

IF these 'american's were patriots they would THANK THE PATROL's for making certain they are protected from illegals! BUT NOOOOooooo, instead they think their rights were violated while in truth they were PROTECTED! 


Again, liberals way of thinking is opposite of rational people


It's not a matter of protection; oh the stories I could share, if you only knew... It's a matter of abuse of power. But I guess if it ever happens to you it will be a different story!


How can buzzing the ave be racist? 

How can wearing a sombrero be racist?

The Ragister printed a racist and discriminatory story.



50 comments and everyone is ****ed off. SR has done it again! Great going! So proud to call you our hometown newspaper. Dig to the bottom of the barrel....go as low as you can go .....whatever sells. Reminds me of the National Enquirer....maybe worse.