Sandusky Central Catholic unveils upgrades

Just a few weeks before the upcoming school year, Sandusky Central Catholic School is putting the finishing touches on a revamped single-school campus.
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 13, 2013

The school underwent extensive renovations this summer, including updating classrooms, purchasing new furniture, painting and insulating the breezeway conjoining its two buildings and removing the computer lab trailer from its back parking lot.

Students will now use laptops and other wireless technology, moving it between classrooms on carts. Its preschoolers, previously housed at the old Holy Angels School building, will also join all other grades in the newly renovated   building for the first time.   

Melody Curtis, the school’s new president, is spearheading the ambitious effort. “If you change and update the environment, you often change a student’s mindset for the better,” Curtis said. “We’re going to really focus on cooperative learning, a more workshop-style approach, with tables instead of desks and upgraded technology.”    Sandusky Central Catholic School hired Curtis in February, adopting for the first time a president-principal administrative model, which is common among Catholic schools nationwide. Her one-year contract began July 1.   

In the model, the president — in this case, Curtis — is responsible for development     efforts, fundraising and increasing the school’s visibility in the community. Many generous donations helped make the muchneeded summer renovations possible, Curtis said.    She acknowledged, however, that a child’s education is much more than new buildings and technology.

In addition to the updated facilities, school leaders adopted a new, nationally popular model of educating students, called “The Leader in Me,” which emphasizes empowering students to help them succeed. “The Leader in Me” uses American educator Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” which encourages equally fulfilling someone’s physical, spiritual   and emotional needs. In doing so, a student’s self confidence and academic scores increase, while their discipline problems decline.    Covey trained the school’s teachers in the philosophy this summer.   

“SCCS leads the way in being the first public or private school in Northwest Ohio to become a ‘Leader in Me’ student-centered environment,” Curtis said on the school’s website. “(It) is in complete harmony with our school’s mission statement to be committed to following Jesus by strengthening the body,   challenging the mind and enriching the spirit.”   

In addition to the updates, Sandusky Central Catholic School also recently hired a new principal, Susan Maloy, for preschoolers through sixth-graders. Maloy was previously principal at St. Bernard Elementary School in New Washington, south of Willard. Mike Savona, formerly K-12 principal, will now oversee junior high and high school students.   

Because the school is privately funded, it is not required to provide information on the cost of construction or staff salaries.



I did not read anywhere in the replies where anyone said their child was better than yours.. What you just wrote was bullying...look it up.

Nobody called "CATHOLICS" better but you just called yourself better. Listen to yourself, you have an ax to bury somewhere else by the sounds of it.

It sounds like you want to send your kids there and cannot afford it, walk in the door and really find would be surprised.



I am NOT Catholic I would NEVER send my kids there. NO I cannot afford it, not that I would want to. I think Yellow Snow said something about learning life lessons and self worth at a private school you cannot learn at a public school.


We get have a disdain for Catholics. Let it go.


Just an FYI, for others as well, there are LOTS of non-Catholics who go to school there, and there are LOTS of people who can't afford the out-of-pocket tuition and still send their kids there. I had friends in high school who never paid a dime. Those assistance programs still exist.


Ladydye - I'm sorry you have such strong feelings against SCCS. Believe it or not, a significant number of students who attend the school AREN'T CATHOLIC! Their parents recognize the value of a faith-based education....regardless of their personal faith.

My son just graduated from SMCC, and I can tell you without a doubt that he was NOT brainwashed! Instead, I think his education opened his eyes to the moral responsibilities and challenges he will face in the future. He is acutely aware of and can vigorously debate social issues such as feeding the poor, clothing the homeless, etc. These issues are not necessarily Catholic - they are about being good people. An SMCC education reinforces those values and challenges students to be leaders now and in the future.

Here's an example for you. The boys in my son's class recognized many elderly (and sometimes not so elderly) people die in our community without family or friends who can serve as pall bearers at their funeral services. So, these boys organized the "St. Mary's - Our Lady of Sorrows" pall bearer group to serve when needed. They'll serve at not just Catholic funerals, but funerals of all faiths. They recognized a need in the community, created a solution, and enacted the plan. As a parent, it affirms MY decision to make a sacrifice of material things in order to pay tuition, because a lesson like that just could not be taught in a public school.

I recognize you have some very strong feelings against SCCS. I think you just have not been exposed enough to the wonderful students and families at the school to understand. That's OK - but to make comments like you have is just plain wrong. And, to believe that you can't afford it is wrong too. Every child who wants a seat at the school has one, and there is a significant amount of tuition assistance available to help parents. I urge you to bring your kids to Summerfest on Saturday, or even bring them to the school to shadow a class as a "Panther for a Day." I have no doubt you'd be pleasantly surprised.

Smcc Student

It's a tough loss losing that senior class. I participated in the Pall Bearer club and it opened my eyes up to a lot of things. This year I'm in charge of it and plan on keeping it going. Your son did a lot of things for our school, he will be missed.


Hey Dye, my children went there and so do my grandchildren, we are NOT rich. We sacrifice and the school finds a way for the children who really want to attend to do so.


Ladydye makes some really good points. Kids do what they want to do...even the ones at SMCC. I really don't hear anger in her post. She has every right to her opinion. The kids I know that graduated from SMCC are just regular adults. No better or worse. Don't assume you are getting something great just because you pay extra for it. BTW, the story about a virgin giving birth is RIDICULOUS and if you think differently, ask yourself if you would believe your daughter if she came up pregnant but swears she never had sex. C'mon people!


Liberal loons on parade, religion is based on faith. Because you do not have the capacity for belief in something greater than obama don't belittle others beliefs.


It looks really nice. It's great to see their numbers coming back up. I don't understand why people feel the need to put down one school to praise another.


Gunner and the board turned our school system into a joke. If Gunner and the board aren't gone by 2015, my kids will be going to St. Mary's.


I feel the same way Voteno. I am also looking at Margaretta and Huron. There is no way my kids will go to Perkins if Gunner is still here. I'm giving it until the end of next year. I would also like to see the board members change. I couldn't agree more.

My thoughts

I thought you and Perkins2060 were moving your kids out of Perkins last week? FYI: I hear Gunner will be retiring in June 2015.


I talked it over with my wife and we decided to wait it out a year with the hopes Gunner will be gone and things will get back on track. But if he's here at the end of next year, we will be filling out the paperwork on the last day of school. We can't take anymore of Gunner's three ring circus.


Sounds like someone voted no to your plans. Why pay taxes and tuition? Sounds dumb if your only reason is dislike for Gunner.


As long as Gunner is here things won't change. He only has one vision and that is building a new school. He cares about nothing else. So yes, Gunner is the reason. I don't know the man. I only see what he has done to our district. One more year and I'm hoping he will be gone. If not, SMCC!


We would love to have your children!


Retire and come back as a double dipper?


As long as he's out if here after he retires. He can be someone else's problem.


I so agree Kelly. Let's applaud each school for their efforts!! And let's not forget Sandusky schools for the new program at Jackson for the gifted!!


By the time Bozo and the ACLU is done there won't be any signs of Christian Schools.I bet 50% of those members belong to the Abortion Party !


How many Perkins Local SD taxpayers send their children to SCCS? Do they get a rebate for not sending their children to Perkins Schools?


No we do not.


I have waited months to write this after all the hundreds of comments out here..So here it is!

I have had my 4 kids at SCCS/SMCC for 7-9 yrs, since pre-school. This last year I went and toured Perkins, Huron, and Norwalk St.Paul...I wanted to make an educated choice between paying tuition on "TOP" of Perkins taxes in excess of $5k a year and the best school offerings I could provide for my kids. This would be the transition time since they started junior high and HS this year. BOY WAS I DISAPPOINTED when I looked at Perkins offerings, but more so with speaking with over 15 employees at the schools. The answer was NO NO NO we do not offer that and never have. The negativity and lack of teaching leadership skills and community responsibility was NOT , and as I was told NEVER was in their daily curriculum. Hence, I am very happy with the new administration at SCCS/SMCC sprucing it up and focusing on the needs of the children (not the staff), no board of directors tying this lady's hands. The new administration is doing a great job, and that is on top of what the children have already gotten up to date.

Too bad all of you do not see how much the children there do for OUR community in the SR. But you will.

No school; private, chartered, public, or alternative (ie. Albert Einstein in Westlake) or the gifted program in Sandusky City Schools is going make sure children and young adults maintain morals. That comes from with your home. So please everyone who have the "BRAINWASHING" argument; that happens at home within your family. This is a great school to send your kids to, with close knit classes. And tuition for you money minded folks is less than Perkins Pay-to-Play and school fees, and was so before the levy failed.

Kuddos to SCCS/SMCC for looking forward and hope you have a great Open House this weekend and Summerfest!

BTW... If you are wondering about your state funds...go to Ohio Schools Choice website. "CHOICE" Get informed, you can get your tuition paid via a scholarship if you have a special needs child or a child on an IEP. There are other scholarship programs available and also a bunch of financial aide to from the endowment fund.

Shame on all of you for bringing the turning your nose up..blah blah blah. I am blue collar and do it and trust me step on toes. I do not care what anybody's last name is. THIS IS ABOUT THE KIDS HAVING A GREAT EDUCATION!!!!


Completely agree


Very well stated, Northstar. I cannot understand the animosity toward parents who choose what they think is the best option for their child. They should be grateful that their tax money is not being used to educate children who attend private schools. Props to everyone who helped to improve the SCCS campus and curriculum.




Northstar: I would like to say I enjoyed reading your post. I went to Sts. Peter & Paul for 8 yrs (was great), then because we were only 500 ft. from Margaretta line, I went to SHS. Wow, talk about culture shock!! I made it Ok, but do agree it all starts at Home! These days it seems the 'parents/parent' act more like kids than their own..just saying what we all see..take care all


margaritaville: Thank you! Glad you GOT it!


No problem, don't comment too much but certain issues just hit a