Sandusky: No soup (sign) for you!

SANDUSKY When hailstorms peppered Erie County in May, they left behind more than dents and chipped paint. In the weeks that followed, roofing signs popped up everywhere. So Sandusky officials decided to crack down.
Jason Singer
Jul 21, 2010



When hailstorms peppered Erie County in May, they left behind more than dents and chipped paint.

In the weeks that followed, roofing signs popped up everywhere.

So Sandusky officials decided to crack down.

Last week, a city employee forced the East Side Cafe to remove little white signs from the front of its property, which advertised “Taco Night” and the restaurant’s eight homemade soups.

Not everyone was pleased.

The decision to forcibly remove the signs irked George Sharpe, whose family has owned the cafe for 49 years.

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How about all the damn CoCoBeano's Signs all over town from their december abortion..???    When are these jokers going to be made to go clean thoes up??


How about the city worry about something important like maybe the gunshots that go off everynight.




Don't worry, the way this city is run there WONT BE ANY BUSINESS to put signs up.

This idea smells of ICEMAN smeared all over it.



I wonder if he will have to remove the Sandusky Proud sign too thats shown in the other picture? 
Gesh, Sandusky is really in bad shape, people being murdered, out of work, and as the other poster said they should be worried about the shootings instead of struggling businesses trying to make a living.

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Another "sign" of the "minds" running the "times" at  IdiotHall... Incredible, this area loves to shoot itself in the "face" everytime they look in the mirror!!!!! Most corrupt city in OHIO... and an Eric Holder-ish prosecutor behind the corrupt office holders too...


How about those pizza signs also?  Our city looks trashed enough.  You permit one person to do it and the signs are everywhere. There needs to be a better way of advertising.  I think it all started with the Sandusky Now signs and then the pizza signs.  Once these signs are put up, they stay up and then the weather starts to beat them up.   The establishment can't just put one sign up, they have to have four or five of them on the same property.  It seems to be a cheap way of advertising and cutting the budget at the same time.  Advertising by newspaper or mail gets expensive.


They need to add signs!

Caution: Live fire zone ahead

Flak jackets and helmets required beyond this point

Do not enter between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 5:00 AM


What about all those HOT TUBS for sale signs all over the place? Instead they go after local business people who are hurting.



I think it is completely asinine that they harass one of the few businesses we have left in this town. If they think that removing the signs will make this town look less "trashy", try removing the dilapidated houses and trashy PEOPLE! Not to mention the houses with BULLET HOLES in them. What a joke. It must be election year for some commissioners, they are trying to make like they actually did something in their term.

Duped Again

Funny how signs don't bother city officials at election time....

Norma J-C

Signs are a driving distraction. One's attention is on reading those signs and is very dangerous because your mind is not where it should be-on driving!

I was driving on Shelby Street recently and a young boy darted out from in front of a parked car. I saw him first and no harm was done. Had I been reading a sign, it would have turned out differently.

If businesses want to advertise, use the newspaper,  Buckeye Cable or the phonebook. The best advertisement is word of mouth and these days, the internet.


Gemini you cannot be serious.  By your logic no signs should exist that may distract you.  This is silly.  I could understand if Sandusky has some sort of sign ordinance like some communities do, but they don't.  As someone said, commissioners all put signs out during election time.  What's the difference between "Vote for me" and "Buy my pizza". 


All GREAT posts! This is hard to believe. I don't blame East Side for being upset. All the trashy dumps and trashy people in this town and who do they pick on? Some of our leaders seem to have not one ounce of sense. There are TONS of more important issues going on right now. What were they thinking????????????????????????????


BTW East Side.....excellent food and very nice establishment! Waitress Terri is great too! ;)
Don't let this nonsense get you down. Need back-up? Call on us citizens ;).


Let us be smart about it. As soon as the sign hits the ground, send them a ticket for littering. Same as the garage sale signs. ou have the phone number or address, so, send them a ticket.


Which CIty Officals idea was this to have anybody target one of the oldest and one of the last  family businessess in this town with that stupid sign law. It was a couple of signs in front of the business itself, not spread all over town. The administrators of this town really need to get their priorities straight. Hats off to the Sharpe family and the East Side Cafe for a long running family business.


Removed duplicated comment.


Duped Again, I agree

The East Side should organize a "Remove Political Signs" Campaign come October-November.


Gemini: Please relinquish your license before you kill us all. If you can't drive because there are signs on the side of the road, how do you cope on Rt. 2 or other roads that are dotted with traffic signs? How about Rt 250 with all of the signs and flashing big screen TV's? My God, don't drive past Kalahari either, you could cause some serious damage. I really hope you were kidding.

Norma J-C

Cracker, I didn't say that I can't drive because of the signs, so please don't twist my words. What does one have to do while reading the signs on Rt. 250 and the big screen tv's? One has to take their EYES off the road and what is going on around you gets missed,  which might explain why there are so many vehicles crashing into each other, might it not?

Driving is a full time job and any time one is distracted, for any reason, there is the possibility of missing something that would prevent the crash. It's no different than trying to drive part of the time with one's eyes closed. All it takes is a split second. So no, I'm not going to relinquish my driver's license, I am going to be careful and I hope that all of those reading this understand my point, thank you very much.

Norma J-C

and another thing, I think the Cafe was trying to replicate the old Burma shave-style signs that used to be along the roadways before the giant billboards. When one is trying to read those in succession, the car has a tendency to drift, which might cause it to go left or right because the driver is not conscious of the car drifting to where their eyes are looking. We've all done it, so you know what I mean. The accident happens when the driver jerks the wheel too hard to recover.

Captain Gutz


What's the difference between "Vote for me" and "Buy my pizza". ?


When you buy the pizza you get something you like.

Captain Gutz


What's the difference between "Vote for me" and "Buy my pizza". ?


When you buy the pizza you get something you like.

King of Erie-Lo...

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Was this Julie Farrar's idea? Too much competition for her family's bar up the road, so they had to quash the East Side's success? Someone tell me it ain't so.

hancrack me up

 At least all this nonsense is free advertising for the East Side! Tuesday is Taco Night, btw. 

East Side Cafe-Good

SignDUDski -Bad


 Yes, very good advertising ! Thanks for reminding me about EASTSIDE cafe. I kinda forgot about how good the food used to be. I used to go there before I went to LOUIES.  Great affordable food.  Does anyone know if it is 'kid friendly' in the afternoons? Would love to give them some business.


I glad the city used discretion at the leadership level once it was appraised of the situation. We need to support our local business people and a sign in front of their establishments seems legal. These locat business people pay taxes in our community and give things for local organizations fund raising. We need to support them all we can and not make it more difficult to remain in business.

On the positive note I did not know East Side Cafe had the variety of soups so kinda hard to sell me on soups with it 90 degrees outside BUT come cooler weather I am anxious to go there and try the soups. So if positive came from this it made me aware of the soups offerred. Cooler weather and I defintely will be there.





So a business who pays property taxes, cannot have a sign on the property that they pay for? RIDONKULOUS. Sure, crack-down on a locally owned business that is actually doing very well in that area of sandusky. "city officials" need to not litter the city with their campaign signs during election time. On a second thought, let the politicians put their signs up and give the hooligans with the guns something to shoot at besides human beings and houses.  I love sandusky but i do not love what its becoming.

hancrack me up

 katelih-Yes they're "kid friendly" in the afternoon...but look at it another way...will the KIDS be FRIENDLY? I mean, last thing I'd want on my day off while sitting in a bar working on beer #3,  is little kids being rowdy, screaming, bouncing off the walls...or even worse...crying infants in a bar. When that happens I feel like loudly cussing up a storm,  audible by the parent,  to give them a little dose of their rudeness right back...but I'm not like that.


What about those bright motion  LCD  signs along  250?   those things are horrible   Talk about distracting.