Sandusky Central Catholic unveils upgrades

Just a few weeks before the upcoming school year, Sandusky Central Catholic School is putting the finishing touches on a revamped single-school campus.
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 13, 2013

The school underwent extensive renovations this summer, including updating classrooms, purchasing new furniture, painting and insulating the breezeway conjoining its two buildings and removing the computer lab trailer from its back parking lot.

Students will now use laptops and other wireless technology, moving it between classrooms on carts. Its preschoolers, previously housed at the old Holy Angels School building, will also join all other grades in the newly renovated   building for the first time.   

Melody Curtis, the school’s new president, is spearheading the ambitious effort. “If you change and update the environment, you often change a student’s mindset for the better,” Curtis said. “We’re going to really focus on cooperative learning, a more workshop-style approach, with tables instead of desks and upgraded technology.”    Sandusky Central Catholic School hired Curtis in February, adopting for the first time a president-principal administrative model, which is common among Catholic schools nationwide. Her one-year contract began July 1.   

In the model, the president — in this case, Curtis — is responsible for development     efforts, fundraising and increasing the school’s visibility in the community. Many generous donations helped make the muchneeded summer renovations possible, Curtis said.    She acknowledged, however, that a child’s education is much more than new buildings and technology.

In addition to the updated facilities, school leaders adopted a new, nationally popular model of educating students, called “The Leader in Me,” which emphasizes empowering students to help them succeed. “The Leader in Me” uses American educator Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” which encourages equally fulfilling someone’s physical, spiritual   and emotional needs. In doing so, a student’s self confidence and academic scores increase, while their discipline problems decline.    Covey trained the school’s teachers in the philosophy this summer.   

“SCCS leads the way in being the first public or private school in Northwest Ohio to become a ‘Leader in Me’ student-centered environment,” Curtis said on the school’s website. “(It) is in complete harmony with our school’s mission statement to be committed to following Jesus by strengthening the body,   challenging the mind and enriching the spirit.”   

In addition to the updates, Sandusky Central Catholic School also recently hired a new principal, Susan Maloy, for preschoolers through sixth-graders. Maloy was previously principal at St. Bernard Elementary School in New Washington, south of Willard. Mike Savona, formerly K-12 principal, will now oversee junior high and high school students.   

Because the school is privately funded, it is not required to provide information on the cost of construction or staff salaries.



I always thought that the Catholic schools, along with charter schools and other "private" schools like Harvest Temple in Clyde received money from the state for each student enrolled. If that is the case, then these schools are not completely "privately" funded. If any of our tax dollars are used on these projects, we have a right to know how much was spent.


Why don't people educate themselves before making stupid comments on something they know NOTHING about?

Brick Hamland

Amen! Haters are going to hate. SCCS is going to be the best school in the area within a few years and people will be happy to pay the tuition to educate their children there.


wow! I didn't mean to start a war on this. But, I just supposed that unless the parish puts up 100% of the money to educate these kids, some had to come from taxpayers. You are right, maybe I am uneducated, but I don't feel it was a stupid remark. Are you telling me that this parish is so rich, that it can pay for 100% of the teachers salary, the gas, electricity, water, and so on. This is along with paying for this remodeling. I know these kids pay tuition, but this really seems like a lot of money for ONE parish to do all by themselves. Maybe another "stupid" remark, but I would have to see the parish financial statement to believe it.

Yellow Snow

Catholic schools depend on generosity. Donations, fundraising, tuition. Wages and benefits are typically much less. There's no union, no fighting for levy funding. It's a private organization,and depends on it's own self for survival. Public schools are being paid to educate these kids, but they aren't even there. I'm guessing 600 to 800 students, imagine dumping them all into the public school with out additional funding,


Grandmasgirl - the three Sandusky Catholic parishes are very generous in their contributions to SCCS. However, these contributions don't pay for even half of what it costs to educate a child. Most parents pay tuition(full or partial) - and for many it's a sacrifice they are very willing to make because they believe it is an investment in their child's future. Our parents know that there is always a seat for their child at SCCS, and if they are willing to make that sacrifice yet are still unable to cover the entire cost of tuition there are scholarships and some very generous people in our community who will help cover the tuition investment.


A. It's 3 parishes, not one.
B. If you honestly believe that it's state funded, you need to go back and retake middle school Civics. People are right to take umbrage at the monumental ignorance of your comment.


No taxpayer money goes to SCCS.


Just wait, Huffman and Faber's voucher system will take care of that.

Erie Countian

It isn't mentioned in this article, but I just finished reading the print version of today's Register, and one of the front page stories was about a giant 75 balloon "rosary" that will be released at SCCS's "Summer Fest" celebration this coming Saturday. Not to disparage the purpose of the balloon release, but who exactly is going to clean up this massive string of balloons when it eventually comes down and entangles itself on someone's house, trees or wires, or worse yet, causes injury or death to wildlife that could get tangled up in it? Balloon releases are irresponsible littering. Not very well thought out on the part of whomever decided this was a good idea! Don't really like the thought your giant balloon rosary polluting the landscape or endangering wildlife, SCCS!


Erie Countian, as an SMCC alumna, I wholeheartedly agree with you and expressed my displeasure on the SCCS Facebook page months ago when this plan was first announced. Their response was "We are using "green" biodegradable balloons." Um... considering that these ballons don't degrade on impact, they will be "litter" and wildlife and the environment will be subjected to it.

Aside from that issue, I'm happy to see the school is heading in a good direction.

Erie Countian

Evidently we aren't the only ones who feel this way, Scientist. There is also a letter to the editor in today's print version of the Register stating the same opinion. I wonder if instead of releasing the balloon rosary, they could just attach it to something so it doesn't fly away and then reel it back in and dispose of the balloons properly when their celebration is done? "Biodegradable" balloons make no difference to an animal who has become entangled in them, or to a homeowner who has to remove them from their tree or wiring.


They are not releasing the balloons.....


That is wonderful to know, Swimfan. :)




I think it looks great. Goes to prove that a 40-50 million dollar campus isn't needed to get a good, quality education.

Brick Hamland

Good to hear SCCS! Keep up the good work, the new staff at the top of the school system has made some really positive changes.
PS. God will insure that the balloon rosary doesn't kill any wildlife... and if it does the dead animal will get a first class ticket to heaven.


Way better school than Perkins. Thanks to Gunner and the current board.

Yellow Snow

SCCS is more than an education, it is an experience never to be forgotten. You'll learn life's lessons and graduate with a feeling of self worth that public schools don't teach. I expected a lot of SMCC when I paid tuition, and it was worth every dollar of tuition, every thing we had to give up just to make the tuition payments. Pay to Play fees are nothing compared to tuition, but the financial investment in your child pays dividends for the rest of their life.


I am sorry, but all of you sound like you think you are better than everyone else. Just because you can afford a CATHOLIC education at a private school does NOT make you better than anyone else. Your education, your morals, nor your place in society is any better than the rest of us. Your nose is a bit high in the air but that is it. Just listening to makes me ill. No wonder KIDS today act the way they do, look at the adults. Talk about bullying. WOW. Your child is no better than mine, and they go to PUBLIC school. I am sure your child would judge mine, but then again you are judging everyone by the school they go to also.


Which public school?


Jealous or something? You sound ridiculous ladydye.


No I am not jealous. I would NEVER want my kids brainwashed. But to say that you cannot learn life lessons or self worth unless you PAY for a catholic education is just ridiculous. The catholics I went to school with were only better at drinking, lying, and having sex. The big difference was they went to mass on Sunday, confessed their sins and all was forgiven. HA. That's a great "life lesson" to learn. I am just tired of everyone saying that a private catholic education is better than any other.


You should let go of your anger.

Yellow Snow

Using your favorite search engine, search public vs private schools. You MIGHT find your self unpleasantly surprised. As parents, we all have a choice, and wishing the best for all public or private students.
Our choice was to sacrifice and pay for 12 years for each of our children, the governments choice is for us to pay for that as well as the rest of our life that which we never used a day.


Money spent on education has a direct positive correlation to how well your child does in school. It is no mystery. In fact, how much a family makes has the most consistent correlation in academic progress. No other factor does this as well as money. BOTTOM LINE: Kids do well in private schools because they have parents who are loaded and care about their kids education. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE QUALITY OF EDUCATION.


“I would NEVER want my kids brainwashed.”

Unless it’s Liberal indoctrination, complements of the U.S. public school system

Another day, another lesson in hypocrisy…


Thank you, it's the public schools and the liberal public sector unions causing the problems. You can keep Common Core.


I've heard no one but you say they are better or think they are better, or that life lessons can't be learned elsewhere. They are simply proud of their school. You really DO need to let go of your anger. Of course everyone thinks their education choice for their child is best. Let it go lady.


I agree with ladydye_5 everyone thinks the catholic schools are better but they have just as many problems as the public schools if not worse but it is never published in the SR.